Different Worlds

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By the time I turned 21 I wasn’t much for house parties. Maybe it was because my college was incredibly clique-ly, but because I was on the outer realms of popularity (at least in relation to those at most parties I got invited to) I was never one of the lucky guys who had a cheerleader or volleyball player “accidentally” fall into his lap, stay their the entire night, and eventually sleep with him (in all senses of the world).

So when I finally got my degree, and was moved into the house I would live in during the summer, I found myself sitting at a bar, with a pitcher of beer to myself. There weren’t many people my age there and I certainly didn’t see anyone from my graduating class initially, just wannabe cougars and truckers that stumbled into the dive-y place. As I tipped the beer mug to my lips a shocking force hit my elbow and I got beer on my shirt on the bar.

The force came from two bodies hitting the bar at the same time, I shoddily dressed man blocked my view with his back and I couldn’t identify the other person, but he gruffly began to inadvertently help me.

“C’mon baby, let me get you a drink, call it a GRADUATION present,” he snarled.

“Fuck off, I told you, I don’t let creeps buy me drinks,” a female voice shot back from the other side of him. I could tell that things were getting pretty heated so I grabbed his shoulder and stepped between them, turning to look him in the eye.

“I don’t have enough time in the world to get in between every guy and innocent girl at a bar, but when they start spilling beer on me they got a fuckin’ problem,” He opened his mouth to protest but I cut him off, “so you can either pay me for my beer, get the fuck out of our faces, or we can just step outside.”

I wasn’t a fighter, but I was a firm believer in at least trying to be intimidating around drunks, and this one backed down rather easily. I smiled to myself, after having my own personal Jack Reacher moment, and was brought back to reality by a semi familiar voice.

“That was kind of bad ass.”

I turned around to see Stephanie Luna, one of the star volleyball players at my college. I did a once over as quick as possible; low cut top showcasing her collarbones and incredible cleavage, hugging her taut stomach, and a pair of skinny jeans worn tightly against her long, athletic legs. My eyes found their way back to her face, as she caught them, licking her lips and piercing me with her sea green gaze.

“I have my moments.” I smiled in response. Too many questions were running through my head to answer but the one that stood out the most found me wondering why she wasn’t at some big house party. It was graduation night, after all.

“Your pitcher looks a nearly empty, I’m sorry that I was led that guy to spill your beer. Wanna share another round?” Without waiting for my answer she tossed a few dollars the bartenders way, got another mug, and poured us both a beer. “Your speech was really great,” I blushed as she referenced my commencement speech. “I really enjoyed the Boy Meets World reference. That used to be my favorite show.”

She flashed me a genuine smile, and continued talking my ear off for a few minutes as we drank together. Eventually I started penetrating the conversation, and our knees grazed every so often. My questions still ran circles in my head, but I was content enough to stay in the moment and over-think things later.

It was time to spice things up. As we finished our pitcher I ordered another one.

“Let’s play pool” I said, and walked towards the table without waiting for her answer.

I grabbed a cue, and as I racked the balls I looked up to see the beautiful Ms. Luna walking towards me, hips sashaying, lips shining, and eyes lighting up.

“I’ll break.” she took the cue from my hand, winked, and walked to the opposite side of the table, bending over, as her supple flesh revealed itself a bit more. I licked my lips as I stared for a beat to long. “Eyes on the prize sugar,” she whispered as she struck the cue ball vigorously, and it scattered the other balls. Much to my chagrin, two colors sank in.

“You’ve done this a few times, huh?”

“I’ve hustled kağıthane escort a lot of drinks from a lot of creepy guys,” she said, sipping her beer before sinking another colored ball.

“I certainly hope I’m not one of them.” she smiled and shook her head as she checked out the table. “So why aren’t you at one of the ragers tonight?” I got up the courage to ask.

“Too many guys trying to get into my pants,” she muttered. “You?” she dropped another ball.

“Same.” she giggled, a cute, infectious laugh. “Why didn’t I see you at any of my games this year,” she shot back in a semi-serious tone.

I felt the liquid courage rise to my heart and I told the truth;

“I’d be too busy staring at your ass to adequately pay attention to the game,” I said calculatedly. Taking another swig, I leaned against the wall, sliding my hands into my pockets.

“Is that so?” she cooed, walking around the table to position another shot, and bending over in front of me, her heart-shaped ass shaking slowly, riding down to reveal the top of a green thong. That perfection was only a few feet in front of me, and my mind flashed to her perfect cheeks encased in the tight black spandex she normally wore around campus. My cock began to harden in my jeans and I licked my lips wondering how it would feel to bury my face in between her buttocks.

“Actually,” she said, turning to face me, catching me again, red handed in checking her out, “could you help me with this shot? I’m having trouble concentrating because of the beer.”

Wordlessly, I approached, echoing her form with mine, my breath hot in her ear, my crotch nestled firmly against her ass. I felt a wiggle from her as she very obviously pressed back into my growing member. I saw the corner of her precious lips crop up in a smile as my hands shadowed hers.

“Just take the shot, I’ll keep you steady,” I breathed into her ear and she shivered against my frame. As she pulled back, I moved in kind, but as she moved her hands forward to take the shot I kissed behind her ear, and the cue stick scratched the corner of the ball. She turned around and playfully slapped me on the chest.

“Ass.” she said, her lips inches away from mine.

“You’ve got a nice one.” I said before holding her tight on the hips and sitting her on the edge of the table, kissing her hotly on the lips. Her hands fell to mine and pulled them away.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said in between a handful of more kisses.

“My house is a couple of blocks away, we can walk,” I interlocked fingers with her, and we left the building. The two block walk felt like an eternity as whatever last bastion of over-thinking existed in my head had me imagining how funny and out of place we would look walking together if we were on campus; a volleyball player and a nerd, but by the time I had her pressed up against my door, my lips on hers and nipping at her neck, I had all but forgotten the social hierarchy. My hands fumbled with unlocking the door and as I got it open I pushed her in against a wall, lifting her up so she could wrap those long, luscious legs around me, our crotches wrestling against each other. My hands squeezed the globes of her ass and I carried her into my bedroom, where I tossed her onto the bed and peeled off my shirt.

She looked up at me and licked her lips, spreading her legs as I fell into her, my clothed dick aching to get inside of whatever perfection her jeans hid. Her nails scratched over my bare back as my tongue wrestled with hers and we moaned into each other’s mouths. One of my hands began explored up her shirt, but she grabbed my wrist, smiled, and shook her head, before tightly wrapping her legs around me and flipping me onto my back. She ground against my crotch as both her hands clasped my cheeks tight, pulling my face up so our lips hotly met again.

Breaking the kiss, she pulled up to peel off her shirt, tan abs glistened with a hint of sweat and a green bra that matched the thong I saw before struggled to contain her pert breasts. My cock pulsed harder underneath her as I stared up at perfect, while her hand found the clasp and undid it, her kartal escort bra falling to the side, and two incredible, tan tits capped with very hard looking pink nipples were released. I bridged up to kiss them but she shoved me back, and lay on her side behind me, her nipples grazing my chest.

“Nope.” she said, between kisses. “Keep your hands to the side and let me work, babe.” her right hand began trailing fingers down my chest, and stomach, resting on my happy trail. Very gently, she scratched my skin there, and my breath caught in my throat. Her luscious lips trailed paths up my neck and behind my ear, as her talented tongue licked my lobe, before her soft voice deeply penetrated my mind.

“I had a study group with your ex last year,” her hand fell lower, palm and fingers tracing the line where the top of my jeans touched my skin. “one night, we all started talking about our sex lives…,” a finger tip or two slide under the material and very gently rubbed the top of my crotch. “I knew I didn’t have the most or best experiences because I knew the other girl in our group…she was kinda slutty,” she whispered warmly, while her fingertips retreated and her hand as a whole ran over my thickness through the denim of my jeans, “but when your ex started talking about you…,” she undid the button and pressed a finger into the exposed skin underneath, “and your long, tan, thick, cock,” her thumb and forefinger gripped the zipper and pulled it down, my breathing reached a fever pitch and my heart nearly burst out of my chest, “I just knew I had to try it,” her hand slipped into my jeans, and I felt her lips smile against my ear as her fingers wrapped around my throbbing length, sliding it out of its confines, “That night after practice I stretched out in my spanks on one of the locker room benches,” I closed my eyes, bit my lips, and squeezed the covers as she ran her hand all the way and down my shaft, before gently playing with my head, “I sunk my two fingers into my tight little cunt and imagined you stretching me,” her hand wandered to my heavy balls and cupped them. “Oooh, you’re shaved.” she moved her head above me, looked me in the eye, and kissed me on the lips before separating by a centimeter; “So am I,”

I couldn’t hold back any longer, as she stroked my and fondled my balls my right hand began to undo her jeans button and unzip the zipper before my fingers began to press against her thong.

“Fuck,” she moaned into my ear as I slide a finger between the material and her skin, teasing her clit. She squeezed my cock tighter which started a cycle of me pressing my finger onto her love button harder, and before I knew it we were nearly getting each other off. My other hand stopped her stroking as I stopped pressing into her clit, and she gave me a confused look.

“I want you to ride my face.” I said before kissing her tightly and letting her stand for a second to pull off her jeans and me to slide out of mine.

“I’ve never had this done to me before,” she breathed wordlessly as she crawled up my frame.

“No one’s ever let you ride their face?” I inquired.

“No one’s ever given me oral,” she admitted as she propped herself up with her knees on both sides of my head, looking down at me and working her nipples. I smiled as my hands found her ass and I held her in place, licking and kissing up and down her thighs, her body quivering in my hands, wanting nothing more than to drop down on my lips. I kissed right above her pussy, than ran a tongue between the folds, and laid my head back down, releasing her ass, and in a flash she drove her pussy down onto my lips, one hand grabbing the bed frame and the other grabbing tufts of my hair. She bucked wildly and began to moan as she rode my lips and tongue, and I inhaled the sweet, sweaty scent of her perfecting, one of my hands squeezing her ass, the other pressing against her clit as I worked her over with my tongue and lips. She cussed and moaned and groaned as orgasms washed through her body and into my mouth, and she eventually slowed to a stop, raising up on her knees again.

“Fuck. You’re perfect,” she breathed, running a hand through her küçükçekmece escort hair. She quickly spun around, and now her pussy and heavenly ass hovered over my mouth as she began kissing paths foward down my stomach, and ran her tongue up the shaft my cock, before capturing the head in my warm mouth. Her hands worked my cock and balls and I gently bucked up to meet her actions, my hands finding her globes and pulling her tight cunt back down on my face. I felt her moans vibrate over my pulsing member as my tongue slide deeper into her pussy, and I slowly pressed her asshole with my thumb. “Fuuuuuck,” she moaned, taking her mouth off my cock and burying her face in my thigh, her hand still wildly stroking me as she pressed her as back against my thumb. I slowly slide it into her tight hole and started to suck on her clit as more orgasms began to wave over her.

“I’m close Steph,” I groaned before attacking her clit again. With the energy she had left, she captured my cockhead again with her mouth, pursing her lips and sucking wetly, her tongue flicking over the hole at the top. She squeezed and cradled my balls as I thumbed her ass and sucked on her clit, and I felt my balls tighten and cum rise in my shaft. I fucked her face furiously as she sucked on my throbbing head, and stopped only when I felt an orgasm build and blast out of the head, and she expertly caught it in her mouth, continue to stroke my shaft as every last drop found it’s way out. I finally stopped eating her out just so I could lay back and relax for a few seconds, as she moved her crotch off of me and laid on her stomach beside me.

My cock went half limp and lay to the side on my thigh, as she kissed my leg and stroke it with one finger, juices seeping out of her cunt.

I lazily rubbed her ass as my cock recovered, and as it showed signs of life again she smiled, and kissed the head.

“Like I said,” she bridged up and crawled over to my crotch, “I need this bad boy inside of me,” she hovered her dripping cunt over my cock head as she squeezed it and jerked it slowly, the back of my hand stroking her thigh. Slowly she lowered herself and rubbed the head up and down my folds moaning as my cockhead got coated with her delicious juices. “Fuuuuuuck,” she groaned as she sank inch by inch onto my raging erection. For a few seconds she just sat there, as I stretched her pussy and throbbed inside of her. We both were in ecstasy. FInally, I bridged up and kissed her on the lips, then the neck, then the collar bone, and finally settled on hungrily eating her breasts and nipples as my hands fell to the small of her back; and we were off the races.

Her pussy clenched my member tightly as I helped her bounce up and down and thrust up to meet her bucking hips. She dug her nails into my back and moaned into my ear as I licked and lapped at her skin, my cock being expertly choked my her perfect cunt. At an even pace, I slide one of my hands down to cup her ass, with my lips and tongue trailing a path back up the middle of her chest, her neck, her chin, and then finally our lips and tongues found each other again as I started to play with her asshole again. She cussed into my mouth and moaned in between kisses.

I felt another orgasm building, and she clearly felt the same as we both picked up speed and got to the point where we could only hold each other tightly and focus on slamming into each other, her hands held my head and lips against her neck as she moaned loudly into my ear, her walls clenching and choking me as her final orgasm of the night pulsed through her athletic body. Her cunt milked my cock and I exploded deep withing her, shots of warm, wet, ropy cum flying through her depths, and as we slowed, droplets waved back out over my cock and onto my balls. We sat, still intertwined for a second before she pushed me onto my back, dipped a finger into her worn out pussy, and got out what cum was out, before deepthroating her own finger and hungrily sucking it off. Her lips then found my cock and balls again and she quickly ate up all of our mixed juices, moaning while doing so.

Finally she kissed back up my stomach and laid her head on my chest, her abs pressing down on my softening penis. With one last kiss of my chest she closed her eyes.

“Set two tomorrow, kid,” we laughed and I wrapped an arm around her nude form before kissing the top of her head.

“I suppose I’ll take your ass then.”

All she could do was smile as we fell asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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