Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 06

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Emily Goes Home – Ginger Comes Out

*** Week Six ***

Oddly, I woke up Monday morning feeling refreshed. Oddly? The note and phone calls left me uneasy and more than a little confused. But I slept well. I suppose it was a sign my subconscious mind was working on resolutions. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The scent on the sheets reminded me of who had shared the bed with me. I stayed in bed for a little longer then hit the bathroom. The shower felt good, but not as good as the spend. After, I dressed — skirt and a light sweater, I had breakfast and coffee in the hotel. Oh yeah, I went to the front desk and extended my stay a few days.

Work? Well, to be honest, it was okay. I mentioned to Jodi that I’d like a few minutes with George when he could spare them. She smiled and nodded. I asked how she was feeling; she blushed and smiled. Hmm, someone else got laid yesterday. Tammy took one look at me and blushed. I looked at my coffee cup and raised an eyebrow. Her jaw dropped. She got up, took her cup and mine and brought them back.

I was walking to the conference room; she followed me. I locked the door; she flushed bright red. “So am I to assume that your blush when you saw me means you had a very nice date night?”

“Oh my god Emily, yes … we had the most fun. We went to a lingerie store. I tried on all sorts of things. Jeffrey couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off of me. And I didn’t stop him!” She couldn’t stop smiling and blushing. I was so happy for them both. “After we got home, he had me model everything for him again. Each outfit, each piece, was taken off … oh my god Em, it was a very, very long night. I know that every date night can’t be like that but gosh it was just wonderful.” I knew she wanted me to ask about more details. I wasn’t going to do it. “You weren’t at work Friday.”

“No, Tammy, I took the day off.” I thought about telling her. Maybe I should have, but, ya know what, I just couldn’t. “I’m going to talk to George today and ask about taking some vacation time. I think I need some ‘me’ time. It’s been a little hectic.” I shrugged. I needed something to change the conversation. “So when is your date night this week?”

“It’s Wednesday. The kids have sports the rest of the week. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but it will be hard to top last Thursday.” She blushes at the drop of a hat. “And yes Emily, I went on date night Thursday ribboned. I thought Jeffrey was going to have a coronary. We were in the changing room. I took his pants off, pushed him on the chair, and fucked him. I held my breasts and fed them to him. I told him to hold on to the chair — that he couldn’t touch me. He was a wild man.” Her eyes were wild and hot telling it. “I went up and down his cock so slowly he begged me to hurry. I stuffed my panties in his mouth to shut him up. His eyes went wide; they were soaked.” Her smile was cute and silly. How could I not laugh? This was not my friend Tammy! I’d either started something or brought it out of hiding. Whichever, it mattered not to me. “I was so turned on I came twice. I climbed off him, kissed him, and told him if he moved his hands, I would stop. I took his cock in my mouth and finished him. I held his cum in my mouth, showed it to him, swallowed, and licked my lips.” Oh my god!! I stared; she blushed.

“Wow!! I have to ask this, Tammy. Were the two of you ever like this before, when you were younger?”

She laughed and laughed. “Oh my god Emily, no way; when we were young it was strictly missionary. This is all new for me. That site you told me about?” She giggled. “I’ve learned a few new things.” Is that not just the most fabulous thing to hear? I was so happy for her. Then I got a shock. She leaned in and kissed me. Yeah, that kind of kiss; holy crap, her tongue! What could it hurt? I opened my mouth. She can kiss; I had to give her that. I pulled away. “Emily, that was to thank my friend for all she’s done for my marriage.” Oh you are such a liar girlfriend. That was not a ‘thank you’ kiss. I just smiled and let the lie slide.

I stood, she stood, we hugged and went back to our desks. I looked at Jodi. She held up ten fingers. Ahh! Oh, there’s a thought; I walked back to my desk. “Hey Tammy, do you know any travel agents?”

“Yeah, my sister-in-law is one. Do you want her contact information?” I did; she gave it to me. I pulled the calendar out of my purse like I had meant to last night. Well isn’t this just lovely! My court date is a week from today. Oh well, flights and such are probably better two weeks out. Tammy’s sister in law’s name was Crystal Ellis. I called.

“Do you know where you want to go?” I had absolutely no clue. “Any particular place you ever wanted to go and haven’t?” I laughed. Pick a place; asshole and I hadn’t been there. At least he hadn’t with me. “When do you want to leave?” I mentioned ‘an obligation’ next Monday; I was okay after that. “Okay Ginger, I’ll come up with some ideas, call you and we’ll set a date and time to meet.” I gave her my phone number and wrote down casino oyna her address. Oh my, they’re only about a mile away. Okay, that piece is taken care of.

I walked to Jodi; she nodded. I knocked and smiled. “May I close the door?” George frowned and nodded. “It’s okay, I’m fine thank you. I’m curious — we just finished a big project. Would it be okay if I took some of my vacation time? My sister reminded me this weekend that it’s been a rather hectic few months for me.”

“Emily, whatever it is that’s bothering you, I just hope you figure it out. Do you have any idea when you might leave and how long you’d be away?”

“Well, I think a couple of weeks should do it. More than anything I kind of need some ‘me’ time.” That had become my pet phrase. The concern on his face spoke volumes about the kind of genuine, caring man he was. When he got promoted I would miss him. “Do we have anything new on the horizon?”

“Nothing I’ve heard of. I’ll let everyone know if something new comes in.” I smiled, thanked him, and left.

I checked my email — nothing yet from my sister. Well, we are an hour ahead. Evil Ginger smirked. Invite Tammy to be lunch. I knew, or at least I suspected, she was ripe for the picking. Excuse the pun. I settled for a nice walk on a glorious spring afternoon. I found a bench and sat.

Lily’s note was weighing heavily on my mind. I think she’s right about Kathy. Kissing Kathy was very innocent — except it really wasn’t. It happened accidentally, it happened because of what Nora did, it happened because I was grateful for being saved and it happened because I was smitten with her. No getting around that. Plus, she had told me she was interested. All that’s fine; what am I going to do about it? That was the part I didn’t have an answer to yet.

There was a part of me that was thoroughly disgusted with myself. I think the low point was getting picked up by Marilyn. Sure I was hurt, alone, and somewhat needy (horny?) but that behavior isn’t like me. I didn’t cheat during the marriage. Could I have? I suppose so. Honestly, I never thought much about it. Mark found me attractive. Maybe I just had my ‘radar’ off … whatever.

It scared me to think about my sister. What she does is her business, but with me? No way. Frankly, her attitude about Janice surprised me. Then again, I hadn’t seen her in a while. I didn’t get any negative vibes between David and Jen. She said their love life was fine; that didn’t mean she wouldn’t stray. Hell, I never gave a thought to being with a woman before Julia! Never! Now I call myself a lesbian. I guess anything’s possible.

I headed back to work. I knew I didn’t have all the answers but I felt better thinking about things. There was email from my sister in my in-box. Shut up! Geez, I’m writing a story here! I forwarded it to my personal email; I would read it at the business center at the hotel. Crystal called me; we talked while I was in the conference room. Could I come by her office after work? Sure, in fact, I could leave a little early. I asked Tammy about her sister-in-law.

“Crystal? Oh, she’s a doll. I hate her.” She smiled. “She’s 39, three years older than I am. She has a couple of kids and she’s not more than a size four.” I rolled my eyes. “You’ll like her Em; she’s a doll. She’s been a travel agent quite a while; she really knows her stuff. I’m sure you’ll like her. Do you know where you want to go?”

“ABD!” Tammy stared, confused. “Anywhere but Dayton.” We both said the last word at the same time. She giggled. “No, I actually have no idea. That’s why I’m asking for ideas from a travel agent. I have to go to court next Monday — hopefully the divorce will be final. After that, I have no clue.”

“Are you sad about the divorce?”

“You’re kidding, right?” I told her about ‘Billy Banging Bambi’ — peals of laughter. I had to shush her. Jodi actually came around the corner with a quizzical look on her face. I waved her over and told her. The three of us giggled like kids. Ya know, you hear of work environments where women are tough to get along with. I have to say, our place isn’t all women but we have a good group.

I got back from my lunch late and left a little early. I found Crystal’s address and parked. The office was on the first floor. I gave my name and said I had an appointment. Crystal came out after the call was placed. Geez — stunning! She had long blonde hair, startling blue eyes, long, thick lashes, an ample bust and was very slender. This woman is thirty nine? Good lord, she didn’t look thirty. Tammy wasn’t lying; a size four sounded right. She smiled fabulously, extended a cool, firm hand, and, um, beckoned me to her office. No, no, no Ginger. Remember your lunch time chat! Be the good girl. You can … oh my god yes, I will – later.

“Ginger, you didn’t give me much help, but I came up with a handful of ideas.” Oh honey, I have several ideas on how you can help. Geez! “Hawaii obviously. Also, Myrtle Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, Monterey, California. All are top spots. Monterey has the canlı casino advantage of being near Pebble Beach, Carmel, and Del Rey Oaks. I don’t know if you play golf but that’s hardly the only attraction. Martha’s Vineyard is an historical and gorgeous destination. You’d be going early in season which makes it more expensive, but most think it’s worth it.” I stopped her; I knew where I wanted to go.

“Crystal, I want to fly to San Francisco, get a car, and drive south to Monterey. I’ve always wanted to make that drive along the ocean and stop at all the little towns along the way. Find some nice hotels as well. Please. I don’t care where — Carmel, Del Rey, Monterey. Oh, I’m a member of Country Inn and Suites ‘club’ if that matters. If you have other thoughts let me know.” While I talked Crystal was taking notes. “But that’s what I’d like to do. You work out the details. What I’d prefer is nice but not expensive lodgings and a safe, good car. As to air fares, do what you can with them. As to dates, book whatever is convenient and inexpensive.” I looked at Crystal, did some mental gyrations and said, “Crystal, this isn’t the highest of priorities but I’m gay.” I admit that my heart beat a little faster when I said that out loud. “If there’s anything special you think I might be interested in, I’d be happy to hear about it.” Crystal flushed.

“Does … umm, okay, I’ll make note of that.”

“Yes, Tammy knows; she was one of the first people I came out to.” She nodded. “Crystal, do you and Tammy talk a lot?” She knit her brow. “I made some suggestions about ‘date night’ for her and Jeffrey. You may want to ask her about it.” I smiled. Crystal looked at me, confused. “I was married for a long time. Hopefully that part of my life will be over next Monday.” I made a ‘wiping my hands clean’ motion. She nodded. I stood, hugged her, thanked her for her time and left. Good girl Ginger, she knows you’re gay and you didn’t make a move on her. Geez, this is progress?

I headed home. I really didn’t do it intentionally and I can’t actually tell you why the car drove itself to Lily’s but it did. Okay, okay, I did hope she was home. I pulled into the driveway and pushed the garage door opener. Her car was there. I pushed it closed. I knocked on the front door. I looked around — no cars on the street. The door opened; Lily looked shocked. She cried. I stepped inside, closed the door, and we hugged. I can’t explain it, not even now as I write about it. It just … Does anyone understand? I had no intention of staying. I … um, we, would NOT make love. I just had to see her.

We sat on the couch, hand in hand. I didn’t want to be too close. It wasn’t time for that; time was needed for healing. I told her of my feelings about the note and what it contained. I spoke about my visit to my sister. I told her that I was going on vacation. No, I didn’t know when and I didn’t share where. I saw the hurt in her eyes. I understood it and I was not going to give in. I didn’t mention Kathy. I certainly didn’t mention Mo. Lily … seeing her reminded me just how lovely she is. It hurt seeing her in pain. I leaned in and kissed her; she whimpered. I shook my head. That was stupid. I slid my fingers down the soft skin of her cheeks. Tears welled in her eyes. I stood; this had been a mistake. It was too soon, the wounds for both of us were too fresh. Her voice thick, Lily begged me not to leave. My eyes filled. I shook my head. If I didn’t leave now … an hour later, we lay in our bed, breathing hard, arm in arm, body to body.

I did not go there with the intention of making love. I had not planned on going at all. And I spent the night. Only those who read this will know — some of it was Crystal. Yup, I thought about her while Lily and I were making love. Stupid huh? Well at least I admitted it. Did that play a part in why I wound up in our bed (our bed?) overnight? I have no idea! I honestly can’t give you an answer. There are so many things I just can’t explain. The note, the time spent at lunch, my time with Jenny, even getting picked up by Marilyn. I don’t get how or if it all ties in. It’s confusing.

Tuesday morning was the very definition of awkward. Lily couldn’t meet my eyes. I didn’t dare meet hers. I dressed, hugged her, and left. I cried the whole way back to the hotel. Yes, it was lovely and I’m an idiot. At the front desk I extended my stay by a day. This was too damn expensive. I need to find something less expensive and short term. I went to the business center, read Jenny’s email, and laughed. I printed it. I sent a quick reply that included Janice’s email and phone number. I went to my room, locked the door, took a hot shower, dressed, had breakfast, and headed to work.

Tammy saw me as I headed to my desk and took my cup. I smiled and headed to the conference room. Tammy followed.

“Have you heard from Crystal?”

Tammy blushed; I didn’t need to ask. No, Crystal didn’t know about me ribboning Tammy. No, Tammy hadn’t told her all of the details of date night. I told her I was going to California. kaçak casino She nodded. She saw it in my eyes. I cried as I told her of being with Lily. She hugged me and comforted me. The crying finally stopped. Tammy is a good woman and a good friend. I’m so lucky.

I don’t know. We didn’t do much on Tuesday. What was the name of that health club Mo talked about? I looked up ‘health clubs in Dayton, Ohio’ … ah, Anytime Fitness. Good grief; they’re virtually right around the corner from work. Oh yay, they offer a seven day free pass. I called and made an appointment. Yes, they could see me at lunch. Oh this is great. I think Mo told me that she got a better deal by committing to a longer term. I would ask about that.

At lunch I read Jenny’s letter again. I bet some readers are grumbling, waiting to hear what it said. You were probably shocked when I ribboned my sister by phone. You may have been surprised at the way she reacted to Janice. And you most likely want to know what happened. Would she detail her lovemaking, perhaps mention Janice, and would she ribbon herself Monday for work. Me: smirking. I won’t give you all of it but here is an edited version.

David was watching as I began to undress. When I took off my sweats his eyes bugged out. “What on earth is that?” “Ginger told me to do it while we were on the phone.” “On the phone?” “Yeah.” “What’s the point of it?” I took his hand and rubbed it over my soaked pussy. There was surprise and lust in his eyes. He leaned in, kissed my pussy, and pulled off my soaked panties. He pulled me to him so that I straddled him. I took his stiff cock and slid down the length of him. He fucked me like a crazy man. I was already turned on from the ribbon; I came in a flash. Not just once — one turned into a second. His eyes glazed, he tightened his grip on my hips, and he poured himself deep into me. He never stopped, even when he finished. His hand went to my clit; when he pinched it, I screamed and came again. Ginger, we’ve been married a long time. We haven’t had a night like that since we were very young.

Later, I told him about us shopping and Janice. I felt him get hard again. He was fascinated that she gave you her phone number and email. When I told him that I wondered why she hadn’t hit on me, he looked at me, shocked. “Would you? I mean, with a woman?” I told him I didn’t think so. Then it hit him. “Is that why you want to go back there; to see this Janice?” I blushed and smiled. He got that look in his eyes. I was sore and it was excellent!!

I thought I might be too sore to ribbon Monday. I don’t know if it was better because I was so sore, because David kept leaking from me all day, or because I was so turned on all day thinking about the night we had — and Janice. So there you have it. Now you fucking better give me what you promised, Ginger. I love you. David and I thank you.

You may remember I said I laughed when I read her email. The third from the last sentence is why.

I called Jenny. “Are you still sore?”

“Yes you bitch; last night was a virtual repeat of Sunday. He can’t keep his hands off of me and his cock out of me.”

“Aw, poor baby and I know you just hate it too.” She laughed. We’re sisters; we both did.

“And what about you Ginger?” I sighed and told her about the travel agent and my stupidity with Lily. The silence seemed to go on forever.

“Ginger, this just isn’t you. I didn’t mind so much that Janice took a liking to you. I didn’t even mind that you ribboned me. Shit, I could have said no. I know you’ve been through a lot. But good lord, it’s not fair to Lily, who you may still love, to use her like that. I know you said you felt like crap this morning but you need to get a grip girl.” I was crying the whole time she was talking. My sister, my conscience. The only one who knows me as well as me is Jenny.

“I know kiddo. Mo told me about a health club where she’s a member. (Shit – I forgot my appointment was at lunch) I’m going as soon as I hang up with you. I’m going to fly into San Francisco, get a car, and drive down Route 1 to Carmel … or wherever Crystal finds a place for me to stay. I’m going to change where I’m staying.” I told her about InTown Suites. “And I’m going to look for a place to live. I’m undecided about buying or renting. I may just put off the decision till I get back from my vacation. The divorce, if everything goes as planned, will be final next Monday.”

We said our goodbyes. Next stop was the health club. Why in the name of all that’s holy is this happening to me? The young lady who took me on my tour looked like a younger, fitter version of Mo. She was thorough, very good at what she did. She answered all my questions and all I could think about was Mo. It’s just not fair. The best rate, she told me, was by credit card, one payment, six months. It was so close to work that I could bring a change of clothes. In relative terms it was chump change. With forty five days notice the credit could be stopped. Erin, the gorgeous slip of a thing, gave me her card. I closed my eyes and shook my head. ‘Here Comes Temptation.’ Trisha, why do you do this to me? I made an appointment for Wednesday to work out under supervision. She gave me my seven day pass.

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