Don’t Over-React

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For the purposes of this story, I am unconditionally stipulating that the main protagonists are 18 years old by the time the story begins. There is no question that these fictional individuals were 18 years old at the time this story fictionally took place.


Our small ski boat thrummed along through the water. I couldn’t help but sport a huge grin as we slowly motored back to the docks after a terrific day on the lake. As it turned out it was one of the 3 most memorable days of my life.

It was the beginning of summer break between my 11th and 12th grade years and already quite warm for late June. I’d played football since 9th grade and was signed up for the varsity team this year, but that was still several months away. I had a part time job at a local supermarket but the days were long and it was the last summer where most of my time was my own.

My family had moved to Medfield, MA the summer before and I had gotten through my first year pretty well. I’d made some good friends. Lots of cute girls hung around the football players, and some of the guys were very confident with them. Not me; I was pretty nervous around them and didn’t know what to say- typical early high school stuff.

My parents were Christian Scientists and I had been attending Sunday School since I was about 6. My family had found a cute little church in Norwood. The Sunday School was small, but there was one very cute, dark haired girl about my age named Robin. Turns out she was from Medfield too, but she was a year ahead of me in school even though she was just a month older than I. Her folks didn’t go to church regularly so we would sometimes pick Robin up on Sunday mornings.

At first I was a little tongue tied sitting in the back seat with her, but as the weeks went by the conversations got lively and I found she was pretty fun. I was a typical 18 year-old with gallons of brand new hormones coursing through my veins. All of a sudden, girls had become way more than a nuisance- captivating and confusing at the same time. Robin was also very animated and laughed a lot when we talked. I noticed that she played with her hair quite a bit too. I would later discover these were sure signs of attraction in girls. I liked the way she smelled. I liked her.

We would often go for lunch after church and almost always got an ice cream sundae. I liked chocolate but she liked strawberry. Funny how little memories persist after half a century.

One Sunday, while eating our sundaes, she whispered to me that she and her best friend were having a sleepover in her best friend’s back yard the next Saturday night. She said they’d have a tent and she wondered if I could sneak out and meet her there. I was a little shocked at first, but mighty pleased. Getting out of the house undetected was going to be easy. I had previously worked out how to escape from my second floor bedroom by climbing up onto the roof and shimmying down to the part of the house that was one story and climbing to the ground from there. Just as easy getting back in before the folks woke up.

The night in question was not quite a full moon. It was easy to navigate the 3 miles I had to walk, but I was nervous to be walking around at 11pm. I ducked into some bushes a couple of times when a car came toward me.

I walked down the street and looked at all the mailboxes, finally arriving at the address I was given, and quietly opened the back yard gate. By the glow of the back door light I could see the tent. It was a rope strung between two trees with blankets hung over it in a long triangular tube. I whispered “psst” and Robin stuck her head out of the end nearest me and waved me over. I moved very quickly and ducked into the tent.

At the other end of the tent was her best friend Shelly and her boyfriend Ted. They said hi. I still wasn’t exactly casino oyna sure what I was doing there but I knew I was probably going to like it.

At first, we were both on our knees. She was wearing a big t-shirt and what looked like flannel pajama pants. Smiling from ear to ear, she gave me a big hug. She pulled her head back and kissed me. It was our first kiss and I swear I can still taste it. It was obvious that she was pressing her obviously “unbrassiered” breasts against me- kind of wiggling back and forth against my chest. Another first for me.

“Take your shoes off and lie down,” she said moving away from me. I didn’t have to be asked twice. It was obvious that I was taking my orders from Robin tonight.

She immediately laid down next to me and we continued the kissing. “Open your mouth a little,” she suggested. I did and she stuck her tongue past my lips. It didn’t take long for me to get the idea. It was one of the most wonderful sensations ever. We probably kissed for 10 minutes before she rolled up on top of me, legs straddling my hips. In the dim light I could see her smiling down at me.

Robin sat up, took my hands and placed them on her breasts over her t-shirt. Again, it didn’t take long to catch on. I wasn’t going to have to humor her or seduce her. She actually WANTED me to touch her. Already a night of a lot of firsts and I wondered how many more there would be.

After a minute of this, she took my hands and guided them under her shirt. I was in heaven. After a little of this, she reached down and grabbed her shirt by the hem and pulled it off. This was all moving so fast, I was unsure how much longer I could take it. I continued fondling her now naked breasts. They were so incredibly soft. “Pinch and twist the nipples a little,” she asked breathing more heavily than before.

I could only assume she knew more about this kind of thing than I did- so I obliged her. I guess I was a too delicate at first so she whispered, “A little harder.” I remember wondering if it might hurt her, but she rewarded me with a moan each time I did it “right”. Paying attention and listening for that moan seemed to be the key. It has served me well ever since.

All at once I remembered we weren’t alone in the tent. There were also moans coming from the other end of the tent, beyond my feet. I couldn’t see them but figured that if they weren’t self-conscious about it, we shouldn’t be either. Ted was a year older than I was and I knew him from football.

“Take your shirt off,” I was commanded- in the nicest possible way- so I did. That first touch of a girl’s naked torso against mine was magical and I was as hard as I’d ever been. I was certain she could feel it as she pressed her crotch against mine. We alternated between kissing- rubbing our chests together and me fondling her breasts.

She introduced me to one of the sexiest things I think a woman can do. Leaning over me, she guided her nipple to my mouth. I kissed it and she pulled back- only to bring it within reach again. I licked it this time. She squealed quietly and allowed me another lick. Then she pushed her whole breast down over my mouth and nose. I could hardly breath but I remember thinking this would be a wonderful way to die.

On one occasion when we were chest to chest kissing, I reached down and squeezed her butt pushing her hips toward mine a little harder. She seemed to like it so I continued. After a minute, I started to sneak my hand down around the inside corner toward her crotch. At that she stopped me and said there were certain things that just didn’t happen this soon, and that she’d let me know when it was time. I didn’t know if she meant later tonight or next week or next year.

Whenever she was sitting up with my hands on her breasts, Robin was actively rubbing her pussy against the underside canlı casino of my now quite erect cock- still inside my pants. I had only a dim idea of what was down in her pants, having seen a couple of pictures, but this was the era where Playboy did not show that kind of thing.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure she orgasmed at least once from this. Thankfully, I didn’t- at least until I got back home and took things in hand.

I stayed for about 3 hours, getting better and better at kissing and nipple twisting before Ted and I reluctantly took our leave and walked home at about 3am.

The next morning, we picked Robin up to take her to Sunday School. At first she avoided eye contact. She glanced up and seeing my big grin, she relaxed. For the rest of the trip, we talked animatedly and grinned the whole time. I’m sure my folks noticed, but I was sure they had had no idea why. In later years, I came to learn that my folks were sharper than I thought.

The summer before, my dad had purchased a small motorboat suitable for skiing and we kept it at Lake Cochituate in Natick. During the summer we would go at least twice a week. I invited Robin to go with us on several occasions. We became known as an “item” and we could freely hold hands and give each other little kisses in front of the folks.

The lake has two main parts separated by a small tunnel under a railroad track. Our boat was just small enough to fit if you piloted carefully. On the other side of the lake was a small island. It was our favorite spot to picnic. It had a small sandy beach that was perfect for taking off and landing when water skiing.

There were trees all over the island so when you were on one side you could just barely see the other side.

It was a hot day and Robin and I were sitting in the shallow water on the other side of the island from my folks. Her suit was navy blue with white piping (again, it’s funny now details remain in your memory). We were kissing and I reached over to pull her bathing suit top out to look inside at her nipples. She giggled, “Stop it,” and swatted my hand away playfully, looking over to see if my parents were watching. We played this game for a few minutes.

At one point, I made up my mind and said, “Don’t over-react.” She looked at me questioningly as I reached down and touched her bathing suit bottom right between her legs. She immediately screamed and laughed and sprang into the water with a splash to get away.

She stopped about 20 feet away, treading water as she stared right at me. She looked at the opposite shore, which was only about 100 feet away, then she looked back at me. She also looked like she was concentrating on something. After a few seconds, she smiled and took off swimming sidestroke toward the opposite shore.

Halfway there, she stopped and looked at me before starting off again. I took the cue and dove in after her. I had been one of the fastest swimmers on the swim team so I quickly made up the distance between us.

On the other shore, some of the trees grew right down to the water’s edge. Several of these had big roots that formed small hidden areas that couldn’t be seen from the other shore.

Robin chose one of these, went in and stood there in about 3 feet of water. When I caught her up, I stood next to her water up just above my waist. She kissed me then, looking into my eyes, she quietly said, “I won’t over-react.” It took me only a second to take her meaning. I looked at her questioningly and she smiled.

I slowly reached out and cupped her bathing suit bottom again, reaching down between her legs. As I did, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and sucked in her breath. She also moved one of her feet to the side to give me more access.

She opened her eyes and leaned in for a soft kiss. She had decided that she wanted kaçak casino this. I started rubbing harder and a small moan escaped her lips. With her right hand she took my hand and showed me where to rub. I rubbed what I now know was her clit for a few minutes while she was obviously enjoying it.

I decided it was now or never so I slid my hand up and slowly inserted my fingertips into the waist of her suit bottom, hesitating in question. She opened her eyes and looked right into mine. It looked like permission to me so I slowly slid my hand down until I could feel her pubic hair (back then nobody shaved their pubes). I slid down further until I was in the area where she had instructed me. I could feel the start of some very soft flexible skin and a little hard nub. When I touched it, she hissed “yes, that’s my clitty”, so I kept touching it.

Robin reached her own hand down inside her suit over mine and wordlessly guided me to the various parts she wanted touched. I was fascinated by the cleft between two soft mounds of flesh. She was obviously more slippery than could be accounted for by lake water alone and I wondered about this. I knew girls have a hole but I had no idea where it was so I didn’t even try to find it. I just rubbed. I spent time exploring the squishy places between her labia but she kept redirecting my attention to her “clitty”.

We cruised along like this for a while until, at one point, her hand started moving my hand faster then squeezed my hand tightly as she squeezed her legs together tightly. “Do you know what that was?”, she asked when her breathing had slowed a little, “I climaxed”. I kept my hand in her pants, gently exploring, for another minute before she pulled it out.

As she was pulling my hand out, she said, “Don’t overreact”. She guided my fingers toward her mouth and sucked on them. She reached back down into her suit, brought them out and pressed her fingers to my lips. I hesitated not knowing for sure what she wanted me to do, but it quickly became obvious. I opened my lips and she pushed her fingers in. Even mixed with lake water, it was the most heavenly taste I’d ever experienced.

I reached down again and repeated it one more time. She leaned up requesting a kiss and I happily obliged. “I’ve always liked my taste- did you?”

“Wow, yeah”, was all I could muster, my mind whirling.

Robin was aroused enough to take another chance. She reached down and stroked my steel erection through my suit. After about 30 seconds, she reached down into my suit and stroked me. It didn’t take very long for me to “climax”. It was all I could do to keep quiet. Smiling, she kept her fingers wrapped around my cock until I’d finished.

She explored the sticky mess in my shorts with her fingers. Pulling her fingers out, she tasted them and said, “Hmmm,” as she began licking her fingers clean. “Don’t overreact,” she whispered as she leaned up for another kiss. She made this a good one with lots of tongue. I could taste my spunk mixed with hers. I remember thinking that whoever designed humans probably designed it so we’d like each other’s taste.

We kissed for about a minute with one hand on her breast and the other between her legs. “I’ve never done that before, but I’ll do it better next time,” she promised. I wasn’t sure how it could have been any better, but I was willing to learn.

Altogether we couldn’t have been out of sight for more than 15 minutes.

We swam back across the channel to the island to put on some more suntan lotion and grab a sandwich.

Robin and I were an item for the rest of the summer and fall. We continued to experiment with each other but never went “all the way”. We broke up before the Christmas vacation over something stupid. She said something that I took the wrong way and I was too young and foolish to let her off the hook about it.

She found me via Facebook not too long ago, almost 50 years later, and she assured me she remembers our time together as fondly as I do. She liked this story too, “very arousing,” she said.

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