DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – PART SEVEN

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – PART SEVEN
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
Part Seven
During the short ride down the two floors to the dungeon Junior told me,
“I’ve never taken a woman as old as you to our play room before. I hope we
won’t be disappointed?”
As the elevator door opened I had my first look at their playroom and I
looked over at Junior and told him, “I’ve never disappointed anyone in my life
Sir, and I don’t intend to disappoint today.”
Junior smiled, then he took me by my left arm and led me out of the
elevator and into an elegantly decorated BDSM play room. I was impressed. They had
a lot of bondage furniture including a very sturdy looking St. Andrews
Cross, a large cage, large table with tie down straps, mirrors, photography
equipment and a wall full of whips, cuffs, sex toys, hooks, clamps, and some
things I wasn’t really sure what they were or what they might be used for.
The walls were stone and the decor was that of a very authentic castle
dungeon. I saw a large fireplace and torches sticking out along the walls and
they suddenly lit up as Junior clicked a remote he pulled from a pocket. I
realized the torches and the fireplace were actually electric but they looked
very real.
Next Junior dimmed the lights and standing there naked I found myself
feeling very, very vulnerable and I liked it. The atmosphere was chilling in one
way but I found myself seriously aroused as I took it all in. The fireplace,
the torches, the chains, yeah, the atmosphere was very stimulating.
I’ve never actually been in such an elaborately done room. A room that had
only one purpose. This room was dedicated to Domination, submission, pain
and of course, pleasure.
My high heels clicked loudly on the stone floor as I was led to the far
wall where a selection of whips were hanging. They stopped me in front of the
whips and Junior said, “Would you prefer pain or pleasure today?”
I felt a chill run up my spine and it wasn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri because I was standing there
naked. The room temperature was actually a bit warm. No, it was knowing I had
agreed to come down here with three young, black, strangers, thinking it
would be exciting and not really knowing exactly what I was getting myself
into. So far I had pretty much been having a great time. Now, looking at all
those whips, the reality of what the next hour might bring was hitting me big
time. The strangest part was I came to realize that deep down, I wanted
this. Whatever was going to happen, I really wanted this. That revelation was a
total surprise to me. I didn’t really realize until now how deep my
submissive urges went. This was a startling discovery.
I felt another shiver of excitement as I answered, “It is for you to decide
Michael finally said, “C’mon man I want to fuck this bitch. Let’s get
moving, we only got a lousy hour.”
Michael and Steven each took hold of one of my wrists and pulled my arms up
over my head while Junior clamped my wrists with the cuffs that hung from
chains dangling down from an overhead beam. After they cuffed me Junior
pressed a button on the wall and the chains tightened and pulled me up onto my
tip toes and then he let off the button so that I was stretched tight, only
the toes of my heels touching the stone floor.
Right away the frenzy started. I felt hands running up and down my body.
Fingers, probing in my pussy and minty flavored oil being splashed in my face,
I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as the oil ran over my tongue and down
my tits.
As I hung there, helpless, I felt the hands and fingers squeezing, probing,
slapping my tits, ass, my pussy and then my face too. With my eyes closed
to keep the oil out I really couldn’t see who was doing what and it really
didn’t matter. I could feel the pinching, and probing, and the slapping. A
hard swat to my butt, another across my face. Then another güvenilir casino series of slaps
across my ass. My face stung. My tits stung, and my ass was on fire. I was in a
submissive trance, and strangely, loving it all, needing more.
Then a voice broke through and I heard Michael say, “You want it, don’t you
slut? You want a big, young, cock in your pussy, don’t you?”
I felt the frenzy too and I heard myself urgently saying, “Yes Master,
please fuck me.”
Two of the brothers then slid an arm under each of my legs and lifted me
up, off the floor. I was held, spread wide, so the third brother, Michael
could enter my pussy. My arms were still held tightly above my head as I felt
his large hard cock slam into me. My pussy was stretched tight.
Michael was hardly in when I felt a shudder and had a wonderful climax. I
let out a loud moan of pleasure and tried to move my hips to get all of his
The two brothers holding me up started moving me in rhythm so Michael could
slam me as deep as possible. His cock was huge and I had two more orgasms
before I felt him swell up in me and unload his cum.
Michael yelled, “Fuck yeah, this bitch is hot.”
Junior said, “My turn bro, get over here and hold her for me.”
It went on like that until all three of the brothers had fucked me. I lost
count of how many times I climaxed but it was oh so intense. I still
couldn’t open my eyes because of the oil and sweat but I was one happy girl.
Junior said, “The clock is ticking bitch but we still have time for some
cock worship. I’m going to lower you and remove the cuffs. Then I want you to
get down on your hands and knees and be quick with it. Time is wasting.”
I weakly said, “Yes Sir.”
When I got down on my hands and knees on the stone floor Steven said,
“There’s a large puddle of cum in front of you. Put your face down on the floor
and lick it up. Clean up the mess. Understand?”
I heard myself say, “Yes Sir.”
I could open my eyes a little and had my face on the floor as ordered then
I started casino firmalari licking the small puddle of cum on the floor that I could see
through the oil sting in my eyes. I could hear cell phone shutters clicking
while I slowly ran my tongue through the sticky goo on the stone floor. I was
actually teasing them and it was enjoyable knowing they were aroused watching
me. I seemed to get as much of the goo on my face and hair as I did on my
tongue but the floor was now clean and I knew they were all rock hard again.
“Man, my dick is fucking hard. I need some of that bitches mouth,” Junior
Then he pulled up a stool and sat down in front of me. I was grabbed by my
hair and Junior said, “Open your mouth slave.”
I didn’t reply this time, I just held my mouth open. Holding me by my oily,
blonde hair Junior pulled my mouth down on his hard cock. He told me, “Keep
your mouth open and let my cock slide down your throat.”
I did but gagged a little. He told me, “We’ll work on that gag problem
another time baby. Now I want you to give me the best fucking blow job you’re
ever given. Now suck it.”
I started sucking as deep and hard as I could. Trying my best to worship
Junior’s cock with my mouth and tongue. I was really wanting to please Junior
and by the sounds he was making I knew I was pleasing him big time.
Junior finally shuddered and yelled, Fuck yeah.” Then he pulled my mouth
off his cock and rubbed his dripping manhood all over my face. It felt good
knowing how much I had pleased this young guy.
Michael was next, then Steven. We went longer than an hour because they
just didn’t want to let me go. When Steven blew his wad he told me, “Don’t
swallow it yet. I want to take a photo of you, mouth open, and full of my jizz.”
He had a big load and I opened my mouth and some of it dribbled down my
chin. They all took photos and Steven was doing a video when he ordered me,
“Now swallow it all.”
I swallowed and then opened my mouth again and stuck out my tongue.
Steven said, “Fuck, this bitch is a keeper.”
Finally Junior looked around at his brothers and said, “That’s it for
today. Hopefully dad won’t be pissed that we kept her into overtime, but she is
one hot fucking slut.”
They all laughed at that and starting zipping up.


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