Cum Eating Aunt

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Fist ever story. Based on true encounters. Names have been changed. Enjoy and don’t be too critical. 😉

My name is John and this is a true story about me and my aunt. I am 21 and she is 46 and a hell of a women. I am blessed with a nice tool of 19cm and 6.5cm thickness. Hard as steel and always ready. My aunt is a super woman. She looks kind of normal with average titts but an ASS to die for.

Her ass is huge but not out of proportion and suits her perfect. She is not skinny but not fat either, kind of chubby. She smells always sooo nice and she makes my cock rock hard whenever she is in the same room.

I work with her in our office which is a family business. Our first time was cpl of months ago and we fuck since then like rabbits. It’s a dream come true really.

She always wears sexy. Tight jeans, sexy tops and heavy makeup. She always used to flirt with me from the day I know her and at last it happened.

She came into the office one day and her husband was away for one week and she had the kids with her mother. Yes she is a mother of three.

She wore tight leggings and her ass was just jumping out of it. A very revealing cleavage and nice high-heels.

On this day she was unusually friendly and I started to notice how many times she drops her pen or other stuff and she stands up and bends down, presenting me her fab ass. Directly in front of my face. I had such a hard one, you cannot believe.

I took out my iphone and made myself ready to take a pic of her ass when she goes down the next time. And sure enough another paper was dropped to the floor and she stood up. She bends over but this time I could see clearly her pussy outlines and I clicked on the shutter.

What an embarrassment!!! The sound of the shutter was still on. With all my excitement I made such a silly mistake I thought and went tomato red straight away.

She stood up and pretended not to have heard it. I knew she did though, was clear and unmistakable. She sat down again and after 5 min of silence she started to talk.

“Did you enjoy the view?” she said it with a small smile.

“Don’t blame me aunty, blame your ass.” I replied fast.

“Well I don’t blame you at all honey, but what do you need a picture of my ass for??”

“Eeeeeem…well…your question is not a fair one, cause you know why.” I said.

“To put it up on the net on some forums??” she replied rudely.

“If you keep messing around maybe, why you have anything against it??” I shot back.

“No not at all” she winked “Just I would recommend you take a set so you can send an interesting post if you do” she said dead serious.

I was really buffed and had no clue as to how much I could still go without upsetting her.

“Well then let’s make a set then, shall we?” I tried my luck.

“You mean now here? I thought you could come over to our place where we have more places to take pictures.” She said with a sweet voice.

By now my cock was bursting and I could not believe how lucky I was getting by the minute.

“Ok then, let me know when you have time and I will drop by.”

“How about tonight around 10pm, so I have the kids sleeping. What you say?”

“Deal, I will be there. Do you think you could give me a preview now” I laughed out loud trying to cover my embarrassment.

“Sure, just watch and learn from a top model” she winked again.

She came over exactly in front of my chair and she casino oyna dropped a pen and laughed at me. She bends over slowly, very slowly and I could see it all. Her pussy pushing out between her closed legs.

I thanked her and told her that I cannot wait to see her tonight. The day went by without any incidents anymore and we said goodbye around 5pm. I went home and she went to her kids.

I told my gf that I will stay in my aunt’s house tonight even though it was not planned but just in case and I told her that she needs me to baby-sit since her hubby is away.

When I started my car, my hands were shaking and my heart was pumping like crazy in anticipation of my aunty.

When I arrived there she opened the door and she had her home leggings with a tight shirt on. She kissed me like an aunt nephew and I went in. Her eldest child was still awake. We sat in the living room and soon she came in to say goodnight and went off to bed.

She asked if I want anything to drink and I asked for a beer and she joined me for one. We were sitting for 5 min and she started to ask me if I had my equipment ready and I said “YES”.

“Well then what are we waiting for??” she said impatiently.

“Ready when you are.”

“How about I just move around and you take pictures. Lets make them as natural as possible.” She said.

“I agree I loved it that way too.” I replied.

I took my camera in my hands and started it and told her that I am ready. She watched me into my eyes and said: “This is our secret, isn’t it?”

I just winked at her and she smiled.

She sat down on the couch and closed her legs, giving me a beautiful camel-toe. I started taking pictures. She started to move to a different position but I stopped her. “Wait a minute aunt; I want to get a closer shot from your cute camel-toe.”

“It’s hardly cute dear. Looks more like a fat pussy close to burst out.”

I got harder when she said that and I looked at her and asked her: “Just for the record: Are we going to fuck at the end of this session?” I said daringly.

“Of course we will and I thought you are cleverer.”

“Can I ask you something aunty?”

“Go ahead honey”

“What’s your fetish? I mean what turns you on and makes you horny like hell??”

“Well I tell it to you later, but for now you have to know that I need to be called names and you can be abusive, I don’t mind. The more graphic you are the more I get turned on.”

“Oh I love you already, divorce your hubby and take me” I said with a wink.

“Anytime honey, but for now you will be my personal lover and I can be….you tell me?”

“You can be my personal whore” I said with a bit of fear.

“hmmmmmm. Yes baby, I can be your whore.”

“So let me take a closer shot from your camel-toe. Your pussy is just so puffy, I love it.”

“Go ahead I will push closer my legs so it burst more out for your cam.”

I took a few perfect pics and started to lose control. I reached and went over her pussy over her leggings. God her pussy was on fire. Burning. Then I said “I want to smell you cunt.”

She took off her leggings and kept her legs closed with her hands and offered me the most beautiful, puffy, smelly and wet cunt of hers. “Smell it”

I went down and took a deep breath. I thought I faint. I was in heaven. I took out my tongue and ran it through her puss lips, tasting her precum.

I loved it. Her smell, the shape, her wetness…everything.

I canlı casino put away the camera, because nobody was really interested in taking pics. I turned to her and she had her legs spread wide. Taking each leg into one of her hands and presenting me her cunny.

I said “Ok whore, I want to suck on your cunt and clit. Open up your slit”

She did as ordered. And I took her clit into my mouth and I started to suck on her pussy. She was moaning and moving in rhythm. Fucking my mouth with her pussy. Then I felt she was close to cum and kept her legs apart and sucked harder while I plunged two fingers into her pussy.

She gasped and started to make noises. Then she took my hair with both of her hands and started to really fuck my mouth right there. I tried to get away to take a breath but I could not escape her grip. AND SHE CAME.

“Cumming, Cumming, mmmmm, yes, cumin….”

She squirted it all directly into my mouth and I had not other chance than to swallow it. When her spasms finished, she just started to rub my face into her puss lips, making all my face wet with her cum.

Then she opens her eyes and pulled me from my hair to her face. She kissed me the way nobody kissed me before. As if I gave her a huge present and she was thankful to the max.

We stopped kissing and I looked into her eyes and asked her again: “Common tells me what your fetish it? Go on I want to know.”

“I am embarrassed, how about you tell me first. I promise I tell you after.”

“Well mine is easy. I am an ASS-man. Love your ass since I know what an ass is”

“And what do you do to my ass if I offered it to you?”

“Well I would first take deep breath…”

Suddenly she stood up in front of me turned around and I had her dream ass in front of me. She reached around and did the sexiest thing I can imagine. She spread her ass cheeks with both hands and her brown hole was completely visible to my eyes. My cock was leaking already.

She turned her face to me “Go on. Smell my whore-asshole. Give it a good sniff and tell me if you like my brand.”

I buried my face very fast into her ass cheeks and I was in heaven again. It smelled like, well like an ass would smell. Fab. Just loved it. Without any warning I took out my tongue and went through her whole ass crack. Tasting her asshole.

She asked “AND?”

“I want to fuck your ass aunty; I just need to fuck it hard.”

She turned again to face me. “You need to make me ready first. You need to take care of my pussy first and make me wet enough to want it up my asshole.”

“My pleasure”

“So you want to know what I like too, or did you lose yourself in my ass?”

“Yes and yes. Yes I lost my self and yes I want to know”

She came close to my face and gave me a kiss. A very long kiss. She whispered into my ears “I’m a devoted cum-eater.”

I could cum right there and then. I couldn’t believe it, my aunt was a whore cum eater. What a dream come true.

“And I want to eat your cum NOW.”

I could not unzip fast enough. I took out my giant and I could say she was surprised, happy, appreciating and willing. She took it into her hand and watched me into my eyes and said “Now you’re talking.”

I smiled and she took the tip into her mouth. Sucking it gently. Then she said watch me. She took a deep breath and pushed my cock into her mouth.




I was impressed.



And kaçak casino no gagging. As if it was the most normal thing to do. I knew she had plenty of training.



And she gagged. I thought she takes it out but she forced, yes really forced herself to take more.



One tear running down her cheek. Gag. Gag. Gag. Keep composure. Looking into my eyes. And she started fucking me with her mouth. Taking out 3-4 cm and plunging her head back into my lap and taking the whole cock again. Gag. Gag. And again.

I had no chance to resist. It was a minute and I told her in a whisper “I am Cumming. I cannot control it anymore.

She took her my cock and I was in a shock and disappointment, but then she spit on it, wanked it with her hand cpl of times and pushes it back into her throat. Took it out again and told me “Fuck your whore’s throat and cum whenever you want.”

And she was back to throatfucking herself. I exploded.

“Ohhhh fuck….there….cumming….fucking whore….your mouth….suck it, suck my cum.”

And she did. She didn’t lie to me before; she is a real cum eater. I never saw any cum. By the time she took out my cock it was all cleaned. I told her “Show me my cum in your mouth”.

She laughed “What cum your talking about?” she winked “I like it hot and I swallow directly from source.”

“You are a dream aunty.”

“I like your taste. I need to get used to it but I like it.” She said.

“How about we take a drink and relax because I want to fuck you still.”

“Yes let’s take it easy for a while and I will make you hard in no time again.”

“I am sure about that.”

While we were talking dirty to each other, we didn’t realize that somebody came down the stairs.

When I said “You will be my personal cum eating whore, wont you?” we heard a step and realized that we had maybe just 10 seconds to react.

She just took her leggings and ran out of the room into the kitchen. I just pushed my wet and cummy cock into my pants but had not time to close the zipper. And that person arrived at the door.

She entered the room. It was her eldest daughter. She is 16 and a copy of her mom. She came in and said “Hi, you are still here? I am sooo thirsty tonight I don’t know why!” and ran into the kitchen.

Her mom was again decent. And asked her if she wants a orange juice and she said yes. After she drank it she went over to her mom and gave her a kiss. I got an instant hard one knowing that her moms mouth was just a minute ago over my cock and her mouth tastes still after my cum.

She even came over and gave me a quick kiss and off she was. Pooooh

“That was tight.” She said.

“Sure was. I need to get going or else they will catch us in a different position.” I said.

“Don’t be silly. It is too late for that. You may also stay tonight and finish the job you started.”

“Really? You want that? How about the kids? Will they not ask why I sleep in your bed?”

“Who said you sleep in my bed. I make your bed in the guest room and I will sleep in your bed until the morning then I go to my room. How about it?”

“Only a stupid man would say NO. Of course I stay.”

She smiled and winked pulled down her leggings and spread her asshole again for me and looked around to me and said “Maybe a fast sniff before we go to bed?”

I just dropped to my knees and took a deep breath again, which made me rock hard again.

END of part 1

I will only write another part if requested. Tell me if you liked it and if not then tell me why. Thanks and a happy jack off. 😉

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