Dirty Laundry — Part 3

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Dirty Laundry — Part 3
This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs*

Dirty Laundry Part 3

Steffie was more comfortable entering the laundromat this week to wash

her “unmentionables.” True, Tyler had given her a sore throat last week

and was going to make sitting down a new experience for her this week,

but she was actually looking forward to it. Tonight she would pass the

final hurdle to womanhood and become a complete sissy.

She wasn’t thinking of herself as Peter tonight at all. She’d even went

to the trouble of buying women’s jeans to wear tonight along with a

loose fleece pullover she’d also bought in the misses’ department. Only

a truly trained eye would notice the subtle differences of the reversed

fly of the jeans and neck-hole buttons of the pullover.

Tonight she carried a small backpack that contained her makeup bag and

a wig. Also inside was a pair of heels that, although Ty hadn’t

requested, she was almost sure he would be glad to see her in. Tucked

in the bottom was another item Ty hadn’t requested: her breast forms.

Like the heels, she was pretty sure he’d appreciate the effect they had

on her figure.

She loaded her usual washer, this time without any surreptitious

glances around. It was almost like she felt liberated simply by wearing

women’s clothes. She sat down, humming thoughtfully to herself, and

glanced over at Tyler for the first time.

He was wearing his standard t-shirt from what she could see. As usual,

he was reading some thick textbook-looking thing. She didn’t know if

he’d even seen her come in. No matter, she thought. Nothing’s going to

bother me tonight. Tonight is going to be just perfect.

She reached for a magazine, surprised when she got just 2 magazines

deep into the stack before finding the dirty magazine Tyler had

obviously left for her. She felt her clittie jump in her panties as she

read the title: “Anal Sissies.” This time the cover showed a sissified

man in red lingerie.

His face was made up and a curly blond wig was askew on his head.

Though bent over he was facing the reader. His lacy bra was open-tipped

and nipple clamps protruded from the holes. They were connected by a

chain that hung between them. His own cock was hanging out of his

matching crotchless panties, bound into some sort of chastity device.

His legs were in black stockings, held up by a garter belt. His

stiletto heels had ankle straps with little locks on them, and even

bigger locks secured the spreader bar between his feet to his ankles.

His hands were locked to the bar as well, leaving his unseen ass

obviously exposed.

Behind the sissy stood a handsome, well-hung stud. He was stroking his

already erect cock, applying lube to it. A very lewd leer was captured

on his face–he was obviously planning to enjoy what was coming next!

Steffie slipped the magazine inside of another one before flipping

through the pages. It was most certainly all on-topic. Page after page

of pantied sissy asses were spanked, dildoed, fucked, covered with cum,

or some combination of all those things. Some of the photo sets

included some oral as well, but only where there were two cocks to fill

both sissy holes at the same time.

Steffie especially loved one particular set where the sissy was all

dressed in frilly pink satin with white lace trim. It was an amateur

set and the man fucking her wasn’t the most well-endowed. The

expression on her face as he violated her ass made Steffie think that

this was the first time she had really been penetrated. Her thong was

barely pulled to one side and you could clearly see where the goo from

her ass, the lube, and his cock had smeared between her cheeks,

obscenely staining the pink satin.

For some reason this set really touched Steffie. Maybe it was because

it was an amateur set, maybe because it was apparent that this was the

sissy’s first real cock. As Stephanie pondered this she emptied her

washer. She placed the magazine in her basket along with her backpack

and wheeled the laundromat cart over to the dryers. She was extremely

conscious of how hard her clittie was as she crossed the room. She

wondered if anyone noticed.

She loaded the dryer, flipped some quarters into the slot and started

the dryer, eager to sit down and return to the magazine. She perused

her favorite set one more time before finishing it. She glanced over at

Tyler who was looking as nonchalant as ever.

Steffie returned to the magazine, starting over again from the front

cover. Again, she casually flipped through the pages but gravitated

once more to the amateur set. She almost started to rub her stiff

clittie through her jeans when her dryer’s buzzer startled her.

Surprised at her own sense of calm, she emptied bahis siteleri her dryer and began

folding and sorting her lingerie. She paused momentarily as she

fingered the mauve satin of the panties she’d been wearing the night

Tyler “introduced” himself.

Soon she found herself pausing once more as she folded the bra,

panties, and garter belt she’d been wearing just 7 days ago when

Tyler’s cock took her mouth-cherry. She was pleased to see that the cum

stains from her post-laundromat session had come out. She had soaked

those panties with no less than 4 loads of her own hot goo.

As she neared the end of her task, she looked around to make sure that

she and Ty had the place to themselves. She slipped the magazine from

the one she’d hidden it in and placed it in the bottom of her basket.

The cover-sissy in red lingerie slowly disappeared beneath her sorted

piles of satin and lace. She placed her laundry things on top of the

piles as she’d done a hundred times before.

Stephanie looked around once more, then grabbed her backpack and headed

for the men’s room. She must be ready, she thought, to be this calm in

the face of what she knew was to come. She knew that if Peter were here

he’d be scared shitless. Steffie, on the other hand, really wanted


This time as Steffie stripped out of her clothes she took care to fold

them neatly and place them in the corner. She stepped out of her shoes

and slid her pants down one leg at a time, slipping into her heels as

she did so, making sure her stockinged feet never touched the floor.

She filled her bra with her breast forms before setting herself to the

task of making up her face. She had done it countless times before, and

she made short work of it. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara,

finishing powder, lip liner, and lipstick were all applied. She dipped

one last time into the backpack and brought out her wig.

It was made by Revlon–Petite Persuasion it was called. She had chosen

the dishwater blond color they called “vanilla swirl.” The chin-length

bob really accented her face, especially her lips. She stood back a bit

to check herself in the mirror.

Her lingerie was purple satin with a dotted mesh overlay. The bra,

filled out nicely with her forms, had seamed cups all outlined in

ruffled black lace and accented with black velvet bows at their center

as well as between them. Her garter belt was less ornate, but the

bottom was trimmed with the same ruffled lace and the front seams and

garter tops had the same velvet bows. Her matching thong panties had

string sides, trimmed at the corners with more velvet bows.

Her legs were covered in black French-heeled stockings with back seams.

Her feet were in black patent 5″ spike heels with ankle straps. She

turned and checked her rear profile as well. She was as ready as a girl

could be.

She wasn’t sure how long it had taken her to get ready, nor did she

know how Tyler seemed to always know when she was ready. Her heels

clicked on the tile floor as she moved nearer the sink and knelt on the

floor. She was almost certain this was the position he expected to find

her in.

Like clockwork, she wasn’t on her knees very long before she heard the

creak of the door as he opened it. She wasn’t surprised to see that he

wore his customary loose athletic shorts. She half-wondered if his

whole wardrobe consisted of nothing but t-shirts and cotton shorts. He

whistled appreciatively.

“You look good, Stephanie,” he said. “The tits and heels are a nice

touch.” He stopped about a yard away and waited expectantly with hands

on hips. Wordlessly, Steffie crawled on her knees to him until she was

once more face to face with his half-hard cock.

She reached up and lowered his shorts, letting his cock bob free. Even

though this was only her second time kneeling before his cock, it

somehow felt like she’d done this a hundred times before.

“That’s a good girl,” he said. Steffie opened her mouth and took his

cock inside, sucking on its length. It was only semi-hard and still fit

comfortably in her mouth. “Mmmmmmm. Yeah. That’s right, just like that.

You’re such a pretty cock-sucking sissy.”

She continued sucking his cock until it became hard enough to suck it

properly. Soon her head was bobbing up and down with his hands resting

lightly on top. Then he started ramming his cock all the way to the

back of her throat and pulling on her head at the same time. Steffie

quickly stopped sucking and just opened wide, letting him fuck her

mouth. Growling moans issued from her mouth each time he hit the back.

“Yeah, Steffie, that’s it,” he said. “Fuck my cock with your mouth.

Mmmmmmmmm. I’m good and hard now. It’s almost time, sissy. It’s almost

time for me to make a complete sissy out bahis şirketleri of you. Are you ready,

Steffie? Are you ready to take my cock up your sissy ass?”

“Yes,” Steffie said with a barely intelligible mumble. Tyler was still

fucking her mouth.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” she said, her speech still garbled by her mouthful of

thrusting cock.

“I can barely understand you, Stephanie,” he said maliciously. “Say it

louder. Tell me what you’re ready for.”


she could. He stopped fucking her face right before she spoke and it

was loud indeed. She felt a shameful blush creeping up her face. If

anyone was outside the door to the bathroom they could certainly have

heard her.

“Well I guess that settles it,” he said. He pulled his dripping cock

from her mouth and stepped back slightly. “Stand up, then.” Steffie

stood, realizing that she was slightly taller than he was in her heels.

“Now turn around and face the mirror.” She complied wordlessly.

“Mmmmmm, such a nice ass, Stephanie. And that thong makes it look all-

the-more fuckable.”

She heard the shuffle of his feet on the tile as he moved to stand

behind her, then she felt the warmth of his hands as they caressed her

hips and then cupped the cheeks of her ass. She remembered how his

hands had felt the first time she’d felt them on her hips that very

first night…

“Now bend over and hold on, Steffie,” he said. She rested her forearms

on the sides of the sink as she bent at the waist, her ass jutting out

even more. She wiggled it back and forth a little as she widened her

stance and set her feet. “Oooooh, yeah, wiggle that sexy ass for me.”

Steffie shook her ass a few more times. “C’mon Ty,” she said, “Fuck

this sissy ass. Shove that hot hard prick balls-deep inside of me and

fuck me.”

She heard his feet shuffle a little and then she felt his hands on her

ass once more. With his left hand firmly grasping her hip, he deftly

slipped a finger under the thong-back of her panties and pulled them to

the side, exposing her puckered hole. She felt the head of his cock

against her opening.

“There’s some lube in my little makeup bag over there,” she said,

hoping he was interested in using some. She felt him pull away and

return scant moments later.

“Next time, I’ll expect you to be ready,” Tyler said. “Don’t even think

you can get away with teasing me right to the point of entry and then

tell me you’re not ready or you’ll get nothing but spit.”

She felt the cold metal of the KY tube as Ty inserted it into her ass

and squeezed a fair amount inside of her. He continued squeezing as he

pulled it out, thoroughly coating her asshole as well. She heard one

slight gurgle followed by squishing sounds as he coated his cock with

it too.

“Now where were we?” he asked rhetorically. “Oh yes, you were just

getting ready to tell me about your needs.”

“I need your cock in my ass,” Steffie said simply. “I need to feel your

hard cock balls-deep inside my sissy ass. I need you to take my virgin

ass and make me a complete sissy.” She wiggled her ass a few times,

this time looking over her shoulder at him. “I need you to use this

sissy ass for what it was made for. Fuck me, Ty. Fuck me hard.”

“You’re damn right I’m going to fuck you hard,” he said. She felt his

hands grip her hips as his cock moved between her ass-cheeks for the

second time in her life. It was warm and sticky with lube and slid

easily back and forth in her crack.

Steffie felt one hand leave her hips briefly before her body shivered

with anticipation as she felt a real cock head pushed against her tight

brown hole. She felt her hole open slightly at the pressure as the

missing hand returned to her hip. Tyler leaned forward, pushing at the

same time as he pulled back on her hips.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” they said almost in unison as his cock head penetrated

her virgin opening. She felt her asshole open and close around his cock

as the head entered her. He continued pushing and his shaft slowly

started to disappear between her cheeks.

“God, yes!” Steffie said as Ty’s cock inched its way inside of her,

filling her most intimate place. “I’ve needed this for so long!” As his

cock continued to disappear inside of her, Steffie pushed back against

Ty, trying to get it all.

Ty gripped her hips, holding her and preventing her from pushing back.

“Relax, my little ass-slut,” he said, “You’ll get all of my cock soon

enough. First I want your sissy-cunt to feel it one agonizingly

satisfying inch at a time.”

“Give it to me,” Steffie said with a near-whimper. He resumed pushing

his way into her bottom. “Oooooooh yeah, give it to me, Ty! Give me all

of your hot hard cock up my sissy ass!”

“There, illegal bahis now,” he said as he hit bottom. Despite the satin between them,

she could feel the heat of his balls pressed against hers. “Now your

sissy ass is full of cock, just as it was meant to be. How does it

feel, Steffie?” He contracted and flexed his cock inside of her.

“Oh!” she said, slightly startled. “It feels just perfect, like my

sissy ass was made just for cock. Fuck me. Fuck me and fill this sissy

with your cum.”

Ty certainly didn’t need any more encouragement. He pulled back

slightly and then rammed forward again. Steffie held onto the sink for

dear life as Ty’s thrusts came faster and faster. Soon, he changed pace

and slowed down, but now he was pulling almost completely out of her

ass before shoving his prick back into her balls-deep.

Steffie “ummmm’d” and “ahhhhh’d” as Ty fucked her. She glanced up from

time to time to look at her reflection in the mirror. Her lipstick was

smeared from sucking his cock, and her face was covered with a sheen of

perspiration that caused a fair amount of her hair to stick to it. She

definitely looked, she thought, just like a slut who was bent over a

sink in a public bathroom getting fucked up the ass.

She could just make out Ty’s reflection as well. His face was also

shining with sweat, but his expression was lost in the absolute

pleasure he was getting from fucking her. “C’mon, Steffie,” he suddenly

said, slapping her ass for emphasis, “Fuck back.”

She immediately complied, bracing herself against the sink and shoving

back as he thrust forward. His pace quickened to keep up with her

insistent pushing. “Fuck me, Ty,” she said. “Fuck … me. Fuck your…

sissy… good. Fuck me hard … and fast … and come in … my sissy


Ty was really hammering away at her ass now, getting in two thrusts for

every push back Steffie gave. “That’s right, Steffie,” he said between

ragged breaths, “Take all of my cock up your ass. That’s the way sissy

should be fucked. That’s what a sissy’s ass is for, isn’t it? Being

stuffed with cock? Take it, Steffie. Take every inch of my cock now.”

His grip on her hips tightened and Steffie knew, instinctively, that he

was about to come. She shoved her ass back against his cock as hard as

she could now, trying to squeeze his cock with her well-fucked hole.

“Come inside of me,” she cried out. “Fill my sissy ass with your hot


Ty lunged forward one last time and she suddenly felt the intense heat

and wetness as he unloaded in her ass. His balls were nestled next to

hers and she could feel them pulsing as they pumped his creamy load

deep inside of her. “Oooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeah!” Ty said.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” was all Steffie said in a dreamy tone. He’d started

softly humping her now as his climax subsided and she moved her hips to

accommodate him. He was getting softer and she felt his cock squish

between her ass-cheeks as he finally failed to penetrate her with his

last stroke.

He snapped her thong panties back in place and gave her ass another

slap. “That was a great fuck, sissy,” he said. “Let’s do this again

next week, only this time, I don’t want to waste a lot of time waiting

for you to get ready. From now on, I had better only see Steffie in

here washing her lingerie, understood?”

Steffie stood up, turning to face Tyler as she did so. Again it struck

her funny that she was taller than he was. He stood there with his

hands on his hips, waiting. Steffie knelt beside the sink and pulled

his underwear and shorts up with one fluid motion.

“I understand,” she said. As Tyler turned and walked for the door, she

could feel his cum begin to ooze from her ass, soaking her panties. How

she wished she’d brought a plug to hold it all in, she thought!

She quickly slipped out of her heels and threw her jeans and fleece on

over her lingerie. Still in her stocking feet, she collected her things

and headed for her car, very conscious of the growing wet spot on the

ass of her jeans.


At home Steffie licked and sucked all she could of Ty’s cum from her

soiled panties while she masturbated furiously into another silky pair,

which she also licked clean–twice. In the morning, her ass was still

sore but extremely satisfied.

As she went to put away her clean lingerie she found a set that didn’t

belong to her near the top. Pinned to it was a short note: “Steffie,

I’m going to fuck you while you’re wearing this next week–Ty.”

Steffie looked at the exciting new lingerie and quickly realized that

it was already dirty. It belonged to someone else! She immediately

buried her nose in the crotch of the panties and confirmed her

suspicions: they belonged to a woman.

She wasted no time. As she fucked her ass with the dildo she jerked off

once more, this time sniffing the new panties as she did so. Two loads

of cum later, she was even more excited than she had been when she

started. It was going to be a long week!

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