Dreams Can Cum True Ch. 02

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“You are so beautiful,” Rob murmured, softly kissing the nape of Chloe’s neck as he traced his tongue down her aching body. She moaned gently with pleasure and relief. She had wanted Rob for so long; so many nights she had lain on that same bed, touching herself while thinking about him. Her clit throbbed with desire as his tongue drew closer to her stomach, snaking its way around her firm nipples and catching them playfully in his teeth. Chloe’s body rose with anticipation as his tongue drew further down to touch lightly on her clit. He began to flick it slowly as his hands pushed forward to grasp her breasts, increasing the pressure as Chloe’s moans grew louder and more passionate. She drove her hands through his dark, ruffled hair, pulling him into her wet pussy as his lips closed around her clit. It was a pleasure she had never experienced before.

“Rob!” Chloe cried suddenly, her fingers grabbing the sides of the bed as yet another wave of pleasure surged through her. He looked up, only to stare straight into her striking blue eyes. He almost grinned. “Lie down. I want to go on top.”

Rob was both surprised and aroused by Chloe’s sudden commanding attitude. He obeyed her immediately, giving her clit one last playful lick before pulling off his trousers and boxers and lying down in front of her. This was the first time that Chloe had seen him fully naked. He was gorgeous; his neck swept down into broad shoulders, a perfectly toned torso and muscular legs with a large, rigid cock pulsating between them. She held her breath in appreciation as she pushed down her skirt. “What are you planning?” he asked playfully.

“You’ll see,” Chloe grinned, straddling his face so that her tight pussy was directly above his mouth. şirinevler escort She leant forward, enclosing his throbbing cock in her own mouth and causing Rob to moan loudly. He had never been in a ’69’ position before.

“You’re amazing,” Rob murmured, feeling her soft stomach pressed against his own as he began to flick her clit with his tongue. All he could see now was her dripping wet pussy, her swollen clit nestled between tight, pale thighs and her firm, gorgeous ass. He squeezed her cheeks gently as he continued to lick her, pushing his tongue deeper into her aching well before teasing it back onto her clit. Chloe moaned and writhed as she continued to suck on his cock. Her tongue worked softly round his head before pushing her tight lips down his shaft, increasing in pressure as the pleasure grew more intense. She began to use her hands to stroke his balls and the base of his cock while sucking on his head, before suddenly taking the whole of him in her deep, wet mouth. Rob groaned loudly and gripped her ass tighter as he felt the head of his cock rub against the back of Chloe’s throat.

Waves of pleasure surged through his body as she continued to suck him, harder and faster as his body tensed for the inevitable. Chloe did the same, arching her back towards him as he sucked harder on her clit. Her moans grew louder as he felt her clit pulsate wildly underneath his tongue. Suddenly, the pressure grew to an unbelievable climax as Rob felt his cock begin to throb and shoot thickly into Chloe’s mouth. At the same time, Chloe came with a shaky and voluble cry as she collapsed onto his aching body.

“Oh god, Rob,” she moaned softly, swallowing the last of his cum as her şirinevler elit escort own sweet juices surged into his open mouth. He swallowed them eagerly, savouring her taste before she turned to lie next to him. “That was amazing…”

“It was,” he agreed, too exhausted to even speak. He pulled her tired, naked body closer to his own, letting her nestle in his neck as he gently closed his eyes. He couldn’t even begin to describe how he felt at that moment. All he knew was that he wanted Chloe; and just as soon as he could breathe again, he would make her scream with pleasure.

After a while of lying on Chloe’s bed, softly stroking her body while she whispered sweet nothings into his ear, Rob eased himself up and looked down at the beautiful girl next to him. “Chloe,” he said gently, stroking her fringe out of her eyes. They fluttered open and she smiled, relaxed, as he dipped down to kiss her. It was a slow kiss this time round; his tongue was tender and graceful as he pushed it into her mouth, their lips meeting eagerly as her arms reached around to pull Rob closer to her. Their tongues danced wildly in their mouths, tasting and exploring each other with endless energy. Chloe drew back to pull playfully on Rob’s lip, smiling when he did the same.

“I want you inside me,” she murmured, causing Rob to feel a familiar stir as his cock swelled against Chloe’s leg. She pulled him on top of her and grabbed his ass. “Fuck me Rob,” she moaned, as he surged forwards, feeling his stiff cock pushing into her tight, wet pussy. He groaned with pleasure.

“Oh god, Chloe,” Rob moaned as he began to fuck her slowly, pushing his tongue into her mouth as he moved back and forth against şirinevler escort her warm body. He felt her soft breasts pushed against his chest, her warm breath in his mouth and against his ear as he nestled into her neck. She began to gently stroke the small of his back, stopping only when Rob raised himself to stare tenderly into her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m really here,” he stammered, pushing himself deeper inside her. Chloe moaned softly.

“Neither can I.” She gripped Rob’s ass and pulled him into her, moaning louder as his cock rubbed against her G spot. He began to pump faster as Chloe arched her back towards him, running her fingers across his body and through his hair, passionate and demanding. “Oh Rob,” she cried out as he pushed her legs forward against his chest. Waves of pleasure coursed through them both as she leant her feet against his broad shoulders. He fucked her harder as he pushed against the top of her pussy, his thick cock penetrating her tight hole as they both shook with indescribable pleasure. Fiery sensations raced through Chloe’s body as approached her climax, grabbing Rob’s ass and pushing him deep inside her as they came together with a rush of shuddering release. “Oh Chloe,” Rob moaned, collapsing with exhaustion as he came deep inside of her. Chloe could feel her pussy soak with Rob’s juices as she fell back, nestling into his warm neck. “That was amazing.”

“I know,” Chloe breathed, pulling his body closer to her own. She couldn’t get enough of him; his smell, his tousled dark hair, the way his chest rose and fell. She traced her fingers gently across his torso, watching the wave of movement as she stroked his stomach. “You’re so beautiful,” she whispered, gently kissing his earlobe. Rob smiled.

“So are you.” His eyes fluttered to a close as the couple finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. It had been a long day, after all; and they wanted to save their energy for when they woke up. Chloe fell asleep with a smile on her face, looking forward to tomorrow.

Her dreams had finally come true…

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