Daddy’s Boy Ch. 03: Training

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*Content Warning: Themes of Incest*

*Content Warning: Themes of non-consent/reluctance*

When I returned from the store with groceries, I could instantly tell things were different. The second chair from the dining table was gone and replaced with food bowls on the floor like for a dog. There were hooks and ropes stationed throughout the house- places I assumed that served as posts to lock me up at. A new wall hanging held four different types of leashes and one bondage harness made of sleek black leather and shiny metal buckles and joints.

I had half a mind to turn and run the other way in that moment, but something kept me there. Something prompted me to see- I was curious. I was curious and a slut like Daddy said I was. I didn’t want this but at the same time, I had already accepted it. So did I want this?

I couldn’t yet tell.

“Ah, ah, ah. As soon as you enter this house, I want you on your hands and knees.” Daddy emerged from the basement and yanked me down by the collar underneath my jacket. I grunted and fell to the ground.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Clothes off.”

I did as I was told, but took my time. Daddy watched me intently through the whole process, approaching me from above when I finished. He took my chin in his hand and raised my eyes to look up at him, shoving his thumb past my lips and into my mouth. He pressed his digit into my bottom teeth and forced me to open my mouth.

“I’ll teach you how to use that thing properly like a good fucktoy.” He assured me, giving the side of my head a slap before turning and descending into the basement. “Follow.”

I did, with some difficulty on my hands and knees. I still did it though, following my Daddy’s heels into the cold, dark basement. There was a main room with cement floors and walls, and then there was the door to my “room” or storage closet. There wasn’t a door anymore though- instead, there was a metal cage door fastened to the hinges instead of my usual wooden one. Through the bars, I could see that my twin air mattress was gone and replaced with a queen mattress on the floor that nearly took up the whole space. There was also a very noticeable camera fastened in one of the top corners of the closet, pointing down at where I’d be sleeping.

“This is more fitting for a slave.” Daddy admired his work, then turning to gaze around the rest of the open basement. The whole main room was reformed too. Daddy’s workout equipment was still there, but it was turned into something different and much more frightening. His workout bench was fixated with leather straps and cuffs. His weight rack was full of toys, paddles, and weird contraptions. There were hooks and rings hanging from the ceiling and a weird sawhorse-looking thing in the corner. Ropes hung down from the ceiling in the furthest part of the room, looking like a complicated leather swing.

“This is where training and punishment happens, understand? And when you’re a good boy, you get to be fucked in my room.”

“You’re room?”

I had never seen Daddy’s room. That was one of the number one rules of the house- don’t go into Daddy’s room. Sometimes I’d hear people moaning in there when Daddy had friends over, but other than that, I had no insight.

Daddy yanked on my collar as punishment.

“I mean, Yes, Master.” I choked out.

“If you keep pissing me off, I’m going to give you a real fucking punishment.” Daddy said, gripping my hair and pulling my head back to look at him. I cowered, but kept my eyes up.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Let’s start with some basic positions.”

That sounded easy enough, until-

“And when we’re not using it, I want that ass plugged.”

Daddy took a leash that hung from his belt and fastened it to the silver hook on my collar with a soft CLINK. I refused to meet his eye as he tugged the collar towards his workout bench that was now better suited being called the fuck bench and I didn’t even know the extent of it yet.

“Bend over.”

I did what Daddy told me too, still thinking about his words about “real punishment”. I didn’t want to know what that entailed. My stomach stretched over the cool leather and my ass pushed into the air, still sore from the finger fucking earlier. Daddy still held the leash in his hand and gently gave it a tug. I gagged and he chuckled, just enjoying pulling discomfort from me. I heard him reach over to the wrack of toys and grab something. I didn’t know what “plugging” my ass up meant, but I had a feeling I was quickly going to find out.

“What did I say about getting things shoved up your ass, boy?”

“Relax, Daddy.”


I was starting to get worried about something being shoved into my hole without the lubricant of conditioner or even bathwater, but before I knew what was happening, I felt hot breath on my tailbone and sudden something slick and warm was probing my ass.

“Ngh…” I moaned, never feeling a sensation quite like this. It made my whole body buzz with overwhelming pleasure. It took me a while to realize that Daddy was casino oyna tonguing my ass as lubricant instead. My body writhed on top of the bench, my throat being strangled by my collar every time I jerked away from his hold on the leash as pleasure demanded my body. I hated how every time I moved, my collar and leash jangled like a pet. It just reminded me that I was completely and utterly submitted under my master’s control.

Daddy removed his tongue and I felt something cold, hard, and smooth at my entrance. I bit my lip and winced, trying not to tense. It didn’t feel too big and my ass was already stretched.

But then, Master started shoving into me and I soon realized that the object was only small at the front. It grew wider like an egg or a teardrop until the plug was stretching my ass further than it had ever been stretched before.

I screamed.

Daddy pulled on my collar continuously to choke me throughout the whole thing instead, keeping me quite. Tears jumped to my eyes as air was withheld from me and an overcoming pressure closed my airways. Meanwhile, the butt plug massaged my asshole a bit before Daddy shoved it past the ring of muscle and into my ass, the only thing remaining being a little knob for Daddy to gently tug on and eventually pull out. The rest of the monstrous toy was lodged deep inside of me like it was fucking me continuously. Finally, Daddy let my leash go and my head fell forward, gasping for sweet air.

“I’m going to need to add a proper gag to the list.” Daddy mumbled to himself, yanking on my collar to get me to straighten on my knees. “Well, you already know bend over. That’s a start.”

The rest of the night was spent trying to memorize the different positions and commands Daddy taught me. The first one was simply, “sit”, and I would spread my legs open wide and sit back on my heels while arching my back and holding my hands behind my back. I had to look up at the ceiling and open my mouth wide for observation.

“Sit.” Daddy later tested after a good deal of training as we reached midnight. I assumed the position, my joints sore from doing all sorts of positions on the cold hard ground today. Once I was sitting in position, eyes up and mouth open, Daddy stepped forward to examine me.

“Tongue.” He said. I stuck my tongue out. I didn’t understand why this was part of the process until he unzipped his pants that had luckily stayed zipped for the earlier parts of the night. Now was his time to bring his member out and truly test me. Daddy took his cock in hand and slapped it against my tongue repeatedly, making my face scrunch up. I had never thought of the idea of someone putting their penis anywhere near my mouth. “If you don’t like that, you’re not going to like our last lesson tonight.” My master snickered before slapping me lightly in the face with his dick.

“Down.” He commanded the next position. I bent forward and pressed the side of my face to the ground, still holding my hands behind my back. I pushed my ass up into the air for Daddy to see, feeling the plug in my ass rub against my insides while sending shivers of euphoria through my core. He reached down and lightly pulled on my plug, making me moan. Daddy seemed to like this and moved the plug around some more, admiring how I ground my ass into his movements.

“Mm… Truly a good little whore.”

I closed my eyes and tried not to believe it.

“Roll over.”

I rolled onto my back, the cold cement digging into my tailbone and shoulder blades. I wrapped my arms around the back of my knees and raised my legs towards my chest, therefore raising my ass into the air. Daddy took his boot and raised it over my crotch, pressing down. I whimpered and writhed underneath his foot. Daddy seemed to like this and massaged his shoe into my balls. I grunted and writhed harder, wondering how something that hurt so bad could also feel mind-numbingly good.

Finally removing his foot, Daddy sat down on the fuck bench.


I scrambled up from my back and rushed between Daddy’s legs where he sat. I positioned myself over his foot and subtly humped his leg while resting my chin on his thigh, close to his crotch. I could smell his arousal from here.


I climbed onto Daddy’s right knee, straddling it and facing away from him. I gripped his kneecap with my bony hands and started to grind into his thigh, my legs dangling like he taught me. I was already exhausted from climaxing two times today- After all, I had never done such a thing before. Still, as rubbed myself on Daddy’s thigh, my dick still got harder, disobeying my mind that told it to stop making me such a slut. Master grabbed my hips and manually forced me to hump him harder like a needy animal. I panted as I tried to keep up with the pace he wanted me to go. My ass and balls were starting to feel sore from all the abrasion.

“Lap.” Daddy relieved me. This one was like the one while we watched TV in the living room. I slid back so that my ass was wedged into his crotch and my legs were spread on the outsides of his canlı casino legs. I writhed my body into Daddy, my plug grinding into my ass as I did. Master hummed a deep sound in the back of his throat and reached up and tweaked my nipples.

“Ungh… Daddy.” I moaned, not knowing that I liked having my nipples stimulated so much. The buds grew hard underneath Daddy’s kneading fingertips.

“Sit.” Daddy repeated. I rushed off of his lap and resumed the first position, spreading my legs and arching my back. Meanwhile, Daddy stood towering over me.

“Greet.” He commanded. I crawled forward to Daddy’s leg until I could position my crotch over his shoe again and hump his leg. Simultaneously, I wrapped my arms around his leg to help me grind into him harder while stuffing my face into the crotch of his jeans. “Goooooood. Good boy.”

I heard the sound of the whipped cream canister that he had been using as a reward. He shot some white cream onto his finger and held it in front of my face. I took Daddy’s finger in my mouth and sucked, licking the whipped cream from his digit. Daddy made sure to press down on my tongue and make me gag for good measure.

“I have one last lesson for you tonight.”

I would’ve responded if it wasn’t my job to assume the “greet” position once again and nuzzle my face into my daddy’s crotch. He ground his bulge back into me, making it hard to breath.

I heard his zipper unzip like before and felt his hand dig into his pants in search for his engorged member. He had been rock hard during all of the training. I wondered if Daddy was going to masturbate on my face.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with this?” He asked me, grabbing my jaw with his hand and forcing me to look up at his dick as it brushed against his nose.

“No, Master.”

Daddy smiled mischievously and wiggled a finger into my mouth, letting me suck for a bit. He then took that finger and used it to force my mouth open wide by pressing down on my bottom teeth. I obeyed and even stuck out my tongue a little instinctively until I realized what he was doing.

‘No! It’s too big!’ I thought right before Daddy slammed his cock into my mouth, the tip sliding down the back of my throat. I gagged and tears flowed from my eyes, my body desperately writhing and pushing at his thighs to get away. Dad entwined his fingers into my hair and shoved my head further onto the length of his penis, thrusting into my virgin mouth hole.

“Ohhhhh… God. Your throat is so tight.” Daddy moaned, holding my head in place with his dick down my throat. I couldn’t breathe or see. I could only focus on the feeling of cock filling my mouth and my crotch hopelessly grinding against Daddy’s boot in attempt to get away. “Fuck.” Daddy finally let go and pulled his dick out, my lungs begging for air. I coughed and wheezed and fought for air, aware that Daddy was staring down at me, enjoying every second. “You like that, slut?”

“Y- Yes, Daddy.”

“What do you like?”

“I like when you shove your cock down my throat, Master.” I croaked out, realizing this was a mistake even if it was the right answer because Daddy took my head in both of his hands and forced his dick past my lips, fucking my mouth in and out. I gripped his jeans with helpless fingers, trying to push away but his hold was too strong. He fucked me like an inanimate toy that only existed for his pleasure. I moaned onto his dick which just made him pump into my mouth harder, his tip slipping down my throat over and over again.

“Good little deep-throating cock-sucker.” Daddy grunted, picking up the pace. “Suck, Maxie. Suck Daddy’s cock like a good slave.”

It was better when I gave up and let my body go limp like a rag doll. I started to realize that I could kind of breath out of my nose, even if it was sometimes hard with his cock be buried to the hilt inside of me. I didn’t notice at first, but my own cock was rock hard from the abuse. I was starting to learn a lot about myself, starting with the fact that no matter how hard I tried to resist, I was insanely turned on by being made a submissive little bitch.

“Gonna… Cum…” Daddy grunted, still gripping my hair with both heads and pumping himself into my throat. I continued to gag with each thrust, my body tensing with the thought of Daddy releasing his liquid into my mouth. My small, helpless hands pushed at his thighs again in attempts to get away, not wanting to choke down hot cum. Daddy was so much stronger than me though. He slapped my face to shock me into obedience once more, holding my head still with my lips still around his shaft. I felt it pulse in my mouth and suddenly with a grunt from Daddy, heat spread over my tongue and trickled down my throat.

“Hold it, boy. Let it fill your mouth.” He panted through his orgasm. My body convulsed against the taste and volume of cum in my mouth.

“ACK. GAK. AGHK.” I gagged around Daddy’s penis, cum dripping down the side of my mouth. I felt my own hard member pressed against my stomach, wedged between me and Daddy’s leg.

After what kaçak casino seemed like forever, Daddy finally gave one last jolt before he pulled his cock out. I tried to hold in the urge to spit and gasp for air, but my instincts kicked in before I could stop them. I coughed the liquid out of my mouth, my lungs fighting for oxygen. My mind went on high alert, knowing that I just disobeyed my master.

He acted immediately, giving me no time to recoup.

“Bad boy! Bad slut.” He grunted, wrapping my leash around his hand and tugging, yanking me off balance and sending me to the ground. I kept coughing, still trying to recover from all of the cum shot down my throat but also unable to breath through my collar’s restraints. Daddy didn’t care. He kept pulling so that I was forced to scrambled over to him as he sat on the fuck bench.

“Bend over!” He bellowed angrily, shoving his fingers between my neck and collar and yanking me up by the leather around my throat. I did as I was told, laying myself over Daddy’s knees, knowing what was next. My painfully hard cock pressed into Daddy’s thigh and pushed my ass into the air, ready for punishment.

“I want you to count.”


“Ungh! One.” My body convulsed on Daddy’s lap, my asscheeks returning to a familiar stinging state. The plug in my ass was mercilessly shoved in further with every slap.


“Ungh! Two.”


“UNGH! Ten, Daddy.” I moaned once we got there. With how hard and passionately he was beating my butt, I thought he may never stop. Surprisingly, he ceased at ten.

“You’re still learning, so I’ll go easy on you. But next time, I won’t be so nice.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“As part of your punishment, you’re keeping this in all night.” Daddy informed me, matter-of-fact as he prodded my buttplug with his finger. My heart fell a bit at this news, but I realized it could’ve been worse. I was grateful that Daddy was exhibiting his more fair side.

I hadn’t realized it until Daddy said something, but I had been subconsciously grinding my crock into Daddy’s knee as the rest of my body laid limp across his lap. My needy cock was commanding my actions now, desperate to be relieved of its pressure.

“And finally, I will not be letting you cum before bed. Only good boys get to come for Daddy. What do you say?”

“Um… I’m sorry, Sir.”

“For what?”

“For being a bad boy and disobeying my master.”

That seemed to work for Daddy. He tugged me up by my collar and dragged me to my room, gagging me the whole way.

“Aghk… Hahck… Augh… Cack…” I choked until he shoved me onto my new mattress, slamming the cage door closed behind me.

“Approach.” Daddy commanded. I rubbed my sore neck before shakily pushing myself up and crawling to the bars. I sat back on my heels and kneeled before Daddy, looking up at him with big eyes. Daddy reached his hand through the bars and unhooked my leash, slipping it through the cage and hanging it up across the room.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself. I’ll see that tight ass first thing in the morning. Good night, Maxie.”

“Good night, Daddy.” I responded truthfully, feeling a rush of warmth through my body when he talked to me endearingly. Anytime he wasn’t shouting or berating me was really Daddy’s form of “endearing”. It was the moments like that when I was reminded of how much I wanted to please my Daddy. I wanted to be a good boy for him. I wanted him to say good night to me every time before bed. I wanted him to care enough to see me off to sleep, even if it was because I was his toy now.

I collapsed onto my mattress, exhausted. I couldn’t believe that it had only been a few days since things changed- since I became a fully submissive little slut for Daddy. I hadn’t even had time to think of what I felt about it.

Clearly, some part of me was a whore like Daddy said I was because my cock was still throbbing between my legs from today’s abuse. I almost went down to touch it instinctively, but my hand reeled back with Daddy’s voice in my head.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself.” He had said. I already disobeyed Daddy once today. i didn’t want to do it again.

But oh, how I wanted to cum so desperately. Especially with the memories of all the things Daddy did to my body today. Not to mention, the plug was still lodged far up my anus, rubbing against my insides every time I moved a muscle.

Well, Daddy said not to touch myself… He didn’t say anything about the mattress. I crawled to corner of my bed, kneeling on the cold cement floor. I positioned my crotch at the mattress corner and let my dick gently rub against the fabric.

“Oh…” I moaned, trying to stay quiet. Even though I convinced myself on the surface that I wasn’t disobeying my father by humping my bed, deep down, I knew he would still be furious.

Still, I leaned forward and gripped the edges of the mattress with needy fingers and ground myself into the corner harder. It still kind of hurt from all the attention my dick had gotten today, but mostly, it flooded my brain with pleasure. My body shook in anticipation as I humped my bed harder and faster, the sound of animalistic pants filling my tiny cage.

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