Erotic Dreams

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Julia is standing in front of a local restaurant with her co-workers smiling for a photo. The professional photographer tells everyone to stand still and smile for the camera. She can feel Kim’s hip pressed against her left hip and Kyle’s hip bone pressed against her right hip, sandwiching her body between them. Julia is the assistant admin to Kim and Kyle is an office employee. Behind her are four more of her co-workers.

Just as the photographer snaps the first photo, she feels a finger press between her ass cheeks, forcing it’s way inside. Her jaw drops open in shock as the flash fills her eyes. Just as quick as the finger entered her ass cheeks, it disappears as she attempts to turn her head to see who was so rudely invading her body. Because Kim and Kyle are pressed against her hips, she is unable to turn around quick enough to see who the finger belonged to.

The photographer tells them he is going to take a second picture and asks everyone to smile this time. Julia can only imagine the expression on her face for the first picture. She places her hands behind her back for the second picture, covering her ass. Just as the photographer is getting ready to snap the second picture, she feels a hand brush her right side boob. She turns to see Kyle’s hand retreating.

“What the hell Kyle?” she exclaims as the second photo is snapped.

Kyle looks at her oddly and says, “What is your problem Julia?”

Julia cannot believe he brushed her breast first of all and secondly, she cannot understand why he is acting as if it was no big deal. “Where do you get off thinking you can touch me like that?”

Kyle acts as if nothing happened and says, “What are you talking about? I never touched you!”

Janet, another co-worker who is standing behind her, defends Kyle and says that Kyle’s hands did not move the whole time. Julia wonders if she is going mad. She didn’t actually see Kyle’s hand touch her side boob, but she surely felt it.

The photographer, who is clearly becoming disgruntled by her lack of cooperation, asks them all to smile for one last photo. He looks at Julia and says, “Please stand still for the photo.”

No one from her office has ever touched her inappropriately before or even made an inappropriate comment to her, so she does not understand why she is being touched inappropriately now. She has the notion to walk away from the photo altogether, but this photo will be in the local newspaper and she doesn’t want to miss out on the chance to make the front page news, announcing the opening of the new restaurant her company helped make a reality.

Standing still with a fake smile on her face, she waits motionless for the photographer to snap the third and final picture. The photographer begins counting down from three. When he says the number one, Julia feels a hand grab her ass. She keeps her fake smile painted across her face and stands motionless, to avoid messing up the third straight photo. When she sees the flash of the camera, the hand disappears from her ass cheek. She turns around with an annoyed expression on her face to see who is the culprit this time. Everyone is standing with their hands behind their backs and looking at her weird.

Julia rolls over in her bed and opens her eyes, realizing she just had the weirdest dream ever. She begins to think about her dream, wondering why the photo shoot from the previous day played out in a perverted manner as part of her dream. Sitting up, she is glad it was only a dream.

After a long day of work, she retreats to her bedroom and prepares for a good night’s sleep, thinking about her weird dream from the morning. As she closes her eyes, she hopes she does not have another weird dream. It takes several minutes before she can calm her mind and allow herself to drift off to sleep.

As she is walking down the sidewalk, she runs into her friend and stops to talk. While standing there, she feels a passing man grab her ass and then continue walking. As she turns her head to look at the man, her friend momentarily cups her breast. The hand is gone when she turns her head back toward her friend. Her friend is still talking as if nothing happened so Julia ignores the two weird instances.

When she is finished talking to her friend, she continues down the sidewalk to a pretzel cart and orders a pretzel with mustard. While the older man operating the cart is wrapping her pretzel, a woman who is standing in line behind Julia, brushes her body up against the back of Julia’s body. Julia can feel the woman’s breasts pressed against her shoulder bones. When Julia turns around, the woman is standing a few feet behind her.

“Here you go ma’am,” the vendor says, holding the pretzel out to her.

Julia turns around, grabs her pretzel, pays the man, then continues on her way. She rushes toward her office, wondering if she has a sign on her back that reads, “Touch me.” She is careful not to get close to anyone else as she power walks toward her office.

Opening etiler bdsm escort her eyes, Julia realizes that she has been dreaming again. She is perplexed by the dreams she is having. She has never had weird dreams like this before, nor has she ever had such life like dreams that seem so real. At this point, she becomes aware that there is a tingling sensation between her legs and realizes that her nipples are hard. It becomes apparent to her that these bizarre dreams are turning her on.

Knowing that she needs her rest, Julia attempts to clear her mind and think of happy thoughts while trying to go back to sleep. A few moments after her eyes close, she falls back asleep. Her alarm clock begins to ring and she realizes that she is late for work. She rushes to get ready and hurries to her office. When she arrives at the office, David, her boss tells her that they are having a meeting in the board room.

She follows David into the board room where every one of her co-workers is standing in a straight line, wearing no clothing. Julia can feel her eyes grow big as she stands in shock at the sight. Though she is not sexually attracted to any of her co-workers, especially the women, she cannot help but scan each of their bodies. Her co-workers are standing there as if nothing is unusual, joking around with each other.

As she prepares to turn and run the other way, David is loosening his tie and tells her to take her clothes off and join the rest of them. Before she realizes what is happening, all of her co-workers are peeling her clothes off her body until she is standing naked, surrounded by all of them.

She looks down at Juan’s penis and has the sudden desire to feel it so she reaches out and wraps her fingers around it as it hangs down toward the ground. Juan looks at her and smiles as his limp penis is in her hand. She begins stroking it and can feel herself starting to become aroused. Even though she is stroking it, it doesn’t grow hard like it should. Her co-workers start egging her on, pleading for her to help him grow hard. The more she plays with it, the more she can feel her body becoming aroused, even though he is not showing any signs of arousal.

Julia opens her eyes and looks around, realizing that she is in bed and was dreaming again. The fingers of her right hand are curled as if she is holding a penis. She wipes her eyes and slides out of bed to use the restroom. As she is wiping, she realizes that her vagina is dripping wet. She brushes her clitoris with her hand and practically jumps off the toilet seat, surprised at how sensitive it is and how much pleasure rushed through her body from a gentle touch of her finger.

Climbing back into bed, she tries to figure out why she has been having these weird sexual dreams the last two nights. The dreams may be attributed to the fact that she hasn’t had sex in a few weeks. Yes, she has been feeling hornier than usual as of late, but being horny is normal to her. This isn’t the first time she has went without sex for a few weeks though and she has never had dreams like this during those periods of drought.

Feeling that she needs to relieve herself of sexual frustration and hoping that doing so will chase the weird dreams away, Julia grabs a vibrator out of her top dresser drawer then retreats back to her bed. She removes her panties and spreads her legs before turning on her toy. She slides the toy between her legs, reveling in the joy the vibrations give her body. Her fingers press the tip of the vibrator firmly against her clit as her hips rock forward, grinding against the toy.

Within minutes, her body is burning with desire. She slides the toy down to her aching vagina and slides it deep inside her inner walls. Holding the very end of the vibrator, she begins sliding it in and out of her lips, humping it like it were a real penis. Feeling herself getting close to a climax, she slides the vibrator back up to her clit. Her body jerks and she releases a long moan as the vibrations flow through her clit, sending waves of immense pleasure through her nerve endings. The vibrator presses hard against the tip of her clit as she frigs it back and forth, manipulating her body to an orgasm.

As she is coming down from her orgasm, her alarm clock starts beeping. She reaches over and turns the alarm off. As she moves her legs, she can feel wetness against her butt. She rolls off the bed and looks back at the sheets, amazed by how big of a wet spot is on the bed. She removes the sheets from the bed and throws them into the washer then takes a quick shower and dresses for work. Before heading out the door, she places the sheets in the dryer.

At work, David announces it is time for their weekly meeting. Julia hesitantly enters the board room, thankful that everyone is dressed and sitting at the long table. She cannot help but look at everyone and imagine what they would look like naked. Feeling awkward, as if her dreams were real, she avoids making etiler elit escort eye contact with Juan. She has never looked at Juan in a sexual way before so she is not sure why she dreamed about taking his penis in her hands, but she cannot get it out of her mind now.

As David is going over details for the agenda of the following week, Julia wonders why Juan’s penis did not grow hard in her dream. She tries to figure out the meaning of her dreams but can draw no conclusions. David pauses for a moment, drawing Julia’s attention back to the meeting.

Throughout the rest of the work day, Julia does her best to act normal and do her job while trying to block her recent dreams from her mind. Kim, who is working at the desk next to her, asks if she is okay. Julia looks over at Kim. Her mind immediately tries to envision what Kim would look like without clothes on. Julia shakes the thought from her head and says, “Yeah, I am okay. I just haven’t slept well lately for some reason.”

Kim smiles at Julia and says, “Oh okay. I thought you seemed a little off kilter today. Having bad dreams or anything?”

Julia is surprised Kim mentions her having bad dreams and quips back, “Nope just haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep. Why do you ask?”

Kim replies, “I was just curious. That is all.”

After work, Julia goes to a local watering hole for a couple glasses of wine then picks up a fast food dinner on her way home. She is feeling a little more buzzed than she had planned so she eats her food and relaxes in front of the television on the recliner. As she is watching the game show network, she feels herself drifting off to sleep.

Kim stands up from her desk at work and walks over to Julia’s desk. Moving around to the back of Julia’s chair, Kim starts massaging Julia’s shoulders and says, “Are you sure you are okay?”

Julia feels her muscles tense up, surprised that Kim is giving her a shoulder massage. “Yes, everything is fine.”

Kim’s fingers feel good on her tense muscles and Julia finally relaxes, allowing Kim’s fingers to release the tension in her neck and shoulders. She takes a deep breath as her body begins to slouch down into the chair. She closes her eyes and enjoys the fingers working out the kinks in her muscles. As she is in a relaxed state with her arms down to her side, Julia feels Kim’s hands slide down her blouse and begin massaging her breasts. Her eyes shoot open and see Kim’s smiling face looking down at her.

“Just relax and enjoy,” Kim says, “Don’t get so worked up. I know you are enjoying this.”

Julia can feel her nipples growing hard under the warm, soft hands of her co-worker. She wants to push Kim’s hands away and dart for the office door, but the hands feel so good and her breasts are in desperate need of attention. She is not attracted to women and would never have imagined letting a woman massage her breasts, but the hands feel so good right now. As she looks down, she sees Juan approaching her. He walks around her desk and unzips his pants, placing his flaccid penis in her hand, letting her hold it as Kim’s fingers move their attention to her hard nipples.

Juan’s boldness is surprising to Julia, but she doesn’t pull her hand away. Instead, she slowly strokes his penis, hoping it will grow hard this time. Julia can feel wetness starting to form between her legs from her excitement. She thinks to herself that she will never get her work done if she spends too much time doing this with her co-workers.

The louder music of a commercial on the television wakes Julia up from her dream. Her hands are up underneath her blouse cupping her breasts. She realizes that she was dreaming again and that it was her own hands massaging her breasts, imitating the dream. Continuing to have these dreams is frustrating to her. She is starting to have a hard time separating what was a dream and what is reality.

Feeling horny again, she takes a cold shower before heading to bed. She closes her eyes and prays that her dreams go back to being normal. While falling asleep, she thinks about ocean waves crashing onto the beach in hopes that it will change her dream pattern.

At work, Julia is standing in front of the printer waiting for the multiple copies to finish printing. Kyle walks by and swats her on the ass. “What the hell?” Julia asks as she sees him walk away with a shit eating grin on his face.

Kim walks up to her and tells her that she thinks Kyle has a crush on her. Julia rolls her eyes and grabs the copies off the printer, heading back to her desk. After using the printer herself, Kim walks over to Julia’s desk and tells her that she needs to just relax and start going with the flow. Julia tells Kim that she is not interested in Kyle. Kim chuckles then hands Julia one of the fliers she just printed. Julia picks up the flier and begins reading it. She sits up straight in her chair and reads the flier a second time, not believing what it says.

“Tomorrow etiler escort is a casual Friday? We are not allowed to wear clothes in the office all day? What will people think when they stop in the office for help?”

Kim replies, “I don’t make the rules. I am just doing what David told me to do and that is to hand out the fliers.

Kyle comes up to the front desk and swings Julia’s chair to the side then straddles her legs. He sits down on her lap and looks her in the eyes with a serious expression on his face. “You and me are going to have some fun tomorrow. Instead of me sitting on your lap, how about if you sit on my lap tomorrow?”

“Get the hell out of here,” Julia says to him as she is trying to push him away. Instead of standing up and leaving, Kyle leans in and gives her a long, passionate kiss. She can feel her body beginning to react the second his lips touch hers. She doesn’t know why, but she feels her hips grind up against his crotch. Kyle moans softly in her mouth as his hands move to her breasts and start massaging them. Without even thinking about it, her hips continue grinding against his crotch.

Pulling away and breaking the kiss, Kyle says, “Let’s go into the boardroom and finish this.”

Julia comes to her senses and pushes his chest away from her until he finally stands up and moves back a couple feet. She straightens her dress then turns back toward her desk and returns to work, pretending not to see him standing there anymore. After a few seconds Kyle walks away.

Julia blinks a couple times then looks up and sees that everyone is walking around the office naked. She looks down at her body and notices that she is naked as well. Feeling disoriented and confused, she looks around, trying to figure out how this happened.

“Happy Friday,” Kyle says as he walks by, his penis flopping back and forth between his legs.

Feeling very uncomfortable, Julia folds both her arms over her breasts, hiding them as a man walks through the front doors. He greets her with a smile but does not act as though it is a big deal that everyone is naked in the office, though he is wearing clothes. He reaches out his hand, holding a file. Julia reluctantly pulls a hand away from her breast, exposing it as she reaches for the file.

She sees the man look down at her exposed breast then look back at her eyes and say, “very nice” before walking away. Kim walks over to Julia and starts massaging her shoulders, pressing her breasts against Julia’s shoulder blades. “Always so tense,” Kim comments as she works her magic on Julia’s shoulders. Wondering how she is going to get any work done at all today, Julia pushes Kim’s hands away and tries to go back to work.

David steps out of his office, giving her a full frontal nude view, and calls her into the conference room. She hesitates a moment before standing up, covering her vagina with one hand while shielding her breasts with the other. As she is walking through the office, she notices that she is the only one acting weird so she moves her hands to her sides to fit in.

In the board room, Kyle is sitting at the head of the table, smiling like a king. David tells Julia to go over and sit on Kyle’s lap. Julia looks at him with a look of disgust. David motions in the direction of Kyle and says, “Go on.”

Hesitantly, Julia walks over to Kyle and sees that his penis is hard, pointing up into the air as he waits for her. She takes a deep breath as he separates his legs, making room for her. She pauses a moment, trying to figure out how to sit on his lap without inserting him inside her. When she looks down a second time at his hard penis, she is surprised to see how inviting it looks. She can feel pangs of excitement inside her gut as she thinks about how good that would feel inside her.

Turning to face David, who is sitting at the other end of the table, Julia carefully positions Kyle’s hard penis and begins bending down until it’s tip is resting at the entrance of her vagina. She spreads her legs a little and continues descending, feeling his manhood enter further and further inside her. Inch by inch, his hot rod pushes inside her until she is sitting on his lap.

Kim enters the room and approaches David. “You called?”

David nods at her and says, “Have a seat.”

Kim smiles back at him and says, “Gladly.”

David announces that today’s meeting is a team building exercise designed to bring everyone closer together. Julia watches Kim slide onto David’s pole. She sees Kim’s slightly sagging boobs begin bouncing up and down. Feeling Kyle’s hands on her hips, she begins moving up and down as well. Kyle’s hands slide up her rib cage then move up to her breasts as she rides his hard penis.

She cannot believe how good he feels inside her. She has been wanting to feel a penis up inside her for the better part of a week but did not think it would come from a co-worker, especially at work. Her hips begin grinding back and forth as Kyle’s penis throbs deep inside of her.

Kyle stands up, bringing her to her feet, with his penis still inside her and pushes her back against the table. His body weight pushes her flat onto the table. Wanting to be in control, she rolls over on top of him as they slide up the table until their bodies are laid out.

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