Dave , Jenna Ch. 01

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It was a very long day. The office drove me crazy. I took phone call after phone call from angry patients. I could not wait until 2:00 p.m., when I could leave the hellhole, hop in my car, and make the two-hour drive to Baltimore. Being in the car would relax me. Being in the car, knowing that I was going to see my sweetheart for what was sure to be a weekend to remember was even better.

Clutching my ticket, I checked my bags, made my way through a maze of security, and settled into one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs to wait for my plane. It was 5:45 p.m. when I took my seat in the waiting area. Damn it. I had to wait at least another hour for my plane and almost 4 hours until I was in your arms. I know you will be surprised when you find that I am freshly shaved and completely bald under the thin material of the g-string I had purchased especially for this trip. I crossed my legs, and the simple movement caused the fabric to rub against my clit. I jumped, and squirmed slightly in my seat. Just thinking about you, about the way you feel in me, the shivers that your kisses send down my spine got me very, very wet. I could feel the dampness my body created. I had to fight the urge to run into the bathroom and take care of the sensations I was feeling. I only had to wait a few more hours, and then I would have you to take care of the desire I had been experiencing for the last six weeks.

The flight was long. I tried drifting off to sleep, but to no avail. I would close my eyes, and your face would appear in my thoughts. Specifically, your face in between my thighs. I could almost feel the roughness of your goatee rubbing against the soft, inner flesh between my legs. Your tongue darting in and out, playing with my clit. Your fingers exploring, touching, stroking my heat and bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I was afraid to sleep. I was afraid that I would moan loudly and the other passengers would know what was on my mind.

I am finally here! I push my way out of the plane. I can not believe that I am in Milwaukee, with you less than a half a mile away! I stop in the bathroom quickly to get a glance at myself. I smooth a crease out of my long jean skirt. I pull at the hem of the black turtleneck sweater I am wearing- you gave it to me for Christmas, and it is one of my favorites. I adjust the lace of my nude thigh highs, and make sure the red garter belt I am wearing is securely fastened. I can feel my nipples growing hard in the lacy red bra, sensitive with growing anticipation.

I run out of the bathroom. I can see you in front of me, staring impatiently at the arriving flight monitor. I see it all over your face. Where the hell is she? You can not hide your thoughts from me, love. You glance up and beylikdüzü ucuz escort see me looking at you. Your face breaks into a huge grin, dimple spreading on your cheek. I watch your face light up, and I feel tears start to stream down my face. I walk run to you. You open your arms, and I throw myself into them. Reality ceases to be, and I am sure I have walked into a dream. Is this really you? Are your arms wrapped tightly around me? Am I resting my head against your neck, smelling the sweet scent of Coolwater? Are you touching my hair, the back of my head and squeezing me to your body? Is the soft, scratchy wool of your sweater caressing my face?

You pull back and look at me. “Why are you crying?” you ask me. I am too overwhelmed by joy and happiness to respond to you. Again, you pull me close to your body, this time kissing away the salty tears that stream down my face. You bring your mouth to mine, and I feel your lips touch me. You whisper against my mouth how much you love me, and how much you have missed me. Just being around you, smelling your scent, feeling your body against mine makes me so hot. I want to take you in the middle of the airport. I start to suck on your lip, and I press my hips against your lower body. I feel that you are starting to get hard. I touch my tongue to yours, and I feel your body react. Discreetly, I gently grind against you, and you look at me with alarm. “We will be home soon, baby,” you tell me. “Fuck that,” I am thinking. “You are not getting off that easy, and you are not making me wait that long”. I smile at you innocently, and suggest that we get my baggage.

We wait at the carousel for my bag. Little do you know the surprises it holds for you. Handcuffs, a feather, crotchless underwear. How the hell did I get through security? My suitcase arrives on the belt and I lean forward to get it. Being the gentleman you are, you reach around me to grab it for me. I take the advantage to press my ass against your already noticeable hard-on. You jerk the bag off of the belt, and look at me, slightly flushed. “Shall we?” You point to the stairs and we head up. I slip my hand into yours as we are walking. When we get to the elevator, the doors open almost immediately, and we step in. We have the elevator to ourselves. Perhaps this is not the best idea. I am feeling naughty, and you are obviously turned on. I take the opportunity to slide my skirt up my leg and give you a glimpse of what is underneath. You see the red snap of the garter belt hooked to the lace. You groan slightly. I know you won’t be able to wait. That is what I love about you.

Sadly, when you arrived, you did not have your usual good luck. Instead of parking by beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort the door, you are stuck in a back corner of the now deserted lot. You walk to my side, open the door for me and let me in the car. I feel your car move slightly as you open the trunk and slide my baggage in. You walk to your side of the car and let yourself in. You sit to look at me for a second. “You are so beautiful,” you tell me. I respond with a “You, too”. I think you doubt me when I say that, but my heart truly means that statement. You are so amazing to me. I love everything about you, from your personality to your smile, to the way your body feels as it glides in and out of mine. I see desire in your eyes. I feel desire between my legs.

I can not help it. I reach over and place one hand on your cock. You are so hard. I decide I have to have you in my mouth, right then and there. I fool with your belt, undo the button and zipper of your jeans. You look around nervously for other travelers who might sneak a peek at us. “Baby, I don’t know if this is a good idea,” you tell me. I respond with a grin. I know you won’t be able to last. Easing down your zipper further, I find a pair of red heart boxers. I can see the soft pink flesh of your cock peeking through. I ease the opening to the side and slide a finger underneath your cock, urging it out. It springs forth out of its restraint, and I gently run my finger across the head. I look you in the eyes. You growl softly and lay your head back against the seat, eyes closed.

I lower my head down into your lap and trace with my tongue the drops of pre-cum that have formed. I take your head into my mouth, and run my tongue back and forth over the head, under the ridge. I cup my hand around your shaft and start to stroke you slowly as my mouth works magic on your cock. I shift my body slightly, and lower my head further. I take you all the way in my mouth, my lips pressing against the base, the tip of you massaging the back of my throat. I feel your body tighten, the vein running your length throbs, the silk of your cock becomes firmer as your balls draw up to you. “You better stop that,” you tell me, “You are going to make me cum.” I start to move my mouth up and down your cock, faster and faster until you grab my head and force it roughly down your shaft. You hold my head still and hard as your hips arch off of the seat and shoot your hot cum down my throat. I suck hungrily- I have missed the way you taste.

You lean as hard as you can back against the seat and breathe heavy. I am not satisfied, though. I want you again. I lean over and start to lick your earlobe. I take your finger and help you guide it up my skirt. beyoğlu escort Together, we push aside the flimsy fabric that is barely protecting my soaking wet pussy. You slide your finger into me and find me ready for you. I suck gently on your neck as you finger me. You are a fucking tease to me, using only one finger, stroking slowly, barely touching my clit. You know full well that I want two inside me, that I want you to finger me hard and fast to release the tension and pressure that has been building up inside of me. I moan loudly into your ear, begging you to make me cum. You only smile at me and laugh softly. I know you want me riding you, that this fingering will not be enough to satisfy me right now.

I reach my hand into your lap and find you hard again. I tell you to lean your seat back and you readily do as I tell you. You barely have time to get comfortable. My skirt is hiked up and I am straddling you. I lean back against the steering wheel, and I slowly slide my pussy onto your waiting cock. I gasp loudly and push my hips up to your belly. “You feel so fucking good”, I tell you. “I have waited too long, and I am not able to last.” I begin to move against you hard. I thrust my hips back and forth as I ride you. You feel my lips rub against you, spreading my juice all over your pelvis. I push harder and harder, the car rocking in rhythm to my lovemaking. I feel the sweet release of orgasm, the throbbing sensations as my pussy tightens and releases my sex all over you.

I pause for a second, trying to catch my breath, but you will not give me a chance to rest. Seeing that I have cum, you grab my hips and thrust your dick into my creamy pussy. I am still a little sensitive after my first orgasm, but you show me no mercy. You fuck me while you hold me in place, lifting your body into mine. “Cum for me again, baby”, you tell me. “I am so close”, you cry out. You dig your nails into my flesh and shoot cum deep into my belly. As you do this, I feel a second orgasm break through, and I scream out in pleasure. There is a pause, a moment of silence, a stillness in time as we both come down from our high. You wrap your arms around me, hold me close to your pounding heart. You kiss my cheek, and you tell me you love me. I look in your eyes, and I see that you mean it. I kiss your forehead, and tell you that I love you.

We break apart, only for a few hours. I know that you will be inside of me again shortly, and I will feel the ecstasy that only you can create for me. I grin at you as we fasten our seatbelts and pull out of the lot. I am surprised that the lot is still deserted. We pull up to pay the parking fee. There is no denying the good mood that you and I are sharing. The parking lot attendant seems unusually happy to see us. He gives us a wicked smile. “Thank you,” he says to us. “It has been a boring night, and we all needed the show. Thank god for security cameras. We were going to stop you, but you made our night”. Stunned and slightly embarrassed, we pull away from the booth as fast as we can. We laugh the entire ride home.

What will happen next?

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