Dark Lot Friends

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Molly and I were walking back to her car. We had just left O’Neils bar after the retirement party. It was late, the party had closed the bar down and the night was cool, low 60’s, it felt good. We both had quite a bit to drink, but with food and water occasionally, we were certainly not drunk, at least to excess. Her car was behind the apartment building across the street from the bar. We were talking about work and the party. She looked great, long light brown hair half way down her back, tight jeans and an equally tight black blouse showing off what I suspected were some enhanced tits and an otherwise great figure.

We’d worked together for several years and had become close friends. She was married, her husband was out of town. We both knew intimate relationship things about the other as we’d confided in each other over time. She’d helped me through a tough relationship fallout. Friendships between men and women can be complication. Tonight was a perfect example, she was a friend for sure, but tonight I wanted more.

We got to her Honda CRV, the parking lot was mostly dark. A couple lights on the edge of the lot shown over the black asphalt. But still dark enough to be a little scary, a little dangerous, a little adventurous.

“Thanks for walking me to the car”. Molly touched my arm as she spoke, standing right beside me.

“Ah, not a problem.” I opened the door, brushing my hip against hers. She didn’t move.

“Sure you’re good to get home? You don’t need a ride?” I asked

“I’m okay. I can drive okay. How about you?” Molly raised her eyebrows.

“I could definitely use a ride.” I volunteered. I stepped in close.

“But I need my ride right here, in the parking lot.” I went for broke. I put my hands on her ass, reaching low to the bottom of it, caressing the bottom of her cheeks. I pulled her close so her tits touched my chest.

She looked straight into my eyes. Big brown eyes narrowed, questioning, wondering, deliberating.

“Is that so?” she asked. She didn’t move away. I had my opportunity.

Not wanting to give her time to think, I leaned in and kissed her, open mouthed, my tongue probed for hers. She responded in kind. I couldn’t believe my luck! The kiss was soft and easy. It felt good with her. Wanting to move this along fast before she changed her mind, I moved my hand down inside the front of her jeans, trying for between her legs, reaching, massaging, probing, feeling soft flesh through the jeans. They were tight, I couldn’t get where I wanted to be. The pants had to go. My other hand quickly unbuttoned the front of her jeans and took the zipper down. Now I could I push my hand down inside her pants, over her stomach to between her legs, finding the warm crease. She was completely shaven. It was warm and smooth and very soft.

She stood there and let me.

I pulled back from the kiss and, putting one hand on her hip, the other cupped her crotch and a finger pierced the slit between her legs and slid up inside. I probed it up and back. Molly spread her legs a little, closed her eyes and rolled her head back, moaning quietly. I took the hand on her hip and moved it under the blouse, up her ribs until I felt the material of the bra and went under it. That big, soft tit felt great. I rubbed my thumb on the nipple. She gave another accepting moan. My cock went hard in an instant.

Molly hands went to my pants and rubbed bulge pushing out at her. She undid the belt, the button and unzipped. Her hand went down the front of my pants and grabbed my thick rod, now getting to full length, almost 9 inches. Her other hand went down the front and cradled my balls as she started jacking me with the other.

We stood there in the cool dark, working on each other in the back of the apartment building. A couple halkalı eve gelen escort lights were on in the upper floors of the building, leaking a little light down to us. Enough light anyone looking out could see us, making it that much more erotic.

Holding me with both hands, Molly tugged on my shaft in long, slow, firm strokes while gently massaging my balls. She quickly had me rock solid with fluid oozing from the round purple head. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had taken me to the point of no return! I had to have her pussy and I have to have it right now! I pulled my hands from her crotch and tit, grabbed the waist of her jeans and pulled them down hard and quick. I pulled the jeans over her feet, she stepped out of them and let them drop to the asphalt. The skin from her legs was very light in the dark. Looking down, I saw some bright white panties still in place. I pulled her around the door to the front of the car along the hood. I gripped her waist and lifted her on the side of the hood. For just a second, I stood back, taking her in. Sitting there, beautiful face, long brown hair, her black blouse above that white thong making a perfect V with smooth long legs spread just a little.

Molly laughed out loud, too loud, but I didn’t care at this point. Reaching out, I twisted the front of the waistband of the panties in my hands and ripped them open the full length of her crotch, the silk and lace giving way easily. It took just a little extra rip between her legs to totally split them, leaving that shaved pussy totally exposed to me with the shredded pantie draped over her right leg.

Propping herself up with her arms behind her on the hood, Molly’s eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

“Ahhh! I can’t believe you did that!”

“You did too good a job of prepping me. Spread those legs apart!” I told her. I wanted in her. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants to the asphalt, stepping out of one leg

“Jim, I’m married.” She retorted. I couldn’t believe it. Seriously, at this point?

“Too late for that now.” I grabbed her her knees and lifted them up and apart, and stepped between them, the now purple head of my cock poised over the split between her legs. I reached down and ran the drooling head up and down the crease of her bald pussy. I was so wet I had her lubed up in just a couple passes. She was looking deep in my eyes and I could tell she was still considering her situation. Opportunity, infidelity, excitement, loyalty, desire all presented itself to her. For me, the time was now. I took one hand from her knees and grabbed my cock and pushed the head in. Her crease gave way easily and the head popped inside her. I pumped in deeper. Her body heat enveloped the end of my cock. I leaned into her chest and thrust my hips forward.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped, quietly this time, but no protest. I wanted to get rid of that top, but my priority was pussy now and I needed to go quickly. I pumped. My cock pressing its way through her canal, her legs bouncing as I pushed her ass into the hood of her car. Still bracing herself with her arms, my head was right alongside hers as my cock split her. Her breath was hot on my shoulder as I felt her body envelope my shaft.

“Oh yes, come on, give it to me”, Molly whispered.

Deeper and deeper it entered, my balls finally hitting her ass as I buried myself fully. She worked her crotch against me, grinding her pussy up and down on my cock, evidently totally forgetting the concern over adultery. I stayed deep, letting her jack me with her cunt, slowly and firmly. I raised up from her chest a little and unbuttoned her top and pushed it over her shoulders. Then reaching behind her back, I unsnapped the bra to pulled it over her halkalı grup yapan escort tits. There they were, for certain fake, but nicely done. A little too perky, a slight scar on the underside. I’m guessing 34C-ish. I must have spent a little too much time admiring them.

“What?”, she whispered.

“You are absolutely gorgeous”. I told her. She smiled and squeezed my shaft hard with her pussy. I leaned in and sucked her nipples and began to hump her again.

It was fantastic. Outside, in the dark, pumping Molly on the hood of her car, my cock piercing her, my abdomen slightly smacking between her legs with each thrust. But, I wanted more. I pulled out.

“Here, get down.” I helped her down from the hood.

“Turn around.” She did, this time spreading her legs wide for me, leaning on the hood, that pussy again totally vulnerable. I took a second, appreciating her brown hair draped down her back, a tight waist and a slightly big, smooth, white ass all bent over in front of me. Some men are leg guys, others are into boobs, but I’ve always been an ass man. Molly, now in her late 30’s, had a great ass.

I got in behind her and ran my cock the length of the crease of her pussy and upward past, up the length of her ass and back down again. Taking time, I looked up at the building, just to see if anyone was watching. No one at the windows. I was slightly disappointed, wanting a spectator, a witness. I lined up with her pussy, pushed in slightly, feeling her vagina lips over my cocks head, and thrust my hips forward.

“Hummm, Uhhhh,” Mollys moans were getting loud. It was getting me excited. Was she forgetting were she was? That tight, warm pussy was wonderful. I kept getting her. She reached back with one hand and put it on my ass, gripping it, pulling it forward, deeper into her. I thought about telling her to be quieter, but decided I simply didn’t care if someone saw or filmed me fucking this gorgeous woman in a public place.

Thrusting in her, I looked up at the building. Now, on the third floor, a middle aged man in pajamas was standing at a window looking down at us. I fixed my gaze up at him and pumped her a few strokes. “Don’t you wish you were me?” I thought. He stayed there, not moving, just watching, expressionless, a voyeur. Pump, Pump, Pump, I pounded that pussy, enjoying we were being watched, enjoying this woman’s body.

I pulled out and brought my cock up to her ass. Holding the head tight, I pushed it to her anus, pressing hard. Her ass compressed and finally gave way and the head popped in.

“AHHHH.” Molly cried out, much too loud. I thrust to get some depth. Hot and very tight, her ass was even better than the pussy at this point, my cock was so hard and wet it slid in that tight ass without a lot of difficulty. I looked up at the building again. Molly, now breathing heavily and quietly grunting, couldn’t see we were being watched. She was looking forward over the hood and down. I, however, looked back up again. Now we had more spectators, two windows over and above from the man, a couple standing at their sliding glass door to the patio was watching now as well. The original guy still fixed on us on the floor below the couple. I got up tight behind Molly and pumped into her ass, gradually deeper and deeper, looking up at the people. They were just boldly looking as though they didn’t know I was watching them.

“You are fantastic baby.” I whispered to Molly. I reached around to her pussy and found her clit, gently massaging it, thrusting her ass, now a good six inches in, driving a little deeper each stroke.

She was responding. She was rocking her pussy against my hand, which, in turn, was jacking my cock in her ass. She was starting to come. Her vocalizations halkalı masöz escort were starting to get louder again.

“Yeah, come on, Jim, make me come, make me come” she loudly whispered.

Then, much quieter.. “Keep your hand there! Oh, I love that cock in my ass!”

But she didn’t come. I put my cock in her all the way, my balls now against her ass. I pressed and tickled her clit. Finally, she began to quiver and gave a hard deep breath.

“OHHHH, Yesssss, Ummmm, Ahhh!” she came , her body shuddering as she pumped her pussy against my hand. I kept the finger gently on her clit and my hand tight until her convulsions subsided. I pulled my hand out and pressed my body closer over hers, hovering over her back now, my arms just under hers, my cock fully embedded in her ass. I started hitting it, long deep thrusts, my balls smacking her ass with each finish.

“Ahh, Ahhh, Ohhh, God!” Now Molly was talking like we were in the backcountry of Yellowstone. I looked up at the building still pumping. The middle aged man now had a camera, the woman in the apartment glass door was now bottomless, the man behind, feeling her up, both still watching us.

“Make me come Molly!” I whispered.

“UHHH, UHHH,” she groaned. “Yeah, Yeah, come on,” she encouraged me in a lower voice.

My arms pushed under her armpits, I just thrust her ass again and again. The fluid started to build in my loins, I knew the rush would soon start up the shaft. Thrust, thrust, thrust, my balls banging her ass. The rush started up flooding up my shaft. God it felt fantastic. The totally full sensation hit the head of my cock. I quickly pulled out of her ass and drove my cock into her pussy at the last second.

“AHHH,” she exclaimed as I drove in. The load filled my phallus’ head and blew a long, hot, thick stream as I pushed up into her, flushing her pussy as I penetrated. I moaned, probably loud, I don’t know.

“OH yes!” Molly surprised me. “I feel it!” She exclaimed.

Fully embedded now, I shot in her pussy again, a second long, big stream. I felt dizzy from the ecstasy. Before the next ejaculation, I pulled back almost all the way and let the stream shoot from just barely inside her. Then, wanting to give her plenty to remember, I pulled all the way out and let the white cream spray between her legs for two shots before I punched back into her ass to finish my climax. Penetrating back in her, I shot for several more times, probably a half a dozen, before I finally subsided and stopped, again fully embedded. I pulled slowly out and stepped back, my hands on her ass holding her still in place, looking up at our voyeurs. They were all still there, the man with the camera, the woman now pressed to the glass door, being thrusted from behind, the man holding her chest, his head well above hers.

I stepped back from Molly and checked her out, legs still wide apart, that great shapely ass and gorgeous pussy, my fluid covering the space between her legs, dripping. She had been thoroughly fucked and I was proud of it! I may not ever get this opportunity again.

Molly raised up from the hood backed away from the hood of her CRV, oddly, I noticed a couple small dents sat where her hands were. I didn’t mention it. She looked up and saw the spectators.

“Oh shit!, Shit!” she exclaimed. Eyes wide and now freightend, she grabbed her pants on the asphalt pulled up her jeans over her very wet crotch.

“Did you know?” she turned, now quickly throwing on the blouse, and questioned me. I stood there, half naked, semi erect cock, still estatic over recent events.

“No.” I decided to lie. “But Molly, it’s too dark, they can’t really see who you are.”

“I don’t know. Oh my God, I’ve gotta go.” She got in her car and immediately left, upset we were caught. Pulling on my pants, I noticed the ripped white silk thong still lying on the black asphalt. Oh well, she was a great piece of ass. I’d definitely do it all again.

I looked up at our voyeurs, smiled and waved. The guy, still filming, waved back. The couple was gone. Probably to the bedroom. Too bad they didn’t want to reciprocate and give me more of a show.

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