Desire Fulfilled

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Copyright 2004 by ‘JollyRancher’ (all rights reserved)

This is a story about the night a wife helped her husband realize a long-held but unspoken desire.

If you are underage, or if it is illegal for you to read such material, please exit now. If not, read on and enjoy!

How many times, during thirty years of marriage, had I felt myself to be the luckiest man on earth? I am married to a woman who has never lost her zest for life or her interest in all things sexual. Our sex life has run the gamut of things that a man and woman can experience in the marriage bed… and lots of other spots as well. Neither of us has ever felt the call to be unfaithful to the other. I know in my heart that I could never find another who could satisfy me the way she does and I would not consider placing what I have in jeopardy to find out.

Even though we are grandparents several times over, the fire still burns in both of us. In that regard, an old saying comes to mind, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

Sunday nites are our favorite times for relaxing and indulging ourselves with each other. Grandkids have all been visited, their parents are preparing to go to work the next day and the chance of being interrupted is slim.

Last Sunday evening began, as is our custom, with a leisurely bath together in the oversize tub that is one of the few luxuries that we have. The events that followed, though, will be forever imbedded in my mind! A desire that had lived in my dreams for many years… thought about, read about, even visualized in movies and on the web… but never spoken… was finally realized that night, thanks to a wife that knew without having asked.

Since the kids left home, there are no closed doors in our house and we spend a great deal of time wearing nothing at all. Even in the bathroom there is no need for modesty, we just don’t give such things much thought. Sometimes she will just come in and watch and visit as I shower and shave, something that most folks would not even think of, and I will do the same with her. One of my favorite things is to watch as she shaves her pussy. Sometimes that will result in a rise from even an old man’s cock. Of course, she watches as I shave my cock, balls and ass too. We discovered many years ago that keeping our pubic areas smooth, front and back, made for a much more pleasant experience. There is no place on either of our bodies that have not felt a tongue licking and invading.

After our relaxing bath and a quick trip under the shower, we spent a while drying each other with big, fluffy towels… an erotic experience in itself if you have never done that. Then I watched intently as she quickly and expertly shaved her pussy smooth and rubbed in some lotion. When she was finished and stepped away from the vanity, I reached for the razor to do the same to myself but before I could pick it up, she laid her hand on top of mine. “I want to do it FOR you tonight” she said, and picked up the washcloth, another towel, the razor and shaving cream and walked toward the bed. Instantly my cock began to thicken as I followed her. This was a relatively rare thing but something that I absolutely loved when she was in the mood. I wish I had thought of it first!

While she was placing the towel on the bed, I went to the dining room and returned with two heavy table chairs. The towel was half on the bed with the other half hanging down and I situated the chairs on either side with the fronts touching the bed. One of the damp towels was spread on the floor to protect the carpet. This arrangement was familiar as we often used it if we shaved each other and occasionally when oral sex was on the menu as neither of us is able to hold our legs up and back for very long. Sometimes getting old forces one to adapt.

I climbed on the bed, laid down on my back, then scooted until my ass was hanging off of the bed about eight or ten inches. With my feet on the chairs, my legs were held up and spread open, leaving my entire crotch available to her but since my back was supported it was quite comfortable.

First the wet washcloth, then cool feeling of the shave cream being spread over my cock, balls and ass served to further awaken my cock. She seemed to spend more time than usual spreading the cream around, especially on my balls and then around my asshole. I am sure that she felt my body give a little shudder as she circled around my hole with the pad of her finger several times, then tickle the very opening lightly with her fingernail. I pushed out with my sphincter muscle, hoping she would take the hint and slip her finger inside me but she pulled it away and stood up, calling me a naughty boy and disappeared into the bathroom to wash the cream from her hands so she could hold the razor.

Men, if you have never let your partner shave your private parts, you are missing one of the most pleasurable half-hour experiences on the planet! The feeling of her holding and moving your canlı bahis cock and balls around with one hand and sensation of the razor gliding over your skin is divine.

After my cock and balls were clean and smooth, I raised my legs up farther so she could shave between my cheeks. It is always a little strange to feel the razor moving in that narrow furrow, especially when it nears your asshole as there is a danger of nicks in that area… but she completed the task with no problem.

Soon I was clean and dry and as smooth as the day I was born. The first touch of her tongue on my balls was like an electric shock… so smooth and so warm! Almost instantly, it was gone and as she stood up from kneeling between my legs she crooked her finger and said “come with me.” As we walked back into the bathroom, I suspected what she was up to and my suspicion was confirmed when she opened the cabinet door and removed the red rubber bag.

An enema is something that we also enjoy from time to time and consider them as foreplay. An enema administered as a part of erotic foreplay feels much different than one received for medical purposes. As she filled the bag with two quarts of warm water, I assumed the position… kneeling on the floor with my chest resting on the toilet seat. I jumped a little at the invasion of her slickened finger and then it was replaced with the nozzle and the sensation of the warm water flowing inside me. Her admonition to not go away as she walked out was hardly necessary.

By the time she returned, the bag was nearly empty and I had about reached my limit. I squeezed down as tightly as I could when she removed the nozzle, then turned and raised the lid and sat down. Since we had eaten a lite breakfast and a late lunch, there was very little in my lower intestines and the water came out practically clear. If you have never done it, even expelling an enema can be an erotic act! While I waited for the remainder of the water to come out, she refilled the bag about half way, sort of a final rinse. When that was accomplished she cleaned everything up and replaced the bag and walked out again. Sometimes it takes fifteen or twenty minutes for the entire enema to be expelled and while I waited on the toilet I could hear her in the bedroom moving some things around.

When I was satisfied that I was clean and empty, I washed the area again and walked into the bedroom. The chairs and towels were still in place and a tube of KY and a glove rested on one of the chairs. On the bed were the two big bed pillows stacked about where my head would rest and on the other chair stood her big, lighted makeup mirror. She patted the towel that was laying on the bed so I crawled back up and assumed my previous position, only this time, if I raised my head some more I could see between my legs… see my entire crotch lighted and framed in the mirror.

“Last time you spent a couple of hours licking and sucking my pussy and making love to me, now it’s my turn.” She knows how much I enjoy having her fingers in my ass but that is something that she has to be in the mood for so I seldom ask. She also knows that I can nearly always BE in the mood, so when the urge strikes her, she just does it. The most intense orgasms I have ever experienced have been as a result of her rubbing my prostate while sucking my cock.

It was difficult to believe that, after all these years, she had found something new. It’s not like we had never made love in front of a mirror, but I had never watched, close up and personal, as she fingered my ass and sucked my cock.

Then that wonderful tongue returned to my balls, lapping and prodding and causing some most delightful feelings. Although her head blocked my view, it was obvious when she sucked one of my balls inside her mouth. The view of my hard cock was not obstructed and I saw drops of precum bubble out and drip down as she sucked first one and then the other of my balls in her warm mouth, rolling them around inside then pulling back till they popped out. Having my balls pulled on is something else that I enjoy very much.

After a few minutes of that delicious torture, she resumed lapping at my balls again, starting at the base of my sack and moving up between them to the top. The interesting thing was that each time she started to lap, the starting point was lower down and I could feel the tip of her tongue following the little seam up and then between my balls. On about the tenth lap, the starting point had reached the rim of my asshole… and the next one started at the very center!

Although we both enjoy rimming and being rimmed, it is not something we do very often, maybe it wouldn’t be so special if we did. This time, the tongue did not follow the seam up to my balls, but began to circle around and around that sensitive opening… lightly at first, then more and more insistent. Slowly but surely the sphincter began to relax and surrender to her prodding tongue, allowing more and more bahis siteleri of it to slip inside. Again, men, if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it… there is no other feeling in the world quite like it!

As I continued to moan in appreciation, I heard the unmistakable sound of a hand being inserted in a surgical glove, then the click of the KY tube being opened. As soon as her tongue was removed from my ass I felt a smooth, slick finger begin to rub around the opening. “Hey, are you forgetting something”… and indeed I had! I raised my head a little and there in the mirror was the image of her finger as it circled my asshole. The rim was already engorged and swollen from her previous ministrations and I watched in fascination as her finger stopped right in the center and began to push inside.

I hadn’t realized how much I had missed that, as it had been several months since the previous time. It was strange to watch, as well as feel, her finger slowly slide inside until it was completely buried in me. It moved around gently inside me as she searched for, and then found, her objective… my prostate. A couple of gentle rubs and the finger was sliding out and I was missing it already. The click of the KY tube being opened again, then I saw it pressed up tight against my asshole and felt a strange coolness inside me as the tube was squeezed and a generous portion was injected into my rectum.

Her finger immediately replaced the tube at my ass and slid effortlessly back in. Then she began a slow in and out motion, fucking my ass with her finger. I watched as the skin alternately pushed in with her finger then pulled back with it, as if trying to keep if from escaping. After several in and out strokes I saw her place a second finger along side the first and in they both went. Just a little additional feeling of being stretched out and damn how I loved it. As both of her fingers went all the way in I felt her start rubbing them back and forth over my prostate, as was her custom when she played there and the next thing I expected was for her to take my cock in her mouth. Instead, she looked me in the eyes and with a smile said, “just lean back and close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.”

Instead of just massaging my prostate as she usually did, I felt something very different. She was apparently rotating her fingers around inside me, feeling all over inside my rectum. Then she started the in and out thing again, fucking my ass with both fingers and I could feel my hole getting looser as she worked. Suddenly there was the sensation of being stretched open even more and I knew that she had included a third finger… something that I had always hoped she would do but had never asked for, in fear that she would think that too far out. I could feel the drops of precum falling from cock on to my belly and I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to blow the biggest load of my life. I was torn between wanting her to take me in her mouth and wanting her to continue stretching my ass.

It was only a matter of a few minutes till the small amount of discomfort that I had felt turned into a blazing lust for more. Even when she had used her vibrator on me, the feeling was no where near the same and I realized that I was actually humping my ass into her hand in an effort to get them farther inside me. I couldn’t resist looking again and when I opened my eyes I was staring straight into hers…”mmmm, I think daddy likes this” she said, with a sparkle in her eyes. And indeed I did! As I laid my head back down I wondered if my secret desire was going to be realized.

I tried to concentrate on relaxing as much as possible and took a deep breath. As I exhaled fully is seemed that the sphincter opened up even more than it ever had and the friction of her fingers was considerably reduced. When that happened, I felt them being removed and a feeling of emptiness came over me… but not for long. Again I felt the KY tube against my hole and more of the slick lube being squeezed in. Then the fingers returned and I was amazed that my hole had closed up so quickly, as she had to stretch it open again. I tried the deep breathing thing again but it didn’t seem to work as well this time as the pressure seemed even more intense than before. I started humping gently against her hand again, hoping that would help, and it did a little but I still couldn’t figure it out. All of a sudden the light came on in my head….

I rose up and looked in the mirror and saw the reason…her thumb was pressed against the seam below my balls, but the rest of her hand was in my ass! I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at my asshole stretched tight around her hand. As she slowly slipped it out about half way, then pushed back in I know she saw the tears in my eyes. “Just relax baby, we’re almost there. I know how much you have wanted this, but I was always afraid of hurting you. I have done a little research and now I know that it’s ok.”

I laid back down and closed my eyes bahis şirketleri and gave myself up to the moment. It seemed almost as if time had stopped and my whole being was centered in my ass. A dream comes true!

As her hand slipped in and out of me, it was difficult to tell just how far in it was until her thumb bottomed out against the outside and I can’t tell you if it was ten minutes or half an hour but then I was aware that she had taken my balls in her other hand and was kneading them and pulling gently. Then something changed. I had grown accustomed to feeling her thumb as she went all the way in and then I couldn’t feel it anymore.

Now the feeling of pressure and of being stretched open was greater than ever and I knew that she had folded her thumb into the palm of her hand… and the moment of truth was upon me! Each time she pushed into me, I would stretch open to a certain point but could go no farther, no matter how much I wanted it to. So close… I am so close but I don’t think I can do it!

It seemed that my hole would open up no more, yet the pressure was relentless… continually backing off a little, then in again to the limit. I was afraid that she would think that I was really in distress and stop because I felt the pressure diminish as she pulled back a little, then I felt her other hand encircle both of my balls. She began pulling hard on them, harder than she had ever done, and I couldn’t help but arch my back up, pushing with my legs till my ass was completely off the bed. I was at the point of yelling “uncle”, our safe word, when she suddenly released my balls.

Instantly the tension in my body was relieved and as I slumped back down on the bed I felt a sudden sharp pain in my ass then an incredible fullness such as I have never known. The pain was gone in an instant, replaced by sensations that cannot be fully described. Then the pressure began to mount again, only from the inside! She had apparently read the right information during her research as she did not pull her hand out, but rather just let it rest against the sphincter with just a little tension and as predicted; my body began to slowly push it out. Another little pain as the widest part came out then relief… and a feeling of loneliness.

I opened my eyes and looked at her and I could see some concern on her face but before she could ask anything I uttered one word that said it all…PLEASE.

This time there was only the amazing feeling of my hole stretching around her hand and the wonderful, tremendous pressure as it slid in and my asshole settled around her wrist. The pressure inside became even greater as she slowly pushed a little farther in. I rose up again… I had to look! It was a sight that I never dared dream of seeing… my own asshole stretched tight around my wife’s forearm, the glove completely out of sight!

Yet another strange sensation that I couldn’t quite figure out, then I realized that she was wiggling her fingers gently inside me as she slowly pulled back until the end of the glove was visible and my hole was being stretched again by the wide part of her hand. Wider and wider it dilated until I thought her hand was going to slip out, but no, it was sliding back in very slowly. I watched with rapt attention as the glove disappeared from sight, then a little more and a little more of her arm until it was at least three or four inches farther in.

At that point it felt as if her hand had reached a barrier inside me that prevented further penetration. Then I felt the fingers moving around again and watched as she changed the angle of her arm and suddenly it felt as if my insides had just opened up and I couldn’t believe that even more of her forearm disappeared inside me so easily. Thank goodness that she had small hands that allowed her to negotiate the first rectal curve and actually enter my colon.

“I am glad that you didn’t hide all that fisting information very well. I found a lot of interesting stuff on your side of the computer.” At least now I knew how she learned what to do, and she had learned very well.

Her arm retreated a couple of inches and I watched as she squeezed the remainder of the KY from the tube onto her arm, covering it up to her elbow. Then it advanced again to its previous point and a little more. Then back an inch, and then in an inch and a half. She was literally fucking me with her arm! It was impossible to determine which was more intense… my asshole dilating a little more with each inward progression or those maddening fingers working their way farther and farther up inside my belly.

My neck and back were killing me, but I just had to keep watching! I had to know! Soon my patience was rewarded as I saw the last inch of her forearm disappear. She had done it; she had ACTUALLY gotten her hand and arm inside me. The experience was far better than I had dreamed it would be, never had I felt so fulfilled, and so submissive, as I surrendered myself completely.

When I collapsed back onto the pillows my whole body seemed to completely relax. It was a curious contrast though, to feel the erotic tension in my cock and balls and ass, yet feel entirely drained every where else.

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