Desperate Lesbian First Time With Natalie

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Desperate Lesbian First Time With Natalie

I don’t know how it started. Natalie and I are like vampires, normal friends by day. Then whenever we sleep over we become lesbian sex crazy, just super, super horny for each other, humping and sucking and fucking all night!

At first, I was sure it was a one time thing. I woke up from a sex dream to realize that Nat was behind me with her hand in my panties, rubbing my clit gently. I was instantly turned on and couldn’t bring myself to stop her, even though it was really shocking. She knew exactly how to touch me. My clit was wet and slippery by the time I woke up and in seconds I was moaning and writhing out of control pulling at her hand to rub me faster. I remember rolling over onto my back and ripping my panties off so she could finger me harder, begging her not to stop. She responded by burying her head down there, adding her hungry mouth to her fingers and shooting me over the moon with the hugest orgasm I’d ever had. I lay there afterwards, unsure what to say. We’d never expressed anything like to that to each other. I had to admit to feeling some sexual tension once in a while. But, FUCK it was amazing. We lay silently for so long I fell back asleep. I woke the next morning with my panties still on the floor, the only evidence it had actually happened.

The next time it happened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was several weeks after. We were laying in the dark and she was faced away from me in her bed. It was a little unusual cuz we normally talked until we fell asleep. I was staring at the ceiling in the silence and had to break it.

“So, we never talked about…you know. That time that you…I mean we…” She turned over and looked at me quickly. She looked really intense.

“About what?” She asked

“When I woke up and you were, like you made me…you know! We just never talked about it.”

She turned towards me and got really close. “So, don’t talk to me. Just kiss me.” She leaned in for a hot, passionate kiss, throwing her leg over me. I felt her panties begin to grind into mine, her pubic mound dragging across my clit through our undies. It sent me into ecstasy right away. Her tongue probed out of her hot mouth as her heavy breath filled my lungs. I pawed at her t-shirt to pull it off. I wanted to feel her skin on mine. She tore mine off too and rolled on top of my driving her clit into mine as the covers hung off of us. Her nipples pressed into my chest, her body fitting mine perfectly as we fucked each other. In a couple of minutes we were cumming together, suppressing the desperate moans as she pulled tipobet güvenilir mi the sheets in on us, struggling against me as I clutched at her. Then I rolled her on her back for round two, interlocking our legs so I could rub my pussy against hers in a circular motion. The feeling was explosive. I pulled my panties down and hers too and fucked her, clit to clit. We kissed and grabbed at each other, cumming a second time through wild hair and perspiration. I tried to slow down, but my body wouldn’t let me. On top of her, I continued to hump, my hips swirling in and out from her. Our pussies slid over each other easily, the flowery flesh of our lips mingling and stimulating each other as we moved faster again, approaching our third orgasm. The climax exploded over us like the surf, bursting and breaking with a power I’d never felt before.

I fell down on to her, our breath filling the small space between her hair and her shoulder. I licked her neck, tasting the salt of her sweat.

“You still want to talk?” she asked, teasing.

“No, I want to fuck.” I climbed up and sat on her face, planting my butt hole on her mouth. She grabbed me by the hips and began to lick me wetly. I fell down onto her, dropping my face onto her shiny puss, still wet with my juices. She tasted wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of perabet her body. We ate each other for what seemed like an hour. Her pussy pulsed in my mouth every time she came, the contractions of her orgasm sucking at my tongue. It was just on, the craziest, most pent up lesbian fucking I could imagine. It must have been lurking there beneath the surface all along. We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms, kissing until dreams took us.

The next morning we got up like any other day and again, not a word was spoken. So tonight, I realized I’d picked out sexy panties and a matching bra to wear under my dress for the party. We met at the house where it was and after about an hour she came over to me with a drink in her hand. “You wanna get outta here?”

“It’s all I can think about,” I said, grabbing at myself like a little girl who had to pee. She took me by the hand and we drove as fast as we could back to my place, crashing through the door, dropping our stuff and falling together into my bed. Feeling her body was like coming home. I never thought I could feel this for another girl!

We took it slower this time, undressing for each other while we chatted on the bedspread. “Have you been thinking about this all week, like me?” She asked.

“Constantly,” I said, touching myself, enjoying her watching me.

“I know we said we weren’t going to talk, but I just gotta say that I did not see this coming with us.”

“Me either, but I’m in” I said. Then I kissed her, reaching inside her panties as she reached inside mine. Our kisses ware soft this time, our touch slow. I was so fucking turned on I couldn’t think straight!

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