Dr. Nix Ch. 02

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*This story picks up immediately after the events of Ch. 01. I’m not going to go crazy out of the way to catch everybody completely up to speed every chapter, so read from Ch. 01 if you’re interested in the overall story. Obviously not reality for so many reasons. I hope you enjoy the fantasy.*

There was a pit in my stomach. Why did Jocelyn seem to know Paula? What was up with that smug smile? Was she just trying to play me?

I wished I could just concentrate on my experience with Paula instead of worrying myself sick. I had been using my practice to take advantage of naive young women for almost 20 years without a single problem. Why was it that my new 19-year-old receptionist was able to bring me such doubt for the first time?

I checked my patient schedule for the first time that day. I didn’t want any more surprises for my last patient. Judy Gertwin. A regular chronic pain patient. Not the dumb, busty, naive, barely 18-year-old slut that Paula was by any means, but it wasn’t a curveball.

The appointment passed by like a rerun of a bad sitcom. It wasn’t pleasant, but it ended faster than I expected. I decided to stay in my office for a few minutes after so that I wouldn’t have to face Jocelyn when I left. Five minutes was enough, Jocelyn did her job exactly as needed so far. Nothing less and nothing more.

I got ready and walked out to the reception area. I was right, the desk was empty. No sooner did I breathe a sigh of relief then did Jocelyn walk out of the bathroom connected to the waiting room. I normally would have taken this opportunity to check out the amazing young figure she showed off to me during her interview, but her current drab brown dress – an unfortunately common choice for her – allowed me no such priviledge.

“You’re leaving late, Doctor,” Jocelyn said in her usual professional tone.

“Just five minutes,” I said.

“How did your appointment with Paula go? She wasn’t a new patient, but it had been a while since you had seen her. Should I have warned you?”

“Oh no, that’s just fine, Jocelyn, thank you,” I said, trying desperately to read her tone. She gave away nothing.

“Nice girl,” said Jocelyn, “a grade younger than me, but she went to my high school. We talked sometimes.”

That was it! That’s how they knew each other. It told me nothing new at the end of the day, though. Did they still talk sometimes? Would Paula talk about how my “medicine” for her was my cum and how I tricked the dumb girl into fucking me right there in my office? I told her to keep it between us, but Jocelyn had tricked me into hiring her, so she could certainly trick the bimbo, Paula into spilling the goods.

“It’s a small world!” Is all I said.

“Sure is,” said Jocelyn with a professional smile, “Good night, Doctor.”

“Good night, Jocelyn,” I said, and watched her leave, wishing her dress was even a little more form-fitting so that I could make out her amazing teen ass I remembered from her interview. The interview when she wore tiny booty shorts and “accidentally dropped” her resume so she could show off that round butt to me.

I spent that night unable to sleep. I tossed and turned remembering other images from that interview. The last thought that crossed my mind before I passed into sleep was Jocelyn leaning forward in earnest while I asked a question, showing me those giant creamy teen juggs spilling out of her tight shirt.

The next morning, I made sure to order a larger coffee than usual and tried not to show how tired I was when I walked into the office. As always, Jocelyn was already there, settled into the reception desk.

“G’morning, Doctor Nix,” she said pleasantly, and not at all like most other 19-year-olds would say it.

“Morning, Jocelyn, how’s the day looking?”

“Even more busy than usual, Doctor. I’ve been taking the liberty of giving courtesy calls to patients you haven’t seen in a few months. It really seems to have worked, your day is filled with only the results of those calls.”

Damn, one of the reasons I could never, ever fire Jocelyn and replace her with a dumb, willing slut like I wanted: she was just too good at her job.

“Such initiative, Jocelyn, thank you.”

“I try to do a good job, Doctor, you’re good to me here.”

I smiled to her and headed to my office where my smile turned into a scowl. Yes, I payed my receptionists an unusually large amount because they always used to suck my dick a few times a day, not because they were ever particularly good at being receptionists.

In fact, they were usually awful in that regard. So on one hard, it was nice to have a competent receptionist for once. But why couldn’t she be competent AND slutty? I mean, the old lady blouse she had on today was probably worse on the perverted eye than her brown dress yesterday.

I logged into my computer and opened the server software that Jocelyn used to remotely send me my schedule and the patient’s files. As usual, the day’s patient list was already on screen zeytinburnu escort for me when I opened the software. My eyes widened and my jaw almost dropped.

The list was completely filled with teen girls whom I had tricked into sucking or fucking my dick on at least one occasion each. Well I suppose some of them weren’t teens anymore. It had been at least five years since I had seen Julia Goddard, a former regular and the last on my schedule today.

Julia had been quite sick as a child, so I had seen her most of her life. She trusted me so much that when the busty redhead turned 18, it was incredibly easy for me to get her to start blowing me every appointment. I saw her regularly for two years after that. But soon, a lot of her medical problems had cleared up and she stopped showing up and I stopped booking her. For whatever reason, I had never been able to give her a proper fucking. She was so willing and excited to blow me, but any attempts to go further would be denied.

Was it just a coincidence that this was the pattern of the day? Or did Jocelyn set this up? Was her “calling old patients” tactic actually her calling the girls and convincing them to come here to tell me off? She wouldn’t do that, would she?

My paranoia was going overboard. I didn’t even know for sure that Jocelyn knew about my perverted ways. Acting ditzy and slutty in an interview could just be her overall tactic in life. One that would work really well with her looks, too.

I didn’t have much time to construct my conspiracy theories, however, my day was going to start soon. All of the girls scheduled for the day were simply just check-up appointments. Which made sense as the result of a courtesy call, but it just made me more nervous: no specific ailment meant they could have any reason for coming in. Maggie Sulivan was first. She was the patient on the list I had seen most recently. I had convinced her that fucking me stretched the right muscles for the cramps she was experiencing. But I had hired Stacey soon after that.

Oh how I missed Stacey every day. She was a horrible receptionist, but both as hot and as stupid as a teen could be. She was so good at being my cum bucket, that I basically stopped using patients for my own devices for the 8 months I employed her.

Therefore I stopped contriving reasons for Maggie to come in for appointments. And she was first up today.

I tried to calm myself down but still jumped when Jocelyn’s voice came over the intercom.

“Maggie Sulivan here to see you, Doctor.”

Well, no use waiting.

“Send her in,” I said with the talk button pushed down.

Not twenty seconds later, Maggie walked through my incredibly soundproof door. She looked similar to how I remembered her, but it looked like she had put on a little more weight. She was still a relatively thin brunette, but her stomach showed a little natural flub. I found it cute, if anything. Although it was a little higher up where the extra weight showed the most improvement. Maggie had been one of the more flat-chested patients that I used my wiles on. I use “flat-chested” relatively because she had been a B cup when I first saw her. Either she was wearing a magical bra or her chest had grown a cup size.

The tall brunette slammed the door and ran up to me and hugged me.

“Ohmigod, Dr. Nix! I thought you didn’t wanna see me anymore! I’m so glad you guys called!”

This wasn’t the reaction I was expecting, but damn if I wasn’t going to roll with it.

“Please, Maggie. It’s good to see you too, but hugging is not professional. Now please remove your clothes and sit on the medical bed with your legs spread so we can begin.”

Maggie giggled and instantly obliged.

“Sorry, Doctor. Of course!”

I walked to my desk and pretended to do paperwork while the 21-year-old removed her clothing. She looked better naked now than I remembered. I wasn’t sure if it was the extra weight or not. Maybe her height was better suited with a little extra meat on the bones. Her breasts definitely looked larger, and sagged more than most would on a girl her age. Still, she was so confident with her body that I had no complaints.

“Ready!” She said.

Her smile was a little crooked, but very sweet and bright framed by her dark, shoulder-length hair. At 45, usually I need a bit of work to get my 7-inch dick at full mast, but after being haunted by images of Jocelyn at her interview last night with no release, I was ready to go.

If my memory served me right, Maggie gave a really weak blowjob. Silent, no enthusiasm, and barely any suction. So I didn’t bother. I dropped my pants and started teasing the young woman’s clit with my cock. She instantly started moaning.

“Yes, Doctor, that’s so good. I thought maybe I was a bad slut and you wanted me to stay hurt. I’m so glad you’re going to start treating me again.”

Good, she remembered my language. I love dirty talk from girls younger than half my age, and always aksaray escort incorporated it into my “treatments” that were really more like “slut training”. I just grunted my acknowledgement and plunged my dick into her already wet pussy. Maggie was the exception to a lot of my preferences. Not only did she have smaller tits than I usually like, her pussy had a pretty full bush going. But something about the very particular way Maggie was stupid still attracted me, though. It was almost like she was putting on the stupid act as a game. But I didn’t mind.

My unprotected dick felt so good in her young pussy. It clamped onto me as I pumped in and out, just enjoying the feeling. I closed my eyes and didn’t say anything. I just wanted to use this slut to get off and relieve my frustrations.

Maggie continued to make noise, grabbing onto any parts of the medical bed that she could for support. She moaned her encouragement. “Yes Doctor, you’re making me feel so good. Only your dick stretches my little pussy so fucking good!”

I groaned louder and pushed more forcefully into her, causing her to yelp in pleasure. I closed my eyes tighter and pictured Jocelyn in a bikini. Her young tanned curves so toned and tight, yet still bursting from the material. Her little rounded butt with no flaws and giant tits so firm yet huge enough to show ripples from the slightest of her movements.

It took everything for me not to scream Jocelyn’s name as I pumped my seed into the panting brunette.

“yeahyeah,” Maggie moaned, “I can feel your cum in me, Dr. Nix! I’m taking it in my pussy like a good slut!”

Her voice broke my fantasy a little, but that was okay, I was still able to make it over the edge. I could tell that under different circumstances, I could have produced a lot more jizz. I pulled out and handed her tissue for when my cream dripped out of her. I pulled my pants back up and continued the exam with Maggie completely naked.

I was still a doctor, it’s important for me to perform a full proper examination.

After I finished, Maggie got dressed and thanked me for the appointment. We said pleasant goodbyes and I closed the door behind her. Sometimes I would go out to the waiting room to bring in the next patient myself, but I didn’t want to face Jocelyn today. Maggie’s visit went well, but I didn’t want to claim victory yet.

Amanda Hedson was next, and far more my usual fare: a very ditzy blonde teen with an unusually large bust. Her boobs weren’t the spectacular F cups that Paula showed off yesterday, but that was unusual even for unusually busty teens. I certainly remembered Amanda’s chest, though. I told her that a man’s seed would keep her boobs springy and perky for a very long time. I came many times on that perfect young pair.

When it was time for her appointment, she walked in my exam room with a frown on her face, I tensed up.

“Dr. Nixxy, I’m mad at you!”

I cringed at the pet name and looked at her young overflowing cleavage to make up for it.

“What’s the problem, Amanda?”

“You don’t even care if I die! I could be all sicky and you wouldn’t even care! You haven’t seen me since I was 18, Dr. Nixxy! I’m gunna be 20 next week!”

I was torn on her baby talk. It made me cringe, sure, but it also turned me on knowing she was that dumb.

I looked her up and down. She was wearing a pretty floral dress that flattered her thin figure. She was skinnier and taller than Paula, and her blonde hair was longer and straight instead of curly. The dress was cut low and afforded an excellent view of the top of her teenage breasts; which looked to be the same excellent DD size.

“You look very healthy, though, Amanda. And your fat tits look just as firm. Have you been coating them in a man’s seed like a good slut like I recommended?”

“Of course, but none of the boys have jizz like yours! You’re the Doctor, so you take care of my slutty boobs the best!”

I was slipping right back into my old ways. It was so easy to make these hot, naive, impressionable sluts eager for my cock. The long list of girls I had manipulated and my 20 years in practice without a blemish showed my sleezy system to be flawless. I don’t know why I was ever worried.

“Well then you’re being worried for no reason, Miss Hedson. Please strip to your underwear and we’ll proceed with the exam.”

I didn’t bother heading to my desk this time. I openly ogled the teen as she removed her dress. It was incredible to see how toned her body still was. Long sexy legs and a flat stomach separated by lacy black panties. The hot underwear was the perfect contrast to her cutesy dress. Her big mounds were somehow held up by an equally sexy black strapless bra. I didn’t even know that they made strapless bras for girls with her bust size.

Although her boobs were smaller than Paula’s, they looked somehow more lewd on Amanda’s stretched out body. Paula’s compact, petite body made her already huge boobs look enormous, but they didn’t ataköy escort look as out of place as Amanda’s incredibly round balloons did on her long thin body.

I proceeded with a normal exam, giving myself time to recover from my last orgasm, and letting my eyes appreciate the teen’s scorching hot body before the time came to use it for my pleasure.

I could tell Amanda was getting restless too. It really seemed like she missed my cum. She stayed silent during the exam like I always instructed but she seemed to wiggle more and more as I continued. Finally I was finished.

“Okay, Amanda, you did very well, please remove your bra now.”

Amanda clapped her hands together like a little girl and bounced up and down on the spot. The action caused her slutty funbags to bounce wildly on her chest, somehow staying inside her magic bra. It didn’t take long for the teen to undo the clasp on the front of the bra and let it instantly drop to the floor.

If I hadn’t handled them so many times, I wouldn’t believe they were real. Even knowing she was just 19 didn’t change how impressively firm her huge boobs sat on her chest. I usually liked a little bit of sag for a few reasons. First, it shows off how natural and soft the boobs are. Second, it shows how heavy the bags of flesh really are, and that makes them all the more hot and slutty to me.

Yet, every once in a while, I find it super sexy when a busty girl like Amanda has a rocking pair of double Ds that are the best evidence that gravity is just a myth. The sight made me waste no time either. I popped my dick out of my pants and Amanda giggled happily at the sight of my chubby. It was almost as if she was seeing an old friend. I admired her breasts one more time. I spotted yet another difference from Paula, the other busty blonde that I kept comparing Amanda to. Amanda’s areolas were huge. They looked almost stretched from rapid growth at a young age. Her nipples were pink and big and swollen. God, her tits looked so slutty.

“Come now, Amanda, you’re a big girl now. You know what you have to do to get me ready to give you my cream.”

“Sorry Nixxy!” Amanda said before stuffing her mouth with my semi-limp dick. Her blowjobs were fine. Nothing special, but her eagerness was enough to get me to full size in her mouth. No, her tits were the real show. I pulled my now hard penis from her mouth which created a loud “pop”. The dumb teen giggled again and I shoved my erection on her clavicle. She instantly responded by squeezing her young titflesh around my rod.

And just like that, once again, there was no dispute that her boobs were natural. I couldn’t believe how soft the flesh felt on my dick. It was nothing like a mouth or a pussy. It was like memory foam that was constantly moving to make sure it was in the exact right position to make my dick happy. Another thing that made big tits seem so slutty.

“Are they still good, Doctor? Are my fat tits still as soft and firm as you like them?”

“Yes, Miss Hedson, you’ve been a very good slut. Do you jerk off a lot of cocks with those fat boobs?”

With her hands still firmly pressing her juggs around my cock, Amanda began to jerk them up and down skillfully while she replied.

“Oh yes, Doctor. Just like you said. Now that I’m out of high school, it’s been more difficult to do it daily, though. I have to ask a lot of strangers to help me out.”

I groaned at the image of this dumb, busty blonde teen asking strange men to jizz on her tits.

“Do you ask older men? Or did you forget my advice?”

“Nono, Nixxy! I’m a good little slut! Whenever I can, I get guys twice my age to cum over my big young titties. Sometimes they’re triple my age!”

The thought of the stupid teen jerking off a senior with her huge bust made my dick twitch inside her warm cleavage as she pumped it harder on my dick. Amanda noticed and continued talking.

“One time I was really desperate, Nixxy, so I asked my grandpa. He was really embarrassed, but he wasn’t able to say no when I took off my top for him, Doctor. You were right, good sluts can get their way if they have big fat tits.”

I couldn’t take it, Amanda had somehow grown even dirtier after I stopped booking her to see me. And it was probably all my influence. I loved creating these dumb whores. I slapped her face and she gave a faux-shocked sexy coo.

“Mmm, yeah, Nixxy. I’m really earning my special cream.”

I didn’t want to, but I pulled my aching cock from her amazing boobjob and pointed it down at those perky teen tits of hers. Her swelled-up balloons, her juicy juggs, her busty boobs.

“UNNNNHHH!” I yelled. Then I exploded all over her chest. It was so exciting for Amanda that she moaned in pleasure as I made sure to coat all of her big teen chest with my cum.

When I was done, Amanda started laughing breathlessly.

“Wow, Dr. Nix. You fuck my tits even better than I remember. There’s a reason you’re such a good Doctor. Your cream is really going to keep my tits so big and perfect and slutty.”

I even needed a second to regain my composure. I hadn’t come so hard from just a boobjob since…well… probably since the last time Amanda gave me one.

“Yes, see, you didn’t need to worry about less frequent appointments, Amanda. I take good care of you.”

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