Destiny in Daytona Ch. 04

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8===> Storm clouds come with a silver lining

One thing we all quickly learned about Florida was, that especially during the summer months, you could expect at a minimum a short rain shower each day. Whether it was late morning, mid-afternoon, or early evening; some liquid sunshine was almost guaranteed daily. We had only been on the beach for less than an hour, when the daily thunder clouds moved in for a surprise mid-morning appearance. Grabbing our beach towels, mini cooler, frisbees, and tanning lotion bottles, we managed to make the dash across the sand to the motel before the sky opened up.

Once in the room, we dumped everything on the low profile dresser and opened the drapes to watch for when the weather moved on. We had been told sometimes it was only minutes and sometimes it lasted into the night…you just waited it out or changed plans. By the time the rain had been beating on the window for better than an hour, it was becoming painfully obvious that this one was socked in for the rest of the day. That fact was confirmed by the sky being dark in all directions and the weather report on the television.

“So what do we do now?” Trent finally asked. “I don’t feel like being trapped in here all day.”

“Me neither,” Ethan added. He was sitting on the bed scrutinizing the collection of tourist attraction folders he had acquired from the lobby display when we checked in. “Maybe we could hit a museum or drive down to Cape Canaveral?”

Greg and I were sitting at the little round table next to the window. I looked out and then rolled my eyes at the idea of going out in this weather at all. He looked up from the game of solitaire he was playing and quietly offered to me with a wink, “Or we could get rid of them and play strip poker.” I laughed but nodded my head at the idea.

I announced my decision with, “You guys go if you want, but I think I would rather just hang out here and veg to be honest.”

“Me too,” Greg chimed in with. “Maybe order a pizza and find some flicks to watch.”

“What a couple of party animals you two are,” Trent teased. “Maybe if you guys hadn’t been up and running around half the night, doing God knows what, you would have a little more energy.” The smirking look he gave me made me wonder just what all he was really imagining. Turning back to Ethan he added, “Let’s find something fun to do and let those two find a couple of blue-haired ladies to play bridge with.”

“Fuck you,” I joked along with flipping Trent the bird. I felt Greg’s foot brush up against mine along with a grin on his face that said the same thing I was thinking: With any luck, we would be ending up with the room to ourselves soon.

After a few minutes of discussion over the travel folders, Trent and Ethan decided on the Daytona 500 museum and were immediately changing into street clothes for the excursion. Trent announced as he laced up his sneaks, “We will probably be there all afternoon. Sure you guys won’t get bored being here all alone?” Once again, he gave me a sly smirk that I wasn’t certain how to interpret.

“We’ll find something to occupy us,” Greg answered. Along with his comment, his bare toes from both feet trapped the ankle of my left leg and slid up and down the bottom part of my calf in a motion duplicating his hands on our cocks from the night before. The smirk on his face needed no interpretation.

Thankfully our positions at the table hid everything that was going on under it. I boned in a heartbeat and snaked my free foot up to Greg’s thigh in a hopeless attempt at wedging a toe inside the leg opening of his board shorts. “We will be fine, Trent,” I managed to gasp out; hopefully without sounding like I was in heat.

Without any further attempt at getting us to go along, Trent joined Ethan who was already anxiously waiting at the door. “Guess we will see you around dinnertime then. Have fun,” was his parting comment, but it came with a final smirk and a wink also as he stepped over the threshold and pulled the door closed behind him.

* * * * *

The room had abruptly filled with a strange stillness after the door clicked shut. Only the soft background noise from the TV was in the air as Greg and I stared at each other across the small table. The very thing we had wanted…hours of privacy alone…were suddenly ours and neither of us seemed to know how to proceed. I eventually broke the silence with, “So, you wanna order a pizza and eat first or what?”

Greg grinned and stood without speaking. He walked to the door, took the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and hung it on the outside knob, and then slipped the security chain in place after double checking that the door was locked. When he got back to the chair I was sitting in, he leaned down and finally answered, “I think ‘or what’ first sounds like a very good way to work up an appetite.” His hand went to the bulge in my swim suit and squeezed as he added, “Sound good to you, Kevin?”

My hand worked up into the leg opening of his boardies and cupped the dangling balls it found. “Yeah and casino siteleri maybe finish what we really couldn’t last night?” I queried with hope and a large grin as I rubbed his juice makers.

“We started a couple of things I want to finish if you do too,” he shot back before pulling me up to my feet and folding me into an embrace. “Starting with this,” came next as his mouth moved in to meet mine.

The tentative kiss quickly turned passionate as I opened my lips to his probing tongue tip. My hands began running up and down his back and our hips started to grind together in lust. Greg’s hands slid down inside the back of my swim trunks and massaged my butt cheeks. I started to push his board shorts down while still sucking on his tongue like I had wanted to on the pool deck last night. I felt his fingers tugging at the waistband of my suit forcing it down when he inhaled my tongue into his mouth. We were still in the same embrace and lip lock when we kicked the swimsuits from our ankles and shuffled as one to the bed. We only broke off the long kiss when we fell onto the soft mattress. “Why didn’t you kiss me that way last night?” I asked as we cuddled up naked together.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me to go that far, Kevin,” was all he said.

“We had just had each other’s cocks in our mouths…why worry about a kiss?” I answered with a snicker.

“Yeah…and speaking of that…”

It was all that was said before I was flipped to my back and Greg repositioned himself between my legs. He looked up across my torso, grinned, and then licked his lips as he held my dick straight up. I smiled back at him and pushed my hips up towards his face. “Suck me again like you did last night,” I pleaded.

“No…it will be better than last night,” he countered just before munching down on my mushroom. For the next five minutes, I watched intently as Greg’s mouth worked me with enthusiasm and a natural talent that made me moan on almost every slurp he took of my shaft.

I finally tapped him on the shoulder and stated, “What about my turn? Get that hot dick of yours up here so we can both enjoy this.”

Greg spit out my cock and stretched out beside me with a wide grin on his face. “If you insist, Kevin,” he joked as he waved his fleshy flagpole at me.

“You will be the one insisting on me not stopping in a few minutes,” I kidded back before leaning over his body. After seeing how large it really was, up close and in the daylight, I took a deep breath before beginning. My lips stretched over the helmet and my tongue teased his preeing slit. Over the next five minutes I was almost mercilessly slow by first casually chewing my way down his long, thick shaft, and then with my rhythmic bobbing on it. I used my hand to rub his nuts while I sucked him and the squirms and whimpers from him told me I was doing most everything right, so I was surprised when he pulled me off.

“Damn can you fuckin’ suck cock, Kevin! You have me almost ready to blow man,” was the explanation he gave before he took me in his arms and shoved his tongue back in my mouth. We stayed entwined together trading spit for several minutes, but the yearnings for more quickly returned. Greg’s only words were, “Let’s sixty-nine,” as he spun around in the bed again and took me back in his mouth without waiting for my agreement.

He didn’t really need it since his huge cock was now bouncing in the air about an inch from my lips. Like I was going to be able to ignore that temptation! I opened wide and took as much of it as I could without triggering my gag reflex too severely. It took no time at all for us to both have a good pace going that was being amplified by hip thrusts. That; along with hands caressing every inch of bare skin from the backs of our thighs, across ass cheeks, and up our backs; had us swiftly giving off the signs of pending eruptions. Just as I was ready to warn Greg how close I was, his knees pinned to my ears and his jabbing grew more pronounced. Deciding that and the increased furor of his mouth working me, meant he wanted to take this the whole way, I began humping his face harder and concentrated on bringing him off while still in me. When the near-simultaneous explosions ripped from our balls, our cries of pleasure were only barely muffled by the flesh and cum that was filling our mouths.

I was the one that made the next move after the final wads splashed over each of our tongues. A quick 180 spin in the bed had me face-to-face with Greg and I offered only “Off the fuckin’ uber chart, uber,” before pasting my mouth to his. We enveloped each other and spent the next couple of minutes making out and mixing our loads as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And at that moment, it was!

* * * * *

After a few minutes of cuddling and basking in the afterglow of satisfaction, the pillow talk turned to satisfying another need…food! Glancing over at the window, we could see the rain still beating against it. “Let’s just order a pizza,” Greg suggested.

“Fine with me. I canlı casino sure don’t feel like getting dressed and going out in that shit.” I grinned and tacked on while fondling Greg’s wilted, but still very impressive cock, “In fact, I don’t wanna get dressed the rest of the day.” A quick phone call to the shop down the street was made and I was told it would be about 40 minutes for delivery. After hanging up, I crawled back in bed and snuggled up against his naked body.

“So, Kevin…was that really your first time too?” he asked with a combination of caution and confidence in his voice.

“Everything we have done this week has been my first time,” I answered. “Even though I was nervous as hell that first night when we jerked each other, what we have had since makes me so happy that you came along on the road trip. I needed to find someone like you.”

“I did too,” he responded softly as he draped his hand over my bare thigh. “I have had the feelings for so long, but been so afraid of saying it out loud…admitting….being…you know…being gay.”

The hesitations he made while getting that out reminded me all too much of my own internal fears I had fought with for several years. Now that the word was actually out in the open, I felt some of them come back but also felt a wave of relief. “I know what you mean, Greg. I have had a thing for guys as long as I can remember, but was scared to ever act on them,” I confessed.

“So you consider yourself gay too?”

I snickered and squeezed his cock. “Either that or the worst case of being curious that ever happened.” I leaned in and brushed my lips over his. “Jacking each other off and even the blow jobs are one thing, but damn Greg…I get hard as hell just kissing you. I think that says this is more than just a phase or experimenting.”

“Oh I think we have lots more ‘experimenting’ to do, Kevin,” he teased and then licked my lips with his tongue. “That is if you want to,” he added.

I smiled at him and took his jewels in my hand. “Do you?” I asked as I rolled his balls in my palm.

Greg looked down at his crotch and grinned. “Well you are boning me up again, so I guess the answer is a definite ‘yes’, Kevin.”

His hand had strayed from my thigh to my cock and the attention was creating a similar reaction in me. I moved my hand up to his still developing pecs and pinched a nipple. “We’ve only got about 20 minutes, you know,” I warned.

“Until the pizza gets here maybe. We have the rest of the afternoon and this is just good build up while we wait.” A large smile appeared on his face. “Plus I am enjoying just being with you and talking.”

* * * * *

For the next 15 minutes we had snuggled and teased and talked. Dreams and fears. Fantasies and serious plans. The immediacy of college in a few more weeks and the desire for someone to share life with afterwards. When the knock came at the door, we were still talking, naked and twisted together, and both with chubbies that weren’t going to magically vanish. Greg laughed and pushed me out of the bed. “You get it. You can hide yours easier than I can,” he declared with a great deal of truth.

I laughed back and quickly pulled on the board shorts laying on the floor and grabbed my wallet. I was still trying to adjust my obvious boner when I opened the door. The delivery guy was about our age and cute as hell. His eyes looked past me for a fleeting moment and then back to me. “Good number man. Total is $14.69 dude,” he stated along with a grin.

“My favorite one,” I replied with a snicker.

“Mine too,” came from behind me.

I turned my head and blushed as I saw Greg once again letting his exhibitionist fetish out…stretched out on the bed in all his naked glory with a giant smile on his face. Even from across the room, you couldn’t miss that damn big hard dick laying in his happy trail. I knew the pizza guy sure couldn’t have either. When I turned back to him, I noticed his eyes were checking the large lump tenting my swim suit. I handed him a $20 and said, “Keep the change. Thanks for coming out in this garbage weather, man.”

“No problem. Only wish I didn’t have three other deliveries in the car. You guys look like you could be a lot of fun.” The blatant statement was followed with, “Enjoy your pizza when you get around to it.” He added a grope to my crotch and a knowing wink before he spun on his heels and trotted off.

Greg was laughing his ass off when I sat the pizza box on the little round table next to the window. I jumped onto the bed and pinned my body to his. “You fucker! That stunt almost made me lose my hard on!”

“Doesn’t feel like it,” he teased as he humped his crotch up into mine.

I reached between us and squeezed his shaft. “I think you are hungry for something else right now,” I lustfully whispered before shoving my tongue in his mouth. My boardies got pushed down my thighs as we kissed passionately.

“Do you really wanna know what I’m hungry for?” he quizzed when I freed his lips.

“Special kaçak casino sauce that isn’t on the pizza?” I kidded back.

There was a slight hesitation and then, “Actually I was thinking maybe you could find a new place for that sausage of yours.” The grin on his face and sparkle in his eyes said he was being serious.

“You mean…” I let the rest of my supposition trail off wanting him to complete the sentence.

Greg’s hand wrapped around my cock and wedged it between his upper thighs. “Uh huh. I wanna find out what it feels like to have you in me, Kevin.”

Even without his thighs pinching tight on me, at that moment my cock became the hardest it had ever been. I kissed him tenderly and asked, “You sure, Greg?”

“Yeah I am. I want you to fuck my virgin ass, Kevin.” His thighs punctuated the plea with another firm squeeze on my trapped tool.

“But we don’t have any lube.”

“So use some spit and all the pre we are both leaking.”

“You are really sure?”

“Kevin…I am sure! Don’t talk me out of it! Fuck me!” The order came along with a smile and his long legs spreading wide.

I moved to my knees between them and looked down at my friend. As I rubbed the tip of my fat cock between his cheeks wondering if it would really fit, I thought back to the few times I had fingered myself while beating off. That would be the best way to start I decided. After soaking my index and middle fingers with spit, I pried his butt split apart and rubbed at his opening.

“Oh yeah…that’s it…get it good and wet and open it up some,” Greg moaned.

With that direction, I scooped up the puddle of pre above his pubes and smeared it on his puckering boy twat and took a cautious poke at his rosebud with a finger tip. It slipped in much easier than I expected. I dribbled some spit on the rest of my finger and pressed in a little deeper. He was so tight but also yielding to my probing.

Greg bit his upper lip and his hips raised a little. He gently shifted back and took the next inch of my finger all on his own. “Doing good, Kevin. Put in another one now,” he directed.

Instead of asking yet again if he was sure, I moved a second finger to his cave opening and pressed it through the ring. He flinched noticeably and I stopped; just letting both fingers lay inside him. “You OK, Greg?” I paused to ask.

“Yeaaaaah,” was all he answered before using his interior ass muscles to suck both invading digits in further. “More, Kevin,” was the newest demand.

After some wiggling from his ass and my fingers, I was soon in knuckle deep with both fingers. I took up a slow thrusting and leaned over him. “I don’t want to hurt you, Greg,” I whispered to his face.

He grinned at me and raised his head enough to give me kiss on the nose. “Don’t worry babe…you aren’t and won’t. Just another minute or two of what you are doing and then I want the real thing.” The expression on his face was one of pure pleasure.

I worked my fingers back and forth for several more minutes and then decided that his continuous squirming and moans were my go-ahead sign. I pushed his legs high, snugged up to his balls with my cock, and just as soon as I pulled my fingers free, I pinned the tip of it to his entrance. “Hope you are ready cause I sure am,” I announced at the same time I jammed forward enough to pierce him with the head.

Greg shuddered but also cried out, “OH HELL YEAH!” as his rosebud bloomed open for me. He grabbed his erection and started taking strokes as he looked up at me. “Give me a little more now,” he commanded.

“I’m gonna give you as much as you let me take,” I countered with as I pushed another couple of inches in. I was so worked up that I wanted to slam the last few inches in too, but fought the desire for fear of hurting him.

“Take all you want, cause I want it all!” The words were accompanied by a backwards hump from Greg’s butt that swallowed up most of the rest of me. “Now show me what a good fuck you are, stud,” preceded the clenching of his ass on my cock. “Give it to me good and screw the cum out of my balls for me,” followed.

The dirty talk spilling from Greg’s mouth was turning me on almost as much as the physical act was doing. I joined in with, “Oh I am gonna fuck you even better than you can imagine, baby,” flew from my lips. I leaned over his torso again and stared into his eyes. “Fuck you SO good that you will never want anyone else,” I promised as I covered his mouth with mine and increased the tempo of my hip motions.

Greg sucked my tongue into his mouth and chewed on it as his hand began working himself faster. Our hip thrusting kept meshing perfectly and even though we had gotten off just over an hour earlier, I soon felt that happy tingle in my nuts. I pulled my tongue free and murmured, “Getting so close, man.”

“Me. Too. But. Keep. Going,” was the reply said with short, forced breaths.

As I raised back up to my knees, Greg’s legs circled my waist and his ankles locked behind me. His fist continued to yank with fury on his huge cock as he stared into my eyes. My hands fixed on his knees as I began slamming even harder into him. My balls were spanking his ass on every drive now. “I wanna see you splatter your own face with that load,” I challenged.

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