Daddy’s Mess

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Big Dick

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance between characters in this story and real persons living or historical is purely coincidental. All characters involved in sexual activities are 18+.


Late one night, a young girl stumbles across her Daddy making a very big mess… But before we get to that, I suppose introductions are in order.

My Katie is a very sweet and VERY shy girl; standing about 5’4″ with auburn hair framing bright hazel eyes, a light scattering of freckles across milky smooth skin, an adorable smile and a lithe dancer’s body. Her breasts a respectably firm B-cup and she has a fantastically pert heart-shaped ass.

I meanwhile am 39, nearly a quarter century older. I still have the bearing and physicality of a life of military service, standing 6’3″ and weighing 250lbs, but am now retired. I still keep my reddish-brown hair short and my beard is neatly trimmed.

My “other” dimensions are fairly average, I think, about 8″ and decently thick. But I do have one striking feature: exceptionally large, heavy testicles. Each about the size of a ripe tangerine and always VERY full. As a natural result, I always produce a copious amount of sperm. But I also tend to make a frankly enormous amount of precum. I found it embarrassing when I was younger, especially in my early teenage years, for what I would assume would be obvious reasons. And I had a few encounters with girls who either mistook it for a premature orgasm, only to be shocked a bit later on, or were turned off by the idea of getting so messy. As I got older, I grew to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, my wife turned out to be one of the girls who found my wetness off-putting. As a result, we rarely engaged in any amorous activities, and when we did they were usually limited so as to contain or redirect my juices: occasional missionary sex, but more often a handjob or half-hearted blowjob in the shower; both leaving me feeling more like a milked bull than a loved spouse.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this frequently led me to indulge in self-gratification whenever I found myself alone late at night or the house was empty. One fateful night all that changed. About an hour after everyone had turned in for the night, I had the TV playing something innocuous while streaming increasingly raunchy porn on my laptop. As usual, I’d stripped so as to keep my clothes from getting wet, and kept a blanket nearby just in case I needed to cover up suddenly.

Luckily, I was well practiced, so when I heard soft footsteps in the hall I managed to blank the laptop screen, slide it onto the coffee table, and pull the blanket over myself just before Katie walked into the room. Normally I’d have been able to divert her back to bed with a quick goodnight kiss, but she seemed upset. Her lips were quivering and I could see goosebumps on her arms and legs. She was wearing only a loose tank top and panties, her normal summertime sleep attire, and I couldn’t suppress a surge of taboo excitement at the sight of her. I checked to make sure I wasn’t too obvious under the blanket, even as I felt a steady stream of precum dripping slowly down my shaft, over my balls, toward the couch cushions. Despite that, I let her sit on the edge of the couch and tell me what was the matter.

“Oh Daddy, I’m so scared! I had the most terrible, awful dream! And… and I just had to come and see you… to make sure you’re OK.”

“Of course I’m OK, babygirl. Don’t worry.” I leaned forward, kissing her forehead. “Now go back to sleep.”

“Do you think I could… just… stay here with you? Just for a little while.”

I knew the risk of getting caught, but I couldn’t turn her away. So I ended up letting her lean against me, resting her head back against my shoulder, as I stroked her hair.

“I’ve always loved summertime, Daddy. The weather’s so nice… but…”


“Well… you don’t wear a shirt in the evenings and… it’s always so nice… to cuddle. Your skin is so warm… and smells so nice, Daddy.”

Katie nuzzled closer against my shoulder, and I felt another small rush of excitement.

“I love our cuddles, too, sweety. Summertime or not.”

I kept gently stroking her hair, just the way she’s always loved, and listened to her soft, happy purring. As she relaxed more, I felt her pressing closer. Leaning fully against me, her head sliding to rest against my chest. After a little while it seemed she had relaxed almost fully, nearly falling asleep. I on the other hand, couldn’t relax at all. I’d only been half hard earlier, but this illicit closeness – the dangerous excitement of it – had me as hard as I’d ever been. And as wet.

I decided to take a risk. I kept Katie propped up with one arm, gently massaging her shoulder at the same time. Reaching carefully under the blanket with my free hand, I stroked myself slowly. Even I was a little taken aback at how wet I’d gotten. My fingers slid easily ulus escort along the dripping wet shaft, and I could feel more precum pooling around the base, cascading over my swollen balls, and I knew from experience it was soaking into the cushions. Then…

“Would you rub my head a little more, please? It feels soooooo nice, Daddy,” Katie asked sleepily.

Of course I couldn’t say no, nor could I shift my near arm without disturbing her too much. So I had no choice but to reach up with my free hand, softly stroking her thick red hair… and secretly rubbing in my warm precum. Katie sighed happily and sank even deeper against me. I contained my excitement with some effort. And decided to risk a bit more.

As Katie’s breath grew more even, I stole a few moments to reach back under the blanket. I stroked myself slowly, gaining some small pleasure of course, but more importantly gathering up more wetness. Which I then gently massaged into Katie’s hair and scalp. In a few more moments, I expanded my secret maneuvers to include her shoulders, back, and flanks. Keeping at first to areas covered by her tank top, but soon moving slowly and softly to her exposed skin. Knowing that my precum was soaking into her hair and shirt was one thing, but seeing it glisten on her delicate skin was terrifically exciting.

Before long, my excitement was getting the better of my sense, and I found my fingers moving smoothly over Katie’s soft skin in ever expanding circles. Tracing wetly over her arms, belly, thighs, and even her neck. Even when I knew she was waking up a little, I couldn’t stop myself. Her eyes fluttered, she sighed happily, wiggling ever closer.

“That feels sooooooo good, Daddy. So warm… and…”

“And…? What is it?”

“I don’t know… but something smells very good. It’s almost like your skin… but… stronger somehow. I like it.”

I smiled, kissed her forehead, and went back to my secret massaging. Katie breathed deeply as my warm, wet fingers slid over her arm. A few moments of careful stroking, then my fingers returned to caress her belly where her top had ridden up a little. She giggled softly, and wiggled back against me. I let my hand slip around to her back, tracing along her spine softly and pushing her top up a bit more. Then a bit more under the blanket, and I let my hand massage Katie’s toned thigh. I felt her shiver a little, then a small sharp breath sucked over her teeth as my fingers slid, dripping, to her hip.

I let things rest for a heartbeat, then asked, “Does that feel nice, babygirl?”

“Y-yes Daddy. My skin is… tingling. And…” I smiled as I saw her bite her lip. “It just feels so good. Can I stay with you for just a few more minutes? Please? And… please, keep doing that.”

I gently kissed her forehead again, smiled, and answered, “Of course. As long as you want.”

Over the next few moments… minutes?… hours?… I kept up a constant cycle. Stroking myself, then softly caressing and massaging some part of Katie. An arm, a shoulder, the small of her back, the gentle curve of a hip, her smooth belly just above her panty line, or the graceful arc of her neck. Then repeating. Over and again.

I got bored once, long ago, and decided to attempt to accurately measure the amount of precum I produce. I gave up after filling a one-cup Pyrex glass to overflowing. And on this night I knew with absolute certainty I’d left that inadequate measure far behind. I felt like I was in a daze, and by the time I was aware of time passing again I looked down, and gasped softly to see the state Katie was in.

Her hair clung to her in damp curls as if she’d been sweating heavily. In fact, her whole body – almost every inch of exposed skin and every scrap of fabric – was glistening and soaked through. I could feel her trembling softly, but could not know if it was from excitement or chill. I looked from her blushing face and down across her body. Her oversized tank top now damp and clinging to her curves. A bead of sweat, perhaps, or of precum trickling down between her breasts. Her nipples hard, straining to tear the fabric. Her chest rising and falling with deep breaths. And another trail of shining wetness leading over her belly, to the thin panties stretched so tight and now soaked with what I could tell was much more wetness than I had deposited there.

I smiled, gazing at her silhouetted in the flickering glow of the TV, knowing that I had finally found someone to share my passions with. I didn’t care one bit for her age, nor the fact of our relationship. I wouldn’t have cared if my wife had walked in that very moment. I’d have thrown it all away for what I hoped would come next.

I reached slowly back under the blanket, noticing as I did that it, too, was drenched. Then I stroked myself for a few long moments. Not being as careful as I had been before. Not caring that Katie might feel the movements. Hoping she would, actually. Then I reached up yenimahalle escort slowly to stroke her hair and “accidentally” let my fingertips brush ever so lightly over her cheek as I did. She must have truly felt the wetness of them now, no chance of confusing it for her own sweat as a warm bead of precum rolled down one cheek. And I heard her breathe deeply, the intoxicating scent she’d noticed earlier now much stronger, closer, and more fresh.

I waited a bit, just “innocently” running my fingers through her hair, to see what she would do. Katie rewarded me with a soft purr of contentment and by leaning ever closer against my chest. So I took my biggest risk yet. Restarting my earlier cycle of stroking and teasing, but focusing more and more on Katie’s neck and hair. Making sure each time to bump or brush or slide, quite by accident of course, across some part of her pretty face. A few smeared lines across her cheeks and chin let her feel the heat and thickness of it. A careful drip across the nose let her see the milky clearness and, just as importantly, inhale the musky smell more closely. And a fleeting thumb brushing over her lip just for an instant showed her that this wonderful new smell came with an equally delightful flavor. Warm and thick, salty and sweet. Like honey, or good caramel.

I let her savor the moment… the scents, tastes, feelings… and occupied myself by gently rubbing the back of her neck. Even in the darkness, her blush was obvious. I could see her shyness fighting her excitement. So I gave her one more push, taking the last real risk.

I reached under the blanket one last time, being even more obvious than before. In fact, I’m certain Katie must’ve felt something. As I stroked, I leaned close. Kissing her forehead innocently for the last time, then putting my lips to her ear, whispering, “I love you so very much, and you know you’ll always be my little Angel, right?”

“Yes, Daddy, I love you, too! So, so much!”

I smiled and slowly lifted my hand from under the blanket, making sure to scoop up some of the precum pooling around the base of my cock as I did, adding it to what had spilled over my fingers as I stroked. As the light hit them, my splayed fingers reminded me of nothing so much as the “face-hugger” from Alien, thick ropy strings of wetness hanging between and dripping from them. The inherent danger and sexuality of H.R. Geiger’s creation was not lost on me in that moment.

I saw Katie’s eyes go wide as my hand moved with terrible slowness, inching higher without touching her at all. She shivered each time a droplet would splash against her. Soaking into her already damp top, or beading against her pale skin. I knew she must have realized by now what is happening, or at least enough to know how naughty it was, and her cheeks blushed bright crimson. But still, she cuddled closer to me. Waiting.

I let one fingertip rest against the hollow of her throat and slowly traced higher. At the same time, my lips moved against her ear, whispering, “Yessss, you’ll always be Daddy’s Little Angel. And I’ll always treat you like a princess. But…”

My finger reached the tip of her chin, and I let my other fingertips join it, so I felt more than heard her soft “But…?”

“Sometimes I don’t want an Angel.” My fingers start to slide at a painful crawl, up over her chin. “Sometimes I want… I need… more than that.” My fingers come together for a single moment, converging to leave Katie’s lips dripping with my precum, before sliding wetly apart again and slipping slowly higher. She gasps, some of my juices spilling across her tongue as she does. She whimpers, watching my monstrous fingers slipping over her face, then swallows… moans softly… then licks her lips clean.

I smile and let my fingers complete their dance. Sliding up to cover her pretty face completely, resting like the spidery monster they so resemble, before letting my palm rest, too. Then reversing, dragging my hand slowly back down, smiling at the smeared, dripping ruin of Katie’s delicate features. We look into each other’s eyes as my fingers drop low enough. I’m sure she can see the pure animal desire in mine, just as I can see the fear and shame warring with excitement and pleasure in hers. Our eyes stay locked as my fingers move lower, and she takes a deep shuddering breath. Closing her eyes for a moment, savoring the rich scent in her nostrils.

Katie whimpers softly again as my lips tickle her ear, then she trembles as she hears me whisper, “Yes babygirl, sometimes I need MUCH more. You’re always such a good girl, so very sweet. But sometimes, like right now…” My fingers and palm together slide wetly down over her nose and cheeks, starting to converge again. “It can be good to be naughty, too. You understand, sweetheart?”

She nods. Slowly and nervously at first, but then with more enthusiasm as she feels where my fingers are heading. “That’s a good girl.” I whisper eryaman escort as I bring my fingers together again over Katie’s lips. This time I wait patiently. Letting her feel the warm wetness on her lips. Letting her feel it smeared across her face, dripping down her chin, slowly mixing with the rest covering her body. Then I sigh in contentment as Katie parts her lips. Kissing my fingers. Then licking. Then with a little gentle guidance, letting one slip into her waiting mouth. “That’s a VERY good girl.” I let her shyly suck on one digit before gently coaxing another between her lips. Before she can clean them, I add a third finger. Sighing as they slide over her tongue, we lock eyes again and I gently guide her to suck them clean. She only takes them to the second knuckle, so I add the tiniest bit of pressure. I feel some resistance, and Katie’s beautiful eyes water a little, but she sucks my fingers totally clean. I let them slip from her mouth and she gasps for breath, then surprises me by grabbing my wrist with both hands. Holding my hand still, she licks the remaining wetness from it.

We share a naughty smile and I look into her eyes as I say, “You’re such a good girl, even when you’re being naughty.” She giggles guiltily. “Do you like that? How it tastes? How it feels?” She blushes brighter than before and hesitates for a heartbeat before nodding vigorously. “I’m so glad! You always make me so happy, Katie.”

She casts her eyes downward for a few long moments, as if looking over the trembling, drenched, and thoroughly naughty mess she has become. Then she looks back up, and I can see in her eyes that excitement and pleasure are overcoming her shame.

“You always make me happy, too, Daddy. And I feel sooooooo good right now. I know it’s naughty, but I don’t care. I… I think I like it and… I want to make you happy. I try to be a good girl, but if you want me to be naughty… I… I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what you need right now… but I want to. And… and…”

I laid a finger over her lips, shushing her. “Do you want more, babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“Are you sure? You’ll ALWAYS be my Angel, but if we keep going a LOT of things will change… forever.”

Katie paused, her brow crinkling a little in thought. The movement sending a bead of my juices rolling down the bridge of her nose to land softly on her lip. As if that were a sign, Katie’s face brightened in that moment and she nodded eagerly, saying, “Yes, I’m sure. I’ll do anything to make you happy, Daddy!”

“OK then, sweetheart.”

“Just tell me what to do!”

“Haha! For now, just watch. And don’t look away.”

I slid my free hand slowly down Katie’s arm, making sure she followed with her eyes. I traced a fingertip softly along the trim of her panties. I enjoyed her blushing as she realized I must know how wet she is. Then… I reached for the edge of the blanket. But instead of reaching under… I slowly pulled it away. Smiling as I heard Katie’s gasp. Smiling again as she looked, cartoonishly, from my now exposed cock to my face and back. And I reminded her gently, “Don’t look away.”

Once her eyes were back where I wanted them, I began to stroke myself. Letting her watch my fingers sliding up and down. Letting her watch the veins pulsing along my thick shaft. And letting her watch the steady stream of thick, milky precum flowing from the tip. I enjoyed her reaction as she followed it closely, gasping softly as it dripped over my knuckles. She brought her own hands to her face, as if reminding herself of the truth. That THIS is the source of the warm, creamy wetness she can still feel, and smell, and taste.

A moment later, and I began to raise my hand once more. Katie looked up into my eyes suddenly, guessing what I planned. She gasped… whimpered… I felt her tremble against me.

“Oh… oh God! Oh… Daddy?!”

I smiled, and shushed her once again, laying a dripping wet finger across her perfect lips. She shivered. A heartbeat passed. Passion began to overwhelm shame. I felt the most delicate kiss against my finger. Then another. Then her nervous tongue darting out, tasting. My smile grew wider. My fingers made little wet trails, tracing shapes across the porcelain skin of her face.

“You still like it?”

Softly and full of shame, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you still want more? To know what I really want… what I need more than anything?”

Still soft, but with more enthusiasm, “Oh God, Daddy! Yes… I… want to make you happy.” And I feel her tongue licking at my palm as my fingers caress her face.

I guide a finger to her lips, smiling as she sucked eagerly. Then I gathered more precum and began to trace the same shapes as before. But now I leaned close, whispering in her ear and spelling it out for her.

“Oh… my sweet Katie… my Angel… tonight I want… I NEED… to make you…” Tracing slowly across her forehead, leaving hot, dripping shapes behind…

D… A… D… D… Y…



S… L… U… T. “Slut.”

The words burning in her ears and tingling wetly on her skin, Katie’s whole body shivered. She gasped, her eyes wide. A single tear rolling down her cheek, unnoticed, mixing with my precum.

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