Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 01

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Day 1 — Saturday

The bell on the antique store’s door jingled and Jennifer Hartwell glanced over her shoulder at her boyfriend to see if he was leaving. Fortunately he was still grudgingly lingering amongst the trinkets, poking randomly at bibs and bobs. Jen went back to examining the green and blue broken-glass vase in front of her. It looked so pretty and she really wanted it for the new apartment she was planning on getting.

The woman who was running the register meandered over to Carl. Jennifer overheard her asking if he was looking for anything in particular and Carl responded with a polite “no”. The conversation seemed to fade into the background as Jennifer stared at the twinkling vase, its facets reflecting the dim light of the store and the occasional ray of sunlight that pierced the half-shaded windows…

“Jen? Jennnnnn….? Hellllloooo?” Carl was shaking her shoulder roughly.

“What? Sorry, what were you saying?” Jennifer asked, confused.

“I was saying that I think we should get this statuette.” Carl held up a wooden statue of a female Venus. Jennifer had seen the Venus statue many times in art, but never a wooden sculpture let alone one so old. It was unremarkable, yet there was something appealing about it.

The counter woman chimed in, “Oh yes. This statue is actually Greek, not Roman. It is Aphrodite, and it is said this particular statue could enhance a woman’s desire beyond measure when left near the bedside.”

Jennifer half-rolled her eyes to her boyfriend, “Oh. Now I see why you want this.” She turned her gaze back to the counter woman, “My boyfriend and I are getting an apartment together soon, and apparently not soon enough.”

The woman rang up the charges on the aged cash register and bagged the supposed ancient statue in soft tissue paper. The two lovebirds held hands as they walked out of the store just as another young man was walking in. The woman behind the counter smiled after them, a gleam in her eye as she thought of what was in their future. The young man walking in, however, required some ‘attention’ as well.

Carl and Jennifer had been dating for over two years now. It was only three weeks ago that they decided to get an apartment together. Jennifer had already lived on her own in college, but with the job market so tight, she was forced to move back in with her mother and sister. Carl had a crappy studio apartment of his own, but it was not going to be enough for the two of them.

After a short drive, they ended up sitting on the front porch of her house that evening. Neither believed the idol was truly magical, but they played around the subject, giggling with each other.

Carl reached between her legs where the bag was sitting on the stoop and slowly drew the idol from it. “So, let’s see this statue of yours…” He held it close to Jennifer who just stared at him mildly grinning. He held it close to her, then pulled it away, then repeated the process over and over until Jen chuckled.

“What are you doing?” she asked, looking down her nose.

Her boyfriend tried to keep a straight face, “Uhh, influencing you with the powers of the statue?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes, “Yeah, right. Tell me you didn’t buy all that crap the woman said at the antique shop?”

Carl frowned, wrapping it back in the tissue paper, “Well, she did say you should place it next to the bed for it to work.”

Jennifer played back, “I don’t know. It might turn me into a sex machine and I end up attacking you on the porch.” Jen feigned an aggressive attack and playfully grabbed him. They laughed and snuggled closer together.

Carl put the idol back in the bag and laid it across his lap. His hands free, he leaned closer to his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her. “Well, then let’s go inside and try it out.”

Jennifer shot him a disappointed expression, “I can’t. My mom and Vanessa are home. You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow. But call me okay?”

“Fine,” Carl reflected her look of disappointment. “I’ll call you tonight.”

Carl tried to kiss Jennifer, but Jennifer snatched the bag off his lap, startling him. Jennifer laughed and jumped up to go inside the house.

Carl called out to her, “Tease!” as she winked at him and closed the door.

The idol was all but forgotten until that evening. Jennifer was in her bedroom, slipping into her comfy pajamas, putting her hair up, when she glanced down at the gift bag by her bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and reached down to the gift bag. Pulling out the idol, she looked at it very closely as the tissue fell silently to the floor. The grooves of the female’s robe were worn and ancient. The face of the female was pretty- no, gorgeous. Strange to think of a piece of wood as luscious, sexy…

Jennifer’s mind was engulfed with a bounty of images. Female flesh, warming to each other, rubbing against each other, all of them soft and curvy and feminine. She felt like she was between a woman’s thighs, the scent of her mound filling her nostrils. She felt her own tongue slipping from between her lips and flicking across the strange woman’s clitoris. casino oyna

The tall blonde was back in her bedroom in her mother’s house. The room was exactly as it was a moment ago and the images were gone. She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“Whoah. That was weird.” Jennifer wasn’t a prude and had seen two women together in some movies, but she was always turned off by the idea. Her mom and dad raised her right and being gay was not her thing. She sat there another second or two, shook her head to clear her thoughts, and then set the idol down on her nightstand. Surely it had nothing to do with the statue, but still the experience was unnerving. The twenty-two year old went out of her way to not touch the wooden statue when she turned out her light.

The idol watched over her, motionless, eager to influence the young woman, eager to corrupt her, to satisfy her and be satisfied. Years had passed since her last feast of lust, since the last time she was allowed to influence, since the witch had found her and placed her unappreciated on a dark shelf. The idol was fully aware of the world around it, but unable experience it without a woman to twist. Now she was out and desperate to feel again, and every wicked notion would be realized by this new victim.

Jennifer writhed in bed, her sleep a deep and restless one. The flash of lesbian images before bed was nothing compared to what she was experiencing in her unconscious mind. Any natural or learned desires she had for Carl –or even a man in general- were methodically shredded from her psyche. The idol moved from fold to fold within her mind, filling it with every picture, thought, and word that had anything to do with the lust of female flesh.

I love pussy. I only want girls…

No boys. I’m a naughty girl.

I want to feel dirty. I need pleasure.

Girls are better than boys.

I want to feel slutty.

I want a girl to lick me.

I want a girl’s cunt in my face.

I am addicted to lesbian sex.

I want to be a lesbian whore.

I love tits.

I want to touch another girl’s ass.

I need pussy.

I must have a girl.

Lesbian sex is better.

Girls make me wet.

Girls turn me on.

I am a slut for girls.

Fuck me with a strap-on.

My cunt needs a girl’s tongue.

I am a lesbian bad girl.

I must lick pussy.

I am addicted to pussy.

I am a whore for lesbians.

I am a bad girl.

I want to fuck another girl.

I am a lezzie slut.

My pussy is all that matters.

Any chance Jennifer might have had to resist was lost in her sleep, although it wasn’t certain her waking mind could have resisted either. So strong was the idol’s power after sitting in inactivity that Jennifer might not have had any chance at all.

Even while asleep, Jennifer had ripped her pajama shorts from her body and was plunging her fingers into her wet hole. Jennifer came hard, yelling out in her sleep how much she loved pussy-

Jennifer sat up in bed startled. It was morning time and sunlight was streaming through the window. Jennifer looked around, confused. The blonde woman put her hand up to her mouth, but quickly pulled it away when she felt stickiness on her first two fingers. A latent disgusted look was upon her face, realizing that she had masturbated all night long to the Sapphic dreams.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” she mumbled to herself. As remarkable as it might seem, the wooden statue sitting next to her bed seemed to be the source of these perverse thoughts. Was it magical? Cursed was more like it. Jen sat there scared, wondering what to do. After a few moments she decided to get rid of it. Even if the statue wasn’t responsible, so poignant was the thought that Jen was convinced she would never be able to look at it again without remembering last night’s nightmare.

Jennifer reached down and grabbed the bag she had discarded last night and then grabbed the statue to toss it in. She never finished the motion. As soon as her hand gripped the statue she was flung backwards and her body flooded with a thick sexual desire. One hand gripped the wooden curves while the other returned to her moistening pussy.

Day 3 — Monday

Vanessa knocked on her sister’s door again before she left for school that afternoon. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays she had a late start for her courses at the community college. The nineteen year old college sophomore had the house phone resting on her shoulder, her blonde hair dangling around it.

“Jen! Carl’s on the phone again!”

A soft voice came from the room, “Tell him I’ll call him later.”

Vanessa sneered at her older sister’s door and put the phone back to her ear. “Hey Carl… No, she said she will talk to you later… No, I’m not going in her room… I don’t know…. She doesn’t feel good so just deal with it… Listen, I need to go to school. Bye!”

Dallas, Vanessa’s mother, told her to leave her sister alone. But when Jennifer didn’t make time to even text her boyfriend for the last two days, it sent Carl into a jealous canlı casino whirlwind of paranoid thoughts. Vanessa never liked that side of him and hoped Jennifer would give him a piece of her mind. But at the same time all her sister had to do was call him for a minute.

Vanessa went out the front door and sped off to school. Dallas was already gone to work and the blonde girl’s departure allowed Jennifer to skulk out of her room to take a shower. The tall blonde girl was still overwhelmed with lust, but she managed to gain enough self-control to take care of her basic needs. Grooming, eating. Was she escaping the influence of the idol? Not likely. Instead it seemed to be providing her a reprieve, but to what end she did not know.

Over the next hour Jennifer had dressed in a short skirt she normally reserved for clubbing and a blouse she knew was too tight. Her make-up was perfect. Jennifer smiled at herself in the mirror, admiring her reflection dressed to the nines.

“Mmm, I look damn good.” Her fingers slipped into her panties and she rubbed off a quick orgasm while watching herself. Her clit was a little sore, but the voice inside her head told her it would all be okay soon enough.

The adult bookstore was filled with images of men that Jennifer reviled against. The only solace she had was that there was a lesbian section. Oh yes, the lesbian section. Someplace that she would never have even glanced at before was now like a magnet to the stunning blonde.

You have a lot of shopping to do, young lady. Buy it. Buy it all.

So filled with toys, pornographic DVDs, and magazines were her arms that Jennifer left a trail of slippery plastic covered magazine packages from the shelf to the counter where an old man sitting behind the register ogled her harmlessly. She dumped them on the counter and the gray haired employee found himself distracted by the slender blonde towering over him, tapping her foot impatiently. He scanned the barcodes with his shaking hand, the erotic story package title capturing his attention.

“Family Affairs — Lesbian Edition”. The cover featured two girls who looked awfully similar kissing seductively with the phrase ‘Sisters do it better’ running diagonally across the cover. The old man let out an audible sigh, his excitement stoked by the idea that a woman would be so sexually open about any subject, let alone that one. Looking up he locked eyes with his customer and realized she was quite irritated with his slowness.

“Can I buy my porn?” Jennifer snarled. “Is that okay with you?”

With an apology he bagged the goods and finished the transaction. Almost two hundred dollars she spent in the store. The image of her ass swaying as she walked out the door would certainly be fuel for his lecherous thoughts that week.

The next stop for the lesbian-in-training was the strip joint by the airport. Jennifer knew it only because she drove passed it so frequently. As she walked in a huge black man asked her if she was there for a job.

“No, just here to watch.”

The bouncer grinned, “All right. Nothin’ wrong with that.” His eyes followed Jennifer as she walked hesitantly into the club and chose a comfortable chair in the corner. The place had about eight male patrons and each of them stared at her. Jen could tell they were looking and felt like she should have been embarrassed. Instead, her attention was squarely focused on the girl on stage.

The performer was Asian, short, and skinny. Her breasts were tiny and perfect for her size. The G-string left little to the imagination and Jen knew that she was shaved. How desperately she wanted to touch that sexy thing up there, to make her the first of many women. But inside she was struggling with her newfound lust and the instructions that seemed to come with it. The voice in her head was soft but controlling…

Look, but don’t touch.

Jennifer’s face was flushed and her breathing heavy. She so desperately wanted to pleasure herself, but instead she was riveted to the chair, unable to do anything but obey the voice. It was teasing her, using her new desire to drive her crazy. It was teaching her perverse things, naughty things, filling her every thought with that of another woman. She wanted to scream out the desire was so bad. Instead she sat there silent, watching.

The drive home was maddening. Jennifer had already masturbated and orgasmed three times on the way back from the strip club. Her panties were drenched in her wetness and the excitement was not ebbing. A whole bag of girl-on-girl goodies waited for her in the trunk if she could just get home in one piece. Jennifer’s fingers were slick with her juices as she swerved in her lane. It was a miracle she hadn’t crashed.

When the young woman turned onto her street she was elated that her torturous wait would soon be over. That excitement sank when she saw a familiar car parked in front of the house. Carl’s car. It did not take long for the conversation to degenerate into a full on argument.

“Why didn’t you call me all yesterday?” Carl asked for the tenth time.

Jennifer avoided making kaçak casino eye contact. “I’ve been busy,” she managed. “Listen, I don’t want to talk right now.” She stepped toward the door, but he blocked her path.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Carl bellowed. “Did I piss you off? Are you seeing another guy?”

This caught Jennifer attention. “No. There is no other guy – I promise. I just want some time to myself.”

Carl tried to reach out to Jennifer but she shoved his hand away while still gripping the bag of porn tightly. Jennifer wormed her way around her boyfriend and went inside, closing the door on his face. She could hear him mutter “Fuck you, bitch!” followed by the screeching of tires. There was small, tiny part of her that felt bad about the argument, like she should be upset, but the thought seem to go away quickly. The idol was close now. It spoke to her loudly in images of breasts rubbing against one another.

Jennifer gripped the bag in her arms like a newborn as she walked down the hallway. She passed the kitchen and glanced in to see her mom Dallas and little sister Vanessa cooking dinner. The smell of grilled steak and onions hung in the air.

Vanessa looked up and smiled, “Hey, sis!”

Jennifer suddenly felt a rush of warmth, but fought to push it from her mind. “Hey, Vanessa,” she replied quietly.

Dallas looked up at Jennifer quizzically, “Hey honey, is everything okay?”

Jennifer looked at her mom and tried to speak, “I’m….” The warmth came back again, this time raging through her mind and down into her pussy. She looked at her mother and could have sworn she was licking her lips seductively.

That tongue would feel sooo good in between your-

“Jen? Jen? Jennifer?” Dallas stood there with her spatula, staring at her eldest daughter who seemed to be in a trance. Jennifer looked her mom up and down and then walked out of the kitchen and into her room. After hearing the door shut, Dallas shifted her puzzled face to Vanessa who shrugged her shoulders and went back to cooking.

Jennifer was ecstatic to be in her bedroom finally. The door was closed as she dumped the bag out on the bed. The contents spilled out everywhere. Dirty magazines, lesbian DVDs, naughty lingerie, dildos. Her eyes slid from one magazine cover to the next, focusing in on the word “lesbian” or “dyke” or “pussy” or anything related. Jennifer’s face was a picture of perfection as she smiled wide eyed at the treasures on her bed.

It was around ten at night when Dallas knocked again on Jennifer’s door. “Honey, you haven’t eaten all night. Are you okay?”

No answer came from within.

Dallas knocked once more, “Honey, you haven’t eaten all night. Are you okay?”

No answer.

“Jen, sweetie… Are you in there?”

Jennifer answered the door and surprised her mom who stepped back in a start. Peeking just her head out, her bare shoulder exposed, Jennifer hid the rest of herself from view. “I’m okay, mom. Just tired.”

Dallas sighed, “Well, I’m going to go take a shower and head off to bed. You should get some sleep too. You’ve been acting strange lately.”


“Love you, Jen.”

“Love you too, mom.”

Dallas walked away, unaware that her own daughter stared lustfully at her backside. Jennifer’s eyes explored her mother’s beautiful body as she bit her lower lip lustfully. It was so wrong, yet everything within her new self begged her to explore that taboo fantasy further.

Dallas climbed into the shower and let the lukewarm water cascade down her naked body. She was in her forties and divorced for about three years. Her husband had dumped her for a younger, thinner version of herself. The mother of two knew about the affair for a year but honestly didn’t want to acknowledge it and the problems it brought. Henry, her ex, complained about her being fat and unattractive, which was funny coming from a man with an ever-growing pot belly. Once the separation began, Dallas resolved to lose weight not only to feel better about herself but to show Henry what he was missing out on. Now she was a MILF, a hot sexy woman with a body that rivaled her younger self.

It was a warm day and she needed to get scrubbed clean. That and something else- a feeling of arousal she needed to wash away. There was something in the air these last couple days that had her passion building. Last night she even tried masturbating thinking about her favorite movie star but the climax wouldn’t come. It was frustrating for her and today was worse than yesterday. She figured that she needed a man to bring her that extra step and Dallas decided a not-so-warm shower would do the trick. But as she soaped her breasts her fingers lingered a little longer than they should have on her nipples which perked immediately to her soft touch.

Unbeknownst to Dallas, a figure had crept from the shadows of the hallway and appeared in the doorway to the bathroom. Jennifer was tall and stood way above her mother and sister, but her black pumps made her look downright statuesque. Jennifer stood there in black thigh high stockings and a garter belt, doing her best to mimic the slutty lezzie whores she watched in the movies all weekend. Every girl-on-girl scene brought her to a wicked climax, but each one stoked her passion further, pushing her to this very moment.

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