Departure at Dawn

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His voice was tight and his words carefully chosen—he knew that the phones were most likely being monitored on the eve of the new rush of deployments. His hands were damp and he clutched the phone in his hand, his eyes shut tight as his mind raced. Regret, nervousness, anticipation, fear—emotions similar to these raced through his troubled mind, and finally, he spoke again. “I need to see you.” He admitted, his heart pounding in his chest as he awaited her answer.

For a moment, there was silence, and he could hear her breathing. Michael waited, knowing that what he asked for was a lot, in light of her circumstances. Her father was very strict, and disapproved of their relationship, discreet as he and Laine had always tried to be.

“Come for me.” She answered, finally, her voice taking on a determined edge. “I won’t let you leave without saying goodbye in person.”

In moments, he was in his battered Charger, racing towards her parents’ house. The warning sirens were going off, and the whole base was lit up as soldiers packed and prepared. He would leave before six the next morning—could he say all the things he needed to say to her?

Michael grimaced as he approached her well lit house, and briefly considered pulling rank on her father if he made a scene. He smiled gratefully, but apprehensively when Laine dashed from outside and threw herself into the car with a terse “Drive!”

He obeyed, glancing over at her as he did so, admiring her in silence. She was dressed in jeans and a college sweatshirt, her long dark hair loose around her shoulders and her face untouched by makeup, not that she ever really needed it. Michael saw that she seemed very pale, but she was still remarkable beautiful despite it. Perhaps it was youth, Michael didn’t know—whatever it was, Laine always affected him.

The miles from the base to his apartment seemed endless, and for the majority of it, they were silent. Michael felt the churning within him as he sought to know her thoughts, although parts of him wished he would never know. The grieving look on her face said it all, and he ached for her.

“Why is this happening?” She asked him, suddenly, reaching out to enclose his fingers with hers. “Michael, I’m so afraid for you…” she whispered, “And so sad for me!”

“I don’t know, honey, I just don’t understand either.” Michael answered, squeezing her fingers. How he would miss her while he was gone, her sweet smile, her teasing ways, her intensely shocking behavior!

“I want you to make love to me.”

Michael felt the words rip through him and he glanced at her again, heat rushing to his face. What a fool he was, he thought, aching for her, what a waste of a man to deny her what he so desperately wanted to give!

Michael grimaced and tried to avoid her luminous dark eyes, but he couldn’t escape them. They drew him, and he smiled weakly as they focused on him penetratingly. “Michael, do you hear me? I want you to make love to me tonight.” She pressed, sounding far older than her nineteen years. “I don’t want you to leave me without giving me something.”

“You have everything else.” Michael choked. “I can’t think, breathe, or exist without sınırsız escort thoughts of you.” Despair deepened his voice and he turned his bright blue eyes at her. “You know I can’t…”

Her expression hardened and her eyes seemed to grow more dark. “Fuck her, Michael, she can’t have you…if you love me as you say, you are useless to her. Give to me what is mine.”

“Laine, please…”

Her hand released his and she hugged herself tightly, retreating from him. They drove the rest of the way in silence, and inwardly, Michael battled with himself, desperate to find the right words for her.

“Perhaps I’ll be seen.” She said, bitterly, when he reached for hand to help her from his car. She glared at him fiercely, and looked around, shivering in the November chill. “Aren’t you scared to be seen with me?”

“I don’t think anyone who looked at you would notice anyone standing beside you.” Michael said softly, honestly. He touched her hair gently. “All they would see is you.”

Taking her hand, he led her across the courtyard and to his apartment, which he opened without turning on the light. They entered quietly and she closed the door, saying nothing to him as he set aside his bags and latched the locks. As he reached behind her for the light, he felt her against him, her breath warm against his neck and her hands trembling. “Touch me, Michael,” she pleaded, embracing him, “we don’t have much time…”

Her body was strong and supple, gentle curves and firm muscle fitted perfectly into her small frame. Michael shivered to feel it beneath her clothes and he tried to block out the image of her trembling and wet beneath him. It was harder to ignore the demand of his swollen manhood pressing against her, but he struggled to contain it as he responded to her kisses, telling himself he would allow that, that her mouth would be enough to satisfy him.

They had sustained him for the last eight months, despite his desperate dissatisfaction and her growing fury. It had been all he had permitted, all that he could let her have…

She groaned against his mouth, pressing herself firmly into him. “Please, please,” she whispered, “please, just this once…touch me, Michael, no one need know, this is our world, and you’re leaving it, I want to remember, I need to remember…” Michael groaned, trying to pull away but the feel of her mouth on his neck was agonizingly sweet. “There will never be anyone else, you are mine, and I want you to know it, I want you to claim me, I’m yours, Michael, damn you, I’m yours!”

His hands moved underneath her shirt of their own accord, feeling the tautness of her belly, the silk of her skin. Slowly, they traveled upward, and he gasped as he felt her unbridled breasts. They filled his hands exquisitely, firm with youth and topped by nipples that seemed as hard as that part of him he tried to ignore.

“Feel me, how wet I am for you, touch me with your fingers, I want you to know…”

Michael felt like a man possessed as he began to undo her jeans. He slipped the material over her hips and groaned to feel the silk of her panties. She kissed his neck and shoulders, nipping at taksim escort him as he lowered her panties and cupped her bottom in his hands, marveling at her perfection, the tight firmness. Then, when she was entirely naked, his fingers slid between her parted legs and he gasped with her, feeling the hot juices on his fingers as he began to stroke her.

“Please, please…” she repeated, “I need to feel your cock, please…” She begged, again, pulling at him.

She was beautiful, powerfully sensual, and Michael felt lost as he touched her deep within. A grey fog passed over Michael’s eyes and he groaned loudly, feeling crazed. Nothing else seemed to matter but possessing her, feeling her…His mouth descended on hers and he pushed her roughly against the door, pulling his fingers out of her as he began to tear at his own clothes. His eight-inch cock sprang free and he was suddenly naked beside her.

“This is what you want so badly…” He whispered, pressing it against her firmly, “this is what you’ve done to me, what you do to me every time I hear your voice, every time you touch me in any way…do you really want to feel what I feel for you?” He demanded, kissing her fiercely.

She tilted her face up to stare into his eyes, “Yes, give it to me…”

Michael groaned and lifted her so that her legs wrapped around his. Hesitating briefly, he glanced at her beautiful face and decided. Pressing her against the door, he began to sink into her, pushing steadily into the tight channel of her body…

Her pussy was tighter that he had ever imagined, and Michael held still when he felt himself buried to the hilt, desperate to hold back. His balls rested against her and she was shaking, rocking desperately, her eyes wide and suddenly glassy. “Oh, fuck…” He gasped, feeling the precum building inside him. He was ready to explode already!

He began to thrust inside her, moving his hardening cock deep within her as she clung to him. “I love you,” he whispered, kissing her breasts and mouthing her nipples, “I will always love you…”

Bracing her against him, he began to carry her to his bed, locked deep within her. It seemed as though she weighed nothing at all, and he felt gallant, powerful, and sensual as he lowered her down onto the clean smelling sheets and continued his lovemaking. Her face was bleary with bliss and her skin damp with perspiration. Michael pressed his face into her hair and inhaled; taking in the unmistakable combination of Pantene and Chanel 5 perfume…God…he would spend his life with that smell in his mind….

“You feel so right, so good…” Michael groaned to himself as she moved beneath him, “God, I could never have imagined…”

“I want it to be like this always, how could you wait, how could you deny us this?”

Michael kissed her deeply, moving inside gently, trying to control himself. It was so hard to do this, he tried not to think of how her pussy seemed to grab him, squeezing him each time he entered her. Nothing he had felt with his wife had ever been this way, she had never been this wet, or this tight, or felt this…perfect…

Then, suddenly, cool air…she had pulled herself free of tesettürlü escort him, and her eyes were filled with fire. “I want to ride you.” She whispered, heatedly, drawing up on her knees. Michael stared at her in astonishment as she straddled him, pushing him backwards on to his back. He was sprawled out beneath her, and he could only stare at her, stunned, as she lowered herself onto his cock again.

Oh, God in heaven….Her breasts were a sight, perfect, firm and high, and they swayed with a primal sexiness as she rode him. Her bronzed skin seemed to shimmer with its youthful vitality, contrasting sharply with the paleness of his own skin…she looked exotic and beautiful and the sight of him between her legs was thrilling. Michael felt himself swelling even more as he saw and felt her powerful thighs gripping his and he gasped as he raised his hands to fondle those breasts and touch her smooth skin. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open—deep, guttural moans were escaping those parted lips as she thrust against him, working towards her own climax. It felt as though she was milking him with each movement of her hips, and Michael knew he couldn’t last…

A shiver seemed to run through her and Michael stared up into her blissful face, seeing her nipples stiffen even more. Her back arched and he felt her pussy convulse around his cock…he was suddenly aware of how much wetter she was, and it seemed as though she would burn him within her as she rocked against him. She was making a fierce, primitive keening sound, and suddenly Michael lost it, he rolled her onto her back and began to fuck her with fast, deep strokes, almost as though he were trying to get into her very core.

The bed shook with the force of his powerful thrusts, and Laine’s head was thrown back, her mouth open as she groaned. No rape could have been as vicious, Michael felt like a madman as he plunged his cock into her over and over, burying himself into her each time, feeling desperate…her legs around him were like vises, and he felt them lock around his waist as she began that tell-tell shiver of another orgasm…this time, when he felt the pull of her pussy muscles, he groaned deeply and buried himself into her as deep as he could go, holding him still as his cock let go…

He could feel the thick shots of cum pouring from him and flowing deep inside her…months of restraint, lust, need and desperation…released, and rushing towards her unprotected womb…Michael feel a combination of horror, fear, and satisfaction within him as he shook, willing his seed to find its destination…the look on her face was knowing, and Michael sensed immediately that she knew his intention, and accepted it. Though she glowed with her youthful beauty, the heart of a woman beat within her.

When it was over, he pulled her close to him and wrapped her in his arms. She was shivering, and so he pulled the covers over them. “I love you, love, love you,” He whispered, “I will love you all my life.” He vowed.

“I know.” She answered, kissing him back, and nestling against him.

“Sleep, I’ll watch over you,” Michael said, softly, honestly, “Sleep until morning…I want you to be the last person I see before I go…” When he looked back at her, he smiled to see she was already asleep.

Michael held her closely and protectively. He would go forth and fight his fight, and then he would return to finish off his own battles at home. One thing was for certain—he would come back to her.

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