Dad Puts Sally on the Right Track

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I must thank those who took the time to vote for my last submission. The feedback I received was very favourable and many of you, including Sally for whom I wrote the original, have requested for a continuation so here it is.


I was thoroughly enjoying my new role in life. A slut for dad, whenever the opportunity presented its self, which was often but unfortunately like all good things never enough, as well as a live in unpaid three hole whore for my brother John for his use, this was usually very late at night when our parents were fast asleep, which added to the taboo thrill of making love to my well hung brother. All this together with Linda, my brothers beautiful girlfriend, who as far as I knew had the tastiest wettest pussy in town and loved threesomes with John and me or just twosomes whenever I went to hers to stay overnight or weekends kept me content.

Although as I said I was very content with my lot I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be with another woman, other than Linda, after all I was presently receiving attention from two lovely cocks each one different and enjoyable in its own right, perhaps I owed it to myself to experiment some more with women.

I begun looking at the other girls in my year as possible candidates but although a couple took my fancy I was not sure whether it would be a good idea, what if it all went wrong, life at school could become very difficult. The more I tried to put it out of my mind the more the desire to get together with another girl grew. Surprisingly, my father of all people finally put me on the right track quite unexpectedly.

Dad and I hadn’t managed to do any fucking for a number of days, although I had taken to wearing no knickers at home, something I had made sure both dad and John were aware of. What they were not aware of was the fact that I was allowing them both the use of my body. Dad had managed to catch me on the upstairs hall landing where he had quickly fingered my tight juicy cunt a couple of times during the week, then licked his amazingly long fat fingers and jokingly told me how finger licking good my pussy tasted, unfortunately on each such occasion it was a bit fumbled as well as too brief, not long enough for me to cum on his long digits, which as you can imagine left me yearning for his giant cock and on the edge of cumming, so that I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom and bring myself wet tingly pussy to orgasm with my own fingers which were no real substitute to a 10” long thick cock.

On this particular Saturday dad had said he needed to go to his office to finish off some work and asked if I would like to go with him and do my homework. I of course jumped at the chance, the thought of his big fat cock inside my pussy making me instantly wet.

I went straight to my room to get ready. I put a pair of white cotton knickers in my bag just in case, then put on a loose fitting short skirt but not too short and Zip up white blouse, which was just thick enough to allow me to get away without a bra as it was a fairly warm day and my nipples wouldn’t poke through. I then put on a pair of thin cotton socks which finished jut passed my knees. I hastily applied some make up, mainly lots of the bright red lipstick that mum used because I knew it was dads favourite. Finally, I threw a few schoolbooks in the bag to make it all look convincing.

We got into the car and drove off. Dad’s office was about half an hour’s drive away and I wanted his prick to be rock hard by the time we got there. I didn’t know if he had any work to finish or if it was all just a ploy to get me on my own, nor did I care, all I wanted was that huge cock to be buried deep in one of my holes and at that stage I didn’t really care which one, although my pussy was by now drenched at the thought and itching to be fucked making it probably number one in line.

“So dad what did you have in mind?” I asked innocently.

“Wait until we get there and do some work, then we’ll see.” He replied.

Like hell I was going to wait I thought, my pussy was on fire.

I lowered my bum on the seat at the same time hitching my skirt up so that my clean shave cunt was completely on display while my tight bare arse was sat on the cool black leather car seat. Dad hadn’t noticed my situation yet; time to make him take note I thought.

“But daddy look, my pussy is already to play now.” I told him holding my cunt open with one hand while running a finger from one end of my gash to the other picking up my juices on the fingertip.

Dad turned and looked as I continued to run the fingertip from one end to the other of my very wet pussy lips, I instantly saw the excited reaction in his eyes which almost popped out of their sockets as I offered my cunt juice covered finger to his lips which he sucked into his mouth instantly licking it dry with his hot wet tongue. I now knew that I had him where I wanted. I lowered my hand onto his groin squeezing his cock hard, it was only semi erect but we still had ten minutes of the drive left. I unzipped him and put my hands inside fumbling for the entry of his boxers.

“No don’t Sally, casino oyna I’m trying to drive don’t do that stop.”

I could tell his protest was at best half hearted and anyway too late as my hand firmly encircled his semi hard manhood pulling it out of its confines, my head going down to meet it. I opened my mouth sucking his meat inside feeling it growing in its newfound oral cage as my tongue run up and down the length captured in my mouth, finally resting on the sensitive exposed gland between the foreskin and head causing him to moan.

“Oh god Sally that feels so good, you are a brilliant cock sucker you most definitely take after your mum, oh yes that’s so nice do that think with your tongue again ahhh yes that’s good sweetie oh yes that feels so good.”

Dad’s cock was quickly growing and my jaw opened as wide as possible to accommodate the 10” plus pulsating monster. I was busily using my other hand for my own needs as I slowly fingered myself with two fingers while rubbing my sensitive clit with my thumb. I wanted to carry on until my dad flooded my mouth with his sour creamy seed but he pulled me off him using my hair as leverage.

“We have to stop Sally, we are at the security gates and it wouldn’t be right for anyone to see my cock inside my daughters mouth would it?”

I sat up pushing my skirt down then tried to push his cock back inside his trousers but couldn’t it was so big and hard, dad reached behind him and pulled a file out of his open briefcase putting it on his lap to hide his hard on. He only just managed to cover his cock when we drew up to the gate, the security guard looked inside his eyes resting on my long outstretched legs the skirt barely covering my vagina, he licked his lips in appreciation, if only he knew how wet my quim was and what little covered it I thought to myself.

We were now in the underground car park and dad managed to stuff himself back inside his trousers. Jumping out of the car we got inside the lift where dad pulled me to him hungrily seeking out my mouth and sucking my tongue deep inside his mouth, the kiss unmistakable proof of the lust we both felt. The lift stopped at dad’s floor and we stopped kissing as the office had numerous CCTV cameras which dad was fully aware of.

Once we were finally inside his room he closed the door, relocking it, this wasn’t unusual as there were sensitive documents as well as a large amount of petty cash kept in the room, then he switched on the do not disturb light.

Dad, now fully satisfied with the precautions he had taken, walked up to me without a single word he lifted me up as though I was a rag doll and sat me on top of his desk, he had made sure in the process that my skirt had been lifted up to my trim waist. The urgency of his fervent movements fuelled my excitement as he got down on his knees in front of me his head hurriedly burying itself in between my wide open legs until his mouth made contact with my drenched labia, he sucked my whole cunt inside his mouth sending shivers throughout my body as his long fat tongue entered my quim licking the flesh inside the entry with big deliberate circular motions making me moan in ecstasy. I think the most apt description is that my dad devoured my cunt, making me writhe as I lay flat on his desk my pussy defenceless to the oral attack of his lips and tongue my juices running constantly and uncontrollably along my perineum to my arse hole until nature took over and gravity made our combined juices fall in a pool to the carpet below the desk. His tongue left my vagina only to be replaced by two fingers that buried themselves to the hilt in my hot cave.

“So Sally you like your tight little arse to be fucked eh? Well daddy is going to fill up all your tight little holes for you, your going to be daddies little fuck slut today aren’t you?”

“Oh yes please daddy, I’d love that.” I replied adding a little giggle for effect as I played along.

His mouth the keeper of his very useful tongue made contact with my pucker the mouth sucking it hard drawing it in while the tongue toyed with the tiny hole, when satisfied that I was wet enough I felt the long fat middle finger of his other hand push for entry, my rubbery flesh slowly yielding until the violation of my arse was complete, the finger now fully inserted to the hilt while my sphincter seemed to be trying to pull it further inside me almost sucking at his long finger with a wish to be dominated.

“Do you like dad sucking your little cunt, is he as good as Linda?”

I heard the question but was unable to find the words to reply my mind was just too confused with the wave after wave of pleasure that numbed it.

“Daddy is going to fuck you good today we have lots of time and no interruptions you are going to get all of my cum inside you today baby.”

Dad finger fucked my two holes, opening and closing the fingers inside me as if stretching me then pulling them back to the brink before pushing them hard back inside my warm clammy caves. His mouth returned to my cunt to lick me again his hand pulled back to give his mouth the necessary access as he reached up with his hand offering me my own canlı casino juices which I greedily sucked off of the offered digits, once dry the fingers moved downward unzipping my blouse, freeing my orbs then pinching the already hard nipples one then the other sending a spiralling mixture of pleasure coupled with the pang of pain to explode in my brain. He moved now, his hand back to my cunt, which was nearing explosion level he buried three fingers inside my pussy the other hand still furiously fingering my arse hole as he fucked my holes in rhythm with the small alternative cocks on his dexterous hands. His head moved up furiously seeking my mouth which once located he attacked passionately capturing my tongue almost wrenching it out of my mouth as he sucked on it he then again abandoned my open mouth to suck on my areola and large bloated nipples one after the other he sucked hungrily on them his hands never slowing as his fingers continued their music inside my orifices. He then bit on each nipple in turn the pain adding to my lust finally I climaxed like never before screaming my body like a bowel of quivering jelly.



I expected for dad to stop now but instead he held my legs wide apart his head returning to my cunt as he feasted on the fruits of his endeavours until he had his fill of my thick cum, his thirst quenched he dropped his trousers and rammed my still recovering pussy with his huge cock driving it inside my juice box in one thrust before I had even time to catch my breath, it only took a few hard deliberate thrusts from his magic wand before I experienced another orgasm which hit me just as the last one finished making me scream even louder than before.


Dad pounded me with his giant rock hard cock, as though my cunt was the mortar and his cock the pestle until I couldn’t take anymore, he withdrew his shaft just as my cunt went into spasm and I lost control of my bladder peeing, it shot up high in the air like a fountain of molten gold before landing on my tummy all hot then dripping to the ground making me feel embarrassed as my pussy muscles continued to clench and release.

“Sally that was wonderful, I now know you must have really have enjoyed that, don’t look so down there is nothing wrong with it it’s a natural thing, now come and suck daddies cock like a good cock sucker.”

His words and gently way he had said it set my mind at ease and I eagerly got on my knees in front of him kneeling on the damp carpet my mouth readily wide open as I sucked on his cunt cum covered juicy prick my hands on his buttocks pulling him further in, my jaws just about able to stretch so as to accommodate his thick shaft, I begun breathing through my nostrils as he pushed his cock further inside my mouth until it entered my throat at first making me gag, pulling my mouth back, I tried again and again while he coaxed me until I was eventually able to let him fuck my throat.

“Oh yes that feels so good Sally, mum can do this really good its took her a while but she is really good at it now and loves it. Yes that’s it baby suck on dad’s nice cock get it all nice and wet for your little arse that’s my baby. God you and mum would be awesome together you really love sex so does she, maybe not as much as she once did but she loves it once she gets going, maybe she needs a change a bit of pussy eating eh like you and your friend Linda?”

Did I just hear all that or was it my imagination playing tricks, I nodded as I wondered what it would be like to eat mummy’s pussy and redoubled my efforts on his cock which I couldn’t wait to have up my arse.

“Yeah.” Dad continued “Mum liked girl on girl but only with her old friend Sue, do you remember her she’s the one that lives in Canada now. Yeah your mum loved doing it with Sue but in a small town likes ours she hasn’t found anyone she wants to take the chance of replacing her with.”

The more I heard the harder and faster I sucked his cock, god that sounded so hot, mum kept fit going to the gym everyday now she wasn’t working and her body was in fantastic shape, needless to say she was attractive, a lot of my looks and some of my brothers were down to her. I put the thought on the back burner as I sucked dad’s cock feeling it expand in my throat as he neared ejaculation. That’s when he withdrew the monster from my mouth.

“God you are good Sally, but I need to fuck your tight little arse I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. So get on my desk.”

I did as he asked.

“Now open your legs wide and put your head down, good oh yes that’s so good.”

His hands went to my arse cheeks drawing them wide apart like a pair of curtains then I felt his tongue as it licked my brown ring, first up and down then with circular motions like he had my pussy, he did this for a while then pulled my hands back so that my head rested on the desk.

“Hold it open for daddy darling, daddy wants to eat your pussy a bit get some more juices going would kaçak casino you like that?”

“Mmmh yes daddy.” I told him.

He was now back to licking my cunt which was still very wet, then he begun to push my pussy juices with his tongue along my perineum up to my brown ring. He seemed to carry on like this for ages and I could feel my arse hole was now saturated with my pussy juices and his saliva, so much so that it was gradually yielding to his tongue until I finally felt the tip of his tongue now made very rigid push inside until the tip gained entrance, he now finger fucked my cunt while continuing to wriggle his tongue just inside the entry of my arse. It felt so hot I was now almost ready to cum and his cock hadn’t even neared me.

“That’s good Sally you are nice and ready now use your hands on your pussy so that you are getting stimulation on both your fuck holes, you’ll love it, mummy does so I’m sure you will. Do you know how lucky you are to have three nice fuck holes, make the most of it but be careful and be choosy.”

That was the first fatherly advice he had given me for a while but I could tell how serious he was being. After all I was still his little girl and was sure he loved me, maybe even more that your everyday normal daughter father relationships.

I began fingering my cock tunnel while every so often running a fingertip over my clit all the time dad continued tonguing my arse hole, at one stage I thought he was going to manage to fuck me with it. Finally satisfied he pushed the head of the giant cock into the centre of my pucker and I felt the tiny now partly expanded hole opening slowly to accommodate him. Although this wasn’t the first time dad had fucked my arse it was obvious he was trying to make it more enjoyable for me than before. Once the head squeezed past the sphincter he stopped enabling my arse to become accustomed to the intrusion. I then felt him slowly begin to push again until all 10” were inside my rectum, god it felt so good and only weeks ago I would have said an instant no to this possible experience. Dad pulled his cock back just leaving the head still inside me then pushed all the way in, he did this a couple of times until he got into a rhythm and then begun fucking me in earnest it felt so good as I now plunged two fingers in my cunt and could feel the long thick cock in the other hole through the thin flesh wall separating the two as it went in and out like a steam piston, I begun using my thumb to rub my clit and was sent into another world full of pleasure. I could hear myself as though in some sort of out of body experience.







My screams seemed to spur him on as he rammed me while I now had four fingers in my wet cunt as I again exploded my sphincter trapping the cock deep in my rectum while my fingers felt the vice like grip of my young tight cunt muscles.



Dad pulled his cock out and came to the front of his desk pulling my head up using my hair as a grip he thrust his cock in my mouth which I readily opened wide so he could fuck it, finally I felt it expand in my mouth as he shot his thick warm spunk inside me almost straight down my throat, there was so much I couldn’t swallow it all and it dripped down my throat and onto my tits and the desk. Once I had sucked him completely dry dad pulled out his cock and watched as I collected his spunk form my body and his desk and stuffed it in my mouth.

“That’s a good girl Sally, god I almost wish I wasn’t your dad and I was a few years younger I’d never let you out of my sight in fact I wouldn’t let you out of my bed.” I could tell he meant it.

We stayed a couple of hours more repeating the days events until my pussy, mouth and arse were all worn out and I’m sure even mum would have had a problem getting dads cock to perform that night.

Eventually we got home, mum was waiting for us to have dinner and I was pleased to hear John had been with Linda all day as it would have been a bit awkward had he decided to come to my room that night as I was completely drained, however it’s surprising how quickly you can recover. That night in bed thinking about the day’s exploits and mum had me rubbing my pussy half the night until I eventually went to sleep with a finger still inside me.

The following morning, Sunday, I went downstairs for breakfast and couldn’t take my eyes off mum. I had never looked at her as a possible lover before. She was very attractive, her body well toned with lovely large breasts that still seemed very firm. Her legs were long and shapely and her arse looked firm, I couldn’t see any excess fat or any wrinkles. For her age my mum was in excellent shape, remembering the night I had watched her and dad making love I recalled how wet her pussy had been and felt my own moisten excitedly between my legs. Yes that would be so hot I thought, sucking on mums pussy, like a sort of thank you for letting me out, I laughed inwardly at my little joke. The problem was how to get her to let me go down on her.

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