Dreams of Life

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It was the last straw! Cathy couldn’t handle the bullshit her hubby was handing out any more so she packed a few things and headed out before he got back home. She wrote a short note telling him she would be back in a few days and if things didn’t change she would be gone forever. Unsure of how he would take what she was doing she had to find out if there really was a world out there that offered what she yearned for. With little more than a few bucks in her pocket and a suit case she headed out.

She arrived at the train station and thought long and hard where she would go. She looked at the schedule over and over before deciding on a small coastal town known for its outlandish parties and bars. Cathy knew she would have fun there even if she didn’t find that one thing she wanted more than anything else. She settled down in the plush chair as the train eased its way off, lurching slightly as it moved faster until the steady thump, thump of the track was lulling her into a deep sleep. She slept soundly and began to dream almost instantly.

It was dark and gloomy as she made her way down the dimly lighted street and she was nervous as she looked into the window of a tiny pub with smoke filling the air. She decided to go inside and see what was the attraction of this little hole in the wall pub that was filled over flowing with people. She made her way through the crowd to the bar and ordered a vodka on the rocks as she looked around the room to see what all the commotion was about. To her surprise she saw a lady blind folded and almost naked laying on a small stage in the rear of the pub. She was being groped by both men and woman as she withered on the stage from the caresses she was receiving. Cathy thought it strange she didn’t seem shocked at the sight before her as she watched intently at hands roaming across the lady’s body touching her every where at once. Her breast being squeezed, her nipples pinched hard enough to make the woman moan in pain while others caressed her moist slit roughly as her legs spread wider to allow them better access.

Cathy felt her own body begin to respond to what she was watching, her own juices began to moisten her as she saw one of the men bend down in front of the lady and begin licking her intensely while another offered her his cock to suck. She turned her head from the mans cock only to have him force her back towards his throbbing man hood and rub his cock across her lips until she complied with his demands. Her mouth opened slowly as he plowed his hardness inside her unyielding mouth. He slapped her cheek as he plunged his man meat down her throat choking her to the point Cathy felt almost sorry for her. Cathy took a sip of her drink as the scene unfolded before her then she felt hands on her waist as warm breath touched her neck.

“I just love when man forces his cock down my throat!” A sexy female voice cooed into her ear.

Cathy turned slightly to see who was talking to her and saw a tall dark haired lady with luscious red lips leaning into her. She felt her hard nipples pressing into her flesh through the thin silk blouse as the woman pulled her closer.

“I just bet you’re a wild one in the sack!” The lady whispered as her hand cupped Cathy’s breast pinching her nipple roughly.

“I could see you trembling from across the room. Your nipples were straining against your blouse begging for attention you naughty girl. I bet your dripping wet as well!” she whispered as she slipped her free hand under Cathy’s skirt.

Cathy froze! She was unable to stop what was happening to her all she could do was watch the helpless woman on stage as her own body was being ravished by this woman right there in plain sight of everyone and no one noticed. She felt a finger trace her firm ass cheeks as it moved slowly downwards. Cathy felt her legs opening on their own as the woman’s hand slipped under her panties and one single finger slipped into her wetness. A low grown slipped from Cathy’s mouth as she felt her body respond to the touch of another woman for the first time. The sensual touch so soft yet firm made ataşehir escort her knees weak with desire for more.

“Oh my are you wet! I hope its me doing that to you and not the show!” Cathy felt the finger move slowly out of her wanting wetness and then heard the soft sucking sound as the lady tasted her nectar. She wanted to turn and slap the bitch but was unable to do anything except stand there starring at the lady on stage as one of the men took his cock out and stood between her legs stroking it. It was huge almost nine inches at the least there was no way that little lady could take all that cock! Cathy was amazed at the sight as he rubbed the large head against her slit and watching the ladies legs open wider to accept his offering. He held his mighty cock still for a brief moment before slamming it fully inside the woman. Just as he slammed his cock deep inside the woman Cathy felt a sharp pain that made her moan loudly as the lady sank three fingers deep inside her.

“OH God Yesss!” Cathy moaned loudly as she felt her pussy being stretched by the lady behind her.

“Your mine tonight! I want you to fuck my husband and me! I want your hot pussy to know what its like to be ravaged, your breast to feel the pain and pleasure of being pinched and twisted while you lick my juices up!” The lady said pulling Cathy by the hand.

Helplessly she followed the lady across the pub to a man leaning against the wall. He was tall and well built she thought numbly as she was presented to him as the slut of the night. He looked her up and down as if judging her to be acceptable or not. He reached out and roughly pinched her left nipple before smiling and pointing to the stairway just ahead of them. Cathy was led up the stairs by the lady and through a door leading down a hallway to a single room at the end. She managed to look down the stairs before going behind the door to see the man still leaning against the wall. She was confused to say the least.

Inside the small room was a large bed and a night stand with a single lamp on it. The lady pointed to the bed and Cathy looked her in the eyes for the first time to see that she was a beautiful woman with large breast and a nice figure. Although she had a look in her eye that scared Cathy a little, a look of demand as she pointed to the bed.

“Stand there!” She pointed just beside the bed. Then walked over and kissed Cathy passionately as she unbuttoned her blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders revealing her lacy bra and her full breast. Cathy stood there motionless as the cool air caressed her naked skin. The woman stood back admiring her prize before reaching out and unsnapping Cathy’s bra and letting it just fall from her body freely. Cathy couldn’t stop looking into the eyes of the woman as she felt her fingers firmly caressing her full breast, rolling her hard nipples between her fingers and then pushing her down onto the soft bed. Cathy reached up to touch the woman and her hand was suddenly confined by a soft yet unyielding strap.

“What the!” she managed to say before the woman placed her hand over her mouth.

“Don’t say a word! I mean not a word! Lay down and shut the fuck up!” she was told in a rough yet somehow sexy voice.

Cathy did what she was told and then her other hand was firmly held in place like the other one. Then her legs on at a time were stretched open and tied off. Cathy didn’t struggle for some reason she felt at easy with what was happening yet it was all new to her but yet she was at ease. She watched as the woman removed her own blouse and bra. She had large firm breast with big nipples that stood out proudly, her hips were large and rounded yet well shaped for her size. Cathy watched as the woman ran her hand down her panties before removing them and standing naked in front of her. Cathy smiled slightly as she admired the beauty of the woman’s body. The woman moved toward Cathy slowly, she rubbed her breast as she approached her and said in a low husky voice that she was going to enjoy fucking her.

Cathy laid still as the avcılar escort lady crawled onto the bed straddling her, she leaned down letting her nipples touch Cathy’s as she dragged her body across hers. She kissed Cathy lightly on each nipple sending shivers through Cathy’s body from her soft lips and warm breath. Cathy moaned softly as she felt the unknown touch of a woman’s lips suck her sensitive nipple into her warm mouth and nip it with her teeth as she pulled back pulling her nipple as she did then letting it slip from her grasp. Cathy took a deep breath as she felt her wetness forming from deep inside her begin to flow freely as the woman caressed and groped her breast roughly and then softly. She pulled her nipples until Cathy cryed out in pain and the kissed them with the love and softness she had never felt from a mans touch. Cathy’s body responded to every touch becoming more and more excited with each new feeling. She moved down Cathy’s body slowly kissing and then biting her soft skin. Cathy moaned loudly as she felt the woman’s tongue slip through her moist clit and enter her wetness. Her body moved on its own as she raised her hips to keep her tongue deep inside her, she felt her clit being sucked hard and then flicked by the woman’s tongue as she felt the orgasm begin to explode inside her. Cathy rocked her hips hard against the woman’s mouth as she felt her body convulse into one orgasm after another.

“OH GOD YES” she screamed

Then a finger entered her plowing deep inside her as she felt another orgasm building. Then another finger entered her ass sending her off again and again until she was breathing deeply and panting for air. Cathy’s head swarmed as she was taken over the edge time and time again. She was lost in desires she had never known before. Her mind went blank as she felt one orgasm lead to another. She never notice the man enter the room and she really at that moment didn’t care who came in as long as that tongue and fingers didn’t stop what they were doing.

“Is she ready for me baby?” She heard a man voice ask.

“Mmm yeah I think she is!” was the reply

“I want that pussy now! Move your ass!” he growled

Cathy managed to look quickly as he stepped towards her. Her eyes widened as she saw his cock hanging, it was ten inches long and thick as her wrist. She started to protest but before she could say anything the woman planted her wet pussy on her mouth. Cathy tried to speak but her muffled words meant nothing to them. She tasted the wetness of the woman as she rubbed her soft pussy lips across Cathy’s mouth. Cathy responded with her tongue searching and finding the woman’s entrance and she started sucking and licking up the sweet juices flowing from her. She had forgotten the monster about to ravage her tiny tight pussy but she would not forget for long as she felt the large meaty head of the mans cock rub against her slit. He rubbed it hard across her clit and back down to the entrance to her pussy. Cathy gasped as he pushed slowly feeling the resistance of her tight honey hole as he pushed harder until his cock head popped through and slipped inside her. Cathy moaned against the woman’s pussy grinding against her mouth as she felt her pussy being stretched to its limits as he plowed forward. She was helpless to stop him as he started pounding her with his mighty weapon. She screamed against the pressure of his cock filling her and the sweet juices filling her mouth. Her screams were ignored as he pounded harder and harder driving his cock deep inside her. The woman moved from her face and watched as he slammed his cock deeper still inside Cathy’s pussy. Cathy looked down when she could to see what he was doing and was amazed that he had his cock buried inside her. She laid back and the pleasure started to over whelm her as his cock meat began to move freely inside her pussy. Cathy felt her orgasm building quickly as he moved to a rhythm that was driving her crazy. He would shove his meat deep inside her a then pull back till just the head of his cock remained inside her then slam it home avrupa yakası escort again and again.

“OH GOD FUCK ME!” she screamed loudly.

“You like that big cock don’t you bitch?” he growled

“Oh God Yes! Fuck me please I need it harder deeper!”

Cathy didn’t believe she was saying what she had said! She looked over at the woman who was intently watching his cock disappear inside Cathy’s pussy. Cathy tried to reach over and grab the woman’s breast but her restraints stopped her cold. Helplessly she laid there while the man fucked her when she wanted to be free to wrap her legs around his ass and make him fuck her harder. She heard her voice demand more cock in disbelief as she noticed the door had opened. There stood two more men stroking their cocks watching her beg for more. One walked over and thrust his cock into her mouth. She eagerly sucked him deep inside her mouth as the other one groped her breast and pinched her nipples harder than she had ever felt. The pain turned into pleasure instantly as she swallowed his cock until his balls rested against her chin.

She pulled against her bindings until the woman decided to free her from her arm restraints. With her hands free at last Cathy grabbed the cock fucking her mouth and pumped it with her hand. She wanted his cock more than anything at that moment and pulled it deeper inside her wanting mouth. The cock slamming inside her was fully packing her pussy with each hard stroke and she knew he couldn’t last much longer. She heard him grown loudly as she felt his hot cum fill her hot pussy. He pumped a few more times before rolling off her and freeing his cock fro her tight pussy. She noticed a movement to her left and then the warm tongue of the woman as she sucked up the cum from her aching pussy. Cathy loved the feeling of her tongue as it licked deep inside her stretched pussy. Comforting her as it did its nasty job of licking up his hot cum.

Cathy firmly grabbed the mans balls groping them as she sucked him hungrily. She felt his balls contract and knew she would soon be rewarded with his hot load of juices. She felt the woman’s tongue leave her hot pussy and the cool air surround it once more as it was open and free she yearned for more cock or tongue. It didn’t take long before she got her desire her eyes caught sight of the other man walking towards her, his cock was fat real fat and about seven inches long. She wondered if it would fit it was so thick so damn thick. Just as she lost her focus on the cock in her mouth she was shocked when it filled her mouth with its sticky cum. She was brought back to focus as he drove it down her throat choking her with it as hr shot his creamy load of cum down her throat. She pushed him back until she could breath again and before she knew what was happening she felt her pussy being stretched more than before as the thick cock pushed its way inside her.

“OH GOD WHY ME? OH GOD FUCK ITS TO BIG!” She screamed as it tore its way deep inside her.

Cathy was lost with the pain and pleasure that made her body tremble and explode over and over again. Her head rolled from side to side as the thick cock tore deeper inside her tight pussy. She took a deep breath and began meeting his thrust with her hips. She heard the woman say look at her she is awesome such a cock slut she is.

“Fuck oh God Fuck meeee!” she squealed loudly

Cathy was lost totally in the lust that had taken control of her body and soul. She moaned as she drove her hips to meet the fat cock giving her the pleasure she had never dreamed excised. She felt her legs freed at last and instantly rapped them around the man pulling him deeper inside her wanting pussy. She cried out as her orgasms rocked her over and over again. Hardly able to breath she gasped for air as she felt his cock begin to spew its hot load of cum. She felt it leave her pussy and then the hot juices spill onto her belly. It was then she knew just how far she had been taken, she was spent totally her body aching from the ravishing it had endured. She panted for a few minutes until her breathing was close to normal. She looked around to see the room filled with people gazing upon her naked body and she smiled knowingly as she reached over and pull the woman that made her fantasy come true close and kissed her deeply.

“Miss wake up we are here!” the conductor said shaking Cathy back to reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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