Dad’s Camcorder Ch. 07

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Chloe was waiting for me outside. She grinned when she saw me walking toward her, I’m sure because I had an erection in the leg of my jeans that made me walk funny.

“Dorsey? You got a huge hard on,” she said, loud enough that anyone nearby would have heard.

She gave me a big hug and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

Behind us, the door to the office opened ad Ellie came out. Her hair was a mess and she was buttoning her jeans. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back. I was still in charge.

“Dorsey? Who is that broad?” Chloe said.

“Her? That’s Ellie. She’s my boss.”

“Were you just fucking her?”

“Yeah. On her desk,” I said.

I had both hands on Chloe’s hips and pulled her tight so the ridge of my erection pressed against her soft belly. She rubbed herself on me, but her eyes narrowed.

“Did she make you cum?”

“Nope. She got me primed up. I saved it all for you,” I said.

Chloe smiled. “Good. I hate when I have to share you.”

She took my hand ad we started toward her car, the little Honda parked next to Ellie’s pickup truck.

“I can’t wait to get you in the back of your car,” I said, and slipped my hand down her back to her ass.

Chloe let out a sigh.

“We have a small problem,” she said.

“What problem?” I said, and opened the passenger side door of her car.

There was a girl with glasses and her hair in a ponytail sitting in the front seat. She looked up at me and grinned, and she had braces on her teeth.

“This is my cousin, Ginger. She’s gonna hang out with us tonight,” Chloe said.

“Oh. Hi,” I said, and moved my hands over the front of my jeans to cover the bulge before she saw it.

“Hi. You’re cute. Chloe didn’t tell me you were cute,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said, and looked at Chloe.

She shrugged. I got in to drive. Ginger climbed into the back seat. She was quiet the whole way to Abe’s Coney Island. On the way, Chloe reached over and put her hand on my leg and rubbed the ridge of my cock. It felt good, but she was making it difficult to concentrate on driving. I could see Ginger’s cute face in the rearview mirror. I wasn’t so sure she couldn’t see what Chloe was doing.

Abe’s wasn’t too busy at that time of night. We got a booth near the back. Chloe and I sat together on one side and Ginger sat on the other. I knocked my napkin on the floor and bent down to pick it up when the waitress arrived. I was sure she got a really good look at the bulge in the leg of my jeans because her eyes got wide and she was looking right at it. She smiled real big and kept looking at me the whole time she took our orders.

“Don’t get any ideas, Dorsey. It’s not her turn tonight,” Chloe said when she was gone.

I shrugged and caught Ginger looking at us. It didn’t matter anyway. The waitress wasn’t that good looking.

We didn’t say much while we ate. Chloe got a cheeseburger with the special Abe’s sauce, which was just pickle relish and ketchup mixed together. I had a foot long chili dog and Ginger got chicken strips and a chocolate shake.

The waitress, Holly, came back three or four times to make sure everything was all right, always smiling at me. If I’d been there alone I might have offered to give her a special tip. As it was, I don’t think Chloe was too interested in sharing it with her.

I had just finished the last bite of my foot long and Ginger was sucking on her shake. Chloe’s hand was on my lap under the table.

“You guys like to do it, don’t you?” Ginger said with a big grin.

Chloe’s face turned bright red. My own face got warm.

“Do what?” Chloe said, trying to sound innocent.

Ginger rolled her eyes.

“You know. It.” She leaned over the table and lowered her voice. “Sex,” she said.

Chloe waved her finger at her like she was scolding a child.

“You shouldn’t ask stuff like that,” she said.

Ginger’s eyes turned to me and her grin turned to an expectant smile.

“I bet you got a big fat woody, too, don’t you? I saw the waitress looking at it. I see how Chloe likes to feel it.”

Chloe’s hand moved away from my lap like she’d been caught stealing pencils from the teacher’s desk.

“You see a lot, don’t you?” I said.

Ginger sat up straight and her grin became smug.

“My friend Dana? She told me her boyfriend’s got a big woody, too. She likes it when he puts it in her slitty,” she said.

I looked at Chloe, whose face was horrified. I cleared my throat.

“Ginger, have you ever seen a guy’s cock?”

“Dorsey,” Chloe said, and slapped my arm.

Ginger’s eyes got wide.

“Is that what you call it? Do you call it a cock, too?” she said, looking at Chloe.

“Ginger, keep your voice down. You shouldn’t be talking about stuff like that.”

I laughed. “How old were you the first time you saw a cock?”

“That’s different. Ginger’s my cousin.”

“My friend Paula promised to let me see her boyfriend’s woody. I mean … cock. I can’t wait,” Ginger said.

“Go ahead, Chloe. Why don’t you tell her about it?” I said.

She esenyurt anal yapan escort just rolled her eyes and put her hand on her forehead like she had a bad headache. I chuckled.

“Don’t believe her little miss proper act. She loves my cock. She told me it’s the biggest one she’s ever seen. And I bet she’s seen a few,” I said.

I looked at Chloe. She punched my shoulder.

“Really? How big is it?” Ginger said with wide, fascinated eyes.

“Go ahead, big stud. Why don’t you show it to her?” Chloe said.

I looked around and swallowed.

“Right here?”

“You got a better idea?”

I could think of a few places, none as interesting as where we were. Besides, I couldn’t resist the look of eager curiosity in Ginger’s eyes.

I hesitated a second. Was I really going to do this, whip out my dick in public? I slid myself into Ginger’s side of the booth. She tried top get a look at my crotch before I sat down. She cowered against the wall, like she was afraid of me.

“Give me your hand,” I said.

She stared at me for a second like I was crazy, then she held out her hand.

I took it in mine. It was warm and trembling. I slipped it under the table and placed it on the ridge of my erection. She looked confused at first.

“Is that your woody?” she said.


Her fingers squeezed it and moved up and down the length.

“It’s so hard,” she said.

“That’s why it’s called a woody,” Chloe said.

Ginger’s eyes got eve wider and her mouth fell open.

“You put this thing in your … in your slit? Does it hurt?”

Chloe shrugged. “A bit, when it’s going in. When its in, though, oh my God.”

“I wanna feel it,” Ginger said.

Chloe and I looked at each other.

“Fell what?” I said.

“I wanna feel it in my slitty. I wanna feel it like that, what she said.”

“No way. Your Mom would kill me. My Mom would kill me,” Chloe said.

Her words snapped like the bark of an angry dog.

I had to bite my tongue. My mouth watered at the thought of taking this sweet young girl’s cherry. She was practically asking me to do it. If Chloe wasn’t with us, I don’t think I could resist her request.

“She’s right. You’re too young,” I said.

Her eyes looked up at me with a hint of hurt and disappointment. Her small, delicate hand moved up my thigh over the rigid bulge of my erection to my crotch and squeezed. I squeezed my mouth shut to keep from groaning out loud. To hell with her age. This girl wanted it bad.

Chloe grabbed her purse.

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s go back to my house. Dorsey would love to let you play with it. Wouldn’t you?” she said.

I closed my eyes. Ginger’s fingers were rubbing my balls. After cutting myself off with Mary, they were swollen and waiting for release.

“You don’t know how good that would be,” I said.

“Are you serious?” Ginger said.

“It should be ok to just play with it. You have to swear, though, that you’re not gonna tell anyone what we’re gonna do, especially not your Mom and Dad,” Chloe said.

“I swear,” Ginger said, and held up her right hand like she was swearing on a Bible in court, except that her left hand was on my cock, not a Bible.

The girls went out to the car, giggling like they had a secret. I stopped at the register to pay the bill. At first I didn’t notice that our waitress, Holly, was crouched behind the counter, arranging the candy bars in the glass display case. She was looking straight at my crotch. She stood up and smiled.

“How was everything?” she said.


I handed her the bill and some cash. She punched the buttons on the register and looked out at Chloe and Ginger in the parking lot.

“Is that your girlfriend?” she said.

I looked out at the girls. Chloe looked hot in her tight jeans.

“One of them. We get together once in a while to fuck.”

Holly leaned over the counter and her eyes looked down at the front of my jeans.

“And can she handle your size?”

“Yeah. She takes it pretty good,” I said, and rubbed the bulge in the front of my jeans.

“I bet she does. I bet you got a lot of friends with benefits, too,” she said, and handed me the change.

“Yeah. I got a regular harem,” I said, which made her laugh.

Another waitress came to the counter with a handful of cash. She moved behind Holly and punched some buttons on the register. Holly scribbled something on the back of the receipt and handed it to me.

“You ever wanna add another girl to your harem, give me a call. I’d love to see if I can handle your size,” she said and gave me a sly smile.

The other waitress looked at her funny. I put the receipt in my pocket and walked out to catch up to the girls. I looked back once and the two waitresses were still standing at the register. Holly was holding her hands apart like she was measuring a fish.

Chloe’s Dad was out of town on a golfing trip with his buddies. Her Mom was in the kitchen, baking brownies. The delicious smell filled esenyurt escort the house and I wanted one the moment I walked in.

“Wow. You’ve been busy,” I said.

Chloe and Ginger stood in the doorway to the kitchen with me. The kitchen was full of brownies. Just about every surface had a plate stacked with brownies. Chloe’s Mom was just taking another pan out of the oven.

“These are for a church picnic tomorrow. Chloe and Ginger helped me with most of these before they went to get you,” she said.

She cut the fresh pan of brownies into squares and stacked them on another plate.

“Can I have one?” I said.

“Help yourself.”

“Thanks,” I said, and grabbed a couple.

I followed Chloe and Ginger up the stairs to Chloe’s bedroom. As soon as Chloe closed the door, Ginger bounced on the bed.

“Oh my God I’m so excited,” she said, squealing like a little girl on Christmas morning.

“Jesus, Ginger. Settle down. You’re gonna get us all busted,” Chloe said.

“I can’t help it. I can’t wait to touch my first real cock.”

Chloe made a disgusted sound and rolled her eyes.

“You can’t just pull it out and start sucking on it,” she said.

I turned to her and started to say something, but kept my mouth closed. I wanted to ask her why not. That was exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t wait to get my cock out of my jeans and let Ginger put her hands on it. I always loved a girl’s reaction the first time she saw it.

Ginger’s eyes got wide.

“You’re gonna suck on it? Can I watch? I won’t tell anyone.”

“I didn’t say anything about sucking on Dorsey’s cock,” Chloe said, and crossed her arms.

“But that’s what you want to do, isn’t it?” I said.

I sat on the bed next to Ginger. She smiled at me, then her eyes dropped to my lap. I leaned back on my arms and stretched my legs out. The soft light in her room made the shadow of my cock stand out against my leg like I was hiding a baseball bat in my jeans.

“I just mean a girl doesn’t rush into that kind of stuff with a guy. Start slow. Make him work for it,” Chloe said.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. It was completely unlike her. She must have been saying it for Ginger’s benefit, because from what I remembered, Chloe barely got two words out before she had my cock in her mouth the first time we met.

Chloe sat with us on the bed. I had the girls on either side. She must have been done talking. That was fine with me. I was ready for something to happen.

Chloe turned my head to face her, tilted my head and started kissing me. Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth and she kissed hard, like she was serious about this. I put my hand on her boob and she arched her back and moaned into my mouth.

She pulled away to take a breath. Ginger was watching us with her cute mouth hanging open.

“You wanna try that?” I said.

She just nodded. I turned to face her, tilted her head to the side a bit and touched my lips lightly to hers. She stiffened. I opened my eyes and her eyes were really big, staring past me at the wall. Her lips were squeezed together.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” I said.

“Sure,” she said with a brief shrug.

“For real?” Chloe said.

Ginger’s eyes dropped.

“No. I never kissed a guy before.”

I chuckled.

“You just kissed me. Come on. Kiss me again.”

I leaned forward and pressed my lips on hers. She was still stiff and resisted me.

“Relax. Open your mouth a little,” I said in a soft whisper.

She was shaking. Her lips parted a tiny sliver and I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. I stuck my tongue out and let the tip graze her lips. She sucked in a deep, fluttery breath.

I moved my hand up the gentle curve of her back. She relaxed a bit and became almost limp on my arm. I put my mouth over hers and this time her lips opened enough for me to push my tongue past them. Her wet tongue danced with mine in her mouth and she moaned hard.

I felt a hand on my lap, rubbing my cock through my jeans. I looked down. It was Chloe’s hand, moving back and forth slowly. Ginger looked down at her hand, too, and saw me smiling.

“What are you so happy about?” she said.

“I like where this is heading.”

“Don’t let him talk you into anything, Ginger,” Chloe said.

I rolled my eyes like I couldn’t believe she would think I would do anything like that. Ginger giggled. I moved my hand up her belly and closed it over her soft boob.

“You got nice tits,” I said.

She looked horrified, like she wasn’t sure she should let me touch her like that.

“Th-Thanks,” she said.

I kissed her again and she started to moan softly and rub her body against mine. She was warm and soft and clearly ready to try more than just kissing. How I found the strength to resist ripping her clothes off and ravaging her right there I had no idea.

I turned to the other side and kissed Chloe again. I slipped my hand under her shirt and squeezed her boob. She was getting into it, too, moaning and rubbing her body against esenyurt eve gelen escort mine.

I felt another hand rubbing my cock. It was Ginger. I looked down at her hand, then at her face. She smiled at me.

Chloe leaned close to her, over my lap.

“Let’s get this cock out now,” she said, and they giggled like I wasn’t even in the room.

“Careful with that zipper,” I said, and leaned back on my arms.

Chloe had done this before, many times. She had no trouble with my belt or the zipper, and I lifted my butt so she could pull my jeans down to my knees. My cock popped out and swayed like an old, heavy tree in a strong wind. Ginger gasped and covered her mouth.

“Oh my God,” she said.

Her words were muffled by her hand.

Chloe put her hand around it and pumped slowly. It was throbbing and by then had been hard for so long it ached. Ginger was staring at it like it was a dangerous snake that might bite her if she wasn’t careful.

“Go ahead. You can touch it,” I said.

“You’ll love how it feels,” Chloe said.

Ginger’s hand was shaking. Her fingertips touched the shaft, then her fingers closed around it in a light, delicate grip.

“Wow. How does it get so hard?” she said.

“It pumps full of blood,” I said.

But Ginger just looked confused, and Chloe rolled her eyes.

“It gets hard whenever he’s around a girl,” Chloe said, and Ginger nodded as if that made perfect sense.

“No. Honestly, it gets hard so he can put it in your slit. That’s where it feels best,” Chloe said.

Her long nails tickled the swollen head of my cock. Ginger stared at her with a blank face, then at me.

“Are you guys gonna do that right now?” she said.

Chloe looked at me. The desire in her eyes was plain. I felt the same as her. It had been a long time since we fucked each other right, and we were both very anxious for it. But in front of her cousin? I could only shrug.

“How about if I just suck on it?” Chloe said.

Ginger’s nose wrinkled in a disgusted sneer.

“Eww. In your mouth? Don’t you pee through that thing?” she said.

Chloe paused, staring off into space, and I could see that the idea that putting a guy’s cock in her mouth was disgusting had never occurred to her. That never stopped her from going down on me with the eagerness of a hungry lion.

“It’s also where his cum comes out,” she said.

“His what?” Ginger said.

“Show her how to make me cum,” I said.

“Ok,” Chloe said.

She bent over my lap, opened her mouth wide and started sucking on the end of my cock. I groaned. Her mouth felt fantastic, and I was more than ready to dump a heavy load of cum in her mouth.

Ginger gasped. This was a busy night for her. She was learning new things every minute. If I had the time, I would let her find out for real what Chloe meant about having my cock in her tight slit. She was the same as Mary. I wasn’t ready to give it to my sister, but what the hell? Ginger wasn’t my sister.

I put my hand on top of Chloe’s head and helped her move it up and down. She never took as much of my cock in her mouth as I would like. I couldn’t really blame her, though. Very few girls could take much more than the first couple of inches.

Chloe put both hands on my thighs. Once or twice I pulled her head down too hard and made her gag. Her drool ran down my shaft and collected in my pubic hair. She never stopped sucking. It always amazed me how much she liked having my cock in her mouth.

I was getting ready to shoot my cum down Chloe’s throat when Ginger said something that surprised me.

“Can I try that?” she said.

I stopped jerking Chloe’s head up and down. We both stared at Ginger.

“Are you sure?” I said.

She nodded. She was staring at my cock where it went into Chloe’s mouth with a fierce determination that made me think she at least thought she was ready. There was no way, though, that she could know what she was getting into.

Chloe sucked her mouth off of my cock and wiped away her saliva with the back of her hand.

“I’ll show you what to do. Get down here on your knees,” she said.

She pointed to the floor in front of me, then pulled my jeans all the way down to my ankles. I spread my knees wide.

Ginger slid off the bed and lowered herself to her knees like she was preparing to take the offering at mass. Chloe bent my cock toward her face.

“Lick it first,” she said.

Ginger stuck her tongue out. Her eyes were locked onto mine. My cock was still wet with Chloe’s spit. If she felt any disgust about tasting her cousin’s saliva, she didn’t show it. The tip of her tongue touched the tip of my cock and she licked it like an ice cream cone.

“How did you get this in your mouth, Chloe? It’s so … big,” she said.

“Stretch your mouth open as much as you can and go slow. Like this,” Chloe said.

She grabbed my cock around the middle of the shaft, bent it toward her and sucked the head into her mouth. I groaned and closed my eyes. This was better than I ever could have imagined.

Chloe moved her head back and forth a few times, then took my cock out.

“You try it now,” she said, and passed it back to Ginger.

She stared at the head and took a deep breath. Her small hand moved up and down on my shaft, but her grip was so light I could barely feel it. She opened her mouth wide, put the tip of the head in, and started to giggle.

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