Delicious Treats

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She was bent over the kitchen table, blindfolded and cuffed. Cassie’s ass was bare and her legs spread, waiting for whatever Jim had planned. The cool air in the kitchen and the anticipation were making her moist lips tingle. She heard the refrigerator door open and close, followed by Jim’s steps across the tile floor. Was it whipped cream or maybe ice cubes. Jim gave no hints prior to positioning Cassie as she was now found. All mysteries were revealed as Jim slid the head of the cool, knobby cucumber past Cassie’s hot lips. Her loud gasp and moan only followed her pussy’s involuntary clamping onto the thick vegetable now buried in it. Her eyes fluttered under the mask as she tightly gripped the far side of the table. “Ohh…fuck…” were the only words to escape her lips as she felt the cucumber slide in and out of her. She had never guessed Jim would truly stuff one in her, despite his fantasies about it. As dirty as it felt to be fucked by a vegetable, she couldn’t ask Jim to stop when it felt so good.

Whipped Cream

Jim sauntered into the living room with a small cup of Cool Whip and a mischievous smile. Cassie looked up from her book, intrigued. Standing in front of her, Jim dropped his pants. Cassie’s eyes alternated between his eyes and his hard cock right şirinevler escort in front of her. Jim then dip the head of his cock into the whipped topping. She needed no further prompting, leaning forward and slowly licking the cream from his cock. After the first dip was cleaned from Jim’s thick head, she took the cup and coated his shaft again. This time her whole mouth enveloped his cock as she sucked the cream of his hot flesh. She continued the dipping until only a little bit of whip remained in the cup. Cassie then took hardily to sucking Jim’s cock, driving him closer to cumming. Her talented mouth and hand soon had him on the brink. She knew the signs of when Jim was about to erupt. With her free hand, she held the cup close to his now reddened head. With a deep moan, his hot cum flew into the cup. Cassie milked the cum into the cup, then licked and sucked the last drops from his cock. With a devious grin, she took her fingers and swirled the last bits of whipped topping and Jim’s cum. She then drank the creamy mix, licking the inside of the cup and around the rim. The little that remained in the cup, Cassie wiped out with her fingers, then teasingly licked and sucked them clean.

Banana Split

Cassie stood in the kitchen, looking şirinevler elit escort sheepishly at Jim. She was dressed only in her robe, but the items on the counter made her wonder. A banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream were neatly arranged. As requested, she made sure her pussy was cleanly shaven, a favorite of Jim’s. “Robe off and on the counter please,” Jim requested. The cool surface of the countertop gave Cassie goosebumps, but so did the thoughts of what might have been next. Jim parted her legs and kissed up and down inner thighs, teasingly close to her exposed lips. Cassie always enjoyed a post-shaved eating, as Jim usually devoured her over and over again. His tongue teasing her lips and clit made her jump slightly, gripping the edges of the counter. He teased her, lapping at her lips, but never opening her now wet, hot hole. She gasped as the cool whipped cream on her hot lips and clit. She moaned deeply as Jim’s tongue began lapping away at the slowly melting cream. He slowly worked from the bottom, almost teasing her rosebud. His tongue flicks across her lips was followed by a long, slow, full-tongue lick up her lips. He sucked the remain cream from her clit, eliciting more moans.

As she lay enjoying the tongue-lashing, she didn’t şirinevler escort see Jim take the banana. Pausing only briefly from his licking, he peeled the still slightly green and firm fruit. Cassie’s pussy was slick from both her own juices and Jim’s continued wet licks.

Cassie felt his fingers begin to ply open her wet folds, something he usually did before slithering his tongue inside her. This time, it wasn’t a tongue or finger. It was wider and rounder. She momentarily glanced down to see the end of the banana peeking out between her thighs. Slightly shocked, she gently nodded and sucked her lower lip between her lips. She closed her eyes as her husband fucker with the fruit. The perverse nature of having the phallic fruit buried in her made her pussy tingle. Jim made sure the fruit didn’t soften too much before asking Cassie to open her mouth, eyes still closed. She obeyed, sticking her tongue out slightly, awaiting the fruit she knew was coming. As the tip grazed her tongue, she began licking it like she had done with Jim’s cock so many times. The mix of banana and her own juices was an interesting flavor. She opened her eyes and stared at Jim as she sucked the final bit of the banana-pussy syrup, before biting the tip off and eating it. Jim finished savoring the naughty fruit, first rubbing the other end up and down Cassie’s wet lips. He then lapped the remaining bit of fruit and juice from her lips, bringing yet another deep orgasm as she pressed his face into her.

As she recovered, she glanced between Jim and the unused chocolate syrup, with a look of wonder as to what was next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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