Double Desire: A Camila Cox Tale

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Camilla Cox enjoys her free time. Owning a small but successful bar in midtown keeps her busy nearly constantly so she makes it a point to take her fun where and when she can. Luckily for her, the bar is often frequented by the kind of sexy, successful men that she likes to have her fun with.

Getting them to participate in her filthy fantasies is easy for a woman like Cam, as her lovers are fond of calling her. She’s the epitome of sex appeal, a confident woman with a sinful body. She stands five foot eight in heels and her hips and breasts flare out from a tiny waist. Long, thick chestnut hair flows in waves down her back and she has the face of an angel, green eyes, framed with thick dark lashes and porcelain skin. Her lips are perfectly shaped and full, pouty, and red, the kind of lips that make men and women think naughty thoughts.

These are the stories of her sexcapades.



Camilla leaned over to wipe the table and Ethan and Chris got a look at her lacy silk panties that were peeking out ever so slightly from the bottom of the short skirt she wore.

Ethan licked his lips and gazed at her smooth thighs. Her high round ass bounced a little as she scrubbed the table clean. Her long brown braid brushed the slightly damp surface as she swooped forward.

Chris was captivated by the panties, by the sheen of the fabric and the black lace at the hem. He couldn’t help but imagine them between his teeth. His cock got hard imagining her pussy grinding into his face, the slip of cotton drenched with her juices.

She knew they were watching her. It turned Camilla on to know that they were getting a good view of her panties. After all, this wasn’t the first time some guy got hard by looking at her, imagining what was beneath her underwear. Hell, she sometimes got wet daydreaming about some guys bulging pants so she figured it was fair.

Camilla had always wanted to be with two men at once and why not? Most women wanted it, even if they only admitted it to themselves while they masturbated. When Ethan had brought Chris into her bar that night, it she damn near trembled with the thought of having them both.

She and Ethan had history but Chris was new so she made it a point to visit with them throughout the evening. They worked together, Ethan and Chris, and, strangely, Ethan did all the talking while Chris just looked at her and sipped his drink. Ethan was a journalist who lived an exciting life, traveling around the world to report the kind of news that changes international policy. Chris was a photographer whose work often took him to the same dangerous places. Men like that tended to have short relationships and high sex drives. Perfect men for Camilla.

She had picked up Ethan one night when he came into town for work, some big news story that she couldn’t care less about. She bought him a drink and invited him to her office where he fucked her against the door, her legs wrapped around his waist and his cock slamming into her like a jackhammer.

Now, here he was with Chris. The two men were about the same height and muscular, both gorgeous in completely different ways. Chris was blond and tan, a surfer boy if there ever was one with gorgeous eyes and lips that made Camilla want to suck on them. He walked into the bar with a kind of laid back, open, friendly confidence.

Ethan, on the other hand, had an edge to him. He had dark hair that he kept short and darker eyes that didn’t just look at Camilla, they groped her. Every time he turned them her way, she felt a thrill of fear and desire. She loved that Ethan scared her just a little bit. She knew that she’d be happy to do just about anything he told her to do.

When she locked the door after she closed the bar, she invited Ethan back to her office for another round. His lips curled in a sexy sneer and he informed her that his friend would be joining them.

“Oh?” she asked innocently, excitement flowing through her, heating her from the inside like a shot of good whiskey. She led the two men down the small dark hallway to her office.

“Chris, say hello to Cam,” said Ethan, closing and locking the door behind him.

Chris nodded politely and looked at Camilla’s tight body. He smiled and said, “Hello,” speaking with an Australian accent that made Camilla grin.

“Hi, Chris,” said Camilla, nerves fluttering in her stomach.

“We’re doing things a little differently tonight, Cam,” said Ethan. “Chris and I are going to watch you for a bit.”

Chris sat in the guest chair while Ethan pulled a small gift bag from inside the satchel he carried for work. He handed the bag to Cam who took it with a question in her eyes.

“Open it,” he told her, walking to the big chair behind Cam’s desk. He sat down to watch and Cam reached in the bag and pulled out a tiny pair of white cotton panties.

“Put those on, Cam,” Ethan said. He put his feet up on the desk and crossed his arms behind his head, watching her. Chris leaned forward with canlı bahis a gleam in his eyes. Pinned in place by the gazes of the two men, Camilla hesitated.

“Now,” Chris said, demand and desire giving his accent a hard edge.

Nervously, she lifted the hem of her skirt and shimmied out of the expensive panties, kicking them to one side. She smoothed the skirt back down and looked at Ethan for more instruction.

He rummaged around in her top desk drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. He held them out to her and she took them, confusion clear on her pretty face.

“Cut that shit off,” Ethan said, gesturing.

“But,” she began but he held up a hand and spoke again.

“Now,” he said, his tone leaving no room for argument.

With some regret for her cotton skirt, she did what he told her to. She snipped the spaghetti straps of her top and rolled the flimsy fabric down. Her nipples strained against the black silk of her bra. The men watched greedily as she slid the scissors between her breasts and cut the expensive bra, shrugging out of it, freeing her perfectly teardrop shaped breasts.

Her nipples were gorgeous, light pink areolas topped with a dark red cap. They rested perfectly centered on her generous breasts.

Chris shifted in the chair, leaning back, one arm draped behind the chair, the other on the bulge in his pants. He stroked himself through his jeans, watching Camilla while she slowly, so slowly, cut away the rest of the skirt.

Scraps of fabric drifted to the ground and she set the scissors aside. Camilla stood in front of them for a moment so they could get a look at her perky nipples and the patch of curly dark hair that nested in the valley between her legs.

Taking the white cotton in hand, she stepped into each of the legs and pulled them up, letting the elastic snap into place over her hips.

Ethan sucked in air through his teeth.

“Nice, Camilla, very nice,” said Chris in his adorable accent. His hand still worked the knob in his pants and Camilla found she couldn’t keep her eyes away.

“Move for me, baby,” said Chris. “Play with yourself.”

Camilla complied, one hand going to the cotton between her legs and rubbing lightly, the other to cover a breast. She opened and closed the hand on her tit, squeezing and releasing the pliant flesh. Chris watched her hand move over the white cotton panties with his lips parted.

Camilla was still entranced by Chris’s hand working his dick through his jeans. Ethan noticed and uncrossed his arms.

“You want that, don’t you Cam?” He swung his feet down from the desk and rose. “Why don’t you give her a little taste, Chris?”

“Hell yeah,” said Chris, unzipping his pants and spreading his legs. Ethan walked around the desk to stand behind Camilla.

“How’d you like to be our little toy tonight, Cam?” Ethan asked. He kissed her bare shoulder and ran his left hand under her breast, cupping it, massaging it. His fingers found her nipple and pinched it lightly. He was playing with her and she decided if that’s what he meant by toy then she wanted it. Bad.

“Oh, yes,” said Camilla, closing her eyes and leaning into Ethan.

Chris pulled himself free of his jeans and Ethan gripped Camilla by one hip, shoving her over. Stumbling a little, she opened her eyes and got a look at Chris’s cock. Her eyes widened when she saw the size of the thing standing tall and thick in his lap. Chris wrapped his left hand around it and stroked while Camilla watched hungrily.

Ethan held both of Camilla’s hips, his fingers digging in to her tender flesh. He grinded against her, his dick hard inside his slacks. Chris watched her heavy tits bouncing slightly from Ethan’s movements.

Camilla leaned closer to Chris, thrusting her ass higher so Ethan could get better access to her hot, cotton covered box. She reached for Chris, touching his dick with her small soft hand. Her fingers skimmed across the tip and down the shaft. She was so close to Chris’s throbbing monster that she could touch it with her tongue and she did, running it around and around the tip, humming in her throat to send vibrations rippling through him.

“Suck it, suck his cock,” Ethan demanded from behind her.

Chris groaned and put his hand on the back of her head, pressing down, forcing her to take more and more of him into her wet mouth. She sucked him in, greedy to get all of him in her mouth. She braced her left hand on the chair for balance and with her right, she gripped the base, squeezing and fondling in rhythm to her sucking.

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him like a popsicle. She savored the salty taste of him and the feel of her lips tight around his shaft.

Chris groaned again when her mouth rose, just the head of his cock between her lips. She sucked hard and slid her fingers down, cupping his balls, jiggling them. He stroked his shaft while she sucked and licked the apex of his rock hard penis.

Her tongue lapped up Chris’s pearly pre-cum when bahis siteleri is pulsed into her mouth. She sped up, excited by Chris’s enthusiasm but he slowed her down with a hand on her shoulder.

“Hold on, baby, not yet.”

Her pussy was wet and the slip of cotton between her legs was drenched. Ethan slowed his movements, backing away to watch Camilla use her pretty mouth on Chris and to get a look at the lovely wetness between her legs. When Chris pushed her away, she stood and Ethan lost the lovely view he’d had of her crotch and ass.

“Get up on the desk,” he told her. “Stick your ass up, I wanna see your pussy through those pretty little panties.”

Camilla complied, crawling up on the hard wood of the desk and posing on her hands and knees.

Chris stood and stripped off his clothes while Ethan walked over and stood between Camilla’s feet, which were hanging over the edge of the desk. He gazed at the cheeks of her smooth plump ass and the tight white panties straining against them. He touched her, gliding both hands up her thighs to grip her ass. The cotton stretched even more as he kneaded her cheeks, spreading them and pushing them back together. She moaned her pleasure and shoved her ass even higher, like a cat in heat.

“Your little pussy looks so pretty in these panties, Cam,” he said. “You’re so wet already I can almost see through them.”

Ethan leaned forward and pushed his face into the cotton. His hands worked her ass cheeks while he used his teeth, biting softly through the cotton, tasting the sweet wetness her cunt spilled onto it. He rubbed her barely covered pussy with his mouth, closing his eyes and savoring the feel of her beautiful ass against his face.

“You need something in your pussy, don’t you baby?” Ethan said, rubbing his chin against the wet spot in her panties when he spoke. Hooking the crotch of the panties with one finger, Ethan slid them aside, exposing her dripping, pink cunt. He glided on long finger through the moisture between her lips, all the way to her clit. Giving it a little rub, he drew his finger back to her hole and pushed it inside her.

It felt so good that she cried out and he pulled it almost all of the way out again, making little circles, stretching her. Then, adding another finger, he shoved them back inside her. Her pussy squeezed reflexively around his probing fingers and he thrust them in and out, the motions smooth because of her fluids lubricating them.

Ethan was mesmerized by the view of his fingers moving in and out of Camilla. He let go of the panties and they caught on his thrusting fingers, the lacy edge of them dipping to the rim of her pussy when he pushed into her.

He tipped his head suddenly and lapped up the juices that coated his fingers. She arched back, giving him more room and he pulled his fingers out of her and used them to hold the panties aside again. He traced his tongue along the lace edge and then speared her with it.

Currents of electricity rippled through Camilla’s body as an orgasm began to build. She threw her head back, panting and groaning.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she cried over and over. Ethan slurped and prodded her, his expert tongue working her cunt into a frenzy. Hooking the back of the panties with a finger, he slid them down just enough to expose her backside. He gave her pussy another quick jab with his tongue before tracing a wet trail of kisses to her ass and the puckered pink hole in the middle of it.

His tongue made circles around it, closer and closer until he was licking her asshole. He used his teeth, too, scraping them across the sensitive zone, making her shiver with anticipation.

Then, using his tongue again, he pressed against the little barrier. His fingers slid back into her pussy, three this time, stretching her pulsing box while he shoved his tongue hard into her ass, pushing past the ring of muscles, assaulting her.

Shock waves rocked through her as she came, gasping and moaning like an animal.

Ethan pulled away and bit her beautiful ass cheek ever so slightly then gave her a quick kiss. She sagged forward, muscles relaxed.

“You’re such a dirty girl, Camilla,” said Chris, his voice husky.

Walking to the other side of the desk, he sat in the chair vacated earlier by Ethan and spread his legs. He gave Camilla a show, cupping his balls with one hand and pumping his huge cock up and down in his fist. She licked her lips and reached up one hand to play with the nipple on a swaying breast.

Slumped on the desk as she was, she braced her weight with the other hand, eyeing Chris’s deviant show. She slid her hand down her body, leaving her nipple to find her other numb in its warm, moist nest beneath the cotton.

While she watched him jerk off, her fingers jerked in time with his, massaging her clit. Noticing, he slowed his pace and watched her gaze cloud over as she slowed her own.

Distracted by her own pleasure, Camilla used her whole hand, grinding her palm into her bahis şirketleri clit and making circles, bringing herself close to orgasm with both men watching.

She shifted, moving her hand inside the panties, grunting and squirming and finally sliding her own fingers into her hole. She lay down on the desk, trapping her hand beneath her with her fingers jammed inside. She pumped her hips against her hand, fucking herself.

“Come on, you filthy slut, cum on yourself,” said Ethan. Convulsions quaked through her, her pleasure increased by his dirty encouragement.

“Oh god!” she screamed out and the orgasm gushed through her, leaving her trembling on the desk, sprawled with her ass in the air and her panties drenched.

Ethan approached her from behind, naked with his cock harder than marble. He gripped the flimsy fabric of Camilla’s white panties in his hands and tore them from her body. She gasped when she felt a sudden sharp pain as the elastic pulled right just before it snapped and she was free.

Ethan grabbed her, flipped her over and hooked one leg over his arm. With no hesitation, he drove his cock into her waiting cunt. She cried out in pain and closed her eyes as he pounded her, his huge dick hammering into her while she laid spread for him on the desk. Pain turned to ecstasy when he adjusted his speed, panting with the effort.

“Look at me, Cam, you slut,” he demanded. She opened her eyes and he speared her with his gaze. His dick in her felt so good that her eyes rolled back into her head.

He gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him, holding her head steady while his thrusts tore through her pink flesh.

She watched him, desire and fear mixing intoxicatingly. Ethan clenched his jaw and the tendons stood out in his neck. His lips parted and he grunted as his thrusts became deeper, harder.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” he groaned. He shoved into her once more and held himself inside of her, his legs trembling. She felt him cum, a warm, pulsating flow into her sex.

Ethan rolled off Camilla and sat in the chair, recovering. Chris, who had watched the entire scene was ready for his turn. She sat up and smiled at him when he walked over to her, his penis erect. He kissed her hard on the mouth and cupped his hands under her round ass, lifting her into the air and turning to rest his ass on the desk.

“You ready for me, baby?” he asked her with a grin and she smiled.

“Oh, yeah, I want it in me, Chis. Please,” she begged.

He grinned and kissed her filthy mouth again then rammed her down on his waiting cock. The sudden change in position made her head swim but the feel of Chris’s huge cock, bigger even than the monster Ethan had hammered her with, was incredible. It stretched her tight wet sex and turned her on. She grinded against him while he leaned against the desk.

His mouth found her breast and he sucked her hard nipple into his mouth, tonguing it the way she had tongued the tip of his dick, round circles. He used his teeth to tease her and she bounced up and down on his cock even harder.

His hands were still gripping her ass and he used them to spread her cheeks, tracing his fingertips around her tiny opening. She groaned in delight when he pushed the very tip of one digit into her. She began rocking her pelvis forward and back while he pushed more and more of his finger into her.

He worked her asshole, plunging his finger in faster and faster, fucking her both ways and sucking on her nipples until she came like a thunderbolt, screaming and crying out.

When she collapsed on him, Chris was merciless, pistoning his cock into her again and again and using a finger from both hands in her ass, spreading it, stretching it and fucking her hard.

Seeing her relaxed and ready, getting her pussy pounded by Chris’s ramrod, Ethan’s cock hardened again. He walked up behind her with his naked, throbbing cock in his hand. Facing Chris, he hoisted Camilla up, hooking his elbows beneath her legs.

Chris moved his hands and Camilla cried out in ecstasy when Ethan lowered her, rubbing his tip against her relaxed ass. She made small circles with her pelvis, grinding her clit against Chris and slowly, slowly taking more of Ethan’s prick in her ass.

“Fucking dirty slut,” growled Ethan. “You filthy whore, take it.”

Her heart pounded and her head swam. She loved it when he insulted her.

“More, more,” she begged. “I’m your whore.”

“Do you like it when I call you names, you nasty little twat?” He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. “I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t move. You want that?”

“Oh god, yes!” she cried out. “Please!” She thrilled at the thought of these two gorgeous men penetrating her, using her.

Ethan impaled her, thrusting into her ass with quicker and quicker motions. The ring of muscles in her ass clenched around him, tight enough to make him grind his teeth and then, with one final push, he was all the way inside of her.

Chris sat back, braced on the desk and Ethan leaned into Camilla, fucking her chute with raunchy brutality. The two massive dicks pummeled her, pounding her two holes in unison and hurting her in beautiful ways.

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