Dinner at Hers

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She viewed her reflection in the mirror on the bedroom wall. A long silk skirt flowed over the round curves of her hips, flatteringly accentuating their shape. A linen waistcoat nipped in at the waist and buttoned over her breasts just low enough to reveal the white lace edge of her bra. The golden skin on her bare arms gleamed from the light covering of oil she had smoothed on after her long soak in the bath. Dark hair tumbled over her shoulders in loose curls the way it always did when it was freshly washed. She smiled at herself, quietly pleased with what she saw.

Slipping her feet into sandals she scanned the room. A large bed, luxuriously swathed in a handmade patchwork cover in shades of green velvet. Cream walls were home to patterned canvases she painted, nearest thing to a gallery they would ever be in, she thought. A pine chest of drawers stood in the corner by the door draped in a silk scarf, the matching wardrobe against the opposite wall. Small lamps glowed on either side of the bed sending cones of light onto the ceiling, highlighting the gold flecks in the large colourful painting above the bed. This was her favourite room in the cottage.

The sound of the doorbell filled the tiny house, she hurried across the floorboards to answer the summons.

He stood on the step in front of the blue door, absentmindedly running his fingers through his thick grey hair, anticipating the evening ahead. They had met two weeks previously and had hit it off immediately and after two coffee dates and much communication through email and telephone, she had invited him to her home for supper. It had been a long time since he had met a woman who intrigued him as much as she, or, for that matter, with whom he felt as much chemistry. He hoped that tonight he would get to know her even better.

She opened the front door, and greeted him with a sweet smile – Welcome – she gestured with her hand for him to enter the small sitting room into which it led. The evening sun dappling through the bamboo blinds at the window was the only light in the room but still enough for her to appreciate the sight of him. Tall and slim, wearing a light wool jumper and casual blue jeans his feet slid into sandals that weren’t dissimilar from her own, much favoured Birkenstocks. He really was a remarkably attractive man, she thought, becoming aware of the physical response she was feeling just by being in close proximity of him.

With the door closed she moved a little closer, enveloping him in an embrace, inhaling the fresh fragrance of his neck. Responding to her warmth he held her tightly and kissed her lightly on the lips, feeling an instant stirring of arousal, he released his hold and stepped back, he did not want to appear disrespectful.

-Something smells good.

He decided to play it safe and this was not a lie, the smell of the homemade lasagne bubbling in the oven had permeated the house and it did indeed smell good.

-Thank you. I hope it tastes good. Come on through to the kitchen, can I offer you a glass of wine?

Noticing her own gabbling, she silently checked herself, talking too much was something she always did when nervous and her physical reaction to this man made her very nervous.

-Yes, that would be lovely.

He stood transfixed, watching as she reached to a shelf for the glasses, seeing top and waistband parting company revealing smooth, tight skin, the movement of her breasts tantalising… He took a deep breath and looked away.

From the offered glass he took a deep draught, wondering how he would get through an entire meal with otele gelen escort this woman, such was her allure.

Deciding to address the undeniable tension, she bent to the front of the Rayburn, opening the both the hot and warming oven, grabbing the towel that hung from the rail she carefully extracted the dish from one and placed it in the other, both heavy cream enamelled doors closed with a thud. She took a good sip of her wine and her courage in her hands.

-Let me give you a tour of the house, you’ve already seen the lounge and kitchen. It’s very compact won’t take long.

With a smile, he took the hand extended towards him and followed her through the kitchen. She opened the door to her left, revealing a tiny neat bathroom. Directly opposite was the bedroom, her hand hovered near the door handle, looking into his face, she smiled tentatively, hoping she had gauged the situation correctly.

– This is the last room. Are you coming in?

– Oh yes, I surely am.

Standing opposite each other in the cosy room, their eyes locked for a moment. Raising a hand to her cheek, his thumb grazed her lips. She responded by allowing the tip of her tongue to poke out far enough to touch the lingering digit, parting her lips she took the tip between them and sucked lightly.

-Damn it woman, you’re hot.

He took his hand away and pressed her firmly but gently against the wall with the weight of his body, taking her wrists in his hands raising them above her head. Pinned in this way, in no doubt of his ardour as the heat from the hardness beneath his jeans seeped into her belly, she yielded to the deep exploratory kiss. First he sucked lightly on her lower lip, then the top one before returning to his starting point. She responded in kind parting her lips enough to allow his tongue to find hers. Releasing her wrists, he trailed a finger down the side of her neck and along the edge of her top until it encountered the first button, resting it there he slowly kissed along the path his finger had taken. Her breathing quickened, her fingers burying themselves in his hair pulling his head closer to the soft fullness of her breasts. Breathing deeply into her cleavage, relishing in the light fragrance that clung to her skin and the feel of smooth, delicate breast skin beneath his lips.

Raising himself from his stoop looking her in the face, he unbuttoned the waistcoat without breaking eye contact, pushing it off her shoulders, it fell to the floor before he allowed his gaze to drop to view the full white lace cups of her bra, standing out a stark contrast to the light caramel of sun kissed skin. His hands skimmed over them and down her midriff until they encountered the band of her skirt, tucking his middle finger beneath he expertly used index finger and thumb to release the zip, causing the skirt to slither fluidly into a pool at her feet with a gentle rustle. He stepped back holding his hands out, she took them, stepping out of the skirt puddle and sandals simultaneously.

As beautiful as she looked in her matching underwear, he wanted to see all of her. His hands flew to the clasp between her breasts but she covered them with her own to halt him.

– You have me at a disadvantage. Please, allow me.

She smiled as she spoke and took the bottom edge of his jumper in both hands, he raised his arms to allow her to pull it off in one smooth action. Freeing the t-shirt from the belted waist of his jeans she removed it in the same way.

She stroked his chest, exploring the feel of hair roughened pendik escort skin, kissing along his collar bone and down until she reached the small, tight nipple where her tongue traced its outline. She slowly walked around him, trailing her fingertips across his side as she went, pausing long enough to run a long finger and feather kisses down his spine as far as the leather belt would allow. Once facing him again raising onto tiptoes, she kissed his lips while her hands deftly opened the buckle and the button fly of the jeans which, with some leg shaking encouragement, slipped to the ground and were kicked off to the side along with the sandals in a second. The kiss became more urgent, as did the need to remove the last wisps of fabric that covered them.

This time she did not try to thwart his attempt to unfasten the bra instead welcoming the relief that came with releasing the heavy swell of her voluminous breasts. Once dispensed with the bra joined the other discarded clothes on the floor, in a moment, both panties and boxers joined the pile.

A few seconds of visual feasting on each other’s bodies fuelled their desire further, they both moved towards a misaimed embrace which caught him off balance, toppling him backwards onto the bed. Laughter rumbled through him as he lay with his back on the plush cover, legs hanging, from the knees down, over the edge. He reached for a pillow and positioned it under his head so as to see her. Standing between his open legs, she brushed her fingers from his throat to his navel, circling them around the ellipse, invoking a gasp of pleasure. Continuing their journey until they reached their throbbing destination of his large steely manhood, her fingers curled around his stiffness, she passed her thumb over the tip. While still looking him in the eye and not relinquishing her grip, she knelt before him, her knees cushioned by the sheepskin rug.

Her tongue replaced the thumb and slowly swirled around the satiny sensitive head, the tip licking along the ridge, finding the tight sinuous cord and flicking lightly. Parting her lips, she slowly took the length in her warm mouth, sucking both firmly and gently in turn. With her hands she stroked his thighs and hips. Not once did she break eye contact. His breathing became deeper, his hips began to move, knowing he was close she brought her hand to the shaft picking up the rhythm without missing a beat, her other hand squeezing gently on the drum tight balls. With a deep moan he erupted in climax, shooting spurts of creamy liquid into the back of her throat, an offering she swallowed, hungrily, licking every last drop from him before standing again to join him on the bed.

He watched as she crawled cat like towards him, breasts and hips swaying, inviting touch. As she drew level with his shoulder she raised herself up on her knees, stretching her arms up gathering her hair in her hands on the way, presenting herself as if a prize to a victor.

Pulling himself up to his knees behind her, stroking the underside of her arms before cupping and kneading her breasts, rolling the hard nipple between finger and thumb, pleased as he felt the pucker increase in reaction to his touch. As his hands travelled down across her soft belly, she released her hair, reaching her arms back to touch the back of his neck that was bent forward so he could kiss her shoulders. He heard her gasp when he eased an exploratory finger between her labia, teasing her clitoris a little before flipping her onto her back.

Turning his attention back to her breasts, taking the weight rus escort of one in both hands, shaping it into a triangle, popping the nipple and large areola perfectly for him to suckle and feast. She smoothed his hair in a soothing action that spurred him on to pay equal homage to the other aching breast. Her hips began to move as his tongue played with her nipple, she could feel the beginnings of orgasm building. His head made its way down her body, kissing her midriff and lower belly, hands followed, dragging down her sides and over her hips, parting her legs to expose her to his gaze. Gently he pulled her labia apart revealing her pink beauty. Lowering his head, he led with his nose, inhaling her delicate musk, extending his tongue, touching it lightly first to each inner lip then flicking and circling her clitoris. He loved the smell and taste.

Feeling his erection begin to return he scooped a hand beneath her, grasping her bottom and raising her up enough for him to dip his tongue into her wetness, holding her open with the fingers of his free hand, licking, sucking and fucking her with his expert tongue and fingers. He felt her belly tighten with the first spasm, a deep primal groan came from her throat, grabbing her own breasts squeezing and pulling the nipples harder and fiercer than he would have dared to. Thrusting her hips up, juices flowing, he buried his face further, lapping up her pleasure flow. The waves subsided, she placed a hand on his head with a little pressure indicating him to stop.

Positioning himself over her. Kissing her full on the mouth, pushing his tongue between her lips for her to taste herself. Still on fire, she needed to be filled. Reaching up, taking his face between her hands.

– Fuck me, now!

She spoke in a deep, passion filled whisper. He did not need to be told twice. Kneeling between her legs he aligned his engorged cock with her open, wantonly inviting cunt. Pushing into the warm, yielding depth in one deep thrust, she moaned with exquisite joy of receiving his thickness, raising her legs to accommodate him better, circling them around his waist, encouraging an even deeper penetration. He watched his cock thrust in and out, his full length emerging slick and glistening then disappearing again. They scanned each other’s faces, watching the expressions of pleasure. Her legs tightened, her hands grabbing his buttocks pulling him closer, deeper.

-Do you want to change position?

He knew she would not get the deep penetration she desired from this angle.


Easing himself out, he gave her room to move. Turning over and kneeling on the edge of the bed she dipped down, bottom high shoulders to the mattress. Standing behind her he was afforded a wonderful view of her feminine shape and exposed vulnerability. Bringing her hands behind her she opened herself for him. Grasping her hips he eased himself into her again, filling her to capacity. She could feel him everywhere. Guttural groans escaped her lips. Her body glistened with a film of sweat. Each thrust sent electric shocks to her fingers and toes. His magnificent cock touching every spot. His balls slapping against her clitoris. Her orgasm mounted quickly, rippling gently at first, then coming with an intensity she had never experienced. His own orgasm followed moments before hers ended, magnified by her response to him.

They fell, spent onto the bed, shuffling around to get comfortable and pull the quilt over their rapidly cooling damp bodies. She rested her head on his chest, his heartbeat echoing in her ear she circled his waist with her arm. Stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head, he held her gently.

As they drifted off to sleep, she whispered,

– I invited you for dinner but let’s have breakfast instead.

– Sounds like a plan. He replied with a sleepy smile and tightened his grip just a little.

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