Denise’s White Underpants Ch. 03

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Denise was still working as a nurse after all these years.

My youthful fantasies about her in her white nurse’s uniform and the white underpants which I imagined lay underneath were still as strong now as an adult as they had been back then.

Now having had sex multiple times with Denise, at least some of these fantasies had been realised to my heart’s content.

Denise was indeed a wearer of white underpants although I was still yet to live out my teenage fantasy of discovering these white underpants underneath her white nurse’s uniform.

This was mainly because Denise no longer wore a white uniform to work as she had done many years ago.

In spite of this, I was soon to learn that Denise still kept a number of her white nurse’s uniforms and this is what we found ourselves discussing one night in bed after a wonderful love-making session.

I tentatively expressed to Denise my fantasies about her uniform and what I wished that she was wearing underneath.

“So would you like me to wear my uniform for you?” Denise kindly offered.

“I’d LOVE you to!!” was my eager response.

“How would you like me to wear it?” she asked, with a somewhat devilish grin.

“Yes, and you MUST be wearing your white knickers underneath!!” I replied with equally devilish intent.

“Well then,” Denise continued, “I will have to see what I can do!”

Given the medical nature of Denise’s profession, I had also wondered and fantasised about what it might be like to examine between her legs in a medical way.

I imagined seeing her legs wide apart in stirrups, underpants either pulled to the side or removed and me conducting a complete medical intrusion of her hairy female privates – both front and back – to determine the overall health of her mature, 52-year-old digestive and reproductive systems.

Perhaps Denise would be able to acquire some implements from her workplace that could enable this?

I decided to run this by her during our intimacy and see what her response would be.

“I’d really like to give you a medical examination inside your nurse’s uniform”, I asked boldly.

“A medical examination huh??” Denise replied. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Well just imagine you had to come and see me as your doctor and I had to check inside of you to make sure everything is all OK.” I responded.

“Would you need certain things to be able to look inside me, for instance?” Denise seemed to be headed in the right direction with this.

“Mmmmm, yes I guess so,” I agreed. “Some things a nurse might have access to in the work place.”

And so it came to be that on our very next love-making session, I arrived at Denise’s apartment to find her fully dressed in one of her old white nurse’s dresses – one which thankfully displayed her mature figure in its best possible light.

We hugged and kissed for several minutes before eyeing each other in such a knowing way that it was impossible not to know what we both now intended.

Denise pulled a chair closer and sat down in front of me, with her legs far enough apart to extend an unspoken invitation for me to start exploring what I hungrily anticipated lay underneath.

My heart suddenly began to thump as my fantasy began to reveal itself before my very eyes.

Knowing almost exactly what I wanted, Denise held her dress up and invited me to come closer.

As I did, she inched her dress up just far enough for me to now see her large white cotton underpants between her legs, shaping down to a point over her pubic triangle that disappeared naturally beneath her undercarriage.

I knew Denise wore about a size 12 panty which covered her ample buttocks, thighs and hips in such an erotic and feminine way.

Carefully watching me and my response, she turned towards me and slowly lifted her dress up further up towards her waist.

For the best possible position, I decided to kneel down in front of her for a much more direct look up her nurse’s dress.

“Can you see down there?” Denise asked sincerely.

“Mmmmmm…I sure can!!” was my equally sincere response.

“Do you like it?” Denise asked in turn.

Looking directly at the smooth white cotton crotch pad intimately covering her most private areas was everything that I could have imagined it to be and merely liking it was not even close to how I was feeling!

“Ohhhhh Denise! Your underpants look SO pretty underneath your dress!!” I started to gush. “So pretty. So smooth. So soft!”

“You’ll have to take a closer look then!” Denise played along to my mood.

“That’s it…take a closer look in between my legs my darling. I want to you to see in between my legs. Take a nice close look at my white underpants and tell me what you see!!” Denise was now getting in the mood herself as she beckoned me towards her sex.

Denise then opened her legs much wider for me whilst beginning to stroke my hair as my face ventured further between her knees.

Seeing her thick, white thighs parting before bahis firmaları my eyes and the white panty-covered treasure that lay at the end of the tunnel was incredibly arousing for me.

I compulsively started running my tongue, nose and mouth against Denise’s pale inner thighs, feeling the amazing softness of her skin as I began to caress it.

Denise began moaning accordingly – quietly at first and then with more intensity as she opened her legs wider and allowing me further up inside her white nurse’s dress.

As her panty covered crotch came within sniffing distance, I noticed an unmistakable odour coming from the area.

My cock was already as hard as it could be but catching a strong whiff of Denise’s femininity direct from the source was like presenting a plate of fresh meat to a hungry tiger.

As I parted her legs and took a closer look, I could see design of her pretty undies with the tell-tale seam providing a protective crotch pad which primarily covered her genitals and which would have acted as an extra layer of absorption between her legs.

This extra protection was something I imagined many women enjoyed – as their vulvas sweated and vaginas discharged abundantly inside their knickers throughout the day, not to mention the menstrual activity of their periods.

Seeing first-hand evidence of this now staring at me from between Denise’s mature thighs simply drew me in compulsively to explore Denise’s secret vaginal stories from within her white cotton underpants.

I immediately started running my tongue along the exterior of her crotch pad protection – gently at first and then a little firmer, blowing the warm air of my breath directly through the cotton and onto her large vulva.

The pubic hair which I knew lay underneath must have contained Denise’s sweaty scent and I wanted desperately to peel back her undies now to reveal everything that was within.

First though, I wanted to tease my mature lover by also running my tongue along the elastic perimeter of her underpants, where it gripped her groin and separated her pubic area from her smooth, hairless thighs.

Denise moaned audibly as I did this, my tongue catching a couple of wiry ginger hairs – the tips of which must have been just escaping from underneath their soft cotton encasement.

“Do you want to see inside?” Denise asked willingly.

“Oh PLEASE!!” I responded without thinking.

Even still, I had the presence of mind to prolong the ecstasy by gently stroking Denise’s vulva multiple times over the top of the soft cotton, which drew a contented and sensual smile from her as I lengthened the strokes over her anal area.

“Mmmmmmm…you’re such a good boy!!” Denise whispered in her state of permissive vulnerability. “I want you to do want you want to do!!”

At this, I gazed longingly between her legs, staring directly at the white cotton crotch pad separating her private parts from my overarching desire to explore them.

I could resist no longer and carefully slid my right index finger under the groin elastic of Denise’s underpants, slowly pulling them to one side and instantly revealing her beautiful ginger pubic hair and large vulva with the centrepiece of her bright pink, leafy labia.

One of the things I had discovered from exploring between Denise’s legs during several love-making was that she was so PINK!!

Her labia minora were quite well flapped – unevenly so, as many of the most desirable pussy flaps are – her right lip was distinctly longer and independent than the other and moved around very freely when encouraged.

Both labia were barely tinged with brown on their outer tips – pink was certainly the dominant colour within her vulvic structure.

I had particularly enjoyed watching Denise’s blood-filled labia swell noticeably and wrap themselves around my thick penis during penetration. I had learned to intentionally slow my stroke rate inside her, watching with fascination as her engorged labial flesh gripped my cock on the both the way in and out of her body.

The interior of her vagina was even more exciting – bright pink in colour and lined with a substantial mass of moist, lumpy meat which had readily accepted tampons, penises and most likely marital aids during her lifetime as a mature woman.

In spite of the relatively small size of her clitoris, Denise’s wide-open womanhood was everything I had fantasised for many years.

Having it now revealed to me from within the very private and sensual covering of her white cotton underpants was my ultimate dream!!

The reveal on this occasion involved the build-up of Denise’s vaginal activity over the course of the day.

It was now just after 9 pm as I made love to Denise and I wanted to imagine that she had been wearing these undies since about 6 am – sweat, discharge, urine, and maybe even the remainders of a bowel movement had been responsible for contacting with the inside of these soft, absorbent and tender white underpants during that time.

The fact that they had also been kaçak iddaa contacting for such an extended period with her pubic hair, vulva, labia, vagina, perineum and anus was so utterly exciting to me, I just wanted to become absorbent and responsive as her panties had probably been throughout the day.

Immediately obvious as I peeled the crotch panel away from her vulva was the abundant coffee-coloured staining, which thankfully Denise did not seem the least bit embarrassed about as she allowed me to examine her in this way.

Upon closer inspection, I could also clearly see a couple of small patches of crusted vaginal mucous which were matting her pubes just to the fringe of her inner labia.

As I peeled her dangling flaps apart there was quite clearly a build-up of whitish-yellowish discharge, deep within the throat of her cunt opening.

“Mmmmmmm…there you go you dirty boy,” Denise purred, “I’ve been saving up my special lady cream for you inside my undies all day long!!”

With her white nurse’s dress pulled high up over her milky thighs and her white cotton underpants now pulled to the side of her hairy pink genitals, this felt as much medical as it did sexual!

This could have been a gynaecological examination in a surgery as Denise spread her legs and peeled her underpants aside to let me inspect the health of her vagina and the daily contents of her underpants.

I could tell the health of Denise’s interiors by closely assessing the abundant staining inside her underwear and the odour it presented.

Likewise, the quality, colour and odour of her discharge could also offer so much in a sexual sense as my compulsive need answer the questions I was asking took over.

“Ohhhhhh Denise,” I panted, “I just want to lick the inside of your undies!”

“Then go ahead my darling!” Denise responded favourably, “Go and run your tongue along the inside of my undies. Lick my discharge! Taste it! Find out what REALLY goes inside a ladies’ undies during the day!”

It was almost too much.

Denise was instinctively playing to my desires to uncover her deepest feminine secrets.

It was like her medical background and practical knowledge of women’s gynaecology was coming fully into play and was allowing her let me examine her in this way, just as she would allow a doctor to examine her in a surgery.

For as many hairy vaginas and anuses as I had seen whilst viewing porn, this was now adding another dimension with real life odour and feminine soiling presenting itself to me from underneath Denise’s nurse’s dress.

I immediately applied my tongue to the inside of her underpants as promised and tentatively began licking away.

The stale musky odour I was inhaling was undoubtedly infused with sweat, urine and the acrid, slightly fishy smell of her discharge.

The taste was actually quite dull – more exciting to me was the fact that my tongue was actually contacting with something so dirty – something that had been in such close contact with her cunt, pubes and groin sweat that it was transferring something most sacred and unutterable directly into my mouth.

So dirty, disgusting and feminine – yet also so smelly, private and intimate – something that should only ever be exposed to either the inside a woman’s underpants or only revealed when going to the toilet.

Yet here I was, playing both the role of a panty gusset and a toilet bowl, my tongue exploring areas of Denise’s body they were not meant to go!

Soon enough I wanted to go even further.

Her vagina was so filthy yet intoxicating and of course I was aware that her other intimate opening was incredibly close to her female workings that I needed to include it immediately.

I had licked Denise’s anus before during sex and we had both enjoyed it immensely.

Erring on the side of caution, I generally insisted on inspecting her back opening before licking it, just as a matter of course.

As I tilted her buttocks into a slightly better position, I was afforded the best possible exposure to her brown poo opening.

Parting Denise’s large buttock cheeks, I was able to get a clear view of her anus at close range.

The inspection paid immediate dividends as I could see some brown poo flecks and maybe even some microscopic fibres of toilet paper remaining around the bumpy, lumpy sphincter that had most likely pushed out an amount of faeces from Denise’s bowels at some point during the day.

Knowing that she had probably not showered since last defecating sent my heart racing.

If I licked her anus right here and now, I would be likely to taste that remaining evidence from Denise’s last toilet visit.

Get it in my mouth.

Transfer the germs directly from her anus to my mouth.

Swallow them – little bits of poo along with some tiny pieces of toilet paper that were trapped in the fine ginger hairs around her spread, wrinkled anus.


I had to do it!

Denise, I think, knew what was coming, as I had spread her large, fleshy buttocks kaçak bahis and looked more closely at her back passage.

“Do you want to lick my anus?” Denise asked frankly.

“Mmmmmm…I’d love to!!” was my frank reply. “Looks like you’ve got little bits of poo in there from when you went to the toilet last.”

“Mmmmmm, that was from when I went at lunchtime. Do you want to lick them?” Denise tempted me, “I love it when you lick me there! It’s so naughty, tasting my poo like that. Licking my bum clean even though I haven’t washed!”

With nothing more needing to be said, I applied the tip of my tongue directly to Denise’s raw anus – pressing it to begin with and then swirling it around her sphincter – which had quite clearly filled with blood and begun to swell beyond its normal size within a few minutes of this sensual contact.

Denise now had her eyes closed and was moaning compulsively as I licked away, straining to gain some taste directly into my mouth as I poked away.

Whilst there weren’t any sharp, overwhelming faecal flavours, I did catch a somewhat familiar dull and earthy tang which occasionally hit the back of my taste buds.

The overall smell emitting from between Denise’s legs continued to drive me wild as I explored her back opening with my tongue.

If this was going to be a proper “medical” examination however, I realised that there would need to be a more thorough incursion of her innards.

I imagined that if this were in fact a REAL medical examination, that her undies would be removed completely, probably lying scrunched up elsewhere on the floor or wherever she had happened to drop them before subjecting herself to inspection.

Playing the role of the good doctor myself would enable me to conduct this very intimate inspection on Denise – her nurses’ expertise would permit this on medical grounds so that EVERYTHING would be checked and reported on – pubic hair, vulva, labia majora and labia minora, clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, cervix, perineum, anus and rectum.

And of course, the inside of her underpants could be a clear gauge of her internal health and cleanliness – something I would take the utmost pleasure in providing direct feedback on to my “patient”.

It seemed as good a time as any to enquire whether my lover had acquired those certain items from her workplace that may enable a “proper” examination which we had previously discussed.

“I had wanted to surprise you my love, but I’m so glad you asked!” was her response. “If you go and grab my work bag from the other room like a good boy, bring it to me and I think you will like what I am about to show you!”

Bursting with a fresh sense of anticipation, it would have taken quite a lot to remove my face from between Denise’s legs and my tongue from her anus at that point.

But that I did.

It took only a moment to locate said work bag and take it into the room where my lover still lay with her nurse’s dress pulled up beyond her thighs and her white cotton undies pulled to the side with her pubic hair and moist vagina still on full display.

I handed it to her and she then delved within; pulling out not one but two important items which she had clearly “borrowed” from the hospital at which she worked.

What I recognised to be a plastic speculum was first to be removed, followed by a clear plastic wrapping which upon further examination contained a thermometer.

“One in the vagina, the other in the anus!” was my immediate thought on the subject.

By including an obvious sexual element to Denise’s examination, her clean bill of health may also be determined by how she was able to achieve orgasm – vaginally, anally or clitorally – it was my hope that it could be all three at once!

Denise had been more than willing to let me feel up inside her rectum when making love previously, this would be even more exciting with her dressed fully in nurse’s attire – white nurse’s dress lifted high, with her large white underpants pulled aside to give access to her private bodily openings and erogenous zones.

Possibly missing from the equation might have been a tampon or sanitary pad but I lived in hope that future love making sessions with Denise may include these very items!

After several minutes of licking, I then withdrew my dirty tongue and replaced it with my right index finger, touching Denise’s now swollen anal ring so very gently with my finger and caressing it round and round the shiny, lumpy muscular diaphragm.

Denise all the while was keeping her big white underpants pulled to the side with the fingers on her left hand, exposing all her openings very explicitly but also trapping an amount of ginger pubic hair within the cotton and elastic confines of her undies.

“Do you want to inspect me now?” Denise asked almost casually.

I thought for a brief moment before realising that the answer was “yes”.

“If you pass me the two items from my bag, we can get started!” Denise continued with a sultry grin now appearing on her face.

I did as requested and handed Denise both the speculum and thermometer from within the bag.

She then looked inquisitively at the clear plastic speculum and then at me, asking, “Have you ever used one of these before?”

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