Difference between Boys and Men Ch. 02

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The story of Butch Oliver, a recently divorced retired Marine with a sexual appetite that was still a challenge to satisfy even at age 52, continues.


With the same dedication Butch Oliver exhibited with everything he did, the retired Marine kept curling the barbell as sweat poured off his body. The fact that he had spent almost all night in bed with a neighbor girl didn’t seem to affect his energy level this morning, and in fact the only part of the 52 year old that really ached was his tongue, having used it virtually non stop on the furry pussy of Meredith, the virgin next door who turned out to be nothing like he had expected.

As he worked out he looked towards the girl’s house when he saw the girl’s mother putting things in their car, probably for the trip to Meredith’s aunt that the gabby girl had told him about, the trip being the reason she wouldn’t be over to pay the grizzled veteran another visit this day. The talkative teen had also shared other tidbits on her life without being pressed.

Besides revealing that while the 18 year old was a virgin, she was not shy in saying she was known for being more than generous with her oral skills, a talent that Butch had to admit were amazing and beyond her years. Meredith also noted that her father had left her and her mother, something the trucker hadn’t noticed since he was a way a lot, and confessed that her mother would often look out the window in his direction when he was working in the yard.

Meredith said that since her father skipped out Mom had been acting squirrely of late and suggested the woman had the hots for him, and while Butch had never considered making a move on her because she was married – well, she wasn’t married anymore and wasn’t a bad looking woman, skinny like her daughter but with a much bigger bust.

Who knows, Butch mused to himself? When Meredith took off for college maybe he would pay the gal a visit, because she was just a few feet away. For now though there was Meredith, and while she wasn’t a raving beauty and didn’t have much of a body, she was cute in her own way and furthermore had promised him a go at another one of her orifices besides her mouth, somehow in her mind keeping her technically a virgin.

For the hell of it Butch decided to go outside, so clad only his shorts he stepped out and moved his garbage can to the front of the house, making a big show of it to see if Meredith’s mother would notice him. She saw Butch alright and made a point of waving and calling out to him.

“Hello Mrs. Castle,” Butch called out, flexing his arm as he waved over, and as he did Meredith was getting into the car looking very tired but managing a timid wave for his benefit.

“I could see myself making a house call to you,” Butch mumbled as he watched them leave, and then he tried to put Meredith out of his mind so he could concentrate on what he was planning to do, painting the shed out back, but sometimes the best laid plans…

Butch didn’t see the girl coming up the driveway until she was right up on him, and the first thing he could think of when he saw the chubby redhead was what she was selling – cookies or magazines or something else he did want. She was a neighborhood girl and was wearing a windbreaker with the crest of the school Meredith went to, an odd wardrobe choice since it was warm and going to be hot, but since she was a female he didn’t just tell her to get the hell out of here.

“Excuse me,” the cherubic ginger said, offering a smile that revealed a tipped tooth behind full pink lips. “Are you Sgt. Oliver?”

“Was. Retired so now I’m just Butch, a trucker. What can I do for you?” he asked while surveying the plump kid’s body, mostly hidden except for sturdy looking calves that were pale and shapely.

“Do you know Meredith? Meredith Castle?” the girl asked. “She lives next door. I’m a friend of hers.”

“If you’re looking for the Castles I’m afraid you just missed them because they just left,” he started to explain but the redhead shook her head.

“I know they just left. I was waiting until they took off so I could talk to you,” the girl responded. “I just wanted to know if you knew her.”

“I do,” Butch said. “Why is it you want to know, and who the hell are you?”

“Oh. Sorry,” she replied. “I’m Kelly Flynn. We live down on Kent Drive.”

“Hello Kelly Flynn. Not too many Italian folks around here,” Butch said.

“Italian? I’m Irish,” Kelly responded with a quizzical look..

“I was kidding,” Butch said to the least Italian girl he had ever seen.

“Oh. Anyway me and Meredith go to Mercy High. Actually went there. We just graduated,” Kelly explained.

“She had a graduation party the other day,” Butch said. “Didn’t see you there.”

“Meredith’s mother doesn’t like me to hang around her,” Kelly admitted. “She thinks I’m a bad influence on her.”

“Are you?”

“Maybe. I’m not a bad person,” Kelly told the older man. “Anyway, she said you’re a friend of hers and I was kinda wondering whether we could be friends too.”

“I’m canlı bahis a great deal older than you,” Butch said with a raised eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you have friends more your age? I have socks older than you.”

“Kids are dumb. Besides, I get along better with older guys,” Kelly explained and then looked around before saying, “Look Sgt. Oliver. Please don’t tell Meredith I came here to see you. She’d flip because she thinks you’re her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Butch snorted. “I don’t know what the girl told you but…”

“Everything,” the redhead said without emotion. “Meredith exaggerates sometimes but she doesn’t lie to me. She told me how you caught her giving head to Woody and how she met you back there and sucked your dick, and then she came over here and spent the night. She told me all about it – and you. Am I right?”

“I don’t discuss my private life,” Butch said curtly while wondering whether this was a record time for kissing and telling. “That’s something you young ladies might consider.”

“It’s okay. I mean, after Meredith told me all that stuff it got me so hot that I came over here to meet you. I might not be so great looking but I never have to go looking for it, you know? I never really saw you up close before but man – you’ve got muscles on muscles,” Kelly said. “I also know that while B.J. – that’s her nickname at school – does her thing, there’s stuff she doesn’t do. Stuff I like doing a lot. That’s why I was hoping we could be friends, if you weren’t doing anything today that is.”

“Well,” Butch sighed as he looked back at the shed which suddenly didn’t look that badly in need of paint. “I have some things to do.”

“I know I’m not pretty and I’m kinda fat…”

“Chubby might be a better word for you,” Butch said.

“I do have stuff that guys like though,” Kelly said as she looked around again before unzipping the school windbreaker and pulling it open.

“I was wondering why you were wearing that on such a humid day,” Butch chuckled.

“Mom would shit if I left the house like this,” the redhead explained as she pulled the jacket off to show the older man what she was wearing underneath, a plain white wife beater t-shirt that seemed over-matched by the huge breasts it struggled to contain. “It was my old man’s shirt.”

“I imagine you look better in it than he does,” Butch observed.

“So what do you think?”

“I think you’re a cute kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” she sniffed.

“18 is a kid to me.”

“I’m not 18, I’m 19. I got held back in fourth grade,” Kelly told him. “Some people thought I was stupid but I’m not. I was told I couldn’t behave and was a little wild.”

“Was?” Butch laughed.

“So what do you think?” Kelly said as she followed the man back to the garage where he set the garbage can in place.

“I’m flattered but I’m really sweaty,” he explained, although the way he stared at the girl’s breasts hanging down to her waist had him saying it without much conviction.

“I don’t care,” the bold ginger informed him as she came up to the older man and squeezed his arm before leaning forward and kissing his shoulder. “I like sweaty guys. You aren’t going to make me beg are you? I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

Looking up at the veteran with a look she was trying to make seem seductive, she took Butch’s wrist in hand and raised it up high before leaning forward and nuzzling under his arm, even giving the moist tuft of air a kiss before leaning back.

“Sweet and salty,” she giggled.

“You’re something.”

“I know,” Kelly said with a grin. “I also know I’ve got something you like.”

“They’re something alright,” he admitted as he looked at her breasts that hung unsupported down to her thick waist.

“No. Something else,” Kelly informed him as she took the waistband of her shorts in hand. “Meredith said you dig chicks with hairy pussies.”

The veteran stood amazed as the girl dug the shorts out of her soft belly and lowered them just far enough to expose the trail of burnt orange hairs that led down from her belly button and the timberline of her pubic hair.

“Why don’t I take a shower and you can come back later?” Butch offered.

“Go take a shower. Can I use your phone?”

“Sure. Come on in,” Butch told her as he led the ginger into the house, looking all around like he was stealing something, before closing the door behind them. “Make yourself comfortable, unless you want to join me that is.”

“I just got out of the shower myself,” Kelly told him as he went into the bathroom and turned on the water.

As he scrubbed up the veteran wondered whether they put something in the water in this town, because while he never had much trouble finding companionship this was ridiculous. Despite her obvious assets Kelly didn’t have quite the same appeal to him as Meredith but the way she acted suggested she had a kinky side to her, and that was something that interested him.

Butch turned off the shower, pulled the curtain open and grabbed the bahis siteleri towel but was a bit shocked when he saw the redhead standing in the doorway watching him.

“Make your call?”

“No. I didn’t need to use the phone. I just wanted to get invited inside,” Kelly confessed. “Actually, when you invited me to take a shower with you I panicked and said I already took one. That was dumb.”

“Would have been a snug fit with two big people like us in it together anyway,” Butch noted.

“Can I dry you off?” Kelly offered.

“Be my guest,” Butch responded, and as he handed her the towel he watched the girl’s eyes look down, the double take she gave making a chill go down his spine as she knelt down and dried his legs.

“Meredith exaggerates sometimes but damn!” Kelly mused as he rubbed the cotton over his calves. “Sgt. Oliver?”

“Butch,” he reminded her as he observed her drying while keeping her eyes fixed on his flaccid organ.

“Can’t I call you Sgt. Oliver? Meredith says that’s what her mother calls you.”

“As you wish.”

“Anyway, what I was going to say is that you’ve got the biggest limp dick I’ve ever seen,” Kelly said as the towel went to his thighs and hips. “All these veins makes it look like one of those maps they have at the museum – I don’t know what they’re called but they’re like three dimensional and show the rivers and ridges?”

“Raised relief maps?” Butch chuckled, and when the chubby ginger nodded he added, “I’m glad this is becoming an educational moment. You don’t have to dry it if you’d rather not you know?”

“You’re kidding, right?” she laughed as he lifted the heavy limp tool and deftly peeled back the foreskin. “Mushroom. I love the way the heads come in all different shapes, and when a guy is uncut it’s sort of a surprise when you unveil it.”

“You seem to know what you’re doing,” he said as he watched Kelly meticulously dry the crown and the hood.

“Yeah, my old man wasn’t circumcised either,” Kelly said in a matter-of-fact tone. “He wasn’t nearly as big as you though.”

“Uh,” Butch mumbled, for once almost at a loss for words momentarily before managing to ask, “None of my business of course, but how do you know what your father’s anatomy looks like.”

“Actually he’s not my father, he’s my stepfather. Long story. You ever see that TV show Father Knows Best they rerun on channel 6?”

“I remember it – hell I saw it when it first came out. Showing my age I guess,” he admitted as the drying continued on his scrotum after the girl coaxed his thighs open a bit.

“Well let’s just say that my family was nothing like that and my step father was sure as hell not Robert Young,” Kelly chuckled. “Hope I’m not freaking you out.”

“No, but it makes me even more glad we never had children,” Butch mused.

“Maybe if we get to be good friends I’ll tell you about it,” Kelly said as she finally left the veteran’s crotch and moved the towel up his still flat stomach.

“If you kept drying me down there I think you would have worn out the towel.”

“Didn’t hear you complaining. I was trying to get you hard,” Kelly giggled as she dried his chest. “I was getting there too, but there’s other neat stuff to play with, like this. Do you lift weights?”

“Have to,” Butch sighed. “Sitting on my ass in a truck for long stretches would have me fat in no time otherwise.”

“I’d like to watch you lift weights sometime,” Kelly admitted. “Lift your arms for me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Man, what biceps! You’ve got a lot of hair under your arms,” Kelly noted as she rubbed his armpits with the cotton before leaning forward and kissing the muscled armpit.

“Smells a little better now I suspect.”

“Hmmm… different, not better,” Kelly corrected. “Told you I like sweaty guys, as long as the sweat is fresh – and better yet if I caused it.”

“Keep doing that and you’ll never get me dry,” Butch mentioned before taking in breath through his teeth when the redhead ran her tongue up and down the furry hollow.

“Your cock is getting harder,” Kelly said when she felt the semi-turgid organ against her hip. “And you’re almost dry too. Should I leave when I’m done?”

“That’s up to you honey,” Butch replied as Kelly dried his back. “I’m too kind a host to throw you out.”

“I’m glad. Why don’t you spread your legs a little for me Sgt. Oliver? Bend over for me.”

“You’re giving me the deluxe treatment, are you?” Butch wondered aloud before letting out a startled gasp. “That’s not the towel is it?”

Kelly’s fingers slipped between his buttocks and toyed with the furry crevice before kneeling down and getting a better look when her digit found his anus and rubbed it.

“Man, the view back here – the way your balls swing way down? So sexy,” Kelly mentioned as she pushed her finger very softly into the balloon knot as the older man’s body shuddered.

“There. All dry,” Kelly announced as she stood back up, and when she looked around the veteran’s burly shoulder and down at his manhood bahis şirketleri she mused aloud, “Did I do that?”

“What do you think?” Butch responded as he made his erection spring up and down a couple of times.

“Did you ever measure it? No? I bet it’s a foot long,” Kelly guessed.

“I sincerely doubt that,” Butch said with a shake of his head.

“It looks really angry,” Kelly mentioned.

“Well, it likes to be teased a little but after a while…”

“I was just playing. Like I told you, I’ll do anything you want.”

“You like it a little rough?”

“Just don’t kill me,” she said as she leaned up and kissed his leathery cheek while rubbing the top of his crew cut and noting, “Forgot to dry your hair.”

As Kelly reached up and ran the towel through the brush cut Butch looked down at the sprinkling of freckles on her round shoulders and upper back, her skin so pale that they seemed to glow, and his cock was crushed between him and her tummy.

“Why don’t we go into the bedroom so I can get a good look at you too?” Butch suggested while taking her lightly by the back of the neck and guiding her through the living room and to the destination.

“Didn’t make the bed,” he apologized.

“Would have been a waste of time,” Kelly cracked as she looked around the otherwise immaculate room. “Geez, this is so neat and tidy – the whole place seems to be. You should see my room.”

“Maybe next time. Guess I’m just a neat person,” Mr. Oliver noted as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Now let’s get a look at you. Get naked for me – slowly.”

“What first?” Kelly asked. “And please don’t look too close at the bad parts.”

“No such thing on a girl’s body,” Butch informed the ginger. “How about the shorts first?”

“Okay,” Kelly replied as she lowered the tan shorts down off her fleshy but firm thighs and plump but shapely calves, and Butch grinned when she saw her overflowing panties.

“Oh geez,” Kelly groaned when she looked down and saw the burnt orange hairs peeking out the sides of the white panties, with the outline of her bush visible through the cotton. “Told you.”

“So you did. Now how about your old man’s tank top?” Butch advised. “Pull it up slowly for me – that’s it.”

“Nice,” Butch observed as she pulled the t-shirt out and over her massive breasts, the pale, bell-shaped jugs hanging down to the thick waist and capped with large areolas that were a very light rose color. “Now freeze like that.”

“Like being tied up in a dungeon,” Kelly suggested as she stood in place with her t-shirt around her wrists.

“You speak from experience?”

“No,” Kelly said with what seemed like a tinge of regret. “Seen movies though and I think it would be cool if I have a nice dungeon master.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Butch noted, grinning when he looked at the large hollows which were coated with a burnt orange shadow. “Looks like you get 5 o’clock shadow by noon.”

“Oh crap,” Kelly replied when she looked under her raised arm and saw what the older man was looking at. “I shaved this morning. Honest. It’s just this dumb Lady Sunbeam m Mom gave me as a present. It sucks.”

“Electric razors never cut as close as a blade,” Butch informed the girl as he rubbed his chin. “It doesn’t bother me if you shave or not. It’s sort of like sandpaper when you lick it now.”

“Ooh – and you thought I was kinky?” Kelly laughed. “Last winter I didn’t shave at all and you wouldn’t have believed what I looked like.”

“I can imagine.”

“Kind of like a red haired version of you. Can I lower my arms now? My fingers are getting numb.”

“You would never last in a dungeon,” Butch said while nodding, and after the girl set the shirt aside he directed her. “Grab your tits. Cup them.”

“Like this?” Kelly asked as her hands hefted the weighty globes whose flesh seemed to be quite yielding.

“Perfect. A word of advice though. As much as you probably don’t want to wear a bra, those beauties will really be hanging low after a while if you don’t.”

“I usually do, except when I want to show them off sometimes. Problem is I outgrew most of my bras, and Penney’s doesn’t sell my size so Mom took me to this place downtown that sells all sizes for a fortune,” Kelly related. “The woman that owns the place took me into this back room to fit me while my Mom rotted out in the store reading magazines. It took forever because this lady kept measuring me over and over and had me try on all this stuff.”

“I would have liked being a fly on the wall for that,” Butch said. “Something tells me that the woman was interested in more than selling bra.”

“You sound like my Mom,” Kelly said. “I think you are right though. She wants me to come back some night without Mom so she can see how the bra she sold us is holding up.”

“You like girls as much as guys honey?” Butch wondered aloud as he lightly stroked his cock while watching the teen continue to knead her breasts, and when the girl’s chubby cheeks blushed he continued. “Maybe you and Meredith?”

“I thought you said I shouldn’t talk about my private life,” she reminded the veteran.

“Touche!” Butch responded but then suggested, “I was just think what it would be like if Meredith was here now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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