Dream Sister-In-Law Ch. 03

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“Hannah really wants to say hi to you, before she goes to take her nap,” Renee said, as she lifted her baby and handed her to her newly arrived brother-in-law, Matt, who also happened to be Hannah’s father.

She turned to her sister. “Once I get the baby down, can you watch the kids for a bit? I know you just got here, but, I need to run to the grocery store. I didn’t get a chance to do it this morning.”

“I can come with you, to help carry things and such, ” Matt said, kissing their baby and handing her back over.

A few minutes later they were out the door. As soon as they rounded the corner, he pulled her up against the house, out of sight, and kissed her. “Our baby is so beautiful; she looks more like you every day.”

She laughed and pushed him away. “C’mon, I have big plans for tonight, but first we have to get through dinner, which means buying dinner.”

They hopped in the minivan and headed to the store, his hand feeling up the inside of her leg the whole way. When they arrived, they practically ran through the store, picking up items as fast as they could. Renee had never seen the cashier before, so she introduced Matt as her husband, and he spent the rest of the transaction kissing her cheek and making her laugh.

“Thanks for stopping in,” the cashier said as they left. “It’s nice to see people so in love.”

After they loaded up the van, Matt slid his hands down Renee’s ass and down her thighs, pushing lightly on the back of her legs, getting her on her knees, with her elbows up on the maltepe şişman escort bench seat. He pulled the door shut and pulled down the sunscreens installed on the windows.

He flipped her skirt up over her hips and swiftly pulled down her panties, sliding them under her knees and all the way off. Then, spreading her ass with his hands, he buried his face against her, pushing at her asshole with his tongue.

Renee gasped and thrashed and bucked backward as his tongue made its way inside of her. Barely aware that they were in a public place, she buried her face in the seat and screamed as he continued to fuck her ass with his tongue.

Looking around, Matt had an idea. Grabbing a bottle of olive oil from a bag, he dumped a bit of the oil on his finger and probed at her asshole, getting just inside. Then he repeated, continuing with more oil until he had his finger all of the way inside of her. With a bit more oil, soon another finger had joined as well.

Withdrawing his fingers, he climbed up over her back, lining himself up and pushing at her asshole with his cock. He slipped inside easily, and slowly worked his way, inch by inch, until he was completely buried inside of her. He paused while they both got used to the sensation. This wasn’t going to take either of them very long.

Renee came first. He’d only been sliding in and out of her ass for maybe 30 seconds when she began to scream, first in to the seat, but then she tilted her head back so she could breath.

“Oh! pendik escort Cumming… Matt…”

Her ass contracted like a vise around Matt’s cock as she sputtered, “Please cum… in my… ass…”

That was that. He had time to call out, “Nee!” before he exploded inside her, shaking and shuddering as he spurted over and over.

After they came down from their orgasms, they cleaned up as best they could, threw the evidence into a trash can, and headed home.

At dinner, the sat across from each other, making chit-chat and passing the salt and doing all the things civilized in-laws do, while olive oil and his cum slowly leaked out of her and pooled in her panties.

A few hours after, Renee herded the kids to bed, on the not-untrue basis that they had a lot of stuff planned for the next day. As she went to put the baby to bed, Matt and his wife cleaned up and went to the room they were staying in. While she drifted off to sleep, he waited impatiently.

Later that night, Matt saw a shadow move down the hallway and in to a utility room. He got up and quietly followed.

When he slipped in to the room, Renee pinned him up against the door and whispered to him. “Hey. Ready to try for two?”

He looked at her in the dim light.

“Well, there’s a reason I insisted that this was the weekend you needed to come down.”

Matt grabbed her and spun around, putting her against the door. He reached under her nightgown and traced his hand up her leg, finding that she had nothing pendik eskort bayanlar else on. As she reached forward and pulled down his pants, he lifted her up against the door.

Renee exhaled loudly as he slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy on to him. They locked eyes and stared at each other with pent-up lust as he began to slide her up and down his cock.

They increased the pace, Matt squeezing her ass as he pulled her up and down, and Renee raising her knees and wrapping her legs around him, trying to get him even deeper inside, while continuing to stare deeply in to his eyes.

His finger traced down the crack of her ass, finding her asshole and hooking inside of it. Renee screamed, and he smashed his mouth against hers, never breaking eye contact. He shoved his tongue inside her mouth to muffle her orgasm as she came violently, her legs shaking, and her eyes rolling upward.

He found a new rhythm, lifting her only about an inch, but dropping her over and over again as fast as he could, keeping his cock as close as possible to her womb. His mouth moved over to her ear, lightly biting it before whispering, “I think our baby needs a sister.”

Renee wrapped her arms around him and pushed herself downward on to him as hard as she could, causing him to yell her name way too loud as he started to cum all through her. She helped him bounce her up and down, draining his cock inside of her, until they slowed to a stop, spent.

He kissed her deeply then stopped to admire how beautiful she was. “I really wish I didn’t have to go home tomorrow.”

She smiled. “Well, you really have to come back in a few months, to see how you did. And, we have a few more hours now, to make sure.”

They held each other tight, kissing and enjoying being joined together in all ways possible for as long as they could.

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