Daughter Time

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My daughter is such a precious young lady. She has gone through quite a bit of problems with her life. Yet, I never thought it would include the things that she and I did to each other. However, now that it has become what it is, I can honestly say that I love my daughter even more now.

Kathy got married as soon as she was 18. She married a man that she said was her true love. She came to us and told us all about her plans for marriage and asked for our blessing. I felt that she was a little young to marry so soon. I could not say much though because her mother and I married at a young age as well. Ours lasted and so I was hoping that hers would as well.

Soon after they were married though, we could see that it was definitely not gonna make it. We did not mention it to her. We knew that she would just argue with us and it would push her back into the arms of that guy. Finally, it came to an end. She got to the sick and tired stage and divorced. The house that they had was across the street from us. I had bought it years ago and the property it was on. I wanted something to hand down to my children when it was my time to pass on. Her ex had actually tried to get the house. He had no clue about ownership I guess. Finally, after his skinny little ass disappeared, we got our daughter moved into the house and I actually put it in her name.

From that moment on, we let her have her free will and did not hover over her. She really did good for herself. She got a really good job working for some big time corporation and was up on the seniority list fast. Now here she was 25 and doing good for herself.She had a few dates but was in no concern about getting settled down anytime soon. We are very proud of her.

My wife and I like to have some gatherings at our house that usually consisted of music, dancing and alcohol after a big barbecue dinner. This night was no different than any other night. Everyone was having a great time and we all danced and drank until the late hours of the night. It’s a benefit to own a large piece of land. No one complains about music to loud.

Our daughter is a bit of a light weight when it comes to certain alcohol drinks. We usually keep a good eye on it but we don’t want her getting upset as us. Kathy was having a good time with everyone. Most of the folks were closer to our age but there were a few guests that were closer to Kathy’s age. They all had a great time dancing and sitting around talking. We could tell that Kathy was becoming a little to intoxicated. We did not say anything though because the party was starting to wind down and everyone was starting to head home.

Finally, all the guests were gone and it was just me, my wife and our daughter at the house. Kathy staggered over to us and gave us both a hug and kissed our cheeks as she tried to focus on us through her drunk eyes. You could tell she was trying to figure out which of the three of me she saw was actually me. My wife told me to walk Kathy home and make sure she was settled in before coming home. She herself was quite tipsy as well and was ready to pass out as soon as she got into bed. I gave my wife a kiss and said okay. Kathy hugged her mom real tight again and kissed her cheek before saying good night and stumbled to the door. I caught her before she could fall wrapped my arm around her before heading out the door.

We had a fairly long driveway to the road. About halfway down the drive, I had to pick her up and carry her home. Kathy just kind of went limp in my arms. she rested her head on my chest and stayed there. Our daughter always took good care of herself, so she was very light in weight. The only issue I had was making sure her dress did not raise up while my arm was under her legs. I felt proud to be the man she relied on to get her home safe. My daughter is a beautiful young version of her mother and she turned many heads but I was the one she felt safe with.

I finally got to her door stepped inside before I put her down on her feet. Kathy was really feeling good by now. I guess that last hour before the party ended, she must have put some tequila down and was now feeling the effects. She staggered forward a bit while I turned and closed the door. When I turned around, I watched my daughter slip right out of her dress and let it fall to the floor in the hall as she made her way to the restroom. I did not know what to do. I did not want to embarrass her. So I just stood there and made sure she was okay. As she closed the door behind her. I waited for her to come out. I told myself not to let on that she was naked. I did become very aware though that she had a great looking figure. I knew that it was just the alcohol talking but I felt a slight arousal in my shorts as I stood waiting. My daughter had a nice perky set of breasts that were anything but small. They were not huge but they definitely were anything but small. Her waist was nice and trim with a great looking curve to her hips. I had had a few drinks of my own but I knew that it was wrong canlı bahis to think about my daughter this way. My cock was beginning to really react to my thoughts. I knew that I needed to stop daydreaming and concentrate on something else. It was to no avail though. Junior had a mind of his own and was standing stiff as can be. I had to direct myself down along my shorts. I did not want my daughter seeing that when she came out.

I had just got done adjusting myself when Kathy opened the door. She turned out the light in the restroom and staggered her way into my arms. There I was holding my sexy naked daughter in my arms. Her breasts were smashed against my chest and my hands were holding her naked back. Her eyes were so squinted that I just knew that she was unaware that her own father was standing there holding onto her. Nevertheless, I lifted her slightly and walked her to her room. I kept my eyes up so as not to notice her beautiful naked body against me. I finally got her to her bed and she just fell back onto the bed. I had to lift her legs and get her under the covers. While still trying not to look at her.

Once she was under the covers, I was able to relax a little. I sat down on the bed next to her. I brushed her hair out of her eyes as she laid there with her eyes closed. I then reach above her head and turned out her bedroom light. It was very dark in her room now. I was about to get up and start for the door when Kathy laid her hand on my leg, just above my knee. I decided to let her fall asleep a little bit more before I left. I reached across her and placed my hand by her side. I then sat back a little nd got ready for a bit of a stay before slipping away.

As I was sitting there, my daughter then began to rub my leg a bit. I didn’t think anything of it until she suddenly slid her hand up my leg. At first, she came in contact with the hem of my shorts. It was a little close for comfort but I figured she would stop. As usual though, I was wrong. My sexy naked drunk daughter then reached right under my shorts and brought her hand right into contact with my cock. I sat forward and went to grab hold of her hand. For some reason though, I just sat there and watched as my daughter wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock and began to stroke it. I knew that this was so very wrong. I needed to stop this now. Yet I did nothing but enjoy the feeling of her soft delicate fingers stroke me even more and caused me to become even harder. I enjoyed the feeling of my daughter jacking my dick. I also kept telling myself to not do anything. I still felt that she would fall asleep any minute.

As if damnation knew what I was thinking, my daughter then made a move that set a lot of things in motion. I just knew that when her next move happened that I was doomed forever. Kathy suddenly turned on her side and brought my dick out of the leg portion of my shorts. She then put both hands on my cock and dropped her lips right over the head of my cock and moaned in a pleasure. All this did was cause me to lean back and take a big breath. I knew that I should have stopped her right then and there but I fell deep into lust for more before I knew it. Kathy leaned closer to me and then took my cock into her mouth as far as she could. I felt the head of my dick slide into her throat. Why I did not cum, I do not know. I just sat there and enjoyed everything my daughter was doing with her mouth.

I was so lost to lust that I fell back onto my back. I then reached over and grabbed my daughter’s legs and rolled her over on top of me. I now had her clean shaved pussy right in view as I reach around her thighs and buried my face against her. I don’t know where all the moves were coming from but my boldness then stuck my tongue deep in her tight little snatch. Kathy was very wet but very tight as well. Her ex must have been a small dick man. I began to fuck my daughter with my tongue while she proceeded to swallow all of my cock. I could feel Kathy’s nose tickling my balls. I had no idea if she even knew who I was or not. At the moment, I did not care either. My daughters pussy tasted so sweet as her juices began to run into my mouth. I could not help but lock my lips on her lips and suck her juices into my mouth. Kathy gave out a deep moan as she continued to swallow every bit of me down her throat. I could actually feel my dick swelling even more. I knew that I was going to cum real soon if we kept this up.

I finally decided it was time to take this to the next level. I knew that this was so very wrong but I did not care either. Reluctantly, I removed my mouth from her lips and lifted her off my body. At first, my daughter did not want to take her mouth off my dick. However, after I reached down and rubbed her head a little, she removed me from her throat. I then rolled her onto her back as I removed my clothes. I did not want anything between us except our skin touching each other. It was dark in the room but I was able to make out where she lay below me as I crawled up onto the bed and bahis siteleri between her spread legs. My daughter had her arms above her head and to her side. As she lay there with her head tilted to the side, I just knew that this was going to be a wonderful experience. I knew that my daughter was the one below me and that she was naked. I knew that she was waiting for a dick to be stuffed into her. She had no idea that it was about to be her own fathers. Or maybe she did. I didn’t care either way. I just knew that I was about to fuck one beautiful sexy woman. Blood or not, she was about to feel me sinking deep into her.

I grabbed hold of my cock and brought it down to rest on the bald lips of my daughters pussy. Even though it was dark, I could see well enough to tell that my dick looked pretty big between her shapely slim legs. I could tell that her pussy lips were going to be spread quite a bit in order for her to make room for me. Kathy began to gyrate her hips the minute that my dick touched her pussy lips. I could feel her wetness rubbing all over me. I let her get me good and soaked. She and I were going to need it when it came time for me to enter her. My own liquids began to seep out of my cock as I smeared it across my shaft. With each movement, Kathy began to moan more and more. I could tell that she was really wanting to get fucked.

I finally could not take it anymore. I aimed my dick at the opening of her shaved muff. I moved forward to bring the head of my cock against her opening. The moment that I touched her lips with my dick, she pushed her hips right against me. I felt my head begin to spread open her entrance to endless damnation and bliss. I could not help but push back against her. I could feel my cock begin to slip past her lips. I didn’t even have the head all the way in and I could feel just how tight she was. I made sure to go easy as possible.

Suddenly, my daughter reached behind me and grabbed my ass as she pushed herself onto my dick. My head popped into her channel as she groaned with ecstasy. I was lost for ever when she leaned forward and bit my chest. I placed my hands at her sides and pushed forward. My daughter had the tightest pussy I had ever fucked and it was snug but I was able to enter her and sink my dick as far as possible on the first push. All Kathy could do was push harder against me and groan louder as she then sucked my nipple into her mouth. This just sent me way out into another world. I pulled back slightly and buried myself into my daughters pussy. I could feel her tight walls squeezing me as she fuck back at me.

I then began to withdraw slightly and fuck her tight pussy as good as possible. I still was not completely in my daughters pussy yet but it still felt incredible. I just had to have her completely. I sat back up and grabbed her legs. As I spread her legs wide as could go, I again sank into her. This time I could feel myself entering her fully. I actually felt myself bottom out as the head of my cock came to rest against her cervix. I looked down and saw that my daughter had rolled her head back and had her mouth wide open. She had a look of complete bliss all over her face. Her eyes were still closed but I could tell that she was in heaven as my cock sank into her body. I pulled back until just the head was still inside and lifted myself up a little bit and buried myself past the opening of her cervix. I actually felt my dick go into her womb and my balls came to rest on her pussy lips. Kathy could do nothing but gyrate her hips back into me and begin to fuck this cock she had in her.

I now could not take anymore slow motion stuff. I began to fuck my daughter deep and fast. I could not help but pound my dick into my daughter as she continued to take me with every stroke and fuck back at me. Her pussy was so tight that I just knew that I was not going to last long. Normally, I like to enjoy the sensation of prolonged sex. However, this time, I wanted to shoot my seed deep into my daughter as soon as possible. It felt entirely to good to wait. My balls were aching and they needed to release. I was afraid that I was not going to be able to wait for my daughter to cum first though. I really wanted to feel her when she came on my dick but was having a hard time holding out. However, I did not have to wait long though because my daughter then began to tighten up even more. I could feel her squeezing my dick harder and I knew she was soon to be coming herself.

“Oooohhhh,….UUUnnnngh,…….MMmmmfff,…..O god,” was all I heard before Kathy went stiff and lifted her hips off the mattress and started to soak my cock with her fluids. My daughter was coming so hard that she was squirting fluid against my invading dick. I was done and could not hold out after that. I sank my dick into her and mashed her against the mattress as I went completely stiff and began to empty what felt like a gallon of cum into my daughters womb. I did not care about protection. I did not care about making a child. All I had on my mind bahis şirketleri at that time was releasing all my cum into my beautiful sexy daughters pussy. I felt pulse after pulse of my cock and her muscles flex as our fluids mixed together and began to run out around my dick.

After what felt like five minutes, I finally was drained of all my juices. I carefully slid out of my daughters soaking wet muff and dropped on the mattress next to her. I was so drained and weak that I just wanted to lay there for a bit and get my rest before getting dressed and heading home. I knew that I should have been feeling guilty. Instead, all I felt was tranquility. As I lay there, my daughter then rolled over and rested her head on my chest as she curled up to me. I knew that I was going to have to move her before I got up. I just wanted to let her get good and asleep again before leaving her. So I lay my head back and looked at the ceiling as I went over what happen just a few minutes before. I could not help but smile. I had just had sex with the tightest muff I had ever had and it belonged to my daughter.I knew that I had to be a sick man. I should have been feeling guilty but I felt nothing but pleasure. I could still feel her tight muscles from her pussy around my cock. Just the memory of my daughter biting my chest and sucking on my nipple had me feeling no guilt. I knew that I should have though because she had no idea that it was her own father who made her feel so good.

As I was resting there with my arm around my daughter as she lay on my chest, I must have fallen asleep. I began to have a terrific dream of my daughter again. She was stroking my dick and sucking on it as the same time. It felt so good that it felt real. Suddenly, I was awake and realized that I wasn’t dreaming. My daughter was actually lying across my waist and was actually sucking and jacking me. I suddenly opened my eyes and looked down as Kathy’s lips were bobbing up and down on my cock. I could not believe that such a young woman could have such great skills of sucking a cock. I could not help myself as I then laid my hand down on back and began to caress her neck. My daughter did not stop at first. She actually sucked me deep into her mouth a few more times before lifting her head up and looking at me. She continued to stroke my cock though as she leaned up and brought her lips to mine and gave me what was nothing like a daughters kiss. I could not help but respond back and rub her back and hold her with my other hand.

“You were a very bad boy last night daddy”

I then looked at her seriously and said “I know honey….Please forgive me….I don’t blame you if you call the police”.

I actually had lost the feeling of her hand on my dick at first when she spoke those words to me. Then my daughter just smiled at me and spoke again.

“Daddy,….I wont be calling the cops……this cock of yours is to good for me to want to call the police on you”.

I did not know what to say. I just stared at her beautiful face as she smiled back at me.

“Sure,…I didn’t know you were the one fucking me last night”, Kathy then turned her head back to my cock and sucked it into her mouth deeply one time. “But now that I know how good you can fuck…..I sure as hell plan on having you in me as much as possible.”

I just laid there and watched my daughter as she smiled at me and continued to stroke my cock. I could feel myself getting even harder again. Suddenly, the phone rang next to the bed. The caller I.D. said it was my house. “Oh shit,….it’s your mom”.

I did not know what to do. I knew that I needed to answer it but had no idea what to say. I picked up the receiver and just started speaking. I was explaining that our daughter was feeling a little sick last night and that I stayed to make sure she was okay. I told her that I guess I had fallen asleep sometime during the night. As I spoke the words, I hoped my wife believed me as I talked. My daughter was smiling at me while I spoke. I ran my fingers through her hair and smiled back. My wife was telling me to tell her that she hopes she is okay. As I listened to her speaking on the phone, my daughter then took my cock back into her mouth and began to suck on me again. This time though she was sucking me deep into her mouth with each swallow. My wife was telling me to go ahead and make sure she was okay because she was feeling little tired from being up with everyone so long last night and was going back to bed.

As my daughter then took my dick into her mouth and adjusted herself a little, she then sucked my cock down her throat. “Okay hun,….nnnnnn……I willll,…..I think she is going to get sick again honey….I gotta gooo”.

I heard my wife hang up the phone as my balls touched my daughter’s nose again. I hung the phone up and reached for my daughter. I began to roll her back again. Kathy stopped me and crawled up on my lap with my hard cock resting against her ass cheeks.

“Last night daddy,…I did not know it was you,….but now I do and I am telling you that we are going to fuck again….this time I get to take control….” my daughter then reached back behind her and gripped my cock as she aimed it straight for her pussy.

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