Ecstasy in Black Nylon

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It was the morning of our arrival at the Empress Hotel in London’s West End. I had agreed to accompany my step-daughter Louise on a business trip which was of major importance to her company and so she faced it with some trepidation. As a consequence, she had taken the unusual step for her of asking for my support during her weekend away.

Louise was a mature woman in her early thirties and had carved a successful career for herself in the banking world. As a professional woman she was always smartly dressed and would usually wear a skirt and blouse teamed with glossy panty hose and high heels. She was stunningly beautiful, with soft auburn hair subtly streaked with blond highlights and limpid brown eyes.

Over the years I had been increasingly attracted to her and had had to suppress my feelings whilst trying to sustain my fatherly role. It was getting very difficult and my desire for her was beginning to dominate my every waking thought.

One thing in particular had become an obsession; her lingerie. Whilst she was still a schoolgirl I had once ventured in to her bedroom and, driven by a frantic lust, had sifted through her underwear drawer and found a soft, light green nylon half slip which I knew she often wore under her school skirt.

As I ran my hands over its silky folds I developed a huge erection and decided to risk masturbating then and there in Louise’s room. I freed my aching cock and proceeded to gently draw the slip back and forth over the sensitive tip. The sensation was exquisite. Before long the pre-cum was leaking in to the nylon and I knew I had passed the point of no return.

Wrapping the nylon folds around my hardness I wanked slowly and steadily, picturing Louise in my mind’s eye dressed only in bra and slip and pumping me with her slim hand. I erupted in to the nylon and called her name as I came, anxious that she might hear me as she watched television downstairs and yet also perhaps half wishing that she could be there with me.

When I had finished, I tidied myself up and took the wet slip with me, secreting it for further use. I never did return it and yet Louise never said anything about it. I was to often wonder if she knew my guilty secret.

And now, nearly twenty years later, I was accompanying Louise in a situation I could only have dreamed of before. We had booked in to the London hotel after some difficulty finding rooms elsewhere. However, all they could offer us at the Empress was one twin room. Louise had done the booking and seemed to accept that we would have to share. In fact she joked that we would have to check in as husband and wife to allay any suspicions.

When we arrived at the check-in desk, I discovered that she had done exactly that. And so, as ‘Mr and Mrs Fletcher’, we made our way up to our room. It was a spacious, if somewhat soulless room, with two neatly made single beds and the usual ensuite facilities. We dumped our cases on one of the beds, looked at each other and burst out laughing.

‘Well, hello, Mr Fletcher’, Louise smiled and then added, with a pretend coyness, ‘I wonder if this is the honeymoon suite?’

I grinned back at her and at the same time my heart leapt a little at this tantalising pretence. Did she know deep down how I felt about her?

With this thought on my mind, I watched as she started to unpack her case and put her clothes in the rather meagre drawers and beşiktaş escort wardrobe provided. Neither of us spoke for a time and Louise smiled at me as she sorted her clothes.

She had brought what seemed like a large selection of outfits for just one weekend but it was then that I realised with a start that much of what she was putting away was black lingerie. I sat down on the bed next to hers and drank in some of the silken delights that were emerging from the case. She caught my gaze and I reddened with embarrassment.

‘Do you like these, Rick?’ she enquired with a shy smile, ‘I always like to bring my best underwear for posh events like this. And it’s important that my slips, bras and panties match. And of course my favourite colour is black; I think it’s so sexy, don’t you?’

I gulped in acknowledgement and to my acute discomfort realised that I was developing a hard on.

‘Come and have a look,’ she added, ‘I’ve brought with me a half slip, a full slip, two bras and two pairs of panties; all in silky black nylon. And, oh yes, this gorgeous black full slip I ordered from America. It’s quite special as it is double-skirted and also so very soft and sexy against my skin. And I just love the way the two layers of nylon slither together.’

By now, Louise looked quite flushed and excited as she picked up each item in turn and felt their softness. She urged me again to come and look more closely.

‘Come on Rick, don’t be shy; surely you’ve seen lingerie before,’ she chided gently.

I felt rooted to the spot. If I stood up she would immediately see my erection and then there would be no going back.

My lust for my own step-daughter would be revealed after all these years of pretence. It helped slightly of course that to Louise I was always ‘Rick’ rather than ‘Dad’, but it didn’t really ease the sense that somehow this was all wrong and that I was straying in into the forbidden territory of incest.

However, I was becoming so far gone with desire for her that I decided to risk all. I stood up and went towards her, my erection tenting my trousers. Louise’s face flushed even more as she watched me in a mixture of fascination and anxiety.

‘Oh, God, Rick, I didn’t realise you liked my underwear that much,’ she said huskily.

‘Louise, you have no idea how much I have dreamed of a moment like this.’ My voice was barely audible as the truth came spilling out, like a dam bursting.

‘I have fancied you for years; yes, I know, so wrong, but it’s true. And what’s more I have a fetish for your underwear, especially your slips. Years ago, I used to try to look up your school skirt and see your slip and then one day I sneaked into your room and took your sweet light green half slip.’

‘So, that’s where it went!’ Louise interjected, ‘I often wondered. I thought maybe Mum had chucked it out as it was getting rather worn. But she never said. Shame on you, Rick! So what did you do with it, as if I didn’t know!’

‘I masturbated with it,’ I mumbled in reply. ‘You see, it might have been a bit worn, but that’s what made it so soft and silky. I just loved it, because it had your scent on it as well and I tossed myself off with it thinking of you.’

‘And have you still got it?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘I keep it well hidden with my other slips.’

‘Wow, Rick’, Louise chuckled, ‘all these beylikdüzü escort dark secrets coming out now! Are you a transvestite then?’

‘Oh God, no,’ I replied, ‘nothing like that. But I do put on my slips when I have enough private time and then masturbate into them whilst looking at pictures of you and imagining you with me, with both of us wearing slips.’

By now my cock was straining for release and my nearness to Louise and her underwear was becoming intoxicating.

Louise was strangely silent for a while and then looked at me searchingly and whispered, ‘Look, Rick, like you I know that this situation is wrong, but we are both mature adults and what we do next is entirely between us and no-one else need ever know.’

She paused and then went on, ‘I want this as much as you. It was so lucky that we got this room together where we can do whatever we want. I don’t have to be at the first meeting until this evening at six o’clock so we’ve got several hours to have some great sex together. Are you up for it?’

She laughed as she looked at my erection and realised the pun.

‘I can see you are,’ she breathed, ‘why don’t you take off my blouse and dress and see what I have for you underneath?’

With trembling fingers I slowly unbuttoned her white blouse and she helped me slide it down her arms. I took in the top half of her beautiful turquoise slip, the bust adorned with exquisite lace and covering her matching bra. She moved closer to me and urged me to unzip her smart black skirt. It slid down her thighs and she stepped out of it, her silky full slip now fully revealed.

‘What do you think, Rick?’ she whispered, ‘I know it’s not black, but it’s one of my favourite slips. Look, why don’t you take off your clothes and then you can feel my slip properly.’

Without any further urging and my head in a whirl of desire, I struggled out of my clothes and stood naked in front of Louise, my cock jutting out, hot and throbbing with the tip purple and leaking pre-cum freely.

‘Oh my God, that’s so hard,’ said Louise, lust colouring her voice.

She reached down and then, taking my cock in her slim pale hand, she brushed it gently up and down against her slip, at the same time kissing me on the lips. I returned the kiss and, as we locked together in increasing passion, Louise manipulated my cock with greater urgency against her slip clad body.

The urge to come was overwhelming and I so much wanted to erupt into her lovely slip. But Louise had other ideas. She stopped the manipulation abruptly and my engorged penis twitched in front of her as if in protest at this denial.

‘The best is yet to come, Rick,’ Louise said, her voice thick with desire. ‘My passion is silky black underwear, as you saw. So let’s enjoy this together. Take off my slip, bra and panties and then dress me in my black full slip and matching black bra and panties. I’ll leave on my glossy stockings and suspender belt. When you’ve done that I want you to put on my other black panties and the black half slip.’

By now I was trembling with passion and frustrated by the denial of my orgasm, but, as Louise had promised, it was indeed getting even better and now beyond what I thought possible. I gently helped her out of her turquoise bra, slip and panties and then gave her the silky black panties.

‘Pull them up for me’, beyoğlu escort she urged, ‘feel how they slither up my legs and thighs over my stockings.’

I willingly complied, pulling the panties up and feeling at the same time the softness of her body, sensing the musky perfume and brushing my face against her breasts, the nipples now hard with desire.

‘Now the bra,’ she whispered, and in an amused tone added, ‘I presume you know how to fasten it.’

I nodded and smiled awkwardly, taking the lovely thing from her bed and gently easing her breasts into the cups and fastening it behind.

‘And now the slip;’ Louise indicated the black full slip which lay next to the double-skirted one, obviously having plans for the latter when we were both dressed for the sex to follow.

Feeling the soft nylon of this wonderful slip, I couldn’t resist the temptation to draw its folds across my aching cock, now so tender and sensitive. I left a trail of pre-cum on the front and Louise chided me;

‘God, Rick, don’t come in to my slip yet, I want you to save all your spunk for later. Put it on me, please, I so want to feel its softness against me….oh please, be quick.’

She sighed as I carefully slid the slip over her head and let it slide over her breasts and thighs. I noticed that she was now gently rubbing her clit through the nylon of her panties and beginning to breathe heavily.

‘And now I’m going to dress you, Rick,’ she said hoarsely, and reached for the other black panties and silky black half slip, which like her full slip had a beautiful deep lace hem with a floral decoration.

I stood rigidly as she drew the panties up and over my throbbing hardness and then the slip followed, whispering over the nylon of the panties. I nearly passed out with the sensation of the silky layers encasing my penis and, as I had done so many times before in my lonely slip wanking, I took my hardness in my hand and started to stroke through the nylon. The pre-cum oozed through freely.

Without a word, Louise took my hand away and motioned me to her bed where we sank down together and kissed.

‘Nylon on nylon, isn’t it so good, Rick,’ Louise breathed in my ear, ‘don’t you just love this magical fabric that drives us so wild?

‘Louise, you know how much I love it,’ I whispered in reply, burying my face in her hair and increasing the nylon friction between us.

I sensed that Louise was reaching for something next to her on the bed and realised it was the double-skirted slip. She pushed me up gently for a moment and slid the slip between us.

‘Feel the slip love now, Rick…..oh God,’ she moaned, ‘so many layers of rich silkiness…so good…’

I was now in a state of ecstasy as my hard cock drove against her through layers of nylon, nylon just waiting to receive the fruits of our lust.

Then came the moment I had dared to anticipate but never for a moment thought could actually happen. Through the staccato panting as Louise approached orgasm I heard her gasp; ‘Panty fuck me now through your nylon, Rick…make me come in nylon heaven…..oh, God, yes!’

In a whirl of slithering silk I pushed up our slips, gently drew Louise’s panties aside and effortlessly inserted my throbbing pantied cock inside her, the nylon easing my passage in and out as I thrust my love for her. We moved in unison with increasing urgency until Louise reached her shattering orgasm, her body bucking wildly against mine. Then came my moment as the floodgates opened and, crying out her name, I shuddered and came, through her panties and in to her secret place.

We lay together in each other’s arms, spent but in total bliss. This was to be the start of a weekend to remember.

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