Dark Lords part 1

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Jin groaned as he sat up, he did not feel any pain, just dizziness. He was slightly confused on where he was as he looked aound to see nothing but trees. If he had teleported to where, or at least close, to where he wanted to be there should be a city several days north. The city of Vraska was along a massive river called Coalta.

Vraska was a major trade center, so even if he was lost Jin felt confident he could find the city easy enough. He did not feel shy or embarrassed to have to ask directions, after all he was not from these parts. Larger cities would be known to everyone from around here. At least he hoped.

After walking for several hours Jin finally came to an end of the forest. The bright afternoon sun greeted him with warmth as he stepped from the trees. In the distance he could see two people working in the fields of a farm. He decided to ask these people people where Vraska was.

The two men were both had short cropped blonde hair and blue eyes. The younger man had much duller eyes and dirtier blonde hair. They were both had huge muscles given to them by the efforts of daily labors, but where not as tall as Jin. The two man were probably father and son.

Jin confidently walked up to the two human men as they worked away in their field. The younger one noticed him first and stopped to study Jin as he walked up. The older one saw the younger one had stopped and started yell, but stopped when the young man pointed to Jin.

Jin put on his best smile and waved, “Hello, sorry for disrupting your work. I am lost and was wondering if you could point me towards the city of Vraska.”

The old man made a face, one Jin decided he did not like. “Why you on my land stranger?”

“Oh, I apologize for not introducing myself. My name is Jintar’Raiytak Illiandri’Soltan of…”

`”I don’t care who you are stranger!” The old man barked. “Why you on my land?”
‘Yes’, Jin though, ‘I do not like this man one bit.’ He tried to keep his smile from faltering, “I already stated I was lost and looking for Vraska.”

“There aint nothing through the forest but bandits, and bandits don’t care about Vraska stranger.” The old man puffed himself up, although he was nearly a foot shorter than the young man, who too was several inches shorter than Jin. Their build would have intimidated others. “So get lost you little shit befo…”

Before the old man could finish Jin lifted his hand and an orange flame burst from it. The fire roared with loud hunger as it devoured the man’s flesh, drowning out his screams of pain and terror. The younger man fell back as heavy bits of melting muscle dropped from the old man. As the fire hit the ground the living flame dissipated, having gorged on the old man’s flesh it felt sated enough to returned to the ether.

“Now, where is Vraska please?” Jin asked with a geniun smile, his own blood-lust fed a bit as well.

The younger man’s mouth opened and closed like a fish as he tried to speak. His eyes shifting from the chared remains of the older man to Jin. The poor man looked ready to cry antalya escort bayan as his eyes stayed on Jin, then they widened as if realization just hit him that Jin was no normal man. Yet he still did not speak.

“Are you deaf?” The man shook his head, “Are you capable of talking?” His teary eyes looked at where the old man once stood before nodding slightly. “Then why don’t you answer me?”

“I… I… Uh, I don’t know.” The man’s voice was pitched and shaken, just like Jin liked it.

“Then where is Vraska?” Jin said kneeling down to look into the man’s eyes.

“I don’t know where the city is.” The man said, “My father probably knew.”

Jin looked at the empty space. Maybe he had over reacted… But the old guy had been so rude. His fault.

“Take me to your home. I am growing tired.”

The man nodded furiously as he got up quickly, eager to obey, as he should. The house was not far off. It was a simple enough looking wooden builden connected to a shed with a barn just behind it. Jin had learned that the man’s name was Hextor, after the god. He lived with his mother, Poala, two younger sisters, Lillith who was 16, and Jillian who was 13. He also had a daughter of a couple month or a year. The man did not seem bright and did not mention a wife, who might have died, as was common in childbirth.

Hextor opened the door and walked into the house. It was small, very small. Jin looked around and did not like how small it was, especially with so many people. He did not want to stay long.

An older looking woman sat in the middle of the room on a stool. She had a bucket in front of her that she was throwing pieces of a bird you did not want to eat into. Preparing the food seemed to take up her attention because she did not initially notice them. This must have been Poala.

Poala was a heavier woman, not fat but plump. He plumpness allowed her to have large breasts. Jin would probably have trouble holding one in both hands. She wore a lowcut dress that displayed her massive cleavage. Enough of her breasts were on showing it looked like they regularly spilled out when she bent over. This level of indecency was probably tolerated because it was hot and there would never be any guests at this dump.

Her face was pudgy and round. Poala could be called comely but definitely not pretty. Many would think she was an ugly woman. Jin felt she was below average, but not quite ugly, yet. Her hair was cut just short of her shoulders, making it easy to manage. ‘Being so poor had to be unfortunate,’ Jin thought as he watched the woman.

Poala had been saying something, she must have found humorous because she was smiling when she looked up. The woman started a bit when she saw Jin, causing her tits jiggling. The thick human said something else, a greeting maybe. Jin was not listening. Instead he was looking down her dress.

The flesh of her breasts were turning red. She knew what he was looking at and was embarrassed, or exited, by it. Jin had not been with a woman in a long time. He could settle escort antalya on this one, he did like large boobs. A wide smirk came across his face as Poala’s eyes darted to the tent in his pant.

Jin’s penis was larger than most and was currently trying to push it’s way through his pants. He cupped one large tit and gave it a good squeeze. Poala moaned lightly and began to breath faster. Jin moved his hand down removing her tits thin protection. Poala’s breasts bounced free of their constraints jiggling their waiting for Jin to play with them.

Jin grabbed one of Poala’s boobs and started squeezing it again. Poala however stood up quickly dropping her bloody chicken on the floor. She was about to cover herself when she noticed she had blood all over her hands. She tried to shrug and turn a bit to get Jin to let go of her boob, while wiping her hands off.

She coughed and blushed when she noticed Hextor standing silently near on of the two bedrooms. “Hextor where is your father?”

Hextor looked away, not answering or helping his mother. Poala then tried to turn away from Jin while trying to fix her dress to cover her breats back up. When Jin did not let go and Hextor offered no help she looked back at Jin a bit of fear in her eyes. “Where is my husband?”

“Dead.” Jin said nonchalantly.

Poala’s faced turned white as Jin put his other hand on her other tit. She looked at Hextor, who still looked at the floor, with tears of fright in her eyes. “Will you kill us too?” She asked shakily, no longer resisting.

“I don’t know yet.” Jin easily ripped her dress in two and looked at her naked body. Although she had blonde hair her pubic mound was brown. Jin frowned, hoping it would be blonde too. “If I get what I want I will have no need to kill you.”

Jin let his left hand fall from her tit, his fingers glided along her skin as he made his way to her pussy. Poala looked at his shoulder and swallowed as his fingers made their way into her. Tears fell onto her cheeks as he fingered her.

Jin leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Whats wrong?” He brought his fingers up, lewdly displaying her juices, “I know you like it.” He taunted.

Jin put his fingers to Poala’s lips. Then lightly rubbed her pussy juices on them before pushing his fingers into mouth. “Be a good girl,” he cooed.

Poala shucked her juices off his fingers as her tongue danced between them. Jin slowly moved his fingers in and out of her mouth. He grinned as he put his other hand on her shoulder and slowly pushing her to her knees, letting his finger slide out of her mouth as she went.

The busty woman pulled Jin’s pants down to his knees. A small gasp escaped her mouth as his cock hit her chin. Her husband must have been smaller. Jin noticed Hextor looking over with wide eyes. Must be a much smaller family. Poala slowly pumped his dick before putting the tip of it in her mouth.

Smiling and enjoying the sensation Jin rested his hands on top of Poala’s head. He was not guiding her, he just did not want them hanging at his antalya escort sides, he did not really know why himself. He just did not.

The woman moved one of her hands from his prick as she tried to take more of it into her mouth. If he did not look at her Jin could probably make use of this woman more than once. Imagining she were prettier. He reminded himself to play with her tits more when he fucked her. She would love it.

“Ahh!” Poala let out a shriek of pain as metal clanked to the floor.

Jin looked down to see what happened and why she was not sucking anymore. Poala was holding her left hand. Blood spayed all over the place, even on Jin. It seemed to come from a cut on Poala’s hand. He looked at a knife near her.

She must have tried to stab him. Her lousy grip on the knife allowed it to slide through her hand, nearly cutting it in two, and getting blood everywhere. Even on Jin’s cloths. She got his cloths covered in blood, what a bitch!

Enraged Jin pulled his pants back up. Poala grabbed the knife with her other hand and tried to slice Jin. The knife bounced off his flesh and she had managed to cut through his pants, bitch! He reached down and pulled Poala up by her hair. She let go of the knife and grabbed Jin’s arm. She got blood on his sleeve too! FUCKING BITCH!

Smacking her with the back of his hand, Jin sent Poala flying into the table. She hit her back on the table hard. Poala grunted and tried to get air in her lungs again, but Jin was already on her backhanding her again. She flipped around, white dots dancing across her vision.

Jin grabbed her hair and slammed her face into the table. “Poala, we both coud have had so much fun.” He said, then slammed her face into the table again, breaking Poala’s nose. “But now I will be the only one having fun.”

Hurting Poala had made his cock that much harder. Jin grabbed his meat then without warning slammed it into Poala’s ass. The woman screamed as Jin ripped her back door open. He liked this woman’s screams. She was so rude and hurting her felt good. Such people deserved being hurt.

Encouraged by her screaming fits, Jin pulled back and rammed back into Poala. Each pump harder than the last. Each scream became quieter with each thrust. Poala’s throat became so worn from screaming and crying that Jin was soon getting only “umphs” out of her.

Poala was not screaming anymore, which took the fun out of hurting such a rude and insignificant bitch. The initial blood-lust and adrenaline rush over, Jin stood up and started going at a slower more relaxed pace. Jin moved his hands to her ass. He decided he liked the meat of her plump ass.

Jin felt ready to cum, so he pulled out. He decided he wanted to cum in her pussy. As he placed his dick next to Poala’s pussy she feebly reach back to stop him. Her blood covered left hand touched his shirt, getting more blood on it. Jin did not know how anyone could be such a fucking cunt to keep getting people dirty like this.

Growling he quickly, and with little effort, crushed the bones in her left arm. Surprisingly earning his something between a wheeze and a scream. Jin then slammed his dick into her pussy. After a couple hard slams, that Jin hoped bruised her, he blew his load.

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