Don’t Stand So Close To Me

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This again is an earlier work that I have rewritten.

Once again please feel free to comment.

Chapter 1

The final bell of the day, in fact the final bell of the week rang out and the 6th form students showed more energy in the 20 seconds it took them to gather up their belongings and exit the room than they had in the previous hour of the class on 20th century history and politics.

“Ok, people, don’t forget the extended essay on the comparison between

Germany’s role in Europe in the first and second halves of the 20th century is due next week. Have a good weekend and see you next week.”

Darren Rutherford sat back down at his desk and was in the process of closing down his laptop when he noticed that two of the class were still in the room, whispering to each other.

“Come on Cheryl and Kimberley, haven’t you got homes to go to?”

“Err, Dazza …” said the smaller, dark haired, Cheryl, whose almond eyes and brown complexion gave her a slightly Asian look.

“That’s Mr. Rutherford, if you don’t mind Cheryl Kimber and anyway I hate being called Dazza. When I was your age that would be a detention offence at least.”

“When was that, before Hitler came to power?” The two girls giggled together.

“LOL, I believe would be the response to that. Anyway, what do you want, if you two haven’t got homes to go to, I certainly have?”

“Err, we just wanted to ask what are the best clubs to go to in town,” said Kimberley, a tall blonde with deep blue eyes and legs that seemed to go on for ever.

“Firstly, clubs should be of absolutely no interest to you two even if you are 18 most places only let in people over 21 so you wouldn’t get past the door and secondly, why are you asking me?”

“Nah, no problem getting in, we’ve got ID,” said Kimberley. “We know you go clubbing sometimes and you’re a cool guy so we trust your judgement.”

This conversation was starting to get out of hand so Darren felt he needed to get it back on to a firmer teacher – student footing.

“I will ignore the fact that you’ve just admitted to having fake ID but I’m glad you trust my judgement as I will say that at your age you should be nowhere near clubs with all of the dangers of booze, drugs and predatory blokes that entails. Stay home girls and keep your beautiful arses out of danger.” He instantly regretted the last comment but he had been trying to make the point without sounding too parental, but it came back to bite him on the bum immediately.

“Ooh, Chezza, he thinks we’ve got beautiful arses, I think mine’s better that yours.”

“Nah, Kim, you’re too lardy. Go on Dazza, tell us, who has got the best bum?”

“Enough girls, I was just trying to make a point.”

Both girls laughed uproariously.

“Yeah, most blokes would make a point at the thought of our bums, wouldn’t they Kim?” said Cheryl. “Even the oldies like Dazza, in fact I reckon, the oldies would go more for firm teenage bums that blokes our age.”

This was definitely getting out of hand and he blushed, which of course was picked up by the two girls who laughed even harder.

“Look he’s blushing! He must have something to hide, he’s obviously a bum man, hey Dazza, you like the feel of firm teenage arse or do you prefer perky teenage tits?”

“Cut it out, you two. Now, if you’ve quite finished I’d like to go home as I am going out tonight and would like to get ready.”

“See, told you, he’s out clubbing. Where you going, sir, Rizzo’s? Crap joint that, if you ask me?”

“If you know so much about clubs why are you asking me? Actually, I go to Park End in Oxford just to make sure I don’t bump into students from here, again he regretted the `too much information’ he had just given out.

“Ooh, Reading not good enough for you then Dazza? You have to go to mix it with the posh lot.”

“Come on girls, time to go.”

Giggling and whispering to themselves they moved towards the door with him just behind. At the door Kimberley stopped and turned back to him and looked at him with a guilty smile and rested her hand on his forearm.

“Sorry to tease you, Dazza … err … Mr. Rutherford. We do rate you as a teacher, in fact me and Cheryl think you’re the best in the school and we wouldn’t tease you like this if we didn’t think you’d find it a little bit funny. Anyway, just thought I’d say sorry,” and quickly leaned up and brushed his cheek with her lips.

Stunned, Darren immediately put his hand to his cheek and then turned to look for the nearest CCTV camera which fortunately was pointing into the classroom and not at the door. He then turned back to the two girls, his eyes flitting between them.

“Kimberley, thank you for the vote of confidence, but you could get me fired and on `the register’ doing that. I’ve only just got into teaching and I don’t want to end up banned for abusing my position even for two lovely young ladies like you. Now come on, bugger off and let me get home.”

Not wishing to push past and touch them he waited for canlı bahis them to move, but

Kimberley stood her ground her hand still on his forearm and looked at him for the longest time and then leaned in again and kissed his cheek more firmly this time and whispered:

“Thanks, Darren, we think you’re lovely too and we certainly wouldn’t want to lose you! See you around, maybe,” she winked at him and Cheryl smiled conspiratorially and blew him a kiss as they turned to go.

Darren, waited for them go round the corner at the end of the corridor, where they both turned to look at him and blew kisses. He looked around and fortunately there was no one else in the corridor to witness what had transpired. Shit! Shit! Shit! Schoolgirl crushes on teachers was not unknown but he thought the age gap of getting on for 20 years would shield him from the worst of it, obviously not! He’d come into teaching at the age of 34 having given up a promising career in marketing to go back to something he really loved, history. Now, two years in, he was the `crushee’ for the first time, at least as far as he knew as no previous `crusher’ had ever let on in the way that Kimberley and Cheryl had just done so. They had attempted flirty conversations with him previously but not like this and he was both flattered that two gorgeous teenagers would find him cute, but also scared and anxious that it not get out of hand. He also knew that he had to make sure that they did not feel rejected as unsubstantiated allegations from an unrequited `crusher’ could be just as damaging to his career as genuine complaints.

Driving the 20 miles to his home in Wallingford, half way between Reading and Oxford, he mused on the situation and concluded that he would report the situation to his head of department on Monday, just to make sure that he made it public first.

Arriving home, he showered and waited for his friend and lodger, Marc, to get back from work before they went into Oxford for a Friday night out. After his divorce, 5 years previously, he had bought the small house and invited Marc to share it with him and ease the burden of the mortgage payments. They had been friends since university and had shared a common love of football and women over the years. The partnership had been slightly derailed by Darren’s 5-year marriage but they were now back together as Friday night hunters! Darren decided not to burden Marc with his problem and they left the house about 8.00pm.

A few beers, a curry and 11.00pm saw them queuing up to get into the Park End club, a regular Friday night venue. It was normally jammed with university students so there was always a plentiful supply of attractive young ladies looking for fun. However, the exam season was in full swing and as a result the club was less busy than usual so they bought their drinks and decided to separate to see if they could find anyone they knew. Half an hour later and Darren had come up dry and was standing at the bar, nursing a drink looking around for Marc hoping he was having better luck when he heard his voice behind him.

“Here’s my mate Darren, I’m sure he’d love to meet you two.”

Darren turned at the sound and saw Marc weaving through the crowd with two girls, one a tall blonde and the other petite and dark. His mouth dropped open … Kimberley and Cheryl … they looked absolutely gorgeous and he couldn’t help but feel a lurch of arousal at the sight of them in short, figure hugging dresses. Kimberley’s long legs were clad in a pair of thigh length boots which made her legs look even longer. Cheryl was tottering on high, fuck-me shoes and her beautiful, almond shaped eyes looked slightly out of focus. She was tipsy and he expected Kimberley was too!

“Darren, I want you to meet Kim and Chezza, two gorgeous ladies who I, literally, just bumped into.”

“Hi Darren, fancy meeting you here,” said Cheryl, clutching his arm and leaning up to kiss him as Kimberley crowded in from the other side and brushed her cheek against his and whispered in his ear.

“Please, Darren, don’t make a scene, we’ll have one drink and then go, I promise you. We just wanted to see you out of school and for you to see us as women and not as silly school girls. We think you’re rather special, but I guess you’ve worked that out for yourself after this afternoon.”

He looked into her deep blue eyes and almost fell in and drowned in the pleading and longing that he saw there. He paused and then looked away for Cheryl and beckoned her with his head to come in closer and put an arm around both their shoulders to pull them even closer.

“For my sake, please get the fuck out of here, now!” he whispered harshly, Cheryl’s eyes started to tear up and Kimberley looked hurt and shocked.

“Hey, I didn’t know you knew each other already,” said Marc, “can I get anyone a drink?”

“I think the girls have to leave already, mate,” said Darren looking at Kimberley and Cheryl, daring them to disagree, but all he could see was anger in Kimberley’s eyes and tears in Cheryl’s.

Kimberley bahis siteleri turned to Marc; “No we don’t have to go just yet. We’ll both have vodka Red Bulls please and Darren will have his normal Grey Goose and tonic.”

She turned back to him and leant into him and whispered in his ear again.

“Play nice, Darren, and you’ll get to fuck some teenage pussy tonight. Play nasty and I’m making a complaint about you on Monday that you tried to grope me in the classroom this afternoon with Cheryl as a witness. Now, give Cheryl a nice long kiss and tell her that everything is going to be alright!”

She stepped back and raised an enquiring eyebrow as to what his next move was going to be.

Fuck! He was trapped; he could dodge the allegation as the CCTV would show nothing happened in the classroom itself, but the mere fact that one had been made would put a question mark against his career. He needed time and would have to go with the flow and try and sort something out later. However, he needed to get them out of here before anyone else recognised them.

He slowly nodded at Kimberley and reluctantly pulled Cheryl closer and her free arm came round the back of his head pulling him down into a kiss. It started out very chastely, almost as if she didn’t quite know what to do and he certainly didn’t want to encourage her. However, tentatively, she opened her mouth and the tip of her small tongue emerged and he found himself responding. Their tongues became more active and within a matter of seconds they were devouring each other’s mouths. His cock started to twitch at the passion of the kiss and the fact that she had dropped one hand into his crotch and was shyly stroking his growing boner though his trousers. He backed away and looked into her dark eyes.

“Apparently, you’re going to get to do that later but for the moment I need to be able to walk out of here.”

“Sorry, I was enjoying that and you seemed to be too,” she giggled and withdrew her hand and despite the situation he grinned back at her. He looked over at Kimberley who smiled approvingly while she took her drink from Marc before moving over towards Darren and nestling into his shoulder and turning her face towards him for a kiss. There was no hesitancy and her tongue was almost down his throat before he could open his mouth. He started to respond but pulled back as overt displays of affection could get them thrown out. He leaned back towards her and ran his tongue tip up her long, graceful neck causing her to sigh and shudder and whispered in her ear:

“I don’t know what this is all about but I’m going to make the best of it.” He smiled and pulled back from her and looked down at her seeing her hard nipples outlined against the tight fabric of her dress. Above the noise of the club he heard Marc chatting with Cheryl.

“So how come you know Darren and he didn’t share you with me?” asked Marc as he passed Cheryl her drink

“Oh, we met him here one time when you weren’t about. Perhaps you’d scored already and left him in the lurch, I can’t remember.”

“Well, whoever I scored with, he got the better of the deal!”

Darren bent down to whisper in Kim’s ear again.

“You do realise that I’m not the only one who will be fucking some teenage pussy tonight, he and I share a house and I can’t take you back there without him wanting to get involved.”

“Of course, that’s why we `bumped’ into him deliberately, but Cheryl wants to fuck you first as she has something special she wants to give you,” she smiled knowingly at him.

“You … mean … ahhh!” he half smiled, maybe this wasn’t going to turn out too badly after all!

“I don’t want this to come out wrong but can we get out of here in case anyone sees us who knows who we are, please.”

“Why Mr. Rutherford, anybody would think you don’t want to seen with two gorgeous girls?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ve ever been with two women as beautiful as you, but ….”

She kissed her finger and put it to his lips.

“Shsh, I know what you mean.” She paused and then stroked his cheek and looked thoughtful and guilty at him. “I’m sorry I was a bitch. If you really want us to go, we will, we’ve had the drink I asked for and I would never drop you in it, I was just cross with you for spoiling our plan.”

They looked at each other for a long time, she was looking for a cue whether to go or stay and he was trying to weigh up whether to escape or go with what could be one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He reached behind her and ran a hand over her firm buttock and down the valley between her arse cheeks. He could feel no material under the dress and had certainly not seen any panty line.

“Tell me, Kim, if Cheryl is giving me her cherry, have you got a cherry to give me?” he whispered into her mouth as he kissed her sensuously again and then ran his tongue down her jaw line and onto her neck causing her to close her eyes and shudder again.

“Mr. Rutherford, I do believe you’re a bahis şirketleri dirty pervert. You want take advantage of our firm teenage bodies for your unnatural desires. Are you suggesting you want to fuck me in the arse, how do you know I’m cherry there?”

“Just a hunch! I don’t think you’re that much of a slut. Sorry, that came out wrong, you’re not a slut at all but who was the lucky lad who took your cherry … no don’t answer, that’s not a question to ask a lady.”

She kissed him tenderly.

“Thank you for calling me a lady. It wasn’t a good experience and I wished I’d left it for someone like you, like Cheryl has. She and I both know you will be tender and loving because that’s the kind of guy you are.”

“I hope I live up to the star billing. You … me … we don’t know how good it will be for Cheryl as I’ve never knowingly taken a cherry before. Anal cherry … yes … actual virginity … no!”

She kissed him again.

“All of this talk is making me very wet, can we get out of here so we can all get fucked!”

“Don’t you have to be home sometime, aren’t you parents expecting you back?”

“No, we’ve both said we’re sleeping over at each others’ house, it’s worked last time.”

“So you’ve done this before.”

“Once! We were looking for you, we heard you like to go clubbing on a Friday so trawled around all of the ones in Reading but you weren’t there, of course. You were right about the predatory blokes, we found it difficult to get away from some of them, and it was quite frightening.”

“So you had planned this for a while, I hope I’m worth it.”

She leaned in and kissed him.

“You are, I’m practically coming every time you touch me and I could tell that Chezza was too when you kissed her. You’re the first bloke she’s kissed properly.”

“Why me? I mean, why pick me? There are a lot of good looking teachers who are younger than me?”

“We don’t want young, we want quality,” she said smiling.

“What a burden, I hope I’m worth it. Anyway let’s get going before your panties dissolve if you are that wet … I can’t believe I just said that to one of my students!”

She leaned in to him and whispered running her tongue into his ear “Darren, they can’t dissolve, I’m not wearing any, does that thought make your cock hard.”

She stepped away and she looked down at the tell-tale bulge in his trousers and grinned. Casually looking around to see if anyone nearby was looking she carefully inched the hem of her dress up a bit to tease him further but was too scared to show all the evidence. He could however, see a trail of moisture on the inside of each thigh running down towards the top of her boots. He grinned and moved towards her to embrace her for another kiss but put his right hand in front of him level with his groin with the palm turned outward. He lifted her into the embrace just enough to let his middle finger penetrate under the hem of her dress and graze her bare mons and attempted to stroke her clit. She shuddered as they kissed and smiled weakly at him when he released her.

“You, sexy, sexy man, you made me come just by touching me somewhere down there, what’s it going to be like when you touch me properly? Anyway let’s get going before I rape you on the floor here. What are the others up to?”

They turned to find them chatting amiably, although Cheryl was making small anxious glances at them as though she was worried that she’d be left with Marc after the previous display of intimacy between Darren and Kim. Darren smiled at her and took her hand and bent down to kiss her.

“Kim tells me that you have a present for me, I’d be honoured to receive your gift and thank you for trusting me.”

She giggled nervously.

“You will be gentle with me, won’t you? Kim told me about how she lost hers and it wasn’t a good time.”

“I’ll try, sweetheart, but I’m sure between us we’ll make it special.”

She looked worried. “You said, `between us’ does that mean the others will be there?”

“No, silly! Not unless you want them there. I meant between you and me.”

She looked relieved and took his hand as they moved towards the exit. Kim and Cheryl went to the restrooms to do whatever girls do in restrooms and Marc turned to Darren.

“Look, mate, there’s something going on here that I can’t work out. I don’t know who these two are but they both only have eyes for you and I wouldn’t want to be the fourth wheel. Ha! Fourth wheel; see what I did there…! Anyway, I’m leaving the field for you. I’ll see you in the morning; try not to make too much noise!” he grinned and walked back into the club.

When the girls emerged from the toilets they looked around for Marc and were both relieved when Darren told them he had gone off on his own. He put an arm around each of them and they went to look for a taxi back to Wallingford.

Chapter 2

The journey back was quite quiet with the girls sitting together in the back fidgeting in their seats as though their thighs itched and Darren sat in the front. Each time he turned back to say something to them Kim would smile mischievously and hike the hem of her dress higher so that he was looking directly at her bare pussy. He couldn’t wait to get back to his house!

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