Dirty Secrets

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A light cloud cover made the night very dark. The street light five houses away provided little assistance. Shadows everywhere made her wince at the sudden realization someone could be watching her without her knowledge. The auburn hair stood up on her arms and the back of her neck but she didn’t have a choice. She knew what she needed to do but once again she sat in the quiet car trying to think of any other way out. It was a daily and prevalent thought process but once again she came up empty. This was the only way and she knew it.

She was still beautiful at 36 years of age. Her children had for a while affected pretty negative changes to her physically but hard work and persistence had finally paid off. Her body was lean and toned except for the curvy silhouette she would never escape even at 118 pounds. Her green eyes flashed as she checked her make-up and for a split-second admired her own cleavage in the lighted rear view mirror.

With a final silent pep talk and a sigh she exited the car and walked across the street in shiny black four inch heels to a home she had never visited at 1:30 AM. With dread she knew before the night was over she would leave a small piece of herself there. It felt that way every time.

The small light by the door flashed on as she approached. She never knew for sure whether they were set off by motion detectors or by someone anxiously awaiting her arrival. They almost never answered the door right away and she could always sense being eyed through the tiny peepholes, voyeurs taking a last look before they finally revealed themselves to her. She never knew what to expect when the door opened.

Her only prior communication would have typically occurred either by email, text, or a furtive cell phone conversation. They would ask inane questions about her shoe size or how tall was she. Her womanly intuition was strong and she learned to rely on it to keep herself safe. Still she never knew what they would look like, short or tall, skinny or not, light or dark skinned unless there was a dialect that might possibly give something away in advance.

The door never opened. The light stayed on but there was no greeting from an appreciative male looking forward to her company. She waited and knocked at the door several times. She sent a text to the reason she was there in the middle of the night. Then she called. Anger welled up inside her when all she reached was voicemail. She stifled her anger long enough to leave a sweet message expressing concern that perhaps something came up and she hoped everything was ok.

By this time she was settled back in her car. Lights with motion detection usually go off after a few minutes. The light stayed on at the door and she felt with certainty there was someone inside. In that moment, strong feelings of şirinevler türbanlı escort being ignored and rejected, played with and discarded like a toy of no consequence washed over and consumed her. She didn’t like being gone at night from her family but to waste time like this was just ridiculous and it made her angry.

Her thoughts were yanked back abruptly to the moment as her cell phone rang loudly in the dark stillness. The ring represented another opportunity and maybe for tonight too so she answered it. On the other end she was asked if she was available to which she replied affirmatively. He provided an address and she promised to text him how long it would take to arrive there.

Just like any salesperson making endless customer calls she was off to the next late night visit. The previous non-encounter was history and she wondered what she would be walking into next. The risk was extremely high but the financial reward was undeniable. Twenty minutes seemed an eternity but she was finally there. This neighborhood was well lit, more upscale with long driveways, big three and four car garages attached to two story homes with lots of windows. She was often amazed at the sheer quantity of men that did this regularly, especially the affluent.

The door opened and she was greeted by an appreciative smile. “You are beautiful!” he gushed. “You are more beautiful than your photos. I can’t believe it”. She thanked him for his kind words and he invited her in offering her a drink. She asked for a bottle of water. She would not drink anything offered that was not sealed upon arrival. Making that mistake had happened only once before. She had a cocktail and wakened in the morning to a room full of strange men playing cards. They all grinned at her like they knew her well… too well. She didn’t know them and couldn’t remember a thing. The memory was ugly to her.

This gentleman asked her to follow him and they went into the office at the back of the large home on the first floor. The home was well furnished with quality oversized furniture arranged perfectly in each room she viewed. Beautiful artwork was on the walls, and nicely framed photographs were everywhere of what was surely his family and friends. He offered her a black leather office chair in front of a large well-built mahogany desk. He sat himself next to her in the matching chair, intending of course to be as close to her as possible.

For the first time since she arrived she was able to look at him closely as the light was a bit dim but much better than before. He was a nice looking man of perhaps his late fifties or early sixties with blue eyes and a full head of grey hair. In a second she realized it bothered her because she imagined this man was surely the kindly şirinevler ucuz escort grandfather of an entire family and the devoted husband of someone special for many years. She would learn he was in fact the father of four grown and successful children as he began to share some information about himself with her.

She asked him whether he had done this before and he replied, “Once about 10 years ago. My wife was alive then and I never did it again out of guilt. She has been gone for 4 years now. I get lonely for the touch of a woman but I can’t imagine a real relationship with anyone else after 41 years with her. Not yet and maybe never”, he said. He asked about her. “Why are you here? You are so pretty and normal looking. Not what I expected at all”.

She declined to share much, indicating only that she and her family needed the money. She was a good mom, a single mom and would do anything for her children to provide for them. She thought about the huge responsibility of keeping a roof over their head, food on the table and the personal commitment to be there when they came home from school each day. She cooked dinners for them every evening and knew their friends and their friend’s mothers too. Those mothers would surely each cluck like hens if they knew what she did for income at night after her children were in bed she thought. As far as they knew her deceased husband had left a large estate from insurance to support them. Unfortunately that was not the case. She missed him so much, especially being held at night while she slept peacefully and never having to worry about money.

She snapped back to his gaze upon her. He knew she was deep in thought but he didn’t pry, instead asking her nicely to stand up and walk around the office. She moved and turned gracefully on the afore-mentioned heels and he admired aloud her shapely long legs and the way she carried herself. She asked him if he wanted to see more and he said “oh yes”. He was getting obviously excited at the sight of her this way. His anticipation was palpable and she felt it fill the room.

She indicated he would need to disrobe completely first. She knew the rules all too well. Law enforcement would certainly try to trap her but she knew they would not implicate their own guilt to make an arrest. It was unlikely this man was any danger to her in that respect but she had to laugh to herself at the site of him in his boxers and t-shirt thinking he might wear exactly that under a judge’s black robe.

When he had stripped completely naked and sat back down on his cool leather chair she unbuttoned her sheer blouse exposing herself slowly and then dropped it to the floor. He was thrilled with the swell of her breasts and asked to see more. She turned away from him, unzipped şişli escort and lowered her black pencil skirt to reveal a matching set of very expensive black bra and panties each with some sheer lace exposing all but her most private places. He gasped and quickly asked her to come back and sit next to him and she complied. He placed a hand tentatively on her knee and she parted her legs slightly, leaning forward almost imperceptibly to him. He took the invitation and moved closer placing a hand on each of her thighs just above the knee. She touched his face first with one hand then with both and he leaned forward placing his arms around her, pulling her to him and placing his face on her full chest.

She could hear the excitement in his voice when he asked her to move to the bedroom upstairs. She followed his instructions from behind and wound slowly through the home half-dressed to a beautiful staircase. She could feel his eyes upon her so she rotated her hips slightly with each deliberate step. By the time they reached the bedroom he was in full glory and impatient to have her. She sat on the bed in front of him and removed what little clothing she had on but left the black heels in place. For some reason she knew he would like that.

He stood before her with hands resting lightly on her shoulders, while she quickly opened the wrapper and placed a condom on his member. He laughed and asked her where that came from. “I can hide one in each cup of my bra”, she laughed. It was a trick that worked every time. He was now not only excited but also relaxed enough to join her on the massive bed which he did. She held him and let him feel her naked body pressed to his. His hands softly roamed her most private parts and it was evident he was enjoying their encounter.

She rolled on top and intended to become one with him but the erection was suddenly gone. Maybe she had moved too quickly and startled him, she thought. He was clearly embarrassed and she felt badly for him. He tried to explain but she encouraged him to relax lowering her hair slowly into his lap and taking him softly into her mouth. She worked on him for a few minutes and there it was again. She triumphantly mounted him and it wasn’t long before he had released the pent up desire that had motivated this first of many calls to her.

When he was done she excused herself and asked to use the restroom. When she returned there were four crisp new $100 bills on the nightstand and he was gone. She remembered her clothing downstairs in the office so she put her panties and bra back on and headed down the stairs. She found him sitting behind his desk this time. He was wearing boxers, no shirt and a huge grin on his face. He watched her get dressed silently and when she was finished he asked her whether his donation was appropriate. She indicated yes and thanked him while he walked her to the door.

Back in her car she was relieved because he had been a nice man and treated her well. She had also made $400 in less than an hour which was her daily goal. She was done for the night and headed home to grab a little sleep and start this new day all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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