Either is Not the Only Choice Ch. 02

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[This story takes place years after ‘Either is not the Only Choice’. It could fit in other categories but I submit it in incest for a good reason. The incest is there, even in the unwritten. If you read “Either…” it will be obvious. This story contains romance, threesome sex, cunnilingus, and coitus. Your feedback is requested.]


“Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” I said, wondering where this was headed.

“I need an honest answer to a question. If I ask the question will you tell me the truth?”

“I will never lie to you or withhold the truth.”

“Even if the truth will break my heart?”

I sat quiet for a long time. I have no idea how long. Breaking her heart is not something I would ever have considered doing. Just getting this far into this conversation had me realize that I loved her.

My eyes locked with hers. I saw the tears sitting at the edge of her eyes. I knew that whatever the question was it was important to her.

“Krystn, I love you. Ask anything you want, I will still love you.”

A smile crept to her eyes and mouth. Her eyes stayed on mine.

“I want you to do something for me. Will you do it?”

“If I can, I will.”

“Good! Go home and pack what you need to spend a weekend with me. We are going to a cabin at the lake.”

“You were at the edge of tears about asking me to spend a weekend locked away with you in a cabin? I don’t get it.”

“I know. Going with me is just the first part. If this weekend goes as I pray it does I will cry tears of joy. I promise.”

“You aren’t going to explain are you?”

“No. Words won’t do.”

She kissed me with her soft, warm, tender lips and I melted. I leaned for another and she stopped me.

“Go! I want to go as soon as you get back!”

I read comic books as a kid and dreamed of being Flash! As I left Krystn’s apartment I wished for that speed again. It didn’t work. Forty-eight minutes later I was back. I knocked and the door opened. Krystn handed me a small suitcase and we were on our way.

I followed her directions and an hour later we were driving near Minatare Lake. We found the cabin and I parked near the door. About fifty meters from the cabin a small dock stretched onto the calm lake. A twelve foot row boat was tied to the dock. The cabin itself was an “A” frame with windows and doors at the ends.

Krystn unlocked the door and led us in. I carried the two bags. The ground floor was a large kitchen-living room with a bathroom. Half the cabin had a sleeping loft above the kitchen and bathroom. The loft also had a bathroom.

Once I had taken the bags up to the loft I looked out over the lake. As many times as I had been out here as a kid I had never been here with a date. And, never in a cabin with sex on my mind.

Krystn stood behind me and put her arms around me. I stood holding her hands as she held me. It felt right.

When I turned around I noticed that she had changed clothes. She was no longer wearing the long sleeved shirt or the jeans she wore as we drove. A white lacy bra and panties were the extent of her wardrobe. As we kissed she began undressing me. I helped. Soon I was down to tented briefs and socks.

My hands roamed over her back and found that the strap across her back had no clasps on it. I moved around behind her and kissed her neck. My hands followed the path created by her bra and they came together at the front closure. They have always been my favorite openings. I never want to call it a closure. A woman closes it. I get to open it! What a delightful opportunity.

Her bra seemed to really like her breasts. Even when the opening was open the cups continued to hold her breasts lovingly. As I pulled the cloth away from her breasts I wanted to say, ‘Enough, it’s my turn.’

Krystn is Nordic like many of us in this part of America, so she’s pale. Late in the summer she might have had tan lines and they would have been faint. On this fall day she was pale all over. The pink of her areola and nipples stood out from the pale skin around them. They showed for mere seconds before my hands covered them. I loved how they felt. Big enough to fill my hands and just slightly heavy.

I wondered, for a moment, about why she was giving herself to me now. We had dated and kissed but my advances had been gently rebuffed until today. She had asked me to do her a favor, as if sex was a favor.

The fragrance from her neck and the breasts in my hands restored my focus. Her head tilted and gave me better access to her neck. I kissed and made a trail up to her ear lobe. I took it between my lips and she moaned.

“Oh Lars, yes! Bite me!”

I did. All over her ear I gently nibbled at her edges. I felt my hardness increasing. I had never nibbled an ear before. I thought about how loud my breathing would sound with my mouth so close to her ear opening. I kissed without breathing as long as I could.


I pulled back an inch or two and took a breath. The two thin layers of cotton between her ass and my cock were allowing us to feel our kadıköy escort heat pressed together. My thoughts swirled from one thought to another. Just about every thought was preceded by the thought, ‘faster’ or ‘slower, make it last.’

The woman in my arms turned and faced me. Her arms went around my shoulders and she drew my face down to her chest. I knew what she wanted and some quirk in me had me smile and kiss her collarbone.

Krystn’s breath sucked in and she whispered, “Suck my tit, please.”

I left the collarbone and took her left breast in my mouth, avoiding her nipple. I kissed all around her breast without touching the nipple or areola, just the way Betsy had taught me. My left hand grasped her right breast and squeezed firmly. After some time enjoying all of her ample breast I pulled the nipple in and played it with my tongue. My left hand went around behind her and applied pressure to hold her against me.

I traded the left breast for the right and we danced together swaying to unheard music and singing a silent song in perfect harmony. Time disappeared. Krystn’s panties disappeared. I cannot recall how that happened. I can remember seeing her completely smooth pussy for the first time. My briefs disappeared just as easily. I had never seen my cock with her hand wrapped around it before. I loved how it looked and I loved how it felt.

We moved to the music and danced slowly to the bed. The music changed to a horizontal mambo and we slowly danced it in sync. Somehow I was wearing a condom. I felt her holding me inside as if I were bareback. She was slippery, warm and welcoming.

The music in my head changed and became more urgent. My hips responded and hers answered.

“Oh Honey, you feel so good! I want to cum with you inside me.”

The light was dim but enough light still came in to show me her face looking up at me and smiling. Her eyes were filled again with tears. Our pace changed again and the song we sang was in moans and heavy breathing.

I could feel the juices building pressure in me, racing forward toward my orgasm.

“Cum with me, Sweetheart. Bathe me in your nectar! I’m so close!”

Krystn arched her back and I flooded her as she flooded me. I buried my face in the nape of her neck and did my best to inhale her essence! Oh, the feelings were so very strong. I had never felt so connected to another person as I felt connected to Krystn.

She shifted just enough to drop me beside her. We kissed and calmed and kissed some more. I played with her hair and caressed her face. She felt my chest and one finger traced the scar just under my left pec. I knew what peace felt like. I fell asleep holding her.

A short nap had us wake into darkness and hunger. We made some dinner in the kitchen cooking and touching often. Krystn seemed quite comfortable being nude with me. I had been raised believing that clothes were for going to town and for bad weather. We sat at the small table and fed each oth4er supper and then we went back to bed.

We didn’t turn on the loft lights but the moon gave us enough light to find our way. We found the bed. I found her body and explored it by Braille. She found my cock and showed me that she knew how to get a proper response from both manual and oral stimulation. As I felt the approach of an orgasm I warned her.

“Honey, if you don’t want my load in your mouth you had best move soon.”

Her movements were to insure that I gave her every drop in her mouth. I moaned and shot pulses for seed into her welcoming mouth. In return for such pleasure I devoted my attentions to her pussy. First with hands and fingers and then with my tongue and face. She loved being eaten. Krystn arched her back as she approached her orgasm and became loudly vocal. We cuddled after she came and it didn’t take too long before I was asleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up with an urge to drain my radiator. I slowly crept from the bed and went into the bathroom. I closed the door and sat down. My Dad told me years before that when I was with a woman always sit to pee. It makes less noise and never leaves the seat wet. I listened to myself go and when I stopped I went back to bed.

I spooned behind Krystn and she backed into me. She felt a little cool and I wondered if I had left her uncovered when I went to the bathroom. Without waking she adjusted her fit against me until it was perfect. I was back asleep in moments.

As the sunlight flooded the cabin I woke up with two instantly competing thoughts: ‘Krystn is in bed with me naked and I’m hungry.’ Before I could have much of an internal discussion she rolled over to face me.

“How do you feel about morning breath kisses?” She asked.

“I don’t know, let’s find out.”

There was little breath in our kissing. Tongue and lips along with hands and lots of skin-to-skin contact, but very little breath.

“I like it. Want more?”

“What I want is lovin.” She smiled as she said it.

“Plain or fancy?”

“Was last night plain or fancy?” kağıthane escort She kissed me softly.

“I think it started out fancy and went to plain in the middle and ended up back at fancy.” I kissed her as softly as I could manage.

“In that case I want a little fancy and then as much plain as you can manage.”

I rolled over onto her and kissed her with passion and tongue exploration. She responded with equal enthusiasm. A few kisses later I moved down and opened her legs.

“What now?” She asked.

“My breakfast. Fancy lips for nibbling.”

“Oh my, you’re serious.”

She watched as I spread her legs and began licking her pussy. She was wet. At first touch she tensed and then opened her legs wider for me. I nibbled gently on her lips, used my wide tongue to stimulate and taste as much of her as I could. She moaned. She fell back on the pillow and held my head with her hands.

“Oh! Oh, Lars. That feels so good! I’ve never…”

The taste of her was so sweet, so different from any other taste in the world except another woman. All women taste different but they all taste just like woman. All the woman I had tasted were identifiable as different but they all tasted like pussy I love that taste and enjoyed myself lapping, licking and nibbling for a long time. I was in no hurry at all. ‘Find out what works and do it.’ Andrea’s voice said in my memory.

I touched her button and felt her tense. I touched it again and her nectar flooded out wetting my face. As much as I could drink I did and she started to shake. Every muscle in her was shuddering. Her legs tightened and her back arched.

As her orgasm took control I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and sucked.

She moaned a long low moan that built until it was a scream! Her body thrashed until I thought we would both fall off the bed. I released her clit and she began, eventually, to relax.

“Please, I think I want the plain now.”

Without speaking I turned her on the bed until I was standing beside the bed with her legs in my hands and my cock at her entrance. I pushed in slowly and in one stroke was completely in. I held still with our bodies pressed together.

She wiggled. I pulled back and began doing everything I could do to be completely within her. I watched as my cock slid in and slid out of her pussy. We heard the sloppy noises we made together. We looked in each other’s face and kissed without breaking our rhythm.

Krystn took my hands and put them on her breasts.

“Pinch my nipples!”

I did not slow my thrusts. I took her nipples between my thumbs and first fingers and squeezed.

“Oh Honey! I’m cumming again!”

Krystn thrashed all over the bed and we disconnected as she thrashed. When she regained a little control I was able to get back inside her and her eyes flew open and she said, “Yes! Do me hard!”

I did. I figured we’d both be bruised tomorrow but I didn’t care! As my orgasm neared I told her it was coming and so was I.

“Fill me!”

I did. As the first throb of juice shot into her I realized we were bareback! I pulled back and shot the rest on her belly and tits.

My face must have betrayed my thoughts. Krystn pulled my face to hers and said, “No worries, mate. Relax. I’ll explain soon.”

“I don’t want you to get pregnant right now.”

“I won’t. Relax. Just love me.”

“I do. I love you.”

We kissed again and I let her legs fall to the bed.

” I’m all sweaty. You’re covered in my juices. Perhaps a shower is in order?”

“OK. You go in and get started. I’ll join you soon.”

Inside the bathroom I started the shower and while it heated I peed. What did she mean ‘No worries’? I got in the shower and called out, “Water’s fine. Come on in.”

She stepped in and we kissed under the stream of hot water. We soaped and laughed and kissed our way through a quick or semi-quick shower. Krystn turned and shut the water off. We stepped out and dried each other.

We walked into the loft and looked at the mess we had made of the bed.

“Help me strip the bed and then we’ll have breakfast.”

Three minutes later the bed was made with fresh sheets.

“Lars, lay down a minute. I have a surprise for you.”

As I hit the bed and rolled to look at her beautiful body and smile I asked, “Another surprise? I love your surprises!”

She ran down the stairs and I waited. About a minute went by and I heard nothing. Then I heard her on the stairs.

“Lars, remember I asked if you trusted me?”

“Yes! I remember and I do.”

“Please close your eyes until I tell you to open them. OK?”

“I have my hands over my eyes and they are closed.”

I heard movement. Footsteps on the stairs then movement in the loft. I felt her get on the bed beside me and kiss me. Her hand covered mine, telling me to keep my eyes closed.

When I felt someone else get on the bed on the other side I jumped! What was this? I attempted to uncover my eyes.

“No, not yet. Relax Honey. kartal escort Remember, you trust me.”

My head relaxed into the pillow and my mind went wild! What was she doing?

Her hand lifted from mine. I lifted my hands from my eyes and slowly opened them. It could not be! I closed my eyes again.

“Yes! It is true. What you see is what you get!”

My eyes opened and sitting on either side of me was Krystn! There were two of her! Both were nude. Both were identical. A million thoughts went through my mind. One particular thought made me laugh. Not to myself, but out loud.

Krystn looked at me like I must have gone crazy.

I sat up and took both of her in my arms and kissed them in turn.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I kept kissing and saying thank you. I also laughed.

“Hold it!” Krystn pulled back and held my face.

“What are you thanking us for and…”

“Why are you laughing?”

“As we drove up here yesterday I decided I was going to ask you to marry me.” I held up my hand as they both had opened their mouths to talk. “I had a problem though and I haven’t ever been able to figure out how to approach the problem. You just solved the problem.”

“You were going to ask me to marry you?” Her combined voice was a whisper.

“I was.”

“And now?”

I took them both by the hands and sitting naked on the bed I said, “I want both of you to marry me. I love you. I want to spend every minute of my life loving you. Will you marry me?”

Tears flowed. Both nodded but didn’t speak for a while.

“Wait! What was the something complicating asking me to marry you?”

“Are you willing to wait until supper time for the answer?”


“I want to take you to meet my parents.”

“Both of us?!”

“Yes! It is so perfect. They will love you both and you will love them. Please say yes.”

“Yes.” I loved the sound of their voices when they spoke in unison.

“Now, can we have breakfast?”


We went down to the kitchen and my two beautiful nude women started cooking. I walked out to my truck and got my cell phone. I called home.

“Hans, are you in the house?” “I want you all to get ready for a special supper today. I have asked Krystn to marry me. We are coming home so you all can meet Krystn. Ask Inga what time she wants us there.” “OK. No problem. We can be there before supper if you want.” “OK. We’ll be there by three.” “I’m not going to tell you anything more about Krystn except she will fit in our family perfectly. Good-bye Hans. I love you.”

Krystn stood together in the doorway listening to my side of the conversation.


“Yes! Let’s eat.”

We sat down and ate. Near the end of the meal I asked, “You both were in bed with me last night.”

“We had to know.”

“Know what?”

“Ever since we were little we knew that we couldn’t be married to two men. We have shared everything all our lives. We had to find a man who could and would love both of us. You are that man.”

“Who is Hans?”

“My granddad. He would say he’s my grandparent. To me he’s granddad.”

“You told Hans that they would love me. What will they think when me turns out to be us?”


“You told Hans three o’clock. How long will it take us to drive there?”

“About an hour. Our farm is near Bayard.”

“Good! There is something I want to find out before we go!”

Krystn took my hand and her sister’s and led us upstairs. She pushed us onto the bed and joined us.

“I know what kind of lover you are with me. I heard what you did to my sister. I wonder, what would you think about us being lovers as well as sisters.”

“Do you always want me to watch as you love each other or may I love you both as well?”

“He’s the one!” Unison was becoming my favorite sound.

Six hands, four breasts, two pussies and a cock make a wonderful morning. We had hours and spent them in joy. As I was inside Krystn I asked, “One of you told me not to worry about not having a condom on. Why?”

She looked up at me and answered, “I cannot have children. On the outside we are identical but only my sister can be a mom. Can you love me anyway?”

I kept stroking in and out of her and bent to her mouth. After the kiss ended I said, “Sweetheart, I love you, not your reproductive ability. One of the closest people to me in the world cannot have babies. I love her as I love my own mother.”

We shared plain love and mixed in a little fancy so we all felt fully and completely taken care of and cared for. We dressed and cleaned the cabin, even did the sheets. We were in the truck by one-forty.

As we drove Krystn shared that she had a girl friend drive her to the cabin earlier in the day and she stayed in the storage area until I got up to go to the bathroom and then they traded places.

“Going into the storage from being in your arms was quite a let down”

“Let’s not do that anymore, OK?”

“Deal!” Again, that unison voice.

When I turned off the highway I could see the barns. I pointed them out and said, “That’s our farm.”

“Do we look OK?”

“Yes! You look good enough forever.”

No one was in the yard between the barns and house. I parked in the barn. We got out and I hit the horn once. “That’s a farm doorbell,” I said.

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