Emma Pt. 02

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After a great night sleeping together Mal woke up to his daughter Emma playing with his cock under the bed sheets. He just lay there letting her play with it as he thought of what was to come. He took a deep breath when he felt Emma taking his cock into her mouth and saw her head bobbing under the sheets, as he threw the sheets off them Emma looked up at him.

“Good morning daddy.” Emma happily said to him.

“Good morning to you, young lady.” Mal said to her.

“Daddy?” Emma said then followed up with. “Will you fuck me, my pussy is all wet?”

Mal reached down and felt his daughter’s pussy, it was definitely very wet.

“Why is your pussy so wet?” Mal asked her.

“I was playing with it while you were asleep.” She told him.

Mal lying on his back told Emma to sit on his lap, and as she straddled him he held his cock straight up. Emma slowly lowered herself onto her daddy’s cock. Once the head of his cock had entered her hole, she lowered herself further down till she was sitting on her dad’s lap. Mal just looked at her sitting there impaled on his cock; her small breasts looked so perfect and her nipples made you want to suck them.

Holding her waist Mal told her. “Bounce up and down like the ‘horsey’ rides I used to give you.”

Emma remembered how when she was young how much she loved to bounce on her father’s knee. This felt so much better having his cock in her pussy as she bounced up and down and began twisting her body from side to side. It was as if she wanted her dad’s cock to touch every part of the inside her pussy.

Mal had often woken up in the morning with a hard cock and would have to masturbate for it to go down. Today however was totally different, his daughter was milking his cock as she bounced; her young pussy muscles gripped around his cock squeezing it tighter as she did.

“I’m going to fill your pussy with my cream.” He moaned to Emma as he started to blow his load into her pussy.

“Oh daddy I can feel it in my pussy.” Emma screamed.

She kept bouncing, not wanting to stop and when Mal’s soft cock slipped out of her pussy, Emma leant onto her daddy and kissed him on the lips. She then rolled off the top of him moving her hand to her pussy and took a handful of her dad’s cum that was running out her pussy. She brought it to her mouth where she sucked her hand clean of his cum and swallowed it. They lay there together chatting about what she wanted to do today.

After we have a shower and some breakfast Mal told her. “I need to go see Jenny’s dad and have a talk with him.”

“Goody I get to see Jenny.” Emma screamed, “I will phone her and tell her we’re coming over to see them”

After having their showers and breakfast, they both got dressed, Emma was wearing a lovely sundress that fitted her body perfectly and the material was thin enough to see she had panties and a bra on underneath. Mal just had his usual smart looking casual pants and shirt on. Mal had to get directions from Emma as he had only been there once before when he had dropped Jenny off.

It didn’t take long before Mal had parked the car and was walking up the driveway to the front door. Emma knocked on the door and Jenny opened the door and invited them inside. Jenny explained her dad had just gone down the street and would be back soon.

Jenny was wearing a short dress with a matching low cut top and it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra. Her breasts were slightly, but not much, bigger than Emma’s breasts and with her lovely long blonde hair she looked very cute and he could understand why men wanted to see her nude. He started to imagine her without her clothes on. He wasn’t sure at first when he saw under Jenny’s dress but the second time he got a longer look, Jenny wasn’t wearing any panties and her bare pussy was clearly visible.

Jenny saw Mal looking and opened her legs further apart, her dress riding further up her legs letting Mal get a better look and when he looked up at her face she gave him a smile, Emma noticed what was happened and she whispered in Jenny’s ear and they both giggled and headed to Jenny’s bedroom.

Mal, now sitting alone, looked around the lounge room. It was a typical house except for quite a few chairs and a large vacant space in the middle of the room and what was stranger was a video camera setup on a tripod in one corner of the room.

Mal heard the music playing, and then Jenny and Emma came back into the room. When he looked over his shoulder he saw that they both were nude.

“Watch us dancing daddy.” Emma told her father.

Mal stared at them both, noticing their bodies were very similar except for Jenny having slightly bigger breasts, although Emma’s nipples were much bigger. He watched as they danced and paraded in front of him. At one stage Jenny was so close that Mal could smell the aroma from her pussy.

When Emma started to fondle Jenny’s breasts, Mal’s cock started twitching, and when he saw Jenny touching Emma’s pussy his cock strained to be free. He watched them cuddling each other’s naked bodies, bahçelievler escort Mal though how erotic it was. He wanted to pull his cock out and start stroking, and when he saw the girls kiss each other his cock started leaking pre cum so that his pants now had a nice wet spot on them.

“They are very beautiful together.” Jenny’s dad said.

Mal hadn’t heard him come in. “Hi, I’m Mal, Emma’s dad, I guess your Jenny’s dad Carl.”

“Nice to finally meet you Mal, do you want a beer?” Carl asked him.

“Yeah thanks.” Mal replies.

The two men now sit next to each other having a drink as they watch both their daughters dancing together.

“Are you concerned about anything or do you like what you’re seeing?” Carl asks Mal.

“At first I did, but now after watching them, what can I say.” Mal says.

They watch as the girls hands roam over each other’s bodies, and then Jenny lays Emma down on the rug and moves her face between her legs and starts to kiss and lick at her pussy.

“Fuck how long have they been doing that with each other?” Mal asks Carl.

“About eight months, I came home from work and found them like that in the bedroom.” Carl tells him.

“When did you start fucking your daughter?” Mal asks

“We have been fucking for a while now, what about you and Emma; you’re fucking her aren’t you?” Carl asks.

Mal didn’t respond at first then said. “Last night was the first time I fucked her, and I feel guilty and think I’m a bad father.”

“You know she wanted you to fuck her don’t you, that’s all she has been talking about lately.” Carl tells him.

“I had no idea she wanted me too.” Mal tells him.

“Most fathers are blind to what their daughter’s want, they don’t see the hints they give them. For me it was easier Jenny was naked and climbed in bed with me and started playing with my cock, a day later we were fucking and now we sleep together most nights. Jenny and Emma come over to their father’s and Mal watches as Carl rubs Emma’s pussy and pushes his finger deep inside.

“You lost your cherry to your daddy last night, now you’re a big girl you can fuck others.” Carl tells Emma.

Jenny giggles and says to Emma. “We can swap daddies now.”

Emma looks at her dad and asks. “Can I fuck others now daddy?”

Mal tells her. “As long as you tell me first who you want to fuck.”

Carl pushes his finger into Emma’s pussy again and brings it to his mouth and sucks it.

“Have a taste of Jenny’s pussy.” Carl says to Mal.

Jenny takes Mal’s hand and places it on her pussy, he pushes a finger inside her then brings it to his mouth and licks it.

Mal says. “There is something special about young pussy juices.”

Carl agrees and suggests that their daughters should undress them. Emma is in a rush to get her father’s clothes off and is excited to see his hard cock. Jenny undresses her father slower and he also has a hard cock. Jenny then swaps places with Emma and starts stroking Mal’s cock, and Carl holds out his hand to Emma and brings her towards his cock where she starts stroking it.

Mal watches in disbelief when he sees his daughter drop to her knees and start to suck Jenny’s dad’s cock and bobs her head up and down.

Jenny soon has Mal’s cock deep inside her mouth where he can feel her mouth sucking hard as his cock touches the back of her throat.

Mal sits back to enjoy getting head from another beautiful girl, he looks over at his daughter and Carl gives him a big smile, Emma is certainly working on his cock and each time her head bobs down Carl thrusts his hips up trying to drive more of his cock down Emma’s throat.

Jenny is doing a fantastic job of sucking Mal’s cock, her action is slow but precise and Mal can feel his cum being sucked from his balls. The vacuum she has created is as strong as he has ever had. She hasn’t released her mouth from around his cock since she started, and doesn’t even gag when his cock is down her throat; she has learned how to breathe through her nose.

Mal thinks of what Carl has told him about how his daughter and he had started. He wondered how many times his own daughter had tried to entice him into fuck her. One time in particular stands out in his memory; the time he was having a shower and Emma had come into the shower with him and had started to wash his body, and when his cock got hard he hopped out of the shower with embarrassment.

He now realises he has missed out on great sex with her; what a damn fool he had been, he should’ve just let her take care of his hard cock there and then. One thing he was grateful for was Emma had stayed a virgin and didn’t going looking for someone else to take her cherry.

Mal was brought back to what was happening now as he felt his cock start to blow down Jenny’s throat. She easily swallowed his squirts of cum but for some reason she held his cock and released it from her mouth, directing the squirts all over her face and hair. Mal seeing her face covered with bahçeşehir escort his cum thought it was one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen.

When he looked at Emma and Carl, he saw that Carl was holding her head down onto his cock and he saw Emma trying to swallow as fast as she could as she took Carl’s load into her mouth and down her throat. Carl then lifted Emma’s head off his cock and holding the back of her head with one hand his other hand held his cock and directed his squirting cum over Emma’s face.

Mal looked at his daughter; she looked so beautiful with cum over her face. She wiped up the cum covering her eye with a finger and sucked it clean. She then got to her feet and moved to her dad.

“Daddy did you enjoy watching me suck Jenny’s daddy’s cock?” Emma asked him.

“Yes baby girl, you looked like you were having a lot of fun.” Mal said to her.

Emma leaned down and kissed her father passionately on the lips; Mal could taste Carl’s cum on her lips and in her mouth. He thought how erotic it was kissing his daughter while another guys cum is covering her face. Mal then watched as Jenny kissed her dad letting him taste his cum. The two men had just exchanged their cum from their daughter’s mouths and faces.

Jenny and Emma embraced kissing each other and taking turns to lick clean each other’s cum covered faces; fuck it looked incredible hot Mal thought.

“You like watching them do that to each other?” Carl asked Mal.

“It’s one of the sexiest sights I’ve ever seen, it’s great.” Mal told him.

“When Emma stayed overnight with us, after I had fucked Jenny she’d go to bed where Emma would lick and eat my cum from her pussy, Emma loves the taste of cum.” Carl told Mal.

“Fuck that’s hot, and here I thought she was an innocent little girl.” Mal replied.

I watched and couldn’t take my eyes off them as they lay on the rug licking and sucking the cum off each other and at the same time grinding and humping their pussies together as if they were fucking each other. My hand was stroking my cock waiting for it to get to its full hardness again.

Carl’s cock was already rock hard as he watched these two young sex addicts enjoy each other.

“Ok girls were ready for you again; your daddy’s cocks are nice and hard waiting for you.” Carl told them.

Emma and Jenny stood up and walked over to us, Emma looked at me and smiled and took Carl’s hand.

“Can Jenny’s dad fuck me daddy? Jenny wants you to fuck her.” Emma asked with a grin.

“I’m sure he would love to fuck you and I want to see him fuck my young sexy daughter.” I told her.

Carl stood up and laid Emma on the couch next to me, then stood between her legs his cock pointing right at the hole it wanted to be in. Rubbing her pussy and pushing his two fingers inside her, he gave her pussy a few pumps to coat his fingers with her juices, then removing his wet fingers he rubbed them all over his cock.

Now he was ready for action. He lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, her knees were bent to her chest, and her pussy was now in the perfect position and ready to accept her friend’s daddy’s cock. He wiped his cock up and down her slit and when he saw it begin to open he pushed the tip of his cock inside.

“Fuck she’s tight.” Carl yelled out.

Then with a thrust he pushed further into her love hole. He reached out and held her small breasts to steady himself as he withdrew and thrust his cock back into her hole.

“Her cunt feels fantastic, it’s so tight, I can feel it gripping my cock.” Carl said.

Emma was moaning out. “I love it, I love having your cock inside my pussy, I’ve dreamed of you fucking me ever since I saw you fucking Jenny.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I met you two years ago; now finally I am.” Carl said to Emma.

As all this was happening, Jenny was squatting over my lap with her legs either side of mine as she faced me looking into my eyes. She began lowering her pussy onto my cock and with every bit of my cock she took into her pussy, the more pleasure I felt. When she sat there impaled on my cock, I reached out and squeezed her young breasts. They fitted perfectly into the palms of my hands and I could feel her nipples press against them. I then pinched both nipples and she let out a low soft moan.

Then she lifted her pussy up and dropped it back down bouncing on my cock as if she was riding a horse. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Emma’s but then again Jenny had been fucking for years whereas Emma had just started. She was a lot more experience too. I could feel how her pussy muscles worked on my cock as she continued to ride my cock.

Emma kept asking Carl. “Fuck me harder, Slam your fat cock into my wet pussy.”

Who was this girl my sweet young daughter has changed into; it was hard to believe she had changed so much in 24 hours. I loved the new Emma and her new best friend, and how my feelings had changed for her pervert dad to a great wonderful dad. I was watching bakırköy escort Carl slamming his cock into my young daughter’s pussy as I felt my cock start to erupt, blasting my load of cum into his daughter’s pussy.

Both men just sat there as the girls rolled off and sat between them. I looked at my daughter and her friend to see that both pussies were full of cum and it was starting to run out.

Carl asked the girls to go and bring them a beer and when they brought them back, he told them to make themselves something to eat in the kitchen.

Carl then asked Mal when they were alone. “So l can tell you like the young ones too, if you ever want to enjoy some more, I have a friend who is also a single dad and has a daughter who has a hot young body. I’m sure you would enjoy her.”

Mal told Carl. “Now that I had enjoyed Emma and Jenny there was no way I could go back to the way it was before, and after watching Emma fuck you makes me want to see her fuck others too.”

Carl smiled and told Mal. “I know what you mean I love watching Jenny fuck others too.”

We heard giggling and laughter coming from the kitchen and we got up and walked into the kitchen to see what all the laughter was about. We stood there shocked and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We observed Jenny and Emma sitting on the kitchen chairs both pushing a carrot in and out of their pussy as if it was a dildo. From the way they’re breathing we could tell they were close to cumming.

Carl and I looked at each other and shook our heads in disbelief before Carl spoke up. “You girls having fun or are you having something to eat?”

We both laughed as the girls turned their heads towards us and gave us a cheeky smile.

“I saw this in one of your magazines daddy.” Jenny told her dad.

Both girls continued thrusting the carrots in and out their pussies.

Carl said laughing to me. “We might have to think of getting the girls some sex toys, or put a lock on the fridge.”

Emma screamed. “I’m about to cum, ohh this feels so fucking good.”

Again I shook my head; she had turned into a crazy sex addict and her language was getting dirtier as well. There is something about a young girl asking or telling you to fuck them; it would turn any male on, hearing them beg to be fucked.

Jenny was close too as she also screamed. “Oh fuck I’m cumming too, daddy I’m cumming again.”

We watched in disbelief. I wanted my cock to rise and get hard but I needed more rest; even Carl was having the same trouble of getting his semi hard cock to become harder.

“Why don’t you girls go clean up and throw on a dress and we will all go out for something to eat.” I told them.

“Good idea, we could all do with some rest.” Mal said.

It was suggested that we go to McDonald’s and grab some takeaway burgers and head over to the park. As we sat at a park bench eating our burgers, I elbow Carl and nodded towards the men that kept walking passed us checking out the girls. He had already noticed them and had decided to have some fun.

When the next man walked back past us, Carl reached out and squeezed Jenny’s breast and then kissed her passionately. The man kept walking looking at us and nearly walked into a tree. I thought to myself it was a pity we couldn’t let the girls strip naked and let them enjoy the park nude.

As we continued eating and chatting Emma told us. “Look next to the tree, there is an old guy masturbating watching us.”

I said to Emma. “Why don’t you go say hello to him?”

Emma got up and started walking towards him; when she got nearer she opened the top of her dress exposing her young budding breasts. It was too much for the old guy and he took of trying to run away towards the car park.

Jenny piped up. “Silly old guy, he’s heading in the wrong direction, Emma would’ve let him have some fun with her.”

Emma walked back with her top still open and her breasts enjoying the open air, her nipples were sticking out ready to be sucked and twisted. My cock began twitching inside my pants letting me know it was ready for action.

I saw Carl reaching under Jenny’s dress to feel her pussy, Jenny didn’t care who might see her, she just parted her legs and lifted her dress up for her father’s fingers to slip inside her panties and finger her pussy.

Emma sat on my lap with her legs apart offering her pussy for my fingers as she pulled her panties to the side. She was already very wet as my finger slipped inside her love hole and I started thrusting them in and out. Emma played with and fondled her breasts; I loved how she pulled and twisted her nipples when she was horny.

She then stood up and undoing my belt and unzipping my pants let my hard cock spring out. She then lowered her wet pussy down over my cock. As we sat at the table in an open park, she began grinding her pussy on my cock and every now and again she bounced up and down. I looked around and could see that no one watching us as her bounces increased.

Jenny sat there watching us as her dad Carl finger fucked her pussy. Jenny at one stage reached out and started squeezing Emma’s breasts causing her to softly moan.

I watched as a couple with a boy started to walk towards us and I was about to tell Emma to slow down, but as they approached us and saw us more clearly the woman started to curse and then dragged her son and husband away from our direction.

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