Dorm Floor Bitch v. 03

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By my second semester of college, I had really grown into college life. I had done well in my classes, made new friends, gotten involved in intramurals; I even had a girlfriend! But the role I had most grown into was my secret life as my dorm floor slut.

By know I had about 8 or 9 guys on my floor who I would “service” in the showers. I would hang a blue towel over the edge of my shower stall to indicate I was available, and a guy could just walk on in. By the end of the first semester, I had become a master at sucking cocks. I knew just how lightly to lick the head, how strongly to suckle on the balls, how to drag my lips across their erect shafts as I slowly pumped them in and out of my mouth. I had even learned how to deepthroat; how to hold my breath and let the thick cocks slide deep into my mouth and into my throat, and I learned how to breath through my nose while they face-fucked me.

As far as I knew, all the guys I sucked off were straight. I would lie awake at night sometimes thinking about this: I knew a few of them were straight, because they had girlfriends and stuff. I guess they just couldn’t resist a good blowjob…and I had gotten good, too.

One day I had just gotten in from class. I opened the door, slung my backpack in the corner, and almost slipped on a piece of paper that someone had slid under the door. I picked it up and read it. It said, “Hey bitch…room 330. 7:00.”

I was shocked. The letter had to be for me…but what if my roommate had seen it? No…he couldn’t have, or it wouldn’t still be here. I was lucky he hadn’t gotten in first.

But then my attention turned to what the letter meant. Who had sent it? Were they one of the people I regularly met in the showers? What did they want? I was scared, but I was also excited.

A few hours passed, and they felt like an eternity. I did homework nervously, made some idle chatter with my roommate. He left for dinner around 6:30…I told him I wasn’t hungry. I kept running over it in my head; should I go? Should I stay here? What were they going to do to me? When casino oyna 7:00 came around, I made up my mind. This was probably just another guy, wanting another blowjob. I decided to go.

I went to the room, and knocked lightly on the door. It opened, and, sure enough , it was one of the guys from the showers.

He smiled, and said “Hi, Slut. Come in.” I stepped inside, and he closed and locked the door behind me.

He walked back to the back of the room, and sat down in a chair. He unzipped his jeans, and pulled his boxers down. His cock hung there limply. I smiled, and sauntered over to him. I took his cock into my hands and deftly toyed with it, bringing it immediately to life. I licked the head, skillfully circling the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I then started to lick his shaft with long, slow strokes, from base to tip. Saliva began to drip slowly down his cock. I was just about to take it into my mouth when he put his hand on my head.

“Stop right there. We’re gonna try something different.”. He stood up. “Take your pants off, bitch.”

Bewildered, I took off my pants. Then, knowingly, I took off my boxers. My own tiny little dick was standing on end. He walked around behind me. I heard a drawer open and close. I looked behind me, and he had a plastic bottle of some kind….

“Do you only suck cocks, little bitch?” he said.

I looked up at him and stammered “Uh…y-yeah…”

He grinned wickedly. “Well we’re going to change that, now aren’t we?”

It suddenly hit me…that was a bottle of lubricant! He was going to fuck my ass! I almost gagged, and started to stand up.

“It’s okay, I’ll be gentle,” he said. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

I froze. On the one hand, I was horrified. Sucking cocks was one thing…but getting fucked? What if it hurt? What if I got hurt? This was disgusting!

But on the other hand, I was immediately turned on. I didn’t know why, but sitting on my knees, without pants on, seeing him standing there with his erect cock and huge grin and bottle of lube was making my canlı casino cock stand on end.

“Get on your hands and knees, bitch.” He growled lowly. His tone was so threatening, I instinctively complied. The next thing I knew, I felt a lubricated finger slide into my asshole.

I gasped. I had never had anything go up my rear before…but…it felt good! I felt him slid it in a little deeper.

“Mmmm…you’re nice and tight, aren’t you, bitch?” He purred.

I whispered, almost moaned, “Yes, sir”.

He started to work my asshole, pumping his finger in and out, circling it around, working it, kneading it. I started to instinctively clench, but as he began to massage my insides, I gradually relaxed.

I gasped again as he slid in another finger. By know he was really working me, spreading his fingers, twirling them inside me, sliding in and out. He pulled out, and I felt the cold air seep into my now wet ass. I heard a squishing noise, then some squeaking…I turned and saw him rubbing lube onto his throbbing cock. I turned my head to the ground again…

…and there it was. I felt the head of his cock push gently against my hole. He slowly probed me, pushing slightly. He started to push a little harder, and I slowly felt the tip pushing into me, spreading my ass open slowly. I tried to relax my muscles to accommodate him. He slowly pushed into me; I felt his mushroom head slide past my hole and into me. It started to hurt…but it felt so good. I grunted softly.

“Mmm…yeah, bitch, you’re nice and tight…this feels good…” he cooed.

Gradually he pushed deeper into me. I felt his manhood filling me, felt him burying his member deep in my ass. It hurt, but not as bad as I had thought…and it felt so damn GOOD! I started to moan softly.

“That’s right, bitch. Moan like a little slut. You like this don’t you, slut.”

I moaned back, “Unnh…yess..yes sir…”

He buried deeply into me, until he was up to the hilt of his cock. Then he started to slowly slide back out. He started to pump his hips slowly, sliding kaçak casino in and out of my aching asshole. I thought to myself, I’m getting fucked! I’m getting fucked in the ass like a slut! And I’m loving it!

He gradually started to speed up, fucking me faster and faster. After an ecstatic few minutes, he was grunting with exertion as he humped, sliding quickly in and out of my ass. All I could do was hang on and moan with pleasure. I felt his balls slap against mine as he thrust back and forth.

I could feel his muscles tense up, and he gave one final thrust, grunting loudly. I felt his warm thick seed gushing out, filling me, pumping deep into my ass. I moaned loudly as I felt it flowing through me.

He pulled out, and I collapsed on to the ground. He sat back down in the chair, smiling contentedly; I lay on the floor in rapture, some of his cum slowly seeped out of my open ass. I could feel his seed sloshing around inside me…I had never felt so dirty…and I had never felt so good.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He muttered some obscenity, then hurriedly put his pants on and said “get under the bed, fast.” I did, and I pulled some various clutter around me to hide.

He opened the door, and I heard light clicks as two red heels quickly walked into my view. A soft, female voice cooed “Hello Honey”.

“Hey baby,” said the guy who had just fucked me. “You look great!”

I peeked out and saw her. She was very slim and tall, a beautiful girl. She had on red stiletto heels and a beautiful red dress. Her hair was a lovely raven black, and she had on some makeup, some blazing red makeup. She was extremely sexy. From my low vantage point, I could see she was wearing some lacy lingerie…

“Baby, you’re looking HOT! I bet you were the hottest girl at that ball!” Said her boyfriend.

She walked over to him and whispered into his ear…and then threw him down onto the bed! She quickly threw off her dress, and I saw her in her lingerie…when all of a sudden I had a thought…

They had sex right then and there, right on the bed above me. I sat there jerking off, thinking of the experience I had just had. I listened to her moan, and a plan began to brew in my head…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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