Ecstasy in the Blue Mountains: Day One

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The weather was spectacular. The tranquil seas reflecting the clear, blue skies, and the tropical air making everything feel slow and sensual. The delicious sunshine warmed the faces of James and Caroline as they disembarked. Such an attractive couple walking hand and hand through the airport. James Dart was a handsome and intelligent man. Tall, slender, brown hair, green eyed with a body toned from years of physical fitness. His athletic build complimented Caroline’s delicate, womanly form. Her long, blonde hair and blue eyes gave her the air of an exquisite china doll. Graceful and lithe, her body moved in perfect rhythm with his long, elegant stride.

The February air in New York had been cold and dry, and the contrast was striking. Walking out of the airport in Montego Bay, the air was heavy and warm. The cab left them at the airport where they would board the small puddle-jumper plane to Negril, thus avoiding the jarring hour-long ride through the poverty-stricken towns. As they departed the cab, James removed his sport coat in the humid afternoon air, and extended an arm to Caroline as she exited the cab, noting with approval the décolletage.

Seated intimately close to James on the plane, Caroline could smell the citrusy scent of his cologne. She placed her hand on his left leg, and her fingers drew lazy circles along his inner thigh through the finely woven cloth. Leaning over to gaze out the portal, his arm gently brushed her firm, nubile breasts. Her nipples hardening at the touch. “Welcome to Jamaica, darling,” James softly murmured. She smiled up at him, and their eyes met. Excitement was dancing in both.

Below was a carpet of green as the plane few over the interior hills. On the airplane radio was an old song, Johnny Nash was singing “I Can See Clearly Now.” Their destination was a resort which Conde’ Nast had judged the finest in the Caribbean. It was a resort of marble and glass, set on the white sand of Negril’s celebrated seven-mile beach.

As the little plane began its decent, they could see the crescent of the beach on Bloody Bay. The yacht owned by the resort, and known for its sunset cruises, sat placidly at anchor. And there, apart from the main beach, was the tree-shaded clothing optional beach their second-floor room overlooked.

In the marble lobby, with its working waterwheel, the check-in process was swift and efficient. Their few bags were transported, and they strolled, as the heat of the day began its late afternoon decline, down the path of their room. Pausing to glance at the open-air exercise room, they noticed beşiktaş türbanlı escort a tan girl in a tiny bikini on a treadmill, a promise of the visual treats in store.

Upon arrival at their opulent suite, a chilled magnum of champagne, an assortment of bottled waters and an overflowing basket of succulent fruit greeted them. The balcony doors were opened and beckoning them outside. Once in the open air, Caroline felt his arms wrap gently around her waist, and she turned to kiss him longingly. Trailing feathery kisses down his neck, her fingers nimbly removed his tie and slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing the tan, muscular chest that she so adored. As she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, Caroline teased his nips with her tongue. He let out a quiet gasp as her hand slipped down and enveloped his burgeoning erection.

James slid his hands up from her full, round hips to the plunging back of her white, linen dress. After unzipping her, he slowly slipped the dress over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. The white, silk demi-bra and thong standing out against the tawny color of her skin. Tracing the outline of her silky thong with his strong, masculine fingers, Caroline moaned with pleasure. With his finger inside the top of her panties, James tugged at her to come inside. Once there, he laid her on top of the plush, king-sized bed. The warmth of her body delighting in the crisp, coolness of the sheets. He then undressed before her. Her eyes admiring the sculpted lines of his beautiful body.

Kneeling on the bed, he kissed her arm, the shoulder, and then the side of her neck. Up the neck to the jaw, and then he lightly kissed her mouth, gently. And then, pausing as the idea struck him, he said: “No, let’s wait, we can go to dinner, and afterward watch the sunset from the gazebo there.” She smiled and nodded assent, knowing that any delay would merely enhance the anticipation.

She had inquired earlier about the dress code for dinner, and learned that either dress or casual would be fine. Caroline took a white silk blouse and sarong from the leather suitcase. James watched as she dressed, noting that the sarong was thin. As she walked near the lamp the white silk thong became visible through the sarong, and he felt a jolt of desire.

Seated in the open air restaurant that evening, their table was adorned with a bouquet of exotic, fresh flowers. The enticing aroma of the flowers and the scent of the cool, ocean breeze was almost intoxicating. As James glanced up from the beşiktaş ucuz escort menu, he noticed a slight movement through the clear glass of the table. Caroline had draped her sarong to one side to tease him with a glimpse of her. Tickling her clit through the silky fabric of the thong, she looked into his eyes with hunger. “James, I’m hungry for you this evening,” Caroline whispered.

With his voice deepened from arousal, he said with mock sternness, “You naughty girl. If you don’t behave, I may be forced to spank you later.”

Laughing mischievously, Caroline demurely covered herself as the waiter appeared to take their dinner selections. After the long flight, they found relaxing over a well prepared meal very refreshing, and they dined sumptuously that evening. Feeling exhilarated, they decided to venture outdoors and watch the sun set. The heat was departing in the red glow of the sunset. They strolled, arm in arm, down the nude beach, and made their way up to the pool, the refreshment stand, and noted several couples talking in the nude hot tub. Glancing at each other, and smiling, they walked over, disrobed behind a row of foliage, and walked to the hot tub. James walked in first, turned, and extending an arm to Caroline.

Looking up, he was struck, almost as if by a physical blow, by the sight. Her lips were shaven, totally shaven. The only trace of pubic hair was a tiny triangle three full inches above the lips. The tuft was tiny, only a little more than an inch in length, and it served only to accentuate the bare, shaven lips. The other couples looked up too, as Caroline’s supple body glided into the water, and the men murmured polite greetings and sought to disguise the effect of her slender, firm body.

They reclined on an underwater bench in the hot tub, one couple on either side of them. The conversation was polite and cordial, yet no hands were visible above the water. The other couples were on vacation, too, and their usual inhibitions had been relaxed by sun and sand and tropical drinks, and it was obvious that underwater caresses were occurring.

Caroline was talking to the man to her left as she felt the hand of James begin to slide down her back to her hip. Discreetly, she tilted the hip, and almost gasped as his hand brushed her shaven lips. Arching her back sensually, her hips began undulating against his fingertips. Slowly and seductively, he lifted Caroline onto his lap. As his rigid erection touched her smooth hips, she let out another moan of delight. She reached down and beşiktaş üniversiteli escort placed her hands on his hips, moving herself back and forth over the hard length of his spectacular body. As she performed an exotic, underwater lap dance for James, he lovingly caressed her silky lips. The feel of his warm hands against her clit coaxed all of her inhibitions away.

James and Caroline couldn’t help noticing that the other couples were becoming aroused as well, and that served to ignite their fiery passion. With reggae music playing in the background, James kissed and nibbled Caroline’s neck as her body writhed against him.

Hungry for the feel of his lips against her swollen breasts, she turned to face him. As he teased her rosy nipples with his tongue, her fingertips gently dug into the flesh of his muscular hips. Her perfectly manicured, red fingernails tickling his anus. Shockwaves of pleasure coursed through his taut body and furrowed his brow with pleasure.

Earlier that evening, James had smartly delayed their desire, and that short delay had increased the intensity of their need. As the last rays of sun danced upon their golden skin, and their bodies burned with desire, James pulled Caroline on to him.

“Oh, yes, James,” Caroline moaned as she felt the hardness of him enter her. As she writhed on his erection, James resisted the impulse to throw his head back and close his eyes in pleasure. Instead, he pushed Caroline’s torso gently back a few inches, bent his head and took her left nipple in his mouth, licking the hard nipple. His left hand went to the back of her neck, and slowly descended along her spine to the low back, then down to gently pinch her hips.

He glanced to his left and right, and the other couples, too, were lost in pleasure. Caroline began to moan more audibly, and his left hand slowly moved between her hips, tickling.

He smiled as she gasped in pleasure, her hips moving to increase and prolong the contact, and he watched as she closed her eyes, said “Oh,” and the orgasm began to take her.

As the waves of pleasure washed over her, Caroline reached down to stroke James as he thrusted into her. With her body shuddering against him, James began to plunge even more deeply into her. Hard, deep thrusts that drove them both over the edge of desire. The cool, night air filled with the sound of their ecstasy. Their bodies swept away in torrid climax, and their faces reflecting the mutual gratification.

Afterwards, reluctant to move, they held each other gently. Tender kisses and naughty whispers were exchanged. Soft laughter followed. For them, the erotic fun was just beginning. James Dart was a man with an incredible appetite, Caroline smiled with the knowledge that he would take her to that lustful peak of orgasm many more times that evening. They looked up, heads resting on the back of the hot tub, at the stars glittering in the night sky.

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