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He opens the door just far enough to peer inside. She is standing in the bedroom, straightening a new framed portrait on her wall. He sneaks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. She gasps in surprise as she feels his soft lips graze the side of her neck. Melting into his strong grip, he kisses her again, giving her chills up her spine. He runs his hands over her curvaceous body. His fingertips move slowly, caressing her slender neck, her full, heavy breasts, her narrow waist, her round hips. Lower and lower, searching with his fingertips, he makes her squeal with pleasure.

He continues exploring her body. Caressing her shaven mound, he slips one finger into her wet depths. She moans gutturally. Closing her eyes, covering his hand with hers, she pushes his fingers deeper into her, taking pleasure in the heat that spreads over her body.

He spins her around and places his lips over hers, exploring her mouth with his probing, sweet tongue. He gently slips his hands under the hem of her shirt, slowly lifting her shirt, revealing her soft, supple breasts. He hardens at the sight of her unrestrained breasts with her nipples standing at attention. He lowers his face to one breast then the other, his mouth enveloping each of her round pink nipples in turn. As he is sucking, biting, pulling at her nipples, she grows wetter by the second.

Her face flushes as he takes a step back to admire her, naked from the waist up. She begins to speak, but he places his fingers over her lips, quieting her. He slips his fulya escort fingers between her lips, letting her taste herself. As she sucks and licks his fingers clean, he grows even harder. She can feel his thick, hard erection pressed against her bare stomach.

He reaches for the button on her jeans at the same time she reaches for the hem of his shirt. Quickly, they undress each other, hurriedly kissing and stroking every inch of skin as it becomes exposed to the chilly air.

He returns to her mouth, kissing her deeply. He lightly kisses her neck again, causing her skin to prickle with goose bumps. Holding her naked form against his own, he feels her shudder as he plucks the strings of her sexuality, massaging, squeezing, and running his nails against her bare back.

He lays her down on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. Falling to his knees, he lifts her legs over his shoulders. He buries his face in her warm, wet cleft, inhaling her musky scent. As he sucks and probes her insides with his wet tongue, soft, feminine sighs slip from between her open lips.

He lifts his head and their eyes meet. She pulls his face to hers, peering into his bright blue eyes. She kisses him deeply, swirling her tongue around his. As the he tries to pull away, she sucks his lower lip in between hers, prolonging their passionate kiss.

She reaches down and wraps her small hands around his engorged member, guiding him into her waiting cove. Gasping at his girth as he slowly enters gebze escort her, she holds her breath. He slowly thrusts into her, into her warmth, into her core being. Immediately, she climaxes. Struggling to catch her breath, her muscles pulsate around him, bringing him close to the edge.

Now burning with passion, he pushes himself in and out, in and out, faster. Breathing heavily now, she thrusts her body forward, matching his rhythm perfectly. A grunting moan, amidst his heavy breathing, issues from his throat. He pulls out quickly. She utters a disappointed sigh as she opens her eyes. She opens her eyes in just enough time to find his face directly in front of hers as he lifts her off the bed.

He pushes her back against the cold, white wall, bracing himself against her, making sure she won’t fall. As quickly as he pulled out, he is inside of her again, driving hard into her soft folds. She tries to catch her breath in between his rapid strokes. Her back grinding into the wall, and her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, she rides him, feeling him go deeper into her with every thrust. Suddenly, he pulls her away from the wall. She quickly wraps her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life. He stands her up in front of himself and bends down. Pushing her full breasts together, he sucks both nipples into his waiting mouth at the same time. She sighs sweetly, moves her hands to his hair, and runs her fingers through his thick locks.

Unexpectedly, he roughly pushes gültepe escort her onto the bed, suffocating her with his kisses, and pounding so hard into her, she thinks he might split her in two. He is grunting with every thrust now, whispering dirty things into her ear. She suddenly feels him thicken even more inside of her. She knows he’s about to come. With one hand gripping the headboard and his eyes squeezed tightly shut, he drives into her, deep and deeper still, harder and harder, faster and faster.

The heat radiating from her core nearly encompasses her entire body. Glistening with a sheen of sweat on their skin, matching each other’s rhythm perfectly, both aching to reach their longed-for peaks of pleasure, their mutual tension builds. His thick shaft fills her to completion. She holds her breath, feeling her muscles tense inside of her, feeling her impending release grow nearer.

As she rocks her hips against his thrusts, forcing him deeper into her, she suddenly loses all control. As he brutally pounds into her, her muscles seize inside of her, gripping him tightly, bringing him over the edge. With one final thrust, he grunts and explodes inside of her. Her hips continue to buck against him, his pubic bone rubbing against her clit, bringing with it wave after wave of intense pleasure.

Feeling his body trembling with the aftershocks of orgasm, she curls up against his naked, glistening body. Breathing in the scent of the two of them entwined, she basks in the cool air around them, lightly running her fingers across his muscular chest, he, running his fingers along her bare back. He kisses her forehead and leans his cheek against the top of her head. He drifts off into a light sleep. As does she, lulled into sleep by his steady breathing next her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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