Doing the Sisters Ch. 01

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This story involves consenting sex between adults, between siblings, and between persons of the same sex. If this offends you or you think is not what you want to see, please feel free to pass on… hopefully you will be entertained.


This is the story of how I got married to the girl of my dreams, when we met through her sister…who also lives with us… and is a constant companion in our bed…

I wasn’t planning on having anything to do with Damaris when we used to stay for long hours on overtime at the factory. I was nearing 28, and at twenty, she was a bit too young to even contemplate. Moreover I was running into being a bit stocky, while she was oh so beautifully slim.

Small breasts, true, but having a beautiful ass usually wrapped in grey cycling shorts that clung to her form, and accentuating every movement. It was worse when she wore light-tan coloured apparel. It made her seem that she had no clothes on. It was a given fact that on days like those, the factory floor-space would be measured by the amount of hard-ons.

Once I checked her Facebook page and I was amazed to note that she dug ‘older guys’. It was true. None of her closest her friends were young at all. No one under thirty it seemed.

So how did we get it on? Easy really. Here on our island we are blessed (cursed?) with year-round sunshine. Our hanky-panky started in June, when the temperatures were already soaring into their 90s. We had an audit in our factory, and were advised to shift some boxes in the archive room to give a better presentation.

So Damaris and I were contemplating a long hot Friday afternoon in the document archives, with the prospect of going home all sweaty and mucky. The room had a long table and a couple of easy-chairs for document perusal, but since it was rarely used, it had no cooling system in it.

“I am so screwed” I told her, as I contemplated my white shirt. I knew it would be hell to clean-up.

“Me too”, she replied with a dismayed look on her face as we contemplated the shelves chock-full of dusty boxes and files. She was wearing a cream coloured floral print dress, light and breezy.

“Oh well, there’s only one thing for it.” I said, as I started unbuttoning my shirt.

“That’s all well for you.” Damaris replied grumpily.

“If you want to go ahead, don’t let me stop you for a moment” I said as I smiled at her discomfort.

“I would, but uh… I don’t have a bra on.” she replied.

I laughed at her obvious dismay. “Well, neither do I.”

“Is that supposed to help or what? And I need to go shopping straight after work. I can’t go all dirty.” she pointed out.

I had forgotten how important image was to women even at a supermarket.

“I’m sorry, I appreciate your distress, but if you really want to take off your dress, I promise I won’t stare too much. I mean it’s not like I haven’t seen breasts before. Thank God we have showers here at least.”

“Oh well, I’ll just have to swallow my pride” she said, as she pulled the dress over her head.

Just like a gawking teen, I sat there mesmerized as Damaris revealed her body, all tanned, with bikini lines that marked her beautiful, small, perky tits. They were simply beautiful. Pear sh¬¬aped breasts with lovely rose-coloured nipples, just begging to be sucked. Her white tongs contrasted sharply with her Mediterranean hue, plunging down from a low-cut to a camel-toe. Her every contour was visible.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

She held the dress to her body in embarrassment. “I thought you said you weren’t going to stare.”

“No, I said I will try not to stare too much. Please accept my apologies. But I can’t help it. You are simply so beautiful.”

“Thanks for the compliment. You don’t look so bad either.”

“Well fair is fair I suppose. Let me take these off.”

With a flourish I took my slacks off, leaving me in my boxer shorts, which actually did precious little of hiding my raging hard-on, which was already poking out of the slit at the front.

After locking the door against unwanted visitors, we turned to the work in hand, and after canlı bahis sifting through the first boxes, we realized what a task we had. Damaris was not too keen on taking ladder duties, so it was up to me to choose the files we needed to get rid of, and pass them on to her.

Whenever I handed a box to her, I made sure to keep it just that little bit out of easy reach for her, which in effect made the girl stand up on her toes and reach out with her arms. This accentuated the movement of her beautifully small tits, now shiny with sweat. Her nipples were screwed into tiny little orbs of flesh. Not for the first time, her arms made contact with my dick, which was by then poking unashamedly through the confines of my boxer shorts.

Suddenly while looking through another batch of filing boxes, I felt this wonderfully wet warm feeling spreading through my lower section. I gasped out at the sheer eroticism of the moment. Looking down, I could see that Damaris was working her sweet mouth over my dick, which was at the moment disappearing rapidly down her throat. Now I am not particularly long in that area, having a decidedly normal sized cock, but it was big and thick across.

I nearly fainted at the sensations this nymph was transmitting to me. I held on to dear life on the ladder as she bobbed her face on my engorged tool, threatening to unhook her jaw. I rolled my eyes and moaned again as her nose made contact with my sparse pubic hair, which I usually shave away in summer.

She pulled back, eyes fixed on mine.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. That thing has been poking me in the arms for the past hour. I just had to take a taste.”

“Don’t let me stop you.” I replied happily. “Do you want me to get off the ladder?”

“No, stay there for the moment. It’s at the right height.” And with those words she held on to my hips and plunged once again over my rigid cock, sending shock waves through my body.

“Would you be capable of getting it up again quickly after you cum?” she asked me.

“Sure, just five minutes and it will be raring to go.” I replied.

“Hold on for the ride of your life.” Damaris warned me.

This time her abandonment was complete as she gave herself away to pleasuring me. This girl really knew how to suck cock. She was an expert. I was curling my toes as she pulled on my meat, milking me for what it was worth.

I moaned and groaned, on the verge of coming when she started humming around my tool. That did it. I felt the cum shoot up from my toes and cannon out of my dick in spurts. Showing her experience, she left only the head in her mouth as she gallantly took every drop down her gullet and into her stomach. I leant weakly against the ladder as I held on for dear life.

“That was yummy! Just like Hunny!” she declared, with a beaming smile on her face, cum splattered across her lower lips as she licked it all up. “I really enjoyed that. I wonder what’s next.”

I could tell her what was next. I slipped down the ladder, cock dangling, and picked up a couple of cushions from the easy-chairs. These I put on the desk. Damaris was a very slight person, so I had no difficulty in picking her up and laying her on the desk. She was absolutely trembling with desire, panting and with a flush to her face.

“Are you going to eat me?” she asked with a tremble to her voice.

“Yes, I am, you dirty little girl you. But first I am going to kiss every part of your body.”

I started off with her very short hair, nibbling around her ears, poking them with my tongue and eliciting a groan as she ground her legs together. I kissed her nose and her eyes, and finally settled on a lingering kiss on her lips, drawing her innermost emotions from them. My heart beat in synchronization with hers, one beat at the same time.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I sucked on it, much like one would do on a nipple, or even, I imagined, as a cock. She had a long thin tongue, and I got a good grip on it with my lips. I sucked and sucked as she writhed on the table. Finally I had to come up for air, and I could see her eyes were glazed with passion.

“You are going to bahis siteleri make me cum if you don’t stop.”

“I am going to make you come so much, that it will hurt.” I replied with a smile.

“Oh goody. I can’t wait. I haven’t had sex for three days, and I am so horny. I won’t be happy unless you give me ten orgasms.” she added.

I silenced her by kissing her jaw and nuzzling down her neck, peppering her with tiny kisses as I made my way across to her chest, where her breasts stood up proudly like two mountains topped with pink snow. I licked my way across her mounds, never touching her nipples which were by now fit to burst. Finally I made contact with her left rose-bud of flesh and she nearly screamed with delight.

I worried the nipple, alternating between nipping and sucking. Damaris was by now grabbing my hair painfully, and mashing it to her chest. Abruptly I turned to her other nipple, with an aching need to satisfy this beautiful naughty girl.

“Aaaahh.” she whimpered in the throes of orgasm as she buckled and writhed on the desk. Pens, paper and office tools were swept to the floor as she wriggled higher up on the wooden top.

I held on for dear life, wanting to make her happy, and not lose her feelings. It has always been a motto of mine, that whatever the circumstance, never let your girl lose out on an orgasm.

As she lay back , limp, on the table, I continued my journey towards the forbidden land of desire and joy. I basked in the watering-hole that was her navel as I scoped it out with my tongue. She cooed like a pigeon as I bit playfully at her love-handles, and finally at the beginning of life’s journey.

I grabbed her white thongs, absolutely drenched through, and pulled them down with my teeth. There was absolutely no hair on her snatch. Not even one tiny piece of stubble to mar the billiard-smooth skin, soft and pink in the muted light.

“It’s amazingly beautiful.” I managed to croak out. “I’ve never seen something so clean and smooth.”

Every crease and every fold was a beautiful light coloured piece of flesh that was inviting me to taste it.

“What do you use to shave it off?” I asked in wonder.

“Nothing.” she replied huskily. “I’ve never had any pubic hair. Or in my arm-pits either. Just eyebrows and hair. Nowhere else.”

“That is absolutely amazing. So silky looking. All women should come like that.”

And with that I dipped my tongue in her honey-pot. I have had my fair share of pussy lapping, and tasted various women, but none came even close to Damaris’ sweet sweet honey pot. It was a taste of the gods and of the fields of paradise.

I must admit I was totally hooked as I licked and slurped my way up to a beautifully red clit. I worried it with my tongue and teeth, nibbling at it daintily, and sucking until I thought it might explode.

And Damaris? She was kicking and sighing and laughing and growling all at the same time. She came and came and came. I had never seen anyone abandon herself so much to the sheer pleasure of the moment and enjoy sex as much as she did. My ears were raw red as she pulled me closer, trying to get me inside.

Finally even I grew tired, my tongue was numb and I could hardly speak. I needed no words to explain what I wanted to do to her. I grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to the edge of the desk until her pussy was on the edge of the table.

“God yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Come inside me and splash me. I’m yours. Fuck me dammit.”

Well, what could I do but oblige her? Without any preamble I just nestled my (now refurbished) dick-head against her opening and slotted it inside with one thrust. She shrieked and lay back on the desk, and for one heart-stopping moment thought I had killed her. She was still breathing though and pushing against me, so I let her have it.

Having cum already I could keep up a punishing rhythm forever, and I pounded her mercilessly as my thick dick scraped against her sensitive vagina walls, poking at her uterus.

“Take that. You bitch. You want it badly do you?”

“Yes, yes, yes..fuck me for what it’s worth. Is that all you got?” she replied.

I bahis şirketleri doubled my efforts and for the next ten minutes I screwed her like an angry lion would gore an antelope. All care was lost as she scraped her back against the table, now slick with her sweat from our exertions. Finally I couldn’t keep the flood back, and with a bellow that I was sure could be heard from the factory, I unleashed a torrent of cum into her womb. Her eyes were closed as she reveled in yet another orgasm herself.

I bent over her and sucked on her tits while unloading my sperm in her, and she screamed with the force of her cum. and finally slumped back, totally exhausted. I unplugged from her slot, and staggered onto one of the easy-chairs and fell onto it.

It took me a good quarter of an hour before I could come a bit to my senses. Damaris, was still lying there on the desk, legs spread-eagled, sperm oozing out of her glory hole, now a raw red with the pounding I had given her. Her cheeks were red with the effort and a smile was on her face as she dozed away in post-coital bliss.

She looked at me and smiled shyly. “That was amazing. I have never felt so satisfied in my life.”

“Did you reach your ten orgasms?” I asked her with a smile.

“Definitely not ten. More like fifteen. I had passed ten way before you put that monster inside me. God it’s so thick, it’s like a salami sausage. Can I take it home with me?”

“Depends on your boy-friend.” I replied.

“I don’t have one… mine are usually just fuck-sticks I use for my pleasure.” she said.

“Sure, I’ll be glad to come home with you.” I replied, looking at my watch. With a start I realized that we had been up in the archives for well over two hours, and practically everybody would be gone home.

We cooled down before putting our clothes on and making our way downstairs. True to our hopes, everybody had gone home. We made our way to the games-room showers, now totally deserted.

“Wanna share?” she asked slyly.

“You bet!” I replied, as I took off my slacks for the second time that day.

We showered languidly together, lathering each other and reveling in the slipperiness that only a naked soapy body could give. When she slipped behind me and pressed her soapy breasts against my back I couldn’t resist a groan. It was so hot.

She lathered me fully with soap, and rubbed my back and buns, delighting in their hardness. Finally her hand made way around my waist and grabbed my dick, fully restored to hardness now, even if a bit sore. She started wanking me slowly.

“I love doing this…it gives me such a feeling of power…pretending I have a dick and I am jerking off. Do you like it?”

“I don’t like it, I love it” I groaned back, barely able to talk.

Damaris played with her other hand down my crack as she jerked me off. I raised up on my toes as I felt the cum leave my balls. Suddenly I could feel a soapy finger at my ass, and it slipped in easily. Her long middle finger found my prostate and she tickled it. That was all it took for me to explode in what was probably my biggest orgasm in my life. I came and came, blasts of sperm hitting the shower wall, as I was introduced to a new style of sex.

Damaris was not finished as she scooted in front of me, and started eating my cum right from the tiles. I was amazed at this girl’s appetite. Finally she turned round and cleaned my dick from any residue sperm.

I had no more in me, and when I asked her if she wanted me to eat her she declined, saying that she was a bit sore.

“For tomorrow…. let’s leave it for tomorrow, or tonight at least.”

We dried ourselves, and after dressing, made our way to the car-park. On a whim I asked her if she wanted that we go out and grab a meal that evening. Happily she agreed readily.

“Pick me up from home at 8?” she asked. “I got to eat…real food I mean.”

“Sure, we won’t go anywhere fancy, so it’s okay if we wear light shirts or dresses. There’s this great Italian trattoria that has great pizza. Will I be staying the night at your apartment or mine?” I replied with a question of my own.

“I’ll come to yours…I hear you have an indoor pool.” she purred, while writing down her address.

“Deal.” I answered.


What went on at my home? It was even wilder. Read part two…

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