Dinner Date Ch. 1

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She didn’t have a lot of time. Fight with the bouncer at the Coronado Grill had given her a red welt under the left eye and delayed her for fifteen precious minutes. Marci would be home soon. In her mind Gwen could see her. Marci wearing her little business suit, tapping her fingers on the side of the car like she always did waiting for the traffic to open up on the 405 freeway. Spoiled little rich girl, always wanted her own way. She needed to be taught a lesson.

Gwen pulled on her panties, the silky material rubbing against her chocolate brown ass cheeks. Looking in the mirror she considered covering up the bruise with some makeup. Fuck that. Grabbed the bustier off the bed and zipped it up. Felt a little warm stirring as her tits mashed together. The restriction was nice, and the tighter it was the sweeter the release would be later.

Looked at her watch. Running out of time.

This was the hard part. She looked down and grabbed the thick rubber dildo that hung from her crotch. The veins were so realistic. The material was pliable, and warmed up realistically to her touch. She worked the head between her fingers, moved her hand down and grabbed the shaft with her fist. Looked up to the mirror as she held her cock. For a fleeting moment she considered staying in and having her own fun. But Marci would be upset. She pushed the dildo into her panties, the bulge made her pussy lips throb in anticipation.

She bent over to pull back on the heels, and felt the tip of the plastic cock rub against her skin. Her lips twitched.

When she walked in it was easy for Gwen to find Marci. There she sat, at the bar, her lips pouting, her long blonde hair flipping from side to side casino oyna as she checked her watch. Gwen walked along the shadows, keeping herself hidden in a corner of the establishment. Let her wait. She was a spoiled brat who needed to learn the world didn’t revolve around her.

As the gin raced its way down her throat, Marci finally saw her. Gwen smiled. She left a couple dollars for a tip on the table and pulled herself up. Marci turned away. She pulled up on the end of her business suit and showed off those creamy thighs, her shoes precariously hanging from a single toe that swung in time to the piped-in jazz.

Gwen sat down on the stool next to Marci. Ordered another gin and tonic from the bartender.

“How many of those have you had?” asked Marci, still looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.


Marci turned.

“Enough for what?”

She saw the bruise on Gwen’s eye. She wanted to touch it, to ask her if she was okay, but Gwen would be pissed if she deviated from the plan. And Marci needed to get fucked, so she held her tongue.

“You always ask strangers in the bar about their drinking habits?”

She downed the liquid in one swig, wiping her lips with the back of her arm, creating a trail of saliva and alcohol that made the brown color of her skin a shade darker. When she put her arm back on the counter it created quite a stark contrast to the pinkish-white color of Marci.

“No. It’s just that…” “Shut up.” “Excuse me?”

Gwen gritted her teeth. They were still closed when she growled, “I said shut up”.

The ferocity of the reply startled Marci and she lost the beat, her shoe fell of and bounced against the wood floor. canlı casino

“You gonna get that?” “Yes”, Marci murmured.

She stepped off of the stool and picked up the shoe, making a big show of putting her delicate little foot on the lower rung of the stool, dusting off the dirt, putting the shoe back on.

With her left hand Gwen touched her groin, felt the bulge of her cock, it was just her imagination but she swore it was growing.

“C-c-an I buy you a drink?”

Marci raised an eyebrow, both at the proposition and the tone. She wasn’t used to hearing any sense of hesitation from Gwen.


Gwen ordered the drink, took in Marci. Lean and angular, model cheekbones, her breasts hidden behind the manly angles of the business suit, she knew from experience that they were small but a decent handful. Her legs were fully exposed, and went all the way up, emptying into the cream-colored shoes that matched the rest of the ensemble. Gwen loved her shiny green eyes, but was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. Gwen loved the glasses.

Marci sipped on the margarita, her lipstick creating a red mark on the edge of the glass.

Gwen pulled her stool closer to Marci. She leaned over, brushed her long hair to the side.

“Feel my cock.”

Marci pulled back.


Gwen leaned in again, resting her full breasts on Marci’s arm. She reached her arm around Marci’s body, gripped tightly onto her shoulder.

“I said ‘feel my cock'”

Marci pulled her arm from the bar, brushed her wrist against the brown skin of Gwen’s knee, moved her hand inside the leather miniskirt. Gwen slowly pulled her legs apart to accommodate the kaçak casino hand. Marci looked around to see if anyone was watching. Gwen grabbed her hair and gave it a slight tug.

“I said to touch my cock, not look around at everyone. Do you understand?” “Yes”

Marci pushed her hand in further, felt the soft fabric of Gwen’s panties and the veins of the plastic cock. Her body shook. She rubbed her fingers up and down across the expanse of the member, grabbed it between her fingers. Gwen moved her hips in and out, rubbing against her hand. She pushed Marci’s head towards her own.

“Do you want me to fuck you, do you want to be fucked by my big cock?” “Yes” “Say it”

Even though she whispered it, it felt like a yell to Marci. She didn’t care about the people around them or the bartender or the drink in front of her. She wanted the cock inside her, she wanted her strong black woman to fuck her little white ass silly and she felt her pussy begin to throb as she furiously pumped away at the cock.

Gwen pulled back, Marci’s fingers grabbing air.

Gwen grabbed the rum glass, knocked down another drink. Turned to Marci.

“Say it”

“I. I want you to fuck me with your big black cock.”

Gwen smiled. The stuck up little princess was hers to do with as she pleased now. She could work her ass off downtown, showing the little pricks in the office a flash of tit or tail to get what she wanted and move up in the corporate world. But when she needed to be satisfied, when she needed to be a woman – she needed her tough black girlfriend to fuck her good.

“Go into the bathroom. I’ll be right there. And don’t you dare even touch one inch of yourself. Or there’ll be no cock for you tonight.”

Marci nodded. Got up and paid her tab, walked over to the bathroom, couldn’t help but to look back at Gwen.

Gwen chuckled, ordered a beer. Marci would just have to wait for her fucking.

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