Crossing The Border

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A light orange hue was inching across top floors of a building opposite our house while the chirping of birds hiding somewhere in an oak tree in the backyard was drowning out traffic noise.

I knew she would be back any minute from her run, so turning away from window and taking my hands out of pockets went into kitchen to make coffee.

Putting the cups on a round bare wooden table in the lounge, sat down and began thinking about the past month.

While life hadn’t been easy for us, especially for Mom who had to raise me all alone after Dad left her, nothing had prepared us for what was about to happen.

It all began a month ago when she started having stomach pains.

As they became unbearable, Mom went to our local doctor who, after conducting some tests, said: “Yana, there’s some bad news. A tumor in stomach has become cancerous and we need to look into it immediately.”

When the doctor broke the news, I was with her and could see her pink face turn yellow, as if somebody had drained off all the blood, and bright red lips become white.

I thought she was going to faint or even worse, so held her hand and tried to bring her out of shock.

Mom squeezed my hand tightly, took a deep breath and asked him how bad the situation was.

He described the whole situation and said she needed to be operated immediately.

Mom asked him a few more questions, looked at me and told him she needed some time to think things over and would call him the next day.

The next few days were the toughest. She consulted other doctors, underwent several tests and finally was revealed that it was a false alarm, the first doctor had misdiagnosed her and all she had were two kidney stones, nothing else.

Waiting for final results was the most difficult period and during that agonizing time Mom promised that she was going to do all the things she had always wanted if the results were positive.

When she got the all clear, I withdrew some money grandfather had given me for college and decided something special for her.

I took a sip of the coffee and was feeling good that I was about to make her happy when the front door opened and saw her walking toward me wearing black tracksuit bottom and yellow T-shirt.

“How come you’re up so early?” Mom said, wiping the sweat off her forehead with back of her arm.

“How’s your pain?” I asked.


“Would you like coffee?”

“Yes, please,” she replied sitting down opposite me.

“Have to tell you something.”

Looking at me with her deep blue eyes, Mom quizzed: What?”

“Tell me one place you’ve always wanted to go to.”

“Have told you so many times.”

“Tell me again.”



“Because that’s where your grand-father and grand-mother were born.”

I picked up a newspaper from the table and slowly pushed a brown envelope lying underneath it toward her.

She stared at it for a couple of seconds and arching her eyebrows asked what it was.

“Open it.”

Mom hesitated, then her red lips parted, face turned completely pink and big blue eyes remained fixed on two airline tickets to Berlin, Germany.

Before she could recover her breath and say something, I said we were going to Berlin and won’t hear no for an answer as have already booked room and everything.

That didn’t stop her asking how I had managed to buy tickets, etc. So told her to focus on the trip, not on money.

The next few days were spent planning and arranging everything and then we were off to Berlin, just two days after I celebrated my eighteen birthday.

We spent first couple of days enjoying the amazing city, made lovelier by sunny weather, and beautiful sights and sounds.

We were getting ready to go out when Mom asked me to sit down as she wanted to talk about something.

“You know, I’ve worked hard all my life, lived a pretty boring life and haven’t seen or enjoyed the world.”

Interrupting her, I said she hasn’t led a boring life, but she told me to listen, not talk, so I stopped in mid-sentence.

“I’m thirty-five and want to enjoy life, do everything and have as much fun as possible, especially now. So, would you help me?”

“Of course, I would.”

“Thanks. To start off, I want to do river rafting, go on a hot-air balloon and ride a jet-ski. What do you say?”

“Yea, sure. Let’s do that.”

In next three days, we did all the three things and even went to do bungee jumping, but she chickened out at last minute, a huge relief to me because I was more scared of diving from a bridge than her.

We were at an outdoor café in the evening of sixth day when Mom said she wanted to see a cabaret performance.

Now I had never even been to a nightclub with her, let alone cabaret, so the idea caught me totally off-guard.

“I’ve heard a lot about cabaret, so want to see it.”

I stared at her with my dark brown eyes, but didn’t see any change in expression, so said: “OK, go and see it.”

“You won’t come with me?”

“Don’t think so.”

“Why casino siteleri not? Are you ashamed to see it with your mom? It’s just a dance. Please. I want to see it.”

It really felt weird going with her and didn’t want to do it, but seeing that she wanted to see it, I agreed in the end.

We took the last row seats and noticed that there were several women in audience, which was reassuring to me because that meant it won’t be a sleazy skin show.

However, all reassurance went for a toss as soon as the dancers appeared.

Sure they weren’t naked, but their thongs and bras were leaving little to imagination.

Their naked thighs, almost-bare bums and semi-covered breasts meant it was going to be a difficult night for me.

As I didn’t want Mom to catch me looking at semi-nude bodies, I turned my face sideways and stared blankly at the bar and at people sitting around us.

Meanwhile, she was enjoying the show thoroughly, even clapping, hooting and stomping her feet. It was apparent that she was totally into it.

When she saw me staring at the bar she nudged me with her elbow and asked me whether I was enjoying the dance or not. I nodded my head and lied that I was.

Things only got crazier as the show went on.

Now the girls took off their bras and started dancing topless in just G-strings.

I had never seen so many naked breasts in one place and all were as beautiful as the next one.

Since Mom was sitting right next to me, I didn’t have the courage to get a good look at the dancers, but did manage to steal glances.

My impression until then was that Mom wouldn’t like the naked parade of breasts, especially since she herself always dressed conservatively and led a pretty straight life, but surprisingly she wasn’t having any problem either at admiring or enjoying the movement of the bare bodies.

We stayed there until the end of show and then took a cab to our hotel.

On the way back, she again asked me whether I had enjoyed it.

Turning my face toward her, said: “Did you?”

“Yes, loved it. Always wanted to see it and glad that I did.”

“You’re really letting your hair down.”

Taking my hand in her hand and kissing me on the cheek, Mom explained: “I’ve been holding it back for far too long and now want to have fun.”

Patting her hand, I added: “Sure.”

On reaching the hotel, both of us went straight to sleep, she in bedroom and I on couch in the lounge, as it was already late and both of us were pretty drunk.

The next day, we were browsing a street market when I told her that she needed to change her wardrobe.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, wear something colorful, something cool.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” Mom quizzed looking down at her gray full-sleeved shirt and black jeans.

“These don’t go well with the new you. Let’s go and do some shopping.”

Taking her arm, I helped her buy skirts, tops and even negligee.

Then she started entering a store selling lingerie, so I stopped at the entrance.

Turning toward me, she asked: “Aren’t you going to help? Thought you wanted me to have a new wardrobe.”

“I’m not going in there.”

She looked around us and then dragging me inside began looking at all kinds of bras, from semi-cups to transparent ones, and kept asking advice.

I knew she wouldn’t stop, so decided to help her. Picking up a green half-cup bra, calmly asked her size.

Squinting her eyes and looking down at her breasts, she said: “Are you sure you want me to wear this?”

“Yes. What’s your size?”

“I’m big, as you can tell, but not going to tell you my size.”

Taking the bra from me, Mom selected a similar one that was her size and proceeded to buy all kinds of bras, including transparent and front zipped ones, and even couple of panties and thongs.

The next afternoon, just before we were about to go out, Mom dropped another bombshell.

She was brushing her long red hair when, without turning toward me, told me that she wanted to see a strip show.

As soon as she said that, my face turned red and after struggling to say something for nearly a minute, all I could come up with was: “What?”

Mom kept brushing and turning toward me repeated that she wants to go to a strip club in the evening.

Sitting down on the bed, I inquired: “You want to go alone?”

“No, silly, with you.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You don’t want to go to a strip club? I thought all men wanted to go there,” she wondered sitting down next to me.

Placing her right arm on my left leg, she whispered: “You are a man, aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to go with you,” I said removing her arm from my leg.

“You’re going with me. You had promised me a good time and we’re going to have one. If you want, you can keep your eyes closed. By the way, did see you sneaking peaks at those topless girls at the cabaret. You didn’t have to. You could’ve admired them just like I was admiring them.”

I got up and sat down in front of TV canlı casino in the living room without saying a word.

“You might change your mind after ten minutes,” Mom claimed ruffling my hair and going back to bedroom.

She came out after around twenty minutes and stood in front of me, with hands on her hips and her legs apart.

Running her hand through long red hair cascading over her voluptuous breasts, she looked at me with her deep blue eyes, made more beautiful by the kohl round the rim.

Adding to the exotic look was the golden ring in her sharp-featured nose and a pink necklace perfectly accentuating her pink skin.

The icing was a black mini leather dress she was wearing over her full-figured body. It was so short that it was barely covering her ample thighs, leaving her long sensuous legs well exposed, and hugging her figure so tightly that every crease, every inch of her five foot and seven inch frame was visible.

Moving her hands from her hips, she flicked her hair to back of her smooth shoulders revealing that the zip in front of the dress was so wide open that nearly half of her big breasts were completely naked.

Watching her standing there exposing not only the cleavage but also side and bottom part of her tits, I took a deep breath and looked at her face.

Mom smiled at me and after letting me have a good look at her breasts, thighs and legs, turned around and the view from back wasn’t bad either.

Since the dress had thin straps and was backless, it offered an unhindered view of her soft naked shoulders and smooth arched back. To top it all off, it was cupping her bums nicely and revealing how tight and round they were.

Although I had always known that she was a full-figured woman, it’s hard not to notice melon-sized breasts and ample thighs, this was the first time I was seeing her display so much skin.

“Have you changed your mind?” Mom asked watching me admire her well-exposed body.

Slowly and deliberately shifting my eyes from her tits to her stomach and then to her thighs admitted: “Have never seen you like this.”

Putting her hands on my shoulders, she said: “I’m glad you liked it.”

Circling her waist with my arms and bringing my chest closer to her half-naked boobs, I added: “Have to take a photo of yours. You look beautiful.”

“No, no photos. Will wear this in the evening. Now going to change into my scruffy clothes,” she told me moving her hands away from my shoulders.

“Come on, just one photo. Please. Just want one for memory.”

“OK, but use my camera,” Mom agreed after thinking for a few seconds.

I got her camera and took a photo of hers standing with her arms on her hips and her legs apart and captured all the details of her big breasts and lovely thighs.

Then asked her to turn around, which she did after some hesitation. So, took a snap of her long red hair falling over her sleek neck and naked shoulders, her arched back and, of course, her bums looking so tight in that leather dress.

“I’ll go with you in the evening only if you let me take couple of more photos,” I said as she turned around and asked me to hand over the camera.

Mom feigned anger when she heard that, but relented.

I clicked her sitting down on the couch with her legs crossed, which provided a better look at her thighs. Then a shot of her leaning forward, which meant revealing her tits a little more and, for the final photo, made her lie down on her stomach on the couch, offering the camera a perfect view of her bare back and ass.

She got up from the couch and taking the camera kissed me on the cheek and whispered: “Thank you.”

We went out, roamed around, had lunch and was back in hotel by late evening.

After changing our clothes, I into jeans and T-shirt and Mom into the one-piece black leather dress, we went to a strip club.

We sat down, with Mom dragging her chair right next to mine, and ordered beers.

Looking around the place, I saw only two women there and also that men had cornered all the front seats.

Slowly the lights dimmed, music got louder and a girl came on stage. She had short black hair, no jewelry and was wearing a red bra and matching G-string perfectly revealing her long legs and round and perky breasts.

At first she danced slowly, but soon got into mood and began flirting and titillating the men in front row. That had the desired result. Men started putting euros under the thong belt and even between her tits.

Initially, I was hesitant, but after few beers and seeing Mom enjoying herself, I, too, started loosening up.

The girl turned around and after slowly taking off her bra threw it on the men and displayed her perky breasts and pink nipples in all their glories to us.

Mom took my hand and placing it on her naked thigh, with my palm on her bare skin, lit a cigarette.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

I looked at the girl exciting the crowd by rubbing a scarf between her legs and agreed, “Yes, she’s.”

“Have you been to a strip club before?”

“No,” kaçak casino I replied.

“So, both of us are virgins.”

I took the cigarette from her hand, had a long drag and laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked.

“Yes, both of us are virgins,” I answered smiling.

“I didn’t mean that,” Mom told me lightly slapping my shoulder and pressing her cleavage against my arm.

Pointing at a waitress, she said: “She’s got a nice ass.”

“She should be up there,” I added placing my hand across Mom’s bare thighs, with my fingers feeling the soft, naked skin and back of my arm firmly pressed against her breasts, and took a swig of the beer.

“I wouldn’t mind watching her,” she replied.

I turned my face and saw Mom resting her head against the wall.

“Mom, are you drunk?”

“Do you think these guys would throw money at me if I was up there?” she said looking down at her voluptuous boobs and pushing her chest out.

By now I had lost count of beers and it was having an effect, so I, too, leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette.

“Don’t even think about going up there,” I told her.

“I won’t go, just wondering.”

“Yes, they would. Lot of money. They’re already showering it at you,” I claimed putting one hundred euro bill on the table.

“This doesn’t count.”

“OK, as you wish,” I said turning my face toward her and saw that her eyes were closed.

I waved at the same waitress whose ass we were admiring and signaled with my hand to push the bill between Mom’s tits.

She found the request so perplexing that she stared at me for couple of seconds with her brown eyes, then looked at Mom’s semi-naked breasts and pushed it between them.

As her fingers touched Mom’s bare skin, she opened her eyes, looked down at the bill and then at the waitress, who was wearing a small cropped top without a bra and a short skirt that barely covered her thighs.

“This also doesn’t count because she isn’t a guy,” she explained putting it back on the table.

Circling one arm around her waist and folding the bill with the other, I slowly moved my hand toward her melons and slipped it between the lovely valley, with my fingers touching the bare skin and blue veins of her big breasts.

“She’s wearing a purple one, while I’ve a blue one on,” Mom told me pressing my hand against the naked skin of her tits.

I looked where her eyes were focusing and saw one of the strippers dancing on stage wearing a purple thong and understood what she was alluding to.

The first thought that came to my mind was to ask her if I could see it, but didn’t have the courage. So, instead of that, I bent down a little and bringing my face closer to her legs pretended to peek inside the skirt.

When Mom saw me trying to look between her legs, she pushed her skirt down telling me not be “naughty.”

We ordered more beers and lighting our cigarettes settled back to enjoy the show.

“Should have worn bra today. They’re too obvious, aren’t they?”

Turning my face toward her, saw her puffy and erect nipples poking out and opined, “It’s not cold here, so it must be something else.”

Opening her eyes, she simply smiled at my suggestion and then putting her hands behind the back of her sleek neck and pushing her voluptuous breasts so further out that only her nipples were inside the dress, asked: “Enjoying the show?”

Keeping my eyes glued on her boobs, I replied: “Very much.”

She displayed all the charms of her full-figured body for another fifteen or twenty minutes and then we left the place.

Inside the cab, she sat so close to me that our thighs and shoulders were rubbing against each other. Turning her body sideways, she put my arms around her waist, with my hands just below her full and firm tits, and rested her head over my shoulder.

I tried to move my hands toward her breasts, but she kept my hands tightly pressed over her stomach. So, I tried again, but she didn’t relent.

“It’s hot in here,” she said and without waiting for an answer, unzipped her dress just enough for a good look at the pink valley of flawless skin stretching from her neck and disappearing into her dress.

She sat like that the whole way, offering me a close view of her breasts rising and falling with every bump on the road.

“Finish your thing before it starts to pain and hurry up as I want to talk to you,” she told me as I headed to bathroom to change clothes.

Initially I didn’t realize what she meant, but when I started masturbating, I understood the meaning and that brought me to orgasm sooner than expected.

“See, I wasn’t lying,” she said coming out of her room and throwing a blue thong on my face.

“Mom!” I reacted in mock disgust as I threw it away.

“I thought guys liked our underwear,” she replied with a straight face and sat down on the carpet with two bottles of beers.

I got up from the couch, picked up a bottle and saw her wearing a lime colored short nightgown that was so loosely tied that her thighs and half of her boobs were visible.

I lay back on the carpet, with my head resting against the couch, while her head was on my thighs.

As one of her legs was raised, the gown had parted, completely revealing her thighs.

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