Early Family Life Part 1

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Early Family Life Part 1
I had enjoyed a great summer with Val and Alex had become my girlfriend for a while which Val was happy with as we still enjoyed quality time together, Alex knew about it and didn’t see it as a threat as Val was my sister, even though I was adopted she was technically my sister although Alex didn’t know the truth.

The wrestling as such tailed off a bit, we still practiced but not as often and they both bought into my panty fetish allowing me access before Mum got to wash them, there was even a few times where they would allow me to wear them and parade in front of them wearing just their panties, such good times.

The wrestling had its perks, it opened up my panty fetish which had progressed to me searching out my mothers used panties, hers were nicer, better quality unlike Val’s plain cotton type. It also brought my relationship with Val to a whole new level, something I think we were both happy with.

So lets fast forward to the last week of the holidays, Val and Alex had gone camping with the school so I was home alone which if I am honest was a luxury after the last few weeks. I was just chilling out around the house dressed in my split shorts, Val loved me to wear them around the house when we were alone and it was force of habit that I had them on today.

It was a sunny day and after watching a bit of TV I decided to lay out on the patio and catch some rays, well I must have fallen asleep and lost track of the time because the next thing I knew was seeing my mother standing in the doorway, my immediate reaction was of sheer horror as I realized I was still in my split shorts but as we spoke our ‘hellos’ nothing was mentioned about my shorts.

Now my mother was mid thirties and quite attractive, she did have a nice body and often dressed to show it off, today she was in a flowing summer dress. She walked out and pulled up a chair as we talked about our respective days, I was very conscious of the fact that she had a perfect view of my crown jewels from where she sat and I had a similar view of her knees which were tight together.

Mum informed me that dad was away on business and she had come home early to spend some quality time with me, that was such a nice gesture which if I am honest sent a warm feeling canlı bahis siteleri through my body.
She seemed quite chatty and every now and again she would drop her guard and her knees would part slightly and just enough for me to see she was wearing red panties and it was quite arousing to think that they were the same panties that I wanked with yesterday.

“Fancy some squash Frank?” she asked and I nodded my head as she got up and disappeared into the house returning with 2 big glasses of squash which gave me an opportunity to at least try and hide my impending erection.
It was quite warm and mum looked up at the cloudless sky, she started to undo the buttons of her dress,
“You don’t mind if I slip this off and join you do you Frank?” she asked as her red bra came into view, I stuttered back a muffled ‘OK’ as the last of the buttons were undone and she removed her dress and sat back in the chair, my heart was racing as I looked down at her tight red panties confirming that they were indeed the ones I played with yesterday, my arousal was becoming uncontrollable as I laid back in the recliner with mum sitting opposite me.

Her legs were open slightly giving me a great view of her mound, a few stray hairs were poking out the sides and just a hint from the waistband, pubic hair was the rage in the 80’s and I loved it, still do today.
I couldn’t work out if this was all a ploy or what was going on but seeing my mum in her underwear, although not an unusual sight, was starting to turn me on and it wasn’t like I could hide it well.
As her eyes closed and she soaked up the sun I managed to quickly look down to see what I might be showing her and although my erection was hidden for the most part my balls were on display, I saw no point in adjusting myself as I was sure she had already seen them and it obviously didn’t bother her.
It was actually quite a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere.

How are you getting on with your sister? And are you still dating Alex?” she asked inquisitively and I had to think before I answered however I was brought up to tell the truth so I knew I couldn’t bluff it.
“We get on great Mum, I help her with her practicing which has been good and yes, still dating Alex although it’s not immensely serious” tipobet I said choosing my words carefully very conscious of my boner straining at the bit.
“That’s great son, do you wear those shorts to practice in? I have seen them before when washing but never seen you wearing them, you must wear them more” she said with a grin and the very fact she mentioned ‘washing’ told me she knew.

“Dad has helped her too, it’s good that she has an interest and I am so happy that you are involved too” she continued and as she spoke I noticed her legs widen a bit more, she was certainly not shy and to be honest nor am I.
She continued to say how close Val and Dad were but wouldn’t elaborate too much which was fine as I could read between the lines but when she told me that Dad was bi I nearly choked on my squash, I was learning so much this holiday I wasn’t sure if it was scary or a turn on.

“Those shorts are cute though Frank, stand up for me” she said and I am sure my young face went a shade of purple but as I was brought up to respect my parents I did as instructed, Mum looked straight at my feeble attempt to hide my boner but it just wasn’t working,
“Wow!” she said as my balls hung and my cock acted as a tent pole.

I must say that it has been a while since my mother saw me naked and I can’t remember a time she saw me with a boner, it looked like she was suitably impressed and as she reached forward my heart stopped, she ran her fingers up the sides where they are split,
“I could fix these for you” she suggested, “But actually they look good” and I am sure she brushed the tip of my cock as she took her hand away.

I didn’t flinch so she reached forward again to check the seams but this time her hand made definite contact with my cock through my shorts, I felt her give it a little squeeze and the head poked out the side,
“OMG! WOW!” she exclaimed as she felt the hardness of my young cock through my shorts and ever so gently she put her thumbs in the waistband and slowly lowered them to the floor, her eyes widened as my cock sprung out to attention.

“Wow!, haven’t you grown” she said admiring my throbbing erection and she reached up taking it softly in her hand and as she pulled the skin back to expose the head a little stream tipobet güvenilir mi of precum flowed out the tip.
“Mum?” I said half in protest but was happy to have her holding me, I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach and when she ran her finger across the swollen head massaging the precum in I thought I was going to shoot my load there and then.

She leant forward and slowly started to lick around the exposed tip before sucking on the head, as my cock entered her mouth she glanced up at me looking for a reaction but the only look I could return was one of pure ecstasy as she slowly inch by inch fed my cock into her mouth, it didn’t stop until I felt her tongue licking at my balls, she didn’t gag once as she took it all halfway down her throat before easing back off, licking the head and going again, I felt her tongue explore every damn inch of my cock and balls making me very wet.

She was good, very good and I don’t think I had experienced such an expert blow job ever in my life, she grabbed around my arse and pulled me in close as I started to fuck her face,
“Am I better than your sister?” she asked as she came up for air which totally convinced me she knew we had been fucking, I had to give her a reply as she went back at it
“Oh YES!!”, I said trembling at the pleasure she was giving me, “She is still learning” I continued not knowing how much longer I could last.

With one hand around my arse and the other up under my balls she really started to up the pace now and I knew I was at the point of no return, my knees buckled as I felt my balls tighten and just then my cock started to pulsate as I let out an almighty “YESSS” which was probably heard half way down the street, I felt my hot cum shoot into her mouth, “MMMM” she cried as she frantically started to swallow every last drop of my hot teenage ejaculate.

“Oh Yes!” she cried out as she cleaned me up around the head making sure there was nothing left to exit, hell she was keeping me pretty hard as she licked up every last drop.
“Thank you” I stuttered not really knowing what to say when your mum has just given you a blow job, she smiled up at me
“Oh no, I thank you Frank” she said in a very chirpy voice and with Dad and Val both away I am sure this was just the beginning.

As my mother laid back in the chair licking her lips I could see her nipples stiff and erect under her thin bra and with a quick glance between her legs I could see the dampness that had appeared, no way was this over but I didn’t want to seem to keen.

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