Daddy Fucks Amanda part 1.5

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Backpack slapping against her back, bouncing her way up the walkway, Mandy was worried. If she had done anything to break the rules since yesterday afternoon Daddy would surely let her know when she walked in the front door. She felt like she was doing a good job of following the rules but it seemed like Dad was finding more and more reasons to punish her lately.

Although, today she might have more of a reason to be worried.

She had done everything perfectly last night, after her punishment. She made dinner, vacuumed the house, did her homework, rode Daddy’s meat while he was watching the football game on TV, cleaned him off with her mouth, got all his beers without being asked, she even got naked and laid across his lap so he could put his beer on her butt in between sips. She didn’t complain when Daddy woke her up in the middle of the night for round two, even cleaning him off again before going back to sleep.

In the morning, she did almost everything perfect. She made breakfast, woke Daddy up with cuddles and kisses and a quick handy, ironed his clothes and showered and brushed her teeth. She even set her phone to record herself using the toilet and then showering, which wasn’t required but always made Daddy extra happy. The problem was, she forgot her phone. She left it in the bathroom. Which wasn’t against the rules but…Daddy could find it. And go through it. And usually that wouldn’t be a problem but Mandy had been kind of naughty lately. Nothing strictly against the rules but it was something Daddy might not like.

It was Emily’s fault. Emily had told her about this app called “kik” where horny older guys would send you dick pics and talk dirty. To Mandy’s surprise, they were really happy to hear about her special relationship with Dad. They thought poker night was a really great idea, too (agree to disagree, Mandy would tell them.) So she let them send dick pics and vids of themselves masturbating and Mandy might have sent a couple bikini pics. Could Dad really blame her? He was the one who took them in the first place!

Apparently he did blame her, when Mandy walked inside he was sitting on the living room couch with a stern look on his face, arms folded across his beer belly, her cell phone on the coffee table. Daddy looked like he’d already had a couple beers and he was feeling it. Poor Daddy, you shouldn’t drink on an empty tummy. That’s my fault, she thought.

Head bowed in shame, Mandy cleaned up the antalya escort bayan empty beer cans before presenting herself before her dad, arms at her sides and looking at the floor. Her father sighed.

“Palms on the couch,” he told her, patting a spot next to him.

She complied, resting her hands on the couch cushion and bending over at the hips.

“Arch your back,” he said, annoyance creeping into his voice already.

“I’ll do a better job, Daddy,” she promised, arching her back and sticking her butt out.

“No back-talk,” he slurred. Daddy’s a little drunk, she thought. It made her want to giggle but luckily she caught herself in time and bit her lip. Luckily Dad didn’t notice.

He got up and stood behind her, grabbing the hem of her shorts with both hands and pulling her shorts and panties down to her ankles all at once, leaving her pale bubble butt exposed. He slapped her right buttock, hard and with no warning. She screamed in surprise at how sudden and brutal it was. It felt like her butt cheek was on fire. He slapped the other side even harder, so hard it drove her forward several inches so her head bumped into the couch. She was a good girl and saved herself from any further spanking by sticking out her butt again immediately.

That, and the fact that she had the butt plug in. That was the most recent rule Daddy had made up. She had to stick this butt plug in herself at some point before she came home, and Dad was giving her bigger and bigger ones every week. Today she’d excused herself to the bathroom right before class got out. This one was huger than ever and it felt enormous and uncomfortable for a while before her butt got used to it. Now Dad was slowly extracting it, Mandy whimpering as her anus widened and widened around it before it came all the way out with a sucking sound. Her anus gaped open for a couple seconds before she squeezed it shut.

She heard her dad walk away and get something from the fridge before coming back. She heard him open a cardboard box and then he set it down on the couch, upright, resting against the back of the couch. Mandy knew instinctually that if the box tipped over and spilled that she would be in even more trouble so she kept an eye on it. It was a box of those red, white and blue firecracker popsicles. Mandy thought she knew what was coming.

Dad took one out of the box and unwrapped it. Mandy gasped and flinched when he pressed the icy stick escort antalya against her anus.

“Hold still,” he barked, smacking her in the same spot on her right buttock that he had earlier. She could already feel the huge red handprints throbbing on her butt where he had struck her.

She stuck her butt back out and sucked her lips into her mouth and bit them together so she wouldn’t make too much noise. High-pitched, indignant squeals still escaped her nostrils as her dad inserted the popsicle into her ass, almost all the way in and not very slowly. Couldn’t take too long or they would melt too much. He stuck it in and out a couple times for good measure, finishing by sticking it in half way and swirling it around inside her before pulling it out. She held perfectly still like a good girl as her dad inserted all eighteen popsicles into her rectum one by one. Somewhere around the tenth one she protested,

“It’s so cold, Papa!”

“I can put my meatstick in there instead.”

“No no no no-“

“Which one do you want in there? The meatstick or the popsicles?”

“Your meatstick’s too big, Papa.”

“Popsicles it is, then,” he said and resumed fucking his daughter’s ass with the popsicles until they each had a turn. He put each one back in the wrapper as he went and put them back in the box and returned them to the freezer.

When he came back he plopped his horse cock onto the small over her back. It was greasy with some kind of lube. Her eyes went wide but she knew better than to protest.

“That was a very slutty thing you did, Amanda Joyce.”

“Yes, Papa.”

“That’s something a whore does, young woman.”

“Yes, Papa.”

He paused for a moment, cock already stiffening on her back. “Now, I’ve decided to be nice and let you keep chatting on there. However,” he said, slapping his cock on her butt cheeks lightly, “I want you to ask me permission before you send or receive any pictures. If you receive a picture without permission you delete it and block him, understand?”

She sniffled. “Yes, Papa.”

“Do you think that’s fair?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now…”

He lined the head of his cock against her asshole and started pressing. Mandy grimaced, teeth bared and eyes squeezed shut, and leaned forward. She couldn’t help it. Her father grabbed her hips roughly and held her in place, inserting the head of his cock into her, millimeter by millimeter. Even just the head antalya escort was bigger than the butt plug and he was stretching her asshole open. He’s gonna split me in half, she thought, just before the head popped all the way in and her anus got a slight break. Her dad grunted as it slid in.

“Now, say it.”

Say what? Mandy genuinely couldn’t remember. She was somewhat preoccupied with the state of her rectum right now. It felt like someone had shoved a whole apple up there. Her rectum was randomly clenching in protest, against her will, just making it even tighter, to Daddy’s pleasure, judging by his grunts and moans.

“Um, I need cummies?” she guessed.

He leaned down, one fist planted on the couch next to hers, big belly on her back, making her legs shake from the extra weight, face next to hers. He started nibbling on her ear, sucking on it with disgusting noises and licking it.

“No, whore,” he said in a weird creepy sexy voice.

Oh, that one. “I’m a whore,” Mandy grunted, straining not to squeeze down and harder. “I’m Daddy’s princess but I’m a whore.”

Suddenly she felt her dad’s hand and forearm slapping against the back of her thighs. He was jerking off into her butt.

“No, Daddy, not in there,” she whined.

“Yes, baby, now keep saying it or I’ll give you the whole thing.”

“I’m a whore I’m a whore I’m a whore,” she blurted out.

He started grunting obscenely, tongue lolling against her ear as he orgasmed. He jerked another inch into her without thinking, stretching her again and she was shouting in pain as he blew his load, her rectum walls convulsing in protest as he shot load after load of semen into her, grunting and moaning and leaning on her so hard she was shaking as he rubbed his cock in her just a fraction of an inch back and forth.

When he was done he stood back up, pulling Mandy’s butt with him as she yelped. He spread her cheeks and started pulling out as she whimpered and sniffled. It stretched again as the widest part of the head passed through and then he pulled it out with a messy sound.

Dad started lumbering up the stairs. At least he wasn’t making Mandy clean off his shit-covered dick.

“I expect to hear dinner being made by the time I come back down,” he called down.

Mandy ran to the bathroom and tried to squeeze Daddy’s cum out. It didn’t work. She was going to have to put up with it randomly oozing out all evening. Well, the punishment worked. Mandy swore to herself to follow that new rule to the “t.”

“I’m coming downstairs,” her dad called in a warning tone. She jumped up and pulled up her shorts and ran to the kitchen.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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