Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 07

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“What’s your idea Ryan?” I asked, looking over at him.

I was supposed to be the responsible adult escort for Ryan and a friend to go to his school dance. But earlier that night I had been dressed up in a costume—by Ryan’s older sister—as a lady bumblebee, complete with giant tits, a short dress, thigh-high stockings and heels. Ryan’s had then essentially used me as a female mannequin to induce his sister into sucking his giant cock while I watched, touching myself, before making out with his sister for his viewing pleasure then making out with him. The day had already spiraled out of control. Now his date had cancelled and he was looking at me with a glimmer in his eye.

Ryan just smirked at me and looked towards the road, driving.

“Ryannn,” my voice had a slightly high-pitch whiny sound to it, “what’s your idea? What’s going on?”

“Shhhhh girl, calm down. You’ll see.”

I swallowed but clammed up. I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere if I just sat there sounding like a broken record.

We drove in silence. Ryan reached up his hand to the back of my head, where he began running his fingers through my now-long hair.

“Just relax, Janelle. It’s going to be great.” He rested his hand on the back of my neck and started kneading. I felt my tenseness loosen. My head tipped back into his strong hand as he continued his massage.

“You’re so tense back here baby. Maybe it’s because you’re carrying all this weight around.”

His hand left my neck and I felt him squeeze my left breast firmly. My eyes flew open and I swatted at his hand. He laughed and I couldn’t help but grin, looking over at his young handsome face.

“Here we are baby” he said.

I looked out and saw we had arrived at Thompson High. Ryan’s high school and my Alma Matter.

Ryan got out of the car and came over to my side to open the door. “Ryan, what…eeeek!” I was cut off as Ryan wrapped his strong arm around my waist and lifted me down beside him, effortlessly.

After I caught my breath I continued “…wha…what about your date?”

“YOU are going to be my date, Janelle.”

I stared up at him, dumbfounded. What? He had to be kidding me. I was a man in his 30’s, I couldn’t go to a high school dance as a student’s date! “Ryan, are you crazy!?”

“Not at all. I needed a date, and here you are, looking fucking sexy as hell.”

I blushed, “Ryan…I…don’t think this is appropriate…” I stammered. “We could get into a lot of trouble…” One of the reasons I had looked forward to tonight was the opportunity to speak to a few of my former teachers and school administrators from when I was a student, who I knew still worked at Thompson and would likely be working tonight. This was too dangerous of a scenario. They could recognize me!

“Oh…but don’t you want to dance with me, Janelle?” Ryan wrapped his hands around me and rested them on my ass over my dress, squeezing hard and pulling me into him. My small body pressed up against his large strong one, I could feel his massive manhood pressing into me. My hands rested on his chest, feeling his huge muscles under the thin green lantern muscle shirt.

The fear drove my resistance on a little further. I said in a small voice, almost a whisper. “Of course I do…” Why did I say that? “But Ryan, don’t you remember the conversation we had? About the appropriateness of our relationship.”

Ryan ignored me and continued. “Besides, don’t you know the halloween dance tradition, baby?” I blinked, staring up at him, feeling his hands kneading my ass. Oh my god. I remembered. For years and years the rumors had generally been that if she hadn’t yet done so, a girl would give her boyfriend her first blow job the night of the halloween dance. I had never experienced it of course – I was in college by the time I had my first girlfriend.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear now. “C’mon, it’ll be fun Janelle” He nibbled my ear and pressed his pelvis into me. I felt the length of his huge cock pressing into my stomach. I moaned, unthinking, and brought my hands down, sliding over the large contours of his abs. It had been so long since I’d touched him. My hands were just about to make contact with Ryan’s cock when he abruptly stepped away.

I almost fell forward but Ryan had grabbed my hand and was holding on firmly. “Let’s go.” He said.

He started towards the door and I fell in behind him. My dress had ridden up a bit and I could feel the wind against the bare skin of the bottom half of my ass. I reached around trying to pull the dress down with my free hand. I got it over my ass but it would go no further. God this dress was short. What was I thinking coming outside in this costume?

As we walked in the front doors I felt a rush of nostalgia, but not the good kind. High school had been rough for me, full of awkwardness and social anxiety. I had always felt out of place and was always envious of the “cool” crowd. Now, my stomach dropped as we entered the hallways.

I immediately saw Principal Janice Winters standing off casino oyna to the side, talking to a young pretty redhead I didn’t know, likely around my age. Shit—Ms. Winters was principal when I had been at this school as well. She would recognize me!

I pulled at Ryan’s arm. “Ryannnn” I whispered. But he continued forward, even walking towards the two women!

Ryan said “Hello ladies,” and I felt my world crashing down on me.

They looked up. I watched their eyes and, almost in unison, they both quickly scaned Ryan up and down. I noticed the younger woman biting her lip as her eyes scanned Ryan’s exposed arms, resting there. Principal Winters eyes then fell on me. She scanned up my legs, took in my large breasts, then rested momentarily on my face. I looked at Principal Winters, waiting for that flash of recognition. But instead she gave a slight disapproving frown then diverted their gaze back to Ryan.

“Oh, Ryan…Hi…” said the younger one, nervously. Principal Winters replied more sternly. “Please use our names Ryan. That is no way to speak to your principal and biology teacher.”

“Oh, of course. Hello Ms. Winters…Hello Sarah..or rather, Ms. Daniels.” Ryan said the second name with a grin and I saw him subtly wink at the redhead. Ms. Daniels flushed crimson and looked away. Huh?

Ms. Winters had missed the wink because she was looking at me again, suspiciously. My heart began beating rapidly, Shit, my life was about to be over!

She spoke. “This young lady does not attend school here, Ryan.”

Young lady?? What was she talking about?

“Yes, Ms. Winters. This is Janelle. She doesn’t go here now but she’s a recent grad.” Fuck –

Ms. Winters took another look at me. “Hmmm…She does look a little familiar… How long ago did you graduate young lady?”

“Oh…just a few years ago?” I said quietly, and in a high-pitched feminine voice—not wanting to ruin the facade. Why was I answering in the form of a question!?

“Hmmm…” Continued Principal Winters, still looking at me disapprovingly. “Very well. You two behave.”

I nodded my head vigorously, incredibly relieved to be free from her scrutiny. “Yes, of course, Ms. Winters. Say thank you, Janelle.” Ryan said to me like I was a toddler.

“Thank you.” I practically whispered.

Ryan tugged on my left arm and as we passed the teachers to the right of us, I saw him reach back and pinch the ass of the biology teacher! Holy shit, I thought.

Ms. Daniels jerked and stifled a yelp. I turned around then, not wanting to have any more interactions with the Principal. I was flooded with relief having made it through that interaction and I clung hard to Ryan’s large arm.

We stepped through a door and my senses were immediately assaulted by the party. The gym was full of high school students – some dancing but mostly standing around. Boys mostly stood with boys and girls with girls, with some exceptions.

We walked over to a punch table. As I scanned the room, I took in all the young boys and girls – the girls mostly wearing slutty costumes and the boys mostly wearing geeky ones. I quickly concluded that Ryan was the biggest stud here – and he was with me! I thought in wonder.

Ryan held a drink to my lips “Try this babe.” I opened my mouth and gulped it down in one motion, nervous. “Wow” Ryan said. “Impressive swallowing.”

I grinned at him, then my gaze fell on two girls standing across the room, looking at us. Shit! They were sisters who lived a couple doors down from me. Why were they looking at us?

“Ryan!” I whispered urgently. “I think those girls might recognized me! They’re my neighbors.”

“No, Janelle. That’s not why they’re looking.”

I looked over at him inquiringly. He continued. “You’re here with me. That alone is going to get some attention around here.” He grinned, shrugging. Then he stepped up to me and put his arm around my back, pulling me into him easily. “But also, you look fucking sexy in that dress.” Pressing up against Ryan, looking up at him with my hand on his strong chest, I smiled in spite of my nerves.

“Come on, lets dance.” Crap, I didn’t know how to dance.

But Ryan was pulling me onto the mostly empty dance floor. We stopped and he started moving his body. Holy shit, he could dance. Ryan had rhythm and style, gyrating his hips and moving to the music. I just stood there dumbly.

However, Ryan grabbed my hands and started to lead me, and I realized that with a partner who knows what they’re doing leading the way, it wasn’t so hard. As the music continued I let Ryan guide my body, spinning me and holding me. I began to laugh and smile, this was actually fun!

Then I looked around. Everyone was watching. I missed a step and tripped.

Of course Ryan caught me. But as we continued, I was moving awkwardly again, nervous. Ryan asked “What’s wrong, Janelle.”

“I don’t think I can do this, Ryan.” Moving awkwardly and slowly. “Everyone’s watching!”

“They’re just jealous. Don’t think about them. It’s just me and canlı casino you baby.”

Ryan put his hand on my chin and brought my face so that it was facing him. He pulled me close now, so that his groin pressed into me. I felt the vague shape of his huge cock rubbing against me. He grabbed my hips and started swaying them back and forth, grinding my body into his.

I found myself running my hands up the sides of his thin muscle green lantern shirt, feeling his cobblestone muscles pressing out. Ryan’s hands moved to my lower back, and then my ass, pulling me into him and squeezing. My hands continued up, and I squeezed his bowling ball shoulders, so large and sexy. I ran my fingers over the outline of his large lat muscles and brought my fingers together around his neck.

I was staring into Ryan’s eyes now as he smirked down at me. He looked so fucking hot. I really couldn’t believe he was there with me.

The song ended and, Ryan said he would be right back. To my surprise he abruptly wandered off and I was left standing, alone in the middle of the dance floor.

I slowly wandered over to the punch bowl, self conscious of the stares I was attracting left and right, from girls and guys alike. I was deathly afraid of someone, anyone, recognizing me. But as I cast around more carefully, I realized with a shock that they weren’t trying to recognize me, they were checking me out! Girls would look annoyed or jealous and boys lustful or embarrassed to have been caught staring. I felt a rush of pride at that—maybe I wasn’t a complete embarrassment to Ryan after all?

Ryan was taking his time and, when I had been standing alone for what must have been more than 15 minutes, I felt someone clear their throat beside me. I looked over and Ms. Winters was standing there, looking at me carefully.

My heart dropped. “So, Janelle,” the Principal said. “I must say you do look familiar, but I can’t put my finger on who you are. Suffice it to say, your graduation can’t have been too recent.”

“Ummm…” I replied.

“Listen here young lady. You shouldn’t be parading yourself about at a high-school kids dance. Though Ryan is not, many of the students here are underage. It is highly inappropriate for you to be here, especially dressed like a lady off the street! Ryan is a stupid and irresponsible boy who should know better than pull this kind of stunt.”

I went from scared, to embarrassed, to livid on the turn of a dime. How dare she say that about Ryan! And how dare she basically call me a hooker!

“What are you talking about!?” I spat at her.

“Aren’t there men closer to your age that would be more appropriate for you to throw yourself at? You don’t belong with Ryan.”

I saw red. How dare she. She wanted him for herself. Everyone here did! Just then I saw Ryan walking across the dance floor.

I spoke to the principal now. “You’re just jealous that I’m with Ryan and you’re not, huh bitch? I’ll do what I want.”

With that, I stormed past her towards Ryan, feeling her eyes on my back. Knowing she was watching, fuming, I swayed my hips as I approached the teenage stud. MY date. His grin widened as I approached.

The music was pumping hard now. I reached Ryan, put my hand around his neck, and pulled him into a deep and hard kiss. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, running it against his, feeling him smile into my mouth as I kissed him. God he tasted good. I wrapped one stocking-clad leg around one of his, feeling the thickness of his tree trunk leg pressing against my thin soft ones.

As we separated I looked hungrily into his eyes. I turned around slowly so that we both faced the principal, who was indeed still watching. I leaned back into Ryan’s large body and started rubbing my body up and down his. I felt the friction against my bare back in the low cut dress. I grabbed his hands and brought them down onto my body. Ryan obliged. I rested one hand on my stomach and brought the other to one of my breasts, where Ryan started squeezing with my encouragement.

I groaned and threw my head back, bringing my hand up again and pulling Ryan’s face onto mine, kissing him enthusiastically. It felt invigorating taking control. We continued our makeout session on the dance floor for another minute until the rhythm of the music stepped up again.

Acting on pure instinct now, I broke our kiss and bent over in front of Ryan and put my hands on the floor. I began grinding my ass into him, feeling his still-soft but huge cock pressed between my ass cheeks. I looked out across the dance floor and found Ms. Winters staring, her mouth half open. I smiled wickedly. I glanced over my shoulder and up at Ryan and saw he was looking at her too, his serious intense look on his face. Yes! I thought, what a fucking stud. My fucking stud, I thought. Suck it, Ms. Winters.

I was wrapped up in being Janelle now. Janelle thought Ryan was the sexiest thing in the room. A teenage muscle god. Janelle couldn’t keep her hands off him, couldn’t stop staring at him. She needed more.

I grabbed kaçak casino Ryan’s hand and began pulling him away from the dance floor. Ryan followed and we passed by the Principal. I barely gave her a glance now, hardly conscious of her existence anymore.

I dragged Ryan out of the gymnasium and down the hall. “Where we going, baby?”

I giggled and turned, pressing my hand against his chest and pushing him into a wall of lockers playfully. I gave him a wicked grin and strutted up to him, accentuating my hips as I did so. “You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Dick.”

“I have, have I?’

I pressed my body into him as seductively as I could, rolling my back so that my breasts slid up his abs and chest, pushing into him. I tried to come up with something clever to say but my eyes locked onto his handsome smile and instead I kissed him again, moving onto my tiptoes so I could reach his mouth with mine. I ran my hand through his hair and bit his lip lightly hungrily as the kiss ended.

I drew back and looked at him intensely, full of lust. My hand traveled slowly down his chest and abs as I maintained eye contact. It moved over the hem of his pants and found what it was seeking. I squeezed the shaft of his cock, feeling its size and denseness. I moaned out loud, unable to contain myself. Ryan grinned at me and I ran my hand up and down his long thick cock. Even with only a semi-chub he was unbelievably huge. “Fuckkkk Dickkk, you’re cock is so fucking big.” I moaned, rubbing him up and down, still staring at him.

“Janelle,” Ryan responded, calm and amused. “I like this side of you. Lets go somewhere a bit more private.” With that, Ryan simply picked me up, cradling me in his arms.

I giggled and brought my hands around his neck. I began planting kisses up and down his neck and defined jaw line, all while he carried me down the hall. “Where you taking me, stud?” I asked.

He just grinned and turned into a classroom marked “Biology.” He remarked “Hmm…looks like Sarah cleaned up and left. All the better for us, baby.” He shut the door behind us with a kick of his foot.

I drew him into another kiss. As I sucked on his tongue I pulled hard against the back of his head, pressing my lips hard against his. His stubble scratched my cheeks and chin.

Ryan lowered me to the ground and I pressed into him, wrapping my hands around his back and moving my face down now, trailing kisses down his body, along his chest and abs, then rising back to bite at his shirt, seeking his nipples with my teeth. My body was on fire and all I could think of was touching and feeling Ryan. My hands ran along his wide back, feeling the hard masses of muscle there.

Ryan sat down, pulling me with him and making me lose my balance. I let go of him and recovered my equilibrium. Ryan was sitting in the teacher’s chair, looking at me like he owned me. I began to bend my knees when he said. “Not yet, Janelle. I want to see that sexy body of yours.”

I swallowed hard and straightened up. One of the instructors for the exercise videos I had been watching also had instructions on lap dances. I had come across such a video one day while searching for more exercises and had found myself watching a few of them, trying some of the moves in the mirror at home. Though I had told myself that I was only learning the moves as a form of exercise, deep down I fantasized about performing them for Dick.

Slowly, staring at Ryan, I brought my hands over my body. I ran them along the outside of my legs, over my waist, up my stomach and into my breasts. I continued, keeping one hand on a breast and running the other one down again, pressing into my stomach, wanting to show off to Ryan the shape I had achieved over the past few months of hard work and radical dieting.

Ryan’s eyes followed my hands, looking at my body. He said nothing. I slowly spun around and press my ass out, feeling the dress ride up slightly, knowing that the very bottom of my ass is exposed to him. I wrapped my hands around the front of me, hugging myself, so that my fingers extended onto my back and pull in. This made my waist seem thinner and accentuates the shape of my ass.

“Such a sexy girl, Janelle.” I heard Ryan say. I felt a flush of pleasure through my body, like the heat in the room had just be turned up.

I turned back around and took a step towards him. I brought my hands down and separated his legs, running my hands up and down them once. They were so wide and large in my small hands.

I stepped away from him again and turned around. As seductively as I could, I peeled the thin dress off of my body, careful not to displace the wings, which I left on.

The cool air of the room blew against my bare skin and I felt my stomach and back get goosebumps. I was glad now that I was wearing Ryan’s sister’s panties, as I knew my ass looked great in them. I bent over, facing away from Ryan now, so that my hands touched the ground, keeping my legs straight and presenting my ass to Ryan. I swayed back and forth. I straightened up and turned around again, running my hands up my stocking-clad legs and grazing them over my stomach and breasts. Ryan looked out at me, his gaze intense, and I felt incredibly sexy in that moment, knowing I had Ryan’s attention.

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