Dan Ch. 01

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Big Cock

This is partly true. I am 60, I have met Dan who is 36, he does have a huge cock, he likes fucking older guys and he has fucked me once. The rest is fiction – but I’m hoping it turns into truth soon.


Dan and I have been seeing each other for a few months. One morning after he stayed over for the first time, we were laying in bed, him spooning me with his huge hard cock nuzzled between my ass cheeks. He had fucked me bareback four times during the night, his cum loads still inside my fuck chute. My cunt was wet and loose with the force of his fucking and size of his cock. I felt him start to slowly thrust his groin forwards and backwards against my ass, then he pulled back and positioned his knob head at the entrance to my cunt. He slowly pushed his 9″ thick cock all the way inside my ass using his previous spunk as lube until his balls were pressed against me. I loved the feeling of my ass being full of his cock and started to clench my sphincter around his shaft. My cock was hard and leaking precum.

We had met on an online hookup site. I had had some luck on the site previously, but most guys I had met wanted me to fuck them with my 7″ uncut cock. While I enjoyed fucking a juicy mancunt, my preference was to be fucked hard and deep by an enormously hung guy. When Dan sent me a message he was very direct. He wrote “My name is Dan. I’m 36, 6’2″ tall, smooth bodied with a 9″ thick cock. My girlfriend can’t take all my cock. I want an older guy who likes to be fucked and can take all of my cock over and over again. I can fuck and cum four or five times a night. Are you what I’m looking for?”

When I read that, my cock instantly grew hard and my ass started twitching. I wondered if it was too good to be true. Here I was, a 60 year old guy getting the answer to my prayers. I wondered how true his description of his cock was or whether he was using “gay inches”. I clicked on his profile name but there weren’t any pictures. I went back to his message and clicked on reply. “Yes” I wrote “I could be exactly what you are looking for. I prefer bareback and I love being fucked by a big cocked stud who can fill my ass with his spunk. Do you have any pics?” I clicked on “send” and waited for what seemed like an eternity for a reply.

When his reply came back, I could see he had attached pics. I opened the message and saw the three pics immediately, one of his face and two of his cock. Fucking hell, he was such a handsome boy, short black hair, smooth shaven, blue eyes. But his cock!! Oh my god his cock!! In one pic he was holding his hard uncut cock straight up. It was huge – uncut, dripping precum. His fingers holding his cock were only just managing to reach around the girth. It had to be the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. The other pic showed his soft cock laying across his balls. Even soft it looked impressively thick. I knew we had to meet – I had to see and sample that fat piece of cock casino siteleri meat in person.

I wrote out another reply: “Fucking hell mate, that is a nice cock. I would love to have that rammed in my cunt. But why do you want to fuck older guys? Surely a stud like you with a cock like that could have any guy, more in your age group.”

His reply was again direct. “I want an older guy with experience of pleasing a hard cock, and with a loose shithole to take the beast.” I sent him my address and told him I was free all day and for him to come over when he could, anytime. He replied he wasn’t working that day and would be over in half an hour.

I immediately got busy cleaning myself inside and out, and squirting some lube up my ass with a plunger. I had just finished when there was a knock on the door. I answered the door wearing a t-shirt and a pair of skimpy tight briefs that showed off my hard cock and ass. There stood Dan, wearing an open necked shirt, and blue jeans. He was a big guy, tall, rugby player body, slight tummy and with a huge bulging packet. He came inside, closed the door behind him then bent to kiss me deep with his tongue inside my mouth, his hands immediately moving behind me to grab my ass. I wasted no time in grabbing his bulging cock. It felt semi hard. Fuck I thought, if this bulge is only semi hard, I can’t wait to get him hard.

As we broke from the kiss, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to see his cock. I knelt down, undoing his zipper and pushing his jeans down. He was wearing tight grey Calvin Klein trunks underneath, and there was thin line of hair running from his navel down into trunks. His cock bulged obscenely and there was a big wet patch where the head of his knob was hidden. I yanked down his pants and his semi hard cock bounced out. The smell of his cock was delicious. I love the musky smell of an uncut cock that has been leaking precum and from the look of his beautiful knob head, he had been leaking a lot. His balls were big and tight against his groin, his pubes trimmed. I took hold of his cock and lifted it up so I could lick the precum gathering at the piss slit. I pulled his foreskin back and gently licked around the head, flicking and tickling underneath the head where it is most sensitive. His cock was growing harder, fatter, my fingers were being forced apart.

When he was fully hard his cock was an impressive beast indeed, and when I peeled back the foreskin he had a deep red shiny bellend. I started to put it in my mouth but he was so big I couldn’t get much past his knob head in my mouth.

We hadn’t said a word to each other since we closed the door but then he spoke and his voice was deep and masculine. “I hope your ass is ready for this. I really need to fuck and fuck hard.” My ass was ready but I started to doubt if I could get his cock all the way inside me. I was going to need poppers for this monster.

“I’m ready to be fucked canlı casino Dan but I am going to need you to be gentle at first, and I’m going to need some poppers. You OK with that?” I asked him

“Poppers? Fuck I’ve not had poppers for years. My girlfriend doesn’t like em. Yeah I’m OK with that but you gotta share.” I had a feeling this was going to be a good fuck session.

I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom. Once there he pulled his shirt off as I stripped off my briefs. I got the poppers and lube out of my bedside drawer passing Dan the lube and told him to use a lot. I watched him lube up his huge cock as I started to inhale the poppers, taking 4 hits up each nostril and a deep inhale through the mouth. I got on the bed on my hands and knees and pushed my ass high in the air. Dan started to finger my pussy pushing his fingers in and out of my hole. “Mmmm juicy” he said. Then I felt his cock at my entrance as he started to push himself inside me. Fucking hell it hurt. My hole was being stretched wider than it had been before, so wide I thought he was going to rip me apart. Then his knob head pushed through. Jeezus it felt like I was having a huge hard shit.

I asked him to wait a minute and sniffed some more poppers. “OK” I said “push your cock all the way inside my cunt.” He did slowly, filling my ass with his log until he was balls deep inside me. Fucking hell it felt good having so much cock meat inside my ass. He started to pull back out and my hole started to feel empty, then he slowly pushed forward again filling me completely, his hands on either side of my ass pulling me onto his shaft.

My ass started to loosen as the poppers took hold of me, and Dan started to fuck me faster, ramming his cock deep in my cunt. I passed him the poppers and he took a few deep hits, then he started to bang my ass so hard and fast he was pushing me forward with each thrust. Suddenly he yelled “OH FUCK I’M GONNA CUM.”

“Yeah Dan spunk my ass, fill me up with your hot cum” I replied. He rammed his cock deep inside me and then started shooting his hot spunk in me, six or seven spurts whitewashing the inside of my ass.

When he finished he collapsed on my back, his cock still hard inside my cunt. I gently fell forward onto the bed with Dan lying on top of me. We lay like that for a few minutes and then he whispered in my ear “Sorry I cum so quickly, but I’m not finished buddy. My cock is still hard and I want to fuck you some more. Can you take it?”

I answered “I haven’t cum yet Dan. You can fuck me over and over until I cum. The more you fuck me, and the more I don’t cum, the hornier I get. I can fuck for hours that way.”

Dan nuzzled into and kissed my neck. He said “That’s good. I haven’t fucked a hole like yours for ages and I’m gonna use it. You’re going to be so fucking loose and walking bowlegged for days.” I clenched my sphincter around his hard cock and said “Bring it on big kaçak casino boy, bring it on.”

Dan wrapped his arms around me and said “Turn with me.” He rolled over onto his back and pulled me with him, his hard cock still buried deep in my cunt. It must have been swimming in the cum load he had fucked into me. As we lay on his back, he started running his hands over my hairy chest, holding my pecs firmly and then tweaking both my nipples. My nipples are hard wired to my cock but I didn’t want to touch it in case I blew my jizz load. I wanted to stay horny so Dan could fuck me over and over again. My ass was hungry for this boys’ cock for as long as possible. I never wanted to be without his cock deep inside me ever again.

As we lay there joined together by Dan’s cock in my ass, I knew I wanted him in me as deep as possible. I wanted to ride his cock. I put each leg on either side of him and with some help from Dan pushing my back up, I managed to sit up without losing his cock from my ass. I pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and pushed my cunt down onto Dan’s groin. His cock was so fucking deep inside me, he was pushing against my second opening. I wanted more, desperate to have more of this beautiful cock meat inside me. I bent forward and started to ride Dan’s cock hard.

“Fuck my cock looks good sliding in and out of your hole covered in cum and ass juices. So fucking hot buddy,” said Dan.

He passed me the poppers so I took some deep hits in both nostrils and mouth, then started to really ride that hard cock, slamming my ass down on Dan each time. I got my feet on the floor, spread my legs and pulled my ass cheeks wider. Dan started moaning “Oh fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum again, fuck fuck” he said. I felt his hot spunk flood my ass and without touching my cock, sprayed seven or eight ropes of cum across the floor as I felt his warm seed filling my pussy again.

We were both gasping and breathless so didn’t move after we had finished blowing our loads. But after a couple of minutes I started to feel sore in my legs and ass so reluctantly had to stand up, releasing Dan’s magnificent cock from my ass. As his cock exited my ass, I couldn’t help but let loose with a sloppy fuck-fart and a huge dollop of Dan’s cum plopped out onto his still hard cock. The boy was a fuck machine. I turned around and lapped up the cum that had plopped from my ass, and swallowed it down, then moved up and kissed Dan passionately, our tongues deep in each other’s mouth, both of us relishing the taste of his cum from my ass.

“So you’ve cum. Does that mean it’s over for today?” he said. I looked down at his softening cock, and said “Not if you don’t want it to be. I’ll need a little while but if you have time, you can fuck me again shortly.” His cock gave a twitch and he said “I have plenty of time. Don’t have to be back home for a couple of hours. And I love fucking your ass.”

I took hold of his hardening cock and kissed him. We lay like that for a short while, his cock staying hard as I played with it. I could feel his spunk dribbling out of my well fucked hole. Surprisingly it wasn’t long before I was ready for another fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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