Doctor Dimitri Pt. 03

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It would seem (if you had read the first two parts of my story) that I was getting quite a bit of sex, at the university health center. But in fact, while I got to feel up dozens of beautiful young women and handle a wide variety of cocks — overall there really was very little sex if any. In my 7 months at the university, one man had sucked my cock and I got a face full of his cum as well. For a 53 year old single doctor in great shape — I was doing very poorly unless you count the many cum soaked tissues in my office waste basket from stroking my own cock.

Nancy, who was the administrator in my office and about 15 years younger than me flirted and dressed provocatively all the time but I never thought asking her out would be a good idea. She was very sexy but of course 15 years younger than me and worked in my office. There are rules about that — or at least guidelines.

However, as I mentioned before, every staff member eventually came through my office for their physical and for three weeks I had been staring at Nancy’s appointment. She never mentioned it but we both knew it was there. I had decided that being flirtatious was not the way to go and perhaps to be as serious as possible and maintain our great working relationship.

Nancy’s appointment was scheduled for 11am just after my open office hours. The open hours were busy but I really don’t remember why or what cases I dealt with. My mind even then was concerned with Nancy’s upcoming physical and that I would finally see the breasts she had been teasing me with for so many months now. Precisely at 11, Nancy bounced into my office

“I’m ready if you are.” and walked into the exam room. Putting on my best professional air, I followed and had her sit up on the exam table while we went through the basic examination and medical questions.

With a deep breath I finally said. “Now I am going to need you to undress to complete the examination.”

“Sure.” she said and began to unbutton her blouse. “I’ll bet you can’t wait to get your hands on these puppies.” I just stared.

When she got to the bottom button she pulled her blouse wide open and pulled it off sitting topless on the table. “Well?” she said. I just reached out and started feeling her up like a teen in the back of a station wagon. This was not the procedure of course but she didn’t flinch.

“Wonderful.” I said. Nancy’s breasts were very full and bouncy with perky nipples.

I am pretty sure I examined her upper body but honestly all I remember is saying something like, “I need you to take off your skirt as well.” and in a flash it was off.

Nancy sat there in tiny pink panties and smiled at me like the cat that just ate the canary. “Those too,” halkalı escort I said and pointed to her panties.

“No way,” she smiled “I’m not letting you get to third base without even taking me to dinner,” she laughed.

This was a relatively common joke so I played along “Oh really, where would you like to go?”

“I’d like you to take me to Chang’s Palace, Saturday night.” Now I was confused. Did she really want to go out with me?

“Okay Saturday night, Chang’s Palace and now…” as I pointed to her panties.

“Go ahead take them off,” she said. This was unusual but what the heck it was all unusual. I reached for the side straps of her panties and she lifted her little butt off the table as I pulled her panties down getting them stuck on her foot causing some embarrassment on my part. “There it is,” she said and spread her legs wide open to display a perfectly trimmed pussy.

I think I said “Yes.”

With her legs spread and her pussy in full view I was still torn between her perfect bouncy tits and the lips between her legs. I examined her pussy. She squealed a little when I touched her engorged clit and held onto my wrist as I opened her pussy lips forcing me to fondle her that much longer. Not that I minded really. When I was done she kept her legs spread and stroked her own pussy lips for a moment then smiled and jumped off the table.

I watched as her body disappeared under her clothes again. “Saturday night,” she said.

“Saturday night,” I mumbled.

“I’ll pick you up at 7.” Great I had a date and she was picking me up.

For the next few days I barely saw Nancy — perhaps she was backing out but at this point she didn’t seem like the shy type. So on Friday when she bounced in smiling I wondered if we really had a date or not.

“So where do you live?” she asked. I gave her the address to my little house on the lake, I had purchased a very small house on a lake about 20 minutes from campus with a great view from the deck across the lake to the university and the surrounding town.

The only drawback was that you had to park at the top of the hill and take 28 steps down to the house which made moving in a real pain. But it was private and had a huge deck on the lake with a few steps going down to a small dock where I could put a boat if I ever wanted one. I told her how she had to park on top and then just looked at her. “Seven O’clock,” she said. “Wear something sexy.”

Well I don’t have anything sexy so I figured less is more and wore only some loose gabardine pants and a silky shirt hoping I didn’t look too much like an 80’s porn star. I went commando as taksim escort well. I knew that Nancy was going to dress hot and I couldn’t wait.

I finally heard her car stop at the top of the steps and went out to the front deck to greet her. Nancy had on an impossibly small skirt — a wide belt really and a silk blouse open to the waist. Looking up at her I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing panties and definitely not a bra as her full tits bounced down the steps towards me. I gave her the very short tour and we shared a glass of wine on the back deck.

It was even warmer than usual, or maybe that was just me. “I’m hungry,” she said “Let’s go,” as we got to the steep steps she said “Walk behind me.” clearly she wanted me to see that she was not wearing panties. I had a beautiful view of her pussy as she climbed up. When we got to the top she said. “I am only wearing four pieces of clothing and that includes my two flip flops, but I guess you know that now.”

I have a convertible and it seemed like a good night for it so Nancy asked if I would drive to the restaurant. As we drove I stared over at her, amazed that the wind didn’t expose her breasts entirely while we drove. I was thankful that the waiter sat us in a relatively private corner of the restaurant. As it was, her full breasts were openly exposed to the waiter and to me as we dined — poking out of her open blouse whenever she made even the slightest move.

We had a few more drinks with dinner and decided to take a long way back along the lake shore line. I made a comment to Nancy thanking her for the wonderful view of her breasts and she just laughed and proceeded to pull the blouse entirely off and throw it out of the car. We could not stop laughing. We continued to drive. Nancy’s small excuse for a skirt had ridden up and if he light were better in the car I am sure I would have seen her pussy completely exposed.

Nancy was a little drunk when we got back to my place and it was a task helping her down the stairs in nothing but a tiny skirt — flip flops left in the car, tits jiggling all over and the two of us laughing as I grabbed her tits on the way down. We settled on the back deck overlooking the lake and Nancy suggested more wine. I told her I was pretty sure she could not drive herself home at this point, to which she replied “Who’s going home?” I got the wine.

“Aren’t you overdressed for a hot night like this,” she asked

“Not really,” I said teasing but if you want to help me then feel free. Nancy kneeled in front of where I sat and opened my belt and tugged at my pants.

My cock barely hit the night air before it was swallowed into Nancy’s beautiful mouth. My average 6 to şişli escort 7 inch cock (I’m not sure how to measure it really) reached its full length and girth in seconds. Not that I could see it really. Nancy had taken it fully into her mouth and throat and had her lips pressed against my pubic hair. I fought the urge to cum quickly. She was massaging my cock head in her throat just making little in and out movements and using her hands to take my pants completely off.

With my legs now widespread Nancy licked me from ass to balls and up my cock doing her best to keep eye contact with me. I spurted a little pre cum which she made a show of licking up and then sitting up to stick her tongue in my mouth.

Still kissing me, Nancy took my cock in between her tits and rubbed gently up and down. I was pretty sure I could not take much more of this. Moving back to my cock Nancy now seemed desperate to get my cum and took the full length of my cock in and out of her mouth and lips while pulling on my balls.

I am sure everyone on the lake heard the scream of joy as I pumped my cum into her throat.

Immediately my feelings of guilt set in, should I have held off until I satisfied her? Was I taking advantage of a drunk friend? And as my cock shrunk Nancy began to make little noises but never once took her mouth off my cock. She had swallowed all of my cum and was now suckling on my shrunken cock and taking all of it and my balls into her warm mouth. I sat back and enjoyed for a minute or two before I realized that she was making me hard again. It took a while but Nancy seemed to love it. Finally she was once again throating my fully engorged cock.

Moving up my body, her tits now in my face, Nancy sat down on my cock sliding it into her very wet pussy in one motion. The legs of the chair were getting in the way of a good fucking and at this point I wanted to let her know I could fuck too.

I stood her up and bent her over the rail of the deck and forcibly stuck my cock up her from behind. Having cum already I could fuck her hard without having to hold back for fear or ending early.

It was wonderful — I grabbed at her dangling breasts, and took handfuls of her ass cheeks as I fucked her hard and fast. If I hadn’t awoken the neighbors with my earlier orgasm, Nancy was sure to have with her own screams of pleasure. I was fairly sure the police would be stopping by soon but I continued to fuck Nancy through two very loud orgasms.

I pulled out and we took a break, plopping back down on the deck chairs and grabbing our wine glasses. After a few minutes Nancy took my cock into her hands and began a wonderful exploration of my hard shaft and hanging balls.

As I was about to cum in her hands, she took her wine glass and aimed my cock head at the opening. I spurted three good ropes into the half-filled wine glass. Bringing her face and the glass up to my level she poured the cum/wine down her throat in one gulp. I’m not sure how, but we made it to my bed and slept. The police never did come.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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