Dave and His Therapist Ch. 01

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It’s only eight in the morning and I’m already excited about my four p.m. therapy session with Dr. Graham. I’ve nervous at the same time. I try to pour my coffee into the cup but ended up spilling enough to burn my hand. I hiss at the jolt of pain and bite down on the forefinger, where the origin of the pain is. My son, Marcus, runs down the stairs and grabs his cereal that I have already laid out for him. He says his thanks. I blow on the light burn on my finger and give it a shake.

“Dave!” I hear my wife yell from the bedroom.

“Yes sweetheart?” I yell back, smiling at the thought of last night.

“Where are my keys? You drove my car last!”

Shit! I mutter to myself and walk briskly to my wallet that I left on the counter in the bathroom. Nope, not there. I walk towards the garage and suddenly spot them on the hook near the door. I grab them and give them to my wife.

“Here they are.” I dangle them in front of her but before she could grab them, I pull my arm back and say, “Kiss me first.”

“Dave! That is so annoying!” She stubbornly gives me a peck on the cheek, and I submit.

“You’re not that fun, Ellie.” I teasingly say.

“I’m the one who gave you the joyride, remember?” She says.

I blush and walk away. She had me there. I didn’t do anything last night. She was in that mood where nothing could stop her from getting what she wanted. She clawed at my chest and went down on me like there was no tomorrow. She let me rest for only a few minutes before she was riding me and kissing me violently. I loved how she dominated me like that.

I hear her shut the door and before I know it, Marcus and her are out of the driveway. I get my briefcase and stick my yellow pads in there. I’m halfway out the door when I hear my house phone ring. I run back into the house and pick it up in the kitchen.


“Out of breath there?” He chuckles.

“Who is this?” I ask immediately.

“Dr. Graham. Isn’t this … uhm, David Lundberg?”

“Yeah, call me Dave.”

“All right… Dave. Thanks. I just wanted to let you know about your appointment today. Do you think we could move it to noon? I have a family emergency to attend to today and it was a spur of the moment kind of deal, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear about the family issue. Anyway, noon would be much better for me. I’ll see you then?”

“Thank you Dave. See you then.” Click.

I smile to myself and walk out the door to drive myself to work. I receive about nine calls before eleven. I speak to my receptionist and let her know that I must leave earlier than expected and to write down all messages for me. I take a mint from the glass bowl on her desk and smile back at her.

I park my car next to a Toyota Highlander with a decked out radar system inside. I take a peek inside and make my way to the front door. I’m nervous as hell so I scavenge for a political magazine. I find one and take my seat again. Within fifteen casino oyna minutes, my name is called.

Dr. Graham introduces himself, shakes my hand, and gives me the whitest smile I’ve ever seen. I introduce myself and give him a shy smile back. He stares long enough to know that he thought something about me in those five seconds. He leads me back to his office and closes the door once I take a seat on the couch.

“How old are you?” He asks.

“Old. Well, hitting thirty-two soon. That’s old.” I say sarcastically.

“Not that old. I’m older. So, what’s going on?” He asks while leaning comfortably forward on his knees. I can’t help but notice how lean his body appears. I look away, refusing to let myself blush.

He listens to me chatter away about personal problems, financial problems, and when it comes to the sexual issues, I become edgy and noticeably uncomfortable.

“It’s quite normal to feel uncomfortable with someone you hardly know. This is my job though and plus, it’s interesting. Tell me about it, I mean, are you straight? Married? Married with kids?–“

“Oh, all of that, well, yeah. I have one kid. His name is Marcus and he’s entering that snobby stage. My wife, Ellie, is wonderful, but sometimes she forgets that I am a man with needs, you know? Well, I shouldn’t ask you that. We’ve been married for three years and even though we had intercourse last night, it’s rare when she’s in the mood for it. I’m a guy… I am often in that mood.”

“Are you now? I mean, are you in that mood every day? Every-other hour? Is it too often, you think?” He asks and I cannot help but stare into his dark brown eyes. A minute has passed and I haven’t said a thing.

“Yeah, I kind of am in that mood, but it’s nothing that can’t be ignored.”

“What’s running through your head?”

“So now you’re a sex addict doctor?” I retort.

He laughs. “No, no. You’re a sex- addict?” He actually sounded interested and oddly aroused by that. I wondered if he found me attractive. He’s probably straight though. What am I thinking?

“How can I be a sex-addict if there’s not enough sex involved?” I ask.

“It’s me who asks the questions Dave. But, you’re right. Since you aren’t involved on a regular basis, it seems likely that you would become an addict.”

“Uhh… is that a bad thing? I know there are institutions for those kind, but I mean, I’d rather be less involved than in one of those!”

I watch him smile at me as if he finds me the most comedic person alive. I happen to enjoy seeing him smile. I don’t know why but he gives me this funny tingle inside the core of my body. It feels quite odd. I look at a picture on the wall real quick and glance back over at him. I swore I thought I saw him looking lower than my face! I blushed madly.

“Why are you blushing so badly?” He asks knowing he’s stepping over the border-line.

“I just blush easily. I had a thought. I don’t want to talk about it.”

We talk canlı casino some more about sex, then back to my personal problems. He let’s me know that time is up and if he could see me again Friday. I agree and he puts his hand on my back and guides me out the door. The closeness bothers me. I walk away without looking back.


“Marcus! Are you ready to go to the beach?!” I yell. I toss a towel over my shoulder and yell at Marcus that I’ll be outside. I wave at the neighbor across the street mowing the lawn. Closing my eyes, I smell the fresh grass, and realize that it’s a bright, beautiful Saturday morning where the birds chirp the morning song softly in their nests high up in the trees. Marcus tugs on my arm and runs for the passenger door of my Infiniti.

“Let’s go, dad!” I smile at him and hop into the car. We talk briefly and he continues to look out the window while I replay yesterday’s session with Dr. Graham in my head. Before I realize it, I’m at the beach. Marcus hops out, grabs his flip-flops, slips them on, and runs towards the pier. He’s always loved that the most for some reason, I think to myself. I chase after him, pretending I’m some bad guy that’s going to take him away. He laughs and once we reach the end of the pier, we both stop and gaze at the amazing view of the ocean. The smell of fish and the salty water flares through my nostrils and I begin to relax.

“Dad, let’s play tag! You’re it, I’m not!” He starts running at extreme speed and it makes me wonder if I could actually catch him. I run after him, catch him, let him catch me, and again and again. I make a sharp turn and smack right into someone. I fall down on top of a person.

“Man, I am so sorry.” I brush off the sand and quickly spot Marcus to make sure he hasn’t kept on running.

“Dude, it’s okay. You sure have a way of knocking a man off his feet.” He laughed. That’s when it hit me. I mean, really hit me.

“Dr. Graham! What are you doing here?!” I am stunned and appalled at the fact I ran into him on the beach. I get off him quickly and help him up. He brushes the sand off his swim suit and out of his hair. I have to admit, he looked adorable making his hair messy because of all the sand in it.

“Dad! Who’s that?” Marcus yells.

“Son, I want you to meet someone.” Marcus runs over and I put my arm around him. “This is Dr. Graham.” Marcus shyly says hello. Dr. Graham bends down and says, “Well, hello there little one. You want some ice cream?” Marcus’s face lit up like he won the jackpot at a carnival.

“Dad, can I?” I hesitate but he stops me.

“Dave, you can call me Jack. Come with us. I’ll buy you some ice cream too just so you don’t get too jealous of pooh-bear over here.” He acted like he was family, like he knew Marcus all along. He was so… so, cool with everything. No wonder he was a great psychologist. Why was he interested in some bipolar, obsessive compulsive guy like me? kaçak casino Was he interested, or was he just being a friend?

“Sure, let’s go. I wouldn’t get jealous though… Jack.”

He smiled, “Don’t get so defensive.” He saw me blush- again.

He got Marcus exactly what he wanted, paid for mine and his without any expectations of us paying him back. I told him I would, but he said that’s cheap. Friends do nice things. I smiled at him shyly and he looked at me longingly. He looked down at my lips as I stared at his eyes. I gasped softly and realized there was a tension in the air now.

“Let’s go sit on the bench, Jack!” My son said.

We all ate our ice cream and then talked. Jack asked a lot of questions to Marcus. I was happy he was fond of kids. Marcus was done eating and Jack was almost finished. I felt this was the perfect time.

“Hey buddy, you’re it!” I tagged Jack and ran for my life, honestly. He was smooth in his run once he got up. He chased me and pinned me to the sand. He bent down to my ear and whispered, “Got you.” I looked into his eyes and noticed the affects on me. I noticed I was getting an erection so I pushed him off me. “Okay, so I’m it. It’s my turn to choose which one I shall go for.” I gave the most devilish smile I could offer. I ran away from him and chased after Marcus again. He was a smart one. He stayed clasped to Jack. If I tried tagging Marcus, chances are, he’d move, and I’d tag Jack.

“I’m spent!” I fall down and let the sun embrace me. My eyes were closed when I felt a hand quickly grab my crotch. I shot up and noticed Jack standing over me looking as sexy as he could be.

“What do you want?” I pretended to sound completely annoyed.

He mouthed something, but I could not see it because of the sun’s light.

“Speak it, don’t mouth it!” I got up and told Marcus to get ready to get back in the car. He did as he was told and I walked over to the bench with Jack. As soon as I turned around, I was completely stunned.

He had pulled me into his arms so quickly and yet so smoothly. His lips brushed mine and he breathed hard. Our faces were centimeters apart and I was completely lost in his eyes. Luckily, he let go of me before we both lost it. He whispered, “You know what I want.” He almost walked away, but I grabbed his arm. I told him to show me to his car real quick and he looked confused, but once we were both inside, I lunged at him. I was absolutely out of my mind. I kissed him fiercely and with a passion I had not felt in a long time. He kept his hands on my face or neck, but I was not in a love-making mood. I grabbed his raging hard-on and held my hand there, rubbing my thumb over his shaft. He let out a soft moan and pleaded for me to not do that.

“I have to go back to Marcus, Jack.” I kissed him softly this time and I was surprised by the groan I let out. I was in complete shock. I forced myself away from him, hopped out of his Ford F-150 and walked to my car. I felt his eyes watching me. For some reason, I knew he was smiling. This scared the shit out of me. What am I thinking? I’m not ready for some hot, steamy, gay-porn action. I’m married with a great son. I’m not supposed to be gay!

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