Drinking Suzy After “Flirty Fishing

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Shortly after the incident with the Sabrina and the plumber (see “Drinking Sabs at Uni in Manchester”) my sex life with my girlfriend, Suzy picked up a heck of a lot.

Sabrina talked with Suzy about what happened. I think the whole thing really turned both girls on. Suzy had always liked it when I went down on her. But I think the idea of me licking cum out of her pussy gave her a massive thrill. That night we had a fantastic sex session. We both came really hard while I went down on Suzy after I had cum in her.

Afterwards we talked about her collecting spunk from more than just me. Suzy had seen a documentary about some religious sect that used a method called ‘Flirty Fishing’ to get new converts. She thought that if a bunch of middle-aged Christian housewives could convert 100,000 men then a tight little package like Suzy would have no problems at all 🙂

I was incredibly excited by the idea of Suzy bringing me lots of creampies to eat. I was a little worried about Suzy getting a reputation around campus, though so we decided to test things out at a nightclub outside town.

That Friday night Suzy spent about twice as long as normal getting ready. She looked absolutely fantastic, wearing a red PVC dress to go with her red hair. The dress only just covered her pussy and was so tight she couldn’t wear any underwear without it showing, so she wore none.

We got to the club around 9.30 and entered separately. I bought a pint and stood by the bar and watched Suzy on the dance floor. She danced with about half a dozen lads. Then, halfway through an upbeat poppy number she grabbed her current partner by his hand and ran towards the loos.

I slowly followed Suzy and her ‘catch’ and saw her drag him outside, through the fire doors. Ten minutes later she wandered back in, looking quite warm, despite the weather outside. She stood next canlı bahis şirketleri to me at the bar and while the barman made her drink whispered that she’d got a big load for me.

Once she’d got her drink she was back on the dance floor and surrounded more lads. Her legs were starting to look quite shiny. She was leaking and I could see it from the bar! After a few numbers she found someone else she took a fancy to and left, again, via the fire exit. I finished my pint and moved towards the entrance. As she walked in I gave her a nod and we made for my car.

I opened the back door and Suzy laid back and opened her legs. I knelt with on the tarmac and started licking her. The first load of cum had started to leak down her thighs, but lots was trapped in her ginger pubes. There was definitely big load up her snatch from the second chap, though. It was creamy, warm and rather marvellous as I pushed it around my mouth. Suzy was clearly approaching a climax as I started tongue fucking her. Her pussy held on to me as she came and a final flood of cum slid into my mouth. I sat her up and gave her a snowball kiss and a massive hug while breathing in the world’s best perfume: sex.

Sucking cum out of a girl’s cunt isn’t the smartest thing to do in an area you’re not too familiar with. So, we got into the front and drove off towards the countryside. I parked up in a little lane and bent Suzy over the bonnet with her skirt rolled up over her arse as I fucked her. Her pussy felt fantastic. Hot, slick and so, so used! I loved it. I only lasted a couple of minutes before I pumped the third load of the night into her.

We got back in the car and drove home (it really wasn’t the right time of year for outdoors sex) and went back to Suzy’s place.

We both agreed that it had been a fantastic night and that we wanted more. We started planning canlı kaçak iddaa to make it better the next time. The PVC dress was too tight and it hurt Suzy’s legs when I put my head between them. Leaking cum could be caught in a knicker gusset. All that was needed was a larger club in a different location with more choice.

I did some research and found place near where I came from. It had a “School Disco” night where people were encouraged to wear school uniforms. I planned a trip down to London and found a cheap B&B nearby.

We arrived on Friday evening and immediately dressed for a night on the town. Suzy wore a dark green tunic dress, over a white shirt with a striped school tie. She didn’t wear a bra, so her nipples were clearly visible, but did wear white cotton knickers which everyone could see when she did a twirl.

When we got to the club we adopted the same MO as last time. I stayed at the bar, nursing a pint while Suzy began her own version of ‘Flirty Fishing’. She’d soon caught her first partner and copped off towards the loos. I saw them disappear into a cupboard marked as staff only and hung around by the telephone nearby.

Just a few minutes later Suzy came out and pointed at the ladies toilets. Her partner nodded and headed back upstairs. Once he’d turned around the corner she headed towards me and gave me a kiss. Her mouth was full of cum and we passed it backwards and forwards before separating and making our way back to the dance floor.

Upstairs I saw Suzy dancing with two Mediterranean looking chaps. Her knickers were clearly visible every time they spun her around and everyone cheered at the sight. She disappeared off with them and fifteen minutes later was back on the dance floor. I saw her dancing with about four of five different guys after that: short, tall, thin and fat. She took them all to her cupboard canlı kaçak bahis and milked them dry.

Around midnight things were really getting swinging at the club but Suzy came up to me at the bar and indicated it was time to go. I finished my Pepsi and we got the car and went back to the B&B. As we got into our room Suzy pulled her dress over her head and fell back on the bed. Her knickers were very wet and starting to leak cum onto her thighs. I lapped at her thighs and the outside of the gusset. Then I pulled it away to see the sopping mess that was her minge. Pubes and lips absolutely covered in cum. Some was watery and some was thicker. It all smelled strongly of sex.

We moved into a 69 position and Suzy started blowing me while I put my mouth over her cunt and sucked the cum down from her swollen vagina. She’d had about seven or eight loads in there that night and it seemed to be a flow that never stopped. I licked and sucked Suzy to the edge again and again as I moved the cum into my mouth. Finally I let Suzy reach her climax and I blew a massive load down her throat and in her mouth. I’d been waiting all day for this and had been in a constant state of arousal for about seven hours while Suzy had been fucking blokes at the club. I kept on cumming and Suzy kept on licking it up. She gave a final lick to my helmet and passed into an exhausted sleep.

We cuddled gently that night and slow, intimate sex in the morning. Suzy’s pussy was still moist and sticky from the previous night.

For the next few months the boat came in for me every Friday night 🙂 Suzy and I would go ‘fishing’ for cum in nightclubs. There seemed to be an endless stream of young men willing to fill her snatch with cum and I had an insatiable desire to eat it from her. Suzy must have fucked over two hundred blokes in that period!

Sadly, this all stopped when Suzy graduated and moved to London to Edinburgh to do scientific research. I did eat some more creampies when I looked after a mates flat in Amsterdam the next summer, though, but that’s another story…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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