Demonology; part 2

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“Wake up.”

She heard his voice call to her. Opening her eyes she looked around. The room was a small dark cell and she was alone.

“Can you hear me?” He asked.

“Yes, where are you?” She said.

“Nearby. You will be prepared and presented. Do not be afraid.”

“Presented? To whom?” She asked, but there was only silence.

The door opened and she was led out of the room by two reptilian looking women. Each woman held tightly to an arm, leading her down a dark corridor and through a non-descript door. Inside was a large white marble sunken tub that was filled with water. The two women led her into the water which was still very warm and heavily scented. Together the women washed and bathed her. Amanda have never this kind of attention paid to her before and she enjoyed it. Occasionally an unsettling feeling would cross her mind and she would start to miss her beast but she trusted him.

‘So soon?’

Amanda had no answer for herself.

Looking around the room, it was a magnificent site. The marble tub, a beautiful shade of cream that was surrounded by a warm brown rock floor and wall. A sky light provided the illumination that was diffused into a yellow warm light. The room was warm, but not uncomfortably so. Around the room against walls were various tables and shelves with all manner of creams, oils, flowers, brushes, pots and bowls. All destined to help achieve beauty. Had it not been for the reptilian females, she could have fooled herself at an expensive spa back home.

The women helped her to exit the bath and began drying her body. Pressing a wonderfully soft fabric all over her skin. They began oiling her, rubbing her tired body. Amanda sat up. Her body wasn’t sore. Her ankle wasn’t tender. Looking at her arms she realized the bite marks, while still visible were all healed. Resting back, she felt their fingers everywhere, rubbing and caressing. Spreading her ass cheeks one woman oiled inserted her finger up her ass and pumped slowly. Never one for ass play before, Amanda found herself relaxing and enjoying the brief exploration. The woman motioned for her to turn over and lay on her back and spread her legs. Amanda did so and waited, wondering if they would be that thorough on her front. One woman began to brush her hair dry while the other continued to oil her front. At her nipples, the woman dipped her fingers into a nearby pot and rubbed her fingers together. Amanda watched quietly as the gold liquid on the green fingers was then transferred to her nipples. Gently the woman tweaked her nipples to attention and painted them with the liquid gold, all the while, the paint warmed her nipple and made them tingle. This had an immediate effect on Amanda’s clit and more than anything she wanted to rub herself, or have one of the women rub her.

Oiling her way down to Amanda’s pussy, the reptilian woman reached over once more to the gold pot. Before applying the paint, the reptilian woman looked up at Amanda and flicked her long tongue at her. Amanda groaned and spread her legs wider. The woman lightly flicked at Amanda’s clit before licking up and into her pussy. Though not very thick, the tongue was amazing dexterous and explored Amanda’s love tunnel, revealing unusual pleasure locations. Standing suddenly, the woman took her paint covered hand and shoved as many of her seven fingers into Amanda’s wet pussy as she could. Leaving one on the outside, coating her clit with the gold warming paint. After several strokes, the woman withdrew her hand, much to Amanda’s disappointment. Reaching over for more gold paint, the woman dripped a goodly amount over Amanda’s clit, immediately creating a burning and lust that for now, could not or would not be satisfied.

Oiled and painted, the two women stood Amanda on her feet and began dressing her. Choosing to dress her in a white gossamer toga like dress the women began adding the finishing touches, like gold leafing her exposed shoulder and plating her hair, weaving gold thread through it.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Amanda was shocked that she looked so much like a goddess though she felt like a whore, wanting to jump the first thing she could. The paint was increasing her lust and walking made it seem worse.

The reptilian woman bowed and walked out of the room. Looking around, Amanda had no idea what was going on. Wondering if she could get away with pleasuring herself, she was disappointed when a set of double doors on the opposite wall opened and another red skinned demon entered the room. Wearing a black robe he entered and stopped when he saw Amanda. Her breath caught in her throat, she wondered if this was how she was being presented to. She hoped that she could at least scratch this itch and fuck him before she had to be taken to where she was going.

“Are you ready madam?” He asked her.

She nodded as she stood and slowly walked to him.

“Then follow me, we have started.”

“Started what?” Amanda asked.

The demon didn’t answer her but started walking down a stone hallway through the doors he had entered. Amanda tried to clear her head as they walked. She was not this kind of girl. She loved sex, but not so casually and not with this level of urgency. They walked down the hallway, made a left turn, walked some more and passed a courtyard before entering a larger set of double doors that were gilded. Standing before them, Amanda tried desperately to compose herself, the gold paint was really making it hard to walk normally, her clit and labia were swollen with excitement and anticipation.

The doors opened and Amanda was speechless. The hall was massive, hard to see the ceiling. The room could easily have fit two football fields into it. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure about this presentation. The demon urged her on, walking with her towards the far wall. As they walked, Amanda became aware that there were hundreds of demons standing around on either side of the walls and they were all staring at her.

Walking closer to the wall Amanda was aware that her beast was standing in front of three thrones. A fleeting though crossed her mind and she idly wondered if she was going to get a chance with her beast. Looking away momentarily, Amanda tried once more to clear her head and instead looked at the figure seated on the throne. He was a huge demon with large and wicked looking black horns sat at the center throne.

In a moment of clarity, Amanda’s knees began to go weak. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she just bought a house, she should be painting rooms and changing out locks, not bathed oiled and leafed to be presented at a demonic court. What if she was to be an appetizer? A pet? A toy? A squeak toy….

The thought caused a slight smile creep across her face, one she attempted to hide. The man walking with her stopped her and bowed. Beast lowered his eyes for a moment and unsure of what to do, Amanda curtsied.

“My lords, I present the intended.” The demon announced.

‘Intended for what?’ She wondered.

A long pregnant pause fell over the room as she was being inspected visually.

“Is it true that you saved my son?” The large demon asked.

Amanda’s eyes flickered up to the large demon before dropping them to the floor. She had a feeling that she antalya escort bayan shouldn’t make eye contact with him.

“Yes, my lord.”

“She has manners.” The large demon observed. “Why?”

“People were hurting him.”

“Your people.”

“My species but I have no ties with who was hurting him.”

“A simple yes would suffice.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“You defied your own species to defend my son.” He stated.

“Yes, my lord.”

“And this is your choice, Balthazar?”

“It is.”

Amanda looked up. She had never been given his name. Something about it was so mysterious and dangerous. Perfect for a demon.

“So be it. Any challengers?” The large demon addressed the large hall.

A hush fell over the crowd while Amanda looked around. Who would be challenging whom and what for? She knew she was partially involved in the challenge but not her role.

She heard the hooves against the marble floor before she turned around. Standing apart from the crowd was a lone figure. Amanda’s breath caught in her throat as she felt this creature’s eyes all over her body. She had the distinct impression that she was being appraised or worse, hunted. The challenging male took a large inhalation causing his whole chest to expand to a great size before growling. Amanda began to tremble with fear. Staring at this figure, she could sense movement to her right. Turning her head slightly she watched as two more figures stepped forward. A cold sweat broke out over her body and her sudden urge to flee was overwhelming. She looked over her shoulder towards the thrones. The large demon seated in the middle, had his hands clasped together, looking on with interest while Balthazar, her beast, began slowly walking towards her.

“You need to sit with father now.” He said quietly to her.

Unable to speak, she nodded her head and walked to the thrones. Balthazar’s father extended his hand to her and helped her to sit on a floor pillow on one side of his throne. Amanda was glad for it, her knees having totally failed her.

Watching Balthazar walking to the center of the room slowly, he looked around. A total of six challengers had stepped forward, all eyeing one another.

“Is he to fight them all?” Amanda whispered.

“They are to fight each other.” The large demon replied as if speaking to a child. “What is your name?”


“It’s been a long while since we’ve had a challenger let alone six. This should be very interesting.”

Before Amanda could process what the large demon had said, the fight started with a challenger lunging at another challenger and ramming his head into his side. Amanda realized that these demons have varying degrees of horns. Females has the short nubs style as did some males, like Balthazar, while others had larger horns, none as large as the pair sitting next to her. Some of the fighters used their horns as weapons, while others punched, kicked and slashed with their razor claws. When blood was drawn on Balthazar, Amanda turned her head, her stomach sick.

“This does not please you? To have many men fight over you?” The large demon asked.

“No.” Amanda croaked out weakly.

“Ah, one has conceded.”

Turning Amanda watched as one demon limped away from the brawl and leave the chamber. Shortly after another also left the chamber. One by one, the challengers backed down until it was just Balthazar and the first challenger. Circle one another the two demons attempted to find a weakness to exploit, some way to get an advantage over the other one. Seeing just two now, Amanda rose to her feet.

The challenger lunged but Balthazar stepped out of the way. Balthazar slashed, but the challenger blocked. Frustrated the two demons rushed each other and locked arms, twisting and turning, trying to overpower the other one with brute force. Suddenly, Balthazar threw the challenger to the floor but not before he latched onto Balthazar’s leg and bit down hard. There was no howl of pain, only fury as Balthazar reached down and pulled the challenger off his leg and twisted his neck until is snapped, killing the demon.

“We have a victor!” The large demon stood up and applauded.

The previously quiet hall erupted in to cheers while other stamped their hooves against the smooth floor. Standing in the center Balthazar looked exhausted and bloodied but he stood his ground and looked at Amanda.

“Prepare yourself.” The large demon announced.

Balthazar bowed and left the hall.

Amanda stood flabbergasted as to what just occurred. Several reptilian people came forward with trays full of food, some were maneuvering tables with food into places around the hallway, while a small group were carrying in what looked to be some sort of stage. Amanda watched the scene with a detached silence, struggling to make sense of everything that had happened and was happening still. It suddenly occurred to her that she needed to get back to her house, her home. She had things to still do there, organizing and unpacking to do, some cleaning and the cable guy was supposed to be coming by on Thursday. Instead she was staring at a weird sort of party with the focal point being erected in the center of the room.

Amanda nibbled lightly and tried to act as a gracious guest, but she was scared. With Balthazar gone, she did not know how long she had to stay at this party, if she could even leave, where she could go or what she was to do. Instead, she reached over and grabbed a glass of wine from a nearby reptilian man.
After sipping on the strong wine and sitting for what seemed like hours, Amanda stood and was about to ask to be excused when the double doors opened and Balthazar strode in, clean and healed. He wore a white robe and a chaplet of leaves. Amanda could see his red skin had places where he had been gold leafed, much as herself. Walking up with a confidence she had never seen on anything, man or beast, she was awe struck. She caught herself smiling an embarrassed smile as she felt a little bit like a fan girl in his presence.

A reptilian woman came over and placed a chaplet of leaves on Amanda’s head and began to lead her to the center of the floor near the stage. The gold paint reactivated immediately causing Amanda to gasp four steps away from the throne. Upon closer inspection, Amanda realized it was a bed. Suddenly she was having a bad feeling about what was too happen, though she wanted it very badly. The spectators watched, mingled, chatted and dined as they kept one eye on the human woman and their champion. Stopping before her, Balthazar looked down at Amanda.

“Only this once will there be spectators.” He whispered.

“Champion, as victor you have the right to take that which you desire. Conquer her as you concurred your enemies.” The large demon announced loudly.

In a blink, Balthazar threw Amanda on the bed and was pacing around, as if looking for a weakness. Startled Amanda looked about wildly. Calmly, while walking, he untied his robe revealing his naked body. Seeing her beast pace at the foot of the bed made her heart race, his eyes never leaving her. His body was chiseled from a red rock, so firm and defined. His engorged cock ready for its own kind of battle. Just like the escort antalya rest of him, it was firm and chiseled though a much more violent red color beneath a layer of gold paint. Suddenly Amanda was jealous and wondered if some reptilian woman had jacked him off applying the paint. What caught Amanda’s attention and caused her to begin to worry was his size. A solid foot long he was thicker than any man she had ever seen, several inches of girth and he had an enormous tip that ballooned into a deep red almost purple head. Her breathing grew fast and shallow and she could feel the dull ache between her legs. That horrid feeling of need and desire. Balthazar sensed a shift and stopped pacing, staring with unnerving force. Amanda shifted ever so slightly back before Balthazar sprung forward, pinning Amanda to the bed.

Looking into his eyes, she could see they were glazed over, clouded by lust. Without hesitation Balthazar ripped her dress open, exposing her body. Taking a moment, he drank in her naked form, this time meant for him. Placing one hand under her ass, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Roughly he moved her into position as her heart beat harder and faster. Was this really about to happen and with all of these witnesses?

His wrist was shoved in her face and she could see it was cut and bleeding.

“Drink.” He growled.

Hesitating a moment, she clamped her mouth around his bleeding wrist, just as he entered her. The shock of the pain caused her to see stars. Gasping for a moment, she managed to compose herself just long enough before he pushed into her again. This time she cried out, muffled by his wrist. Another push, this time harder caused her eyes to water. Balthazar stopped a moment and removed his wrist. Adjusting them both on the bed, Amanda was shocked that she was able to take any of his size. It hurt as much as when she lost her virginity and she knew this was only the beginning.

With an inhuman howl, Balthazar began to violently pump into Amanda, trying to shove all twelve inches into her tight little hole. The harder he pumped, the more frustrated he grew and the harder he tried to fit inside of her. Amanda cried out, uncaring if anyone else was around. The size and force were not too her liking and she wanted it to stop.

“It hurts.” She whimpered.

Leaning forward still rhythmically thrusting, he whispered in her ear.

“I’m sorry, this will help.” Just as he bit down into her shoulder.

The pain from the bite distracted her from the pain between her legs but caused the endorphins in her brain to help battle it. Something about that bite set something in her lose, as if he switched on the right button and she could suddenly enjoy what was happening. No longer distracted by the pain, she could feel Balthazar’s head inside her, rubbing her G spot, his girth rubbed against her swelling labia, which in turn rubbed against her clit. This release of pain came on so suddenly that it caused her to instantly become wet.

Balthazar knew before any of this what it was doing to her body, he could sense it. Stopping long enough to flip her back around and throw her on her back, he reentered her roughly and redoubled his efforts. With every stroke he went deeper, pressing himself to fit in her. The tightness took away his breath and it took every ounce of willpower to keep from cumming too soon. She felt exquisite.

In this position, Amanda’s clit grinded up against the base of Balthazar’s cock, causing it to become overstimulated fast. Shaking, she looked down between them and was shocked to realize that she was able to take him completely. A grunt from his throat caused Amanda to look up. Settling back down on the bed, she wrapped her legs around the demon and held him as tight to her as possible. Bending his head down, Amanda felt his sharp teeth bite lightly on her nipples, then harder, causing another rush of endorphins through her body. Rubbing and fondling her other breast with his claws, he raked her skin, leaving pink ribbons of scratches behind. Somehow he knew the endorphins had one destination, her pussy.

A different sensation began to grow in Amanda, a pressure near the opening of her pussy, but inside. It rubbed all the right places but she realized whatever it was, was swelling. Wiggling against this new intruder caused Amanda to begin to shudder. Squeezing her muscles against it caused a chain reaction in her that caused her to grip Balthazar’s neck and buck against him hard. This additional fullness pule the constant rubbing and grinding on her clit and the roughness of his strokes drove her over the edge. Arching her back, Amanda gave into her most powerful orgasm of her life. Stimulated in so many different ways, she allowed herself to ride the wave of pleasure as she screamed.

Raising his head, Balthazar violently jerked into her harder than he had previously before he roared like a great beast. Amanda could feel a warmness inside her as he filled her with his seed. Balthazar came for several long minutes, bucking constantly and involuntarily as he poured himself into her. Collapsing on top of her and panting, Balthazar propped himself up on his elbows and looked at Amanda.

“You’re mine.” He whispered.

Amanda could only nod in agreement.

“It is done!” The large demon announced.

The hall once more erupted into applause. Looking around Amanda was only becoming aware that they had an audience. She was embarrassed at the same time she was not. It had been the best sex of her life. Sex that was so good it rightfully deserved an audience.

“Now what?” She whispered as she panted too.

“Now we will go back to our rooms and enjoy our first night joined.”

“We’re married.” She stated more than asked.

“Yes, I believe you call it that. You are my mate now.”

“Okay, so let’s go.” She breathed.

Sitting up Balthazar wrapped his arms around her and began to lift her, with her still impaled by his cock.
“Whoa, aren’t you going to pull out?” She asked.

“We’re joined. I cannot remove myself until you’re carrying my child.” He said matter of factly.

“We have to continue to fuck till I’m knocked up? How will you know?” She asked shocked.

“My body just knows.”

“And after that?”

“After you are with child it will be different. I’ll be matured and we could then have sex for pleasure. Your hormones of being with my child will finish my growth.”

Looking down, Amanda gently pulled from Balthazar and found that she could not dislodge him, the swelling inside saw to it that they were firmly bonded and that none of his seed escaped.

“Like I said, once you are with my child then we can enjoy sex for pleasure.”

Holding her tightly, he lifted her from the bed and began walking out of the hall to the loud applause and cries of the spectators.

“Once you are with child, we will be presented as the Prince and Princess of the country. Once you give birth my father can chose whether or not to hold our coronation ceremony. I will be King and you my Queen.”

“Seriously?” She asked shocked that she was on the cock of royalty.

“Yes, seriously. There will be time for talking later….”

He buried his face in her breasts and nipped lightly antalya escort at her nipple causing a ripple of pleasure and a squeal in Amanda.

Their walking caused Balthazar’s cock to bounce deeper into Amanda’s body. Her clit, still overstimulated and pressed in close to his body continued to rub, eventually causing her to grit her teeth and pant. Her involuntary flexing of her pussy muscles contracted around Balthazar’s cock causing him to pin her against a wall and fuck her all over again. This time Amanda came as she orgasmed and she came hard causing her whole body to shudder. Balthazar pressed into her body as hard as he could when his time came. Gripping her hair in one of his claws, he shook and spasamed as he filled her with his warmth.

Panting, they looked at one another, smiling. Impulsively he leaned forward and kissed her lips gently. Reciprocating the kiss, Amanda wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer. Wrapping his arms around her body once more, Balthazar began walking towards their rooms.

“I need a minute.” Balthazar said sitting in an arm chair in the hallway.

Amanda rested her weight on her knees and using the arms leaned back to get some fresh air and to stretch her back. Looking straight up at the ceiling, she felt Balthazar buck beneath her. Looking up at him he had an embarrassed smile on his face.

“Your hair, it was tickling my balls.”

Amanda smiled a wicked smile and leaned her head back, this time shaking her head. Balthazar began to buck then changed his rhythm. He began to bounce Amanda on his lap. This sudden change in power startled Amanda and caused her to cry aloud. She used the arms to steady herself, but the constant bouncing was rapidly bringing on another orgasm.

Suddenly Balthazar pressed on to her shoulders causing him to go deeper into her. Amanda saw stars as she gasped. Flinging her had back she screamed. Her scream echoed down the hallway as she collapsed against Balthazar’s chest.

“Don’t tickle my balls again, unless I ask.” He whispered playfully.

“Got it.” She panted.

An hour, 200 yards and three more fucks later they stumbled into their rooms, barely making it to the bed before the urgency of their loins was once more at a critical level. Amanda was so stimulated that the simple act of breathing was causing her body to shudder out of control.

She was sore, she was tired, her body hurt and was far too stimulated. She was hungry and she wanted a bath, but they still couldn’t break away.

“I need a break.” She panted, laying beneath Balthazar on their bed.

“Not yet.”

“I can’t keep this up. I’m exhausted. I’ve never had this many orgasms before…”

“We have to darling, I can’t pull out without hurting you.”

“Try, please.”

He reluctantly pulled from her, but the pain on her face stopped him. They were truly locked together. He tried once more, but the urge to fuck flared up and he began pulling and pushing slowly.

“No, Balthaar, I can’t….”

But Balthazar didn’t stop, he kept pulling out slightly until the pressure was too much then he pressed into her deeply.

“Please don’t…”

She pushed at him, but her body contracted and squeezed around his shaft and knot. His eyes rolled up into his head.

“No….” she moaned, but did not fight him.

He continued his slow pulling and pressing until she had given in and began squirming around on the bed. Rotating his hips in a wave like motion that both pulled at the knot and pushed in deeply, he found a new reaction from her and a different sensation for him. Moving closer to her, inch by inch, he delved deeper. Something about the motion opened her depths to him, like a flower. Grabbing hold of her legs, he pulled her pelvis up and supported her ass with his hands as he continued his rhythmic slow fucking. He watched in fascination the pleasure play out across his lover’s face, the wave like motion of her breast sway with the motion of their lovemaking. Though he had not changed the tempo he could see that she was experiencing more as the moments went on. He could feel it in the soft but firm caresses her walls had on his cock and knot. Slow at first but then the squeezing was more frequent and firmer. He felt as if he was being milked.

Amanda began to moan and loudly. She had screamed before but the moaning was new. It was a huge turn on to Balthazar. Reaching up, he tweaked a nipple between his talons, drawing a little blood and causing her to arch her back and clamp down on his dick. Scratching her stomach lightly, Amanda moaned again, this time louder. Carefully selecting a fleshy part of her thigh, Balthazar wrapped his hand around the limb and dug his claws into the flesh. Amanda reciprocated by becoming incredibly wet and gasping, her back arching further. He pressed harder into her, making the strokes still even but with more pressure. The deepness was amazing.

Amanda could not think straight, the pain and pleasure was mixing and becoming hard to separate in her mind. She was experiencing and that was as far as she could focus. She wanted more, wanted it harder, deeper, longer, more violent, softer, and with more intensity. She didn’t want this to end.

Balthazar gnashed his teeth. The burning built up again. Starting in his chest, tightening it making his stomach tighten as well. The fire, usually a slow burn, moved with lightning speed to his groin and before he was able to hold off, he was filling his lover with his seed. Something was different this time. Looking into her eyes she felt it too. With a pop, he felt his knot dislodge and he was free from her body. Looking at each other for a moment, the realization set in what had happened. It took five hours, but she was carrying his child.

Exhaustion set in for both parties. Collapsing on the bed they both lay motionless for long minutes.
“I don’t know how to do this, how to be your wife, how to be a mother to your child, how to live here….what happened?” Amanda said quietly.

“A lot has happened quickly.” Balthazar agreed.

“I’m scared.”

“Rightfully so, I’d say but Amanda, you can never go back home. Even if we could figure out how to open the correct portal to your world, those people would kill you for helping me and taking away their potential power.”


“To drink the blood of a demon that is willingly given to you grants the drinker access to powers beyond anything you can imagine. They were trying to do that but couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I was not willingly giving y blood up, they were taking it by force.”


“You, I gave to willingly. Your kindness, your sympathy was touching. But more than that, in order to keep you safe from them, I had to bring you with me and you would never have survived the jump to my world. The rift would have shredded you had you not have demon blood in your body.”

“Am I part demon now?”

“No,” he chuckled, “but it means that you do have me in your system, so you have the essence of demon, but are not one of us.”

Amanda nodded but felt like she was missing something bigger.

“I don’t know the first thing about your people or how to be a queen for them.”

Balthazar leaned over and kissed her forehead. Amanda noticed that his horn nubs seemed a little longer.
“Don’t worry my dear, being a queen will be the easy part. We have bigger problems to deal with first.”

…to be continued

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