cross friends trick

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cross friends trick
We’d been friends for pretty much all of our young lives and did everything together. I never expected to be sharing this though.
From being k**s ‘playing out’ together, to first stolen drinks, cigarettes, and spliffs, we had shared everything. Basically Jimmy’s dad was rich and they had a huge 5 bed roomed house with double garages, and outbuildings and quite a bit of land with a small wood and fields.
Jimmy’s bedroom was above the garages, and when I say bedroom I mean fully fitted flat. He had a kitchen, lounge, bathroom and bedroom all to his self, and a connecting door into the main house for when he wanted to join the family or eat. Around then the main object of my desire, was Katey his sister, who was a year above us and had started college. She was mighty fine. Blonde, blue eyed, sporty type with the curves in the right places, you know what I’m saying. She was a great sport as well and had sat in with us a few times when Jimmy and I had jerked off to porno vids, but sadly I couldn’t get her to join in or touch me. Jimmy knew how I felt but he wouldn’t interfere. He said she had to make her own mind up, and that I would just have to keep on trying to impress her myself.
Jimmy’s dad was from an Italian background and was dark and rugged, where as Katey and Jimmy both looked like their mum, blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes, both smaller and lightly built, quite Swedish looking. Me well I’m just a run of the mill lad, I’m bigger than Jim as I stand 6’2” and weigh 17 stone. I’m sporty and play most games well, I’m not fat, just well put together.
Jim and I had been drinking most of the day at his house, whilst the family was out, and the topic had turned to lust and his sister mostly. We were sat on his sofa, beers in hand with porn on the telly, and both nursing hard-ons which we both needed to deal with. There was a girl on the video twerking over the star of the film and we knew what was coming. “What I would give for Katey to do that to me now” I said and Jim turned and looked at me with a blank drunken face. “Really” he asked flatly with a fair amount of sarcasm, before getting up to go into the main house. “Wait there and I’ll see what I can do” he said and ran off through the door. I was a bit shocked and unsure what to think, but the booze was working and the girl on the film was getting royally fucked by the star. I gently rubbed my hard-on through my jeans as the room got darker bahis siteleri and evening fell.
Right around the time the star pulled out to spurt his come over the girl I felt, more than heard, the door to the house open and Katey slid in quietly, well I thought I had seen Katey but I may have been mistaken. In the corner the lamp turned on and I half turned to see that yes it was katey, bent over with her ass toward me, wearing a plaid mini skirt with those elasticated stay up stockings on her taught legs, and a crop top. She was wearing the redhead shortie wig which she loves to tease me in, then with no further ado, she turned off the TV, and switched on some dance music. “Hey what the fuck are you doing” I asked before I got shushed loudly.
She moved around the darkened room, swaying to the music and finished in front of me facing the TV. The room was dark with only the light of the Lamp behind us but in the glow of the TV I could see the curves and peachy ass swaying in front of me in pink silky panties. She swayed backwards and forwards for me and then reversed down onto my lap to rub her ass back and forth over my cock. It was just like the girl in the video and my cock was at bursting point. I put my hands on her hips, and she slapped them away. “No touching” she said in a throaty voice. My cock was bursting to be released and she surprised me as she dropped to her knees, and quickly spun around burying her head in my groin. Turning her head she bit the girth of my cock through my jeans and I nearly shot my load in my pants. I couldn’t believe what was happening. With deft fingers she opened my button and fly and hooked out my cock, took it in her hands and gently pulled on my foreskin to discover the head, which disappeared into a warm and inviting mouth. Fuck me it felt so good, hot and wet. I watched as my cock slid in and out, fighting not to come too soon in the heat of her mouth, trying to prolong the ecstacy.
As her head raised her head off again and my cock head was back at her lips Katey looked up and we made eye contact, her tongue softly rolling around the sensitive head.
I can’t begin to tell you the feelings I now experienced, This fantasy come true was merely a trick I jumped and pulled away, but my cock was held tightly and I asked “what the fuck have you done this for Jimmy?” my best friend had duped me, dressed in his sisters clothes, and now held my cock tight as he rolled his tongue around bets10 güvenilir mi the head.
“I have dreamed of this ever since we first jacked off together” he said “and wanted to feel the size of you r cock.” He paused before continuing. “Unless you want this never to happen again, then you call me Jenna.” I sat in stunned silence his tongue circling the head of my cock, and I waiting for my cock to make up my mind, Jenna just waited, looking me straight in the eye, the circles on my cock blowing my mind. “I’m Sorry Jenna” I said and with that the decision was made. Jenna’s tongue set about my cock, with her lips once again enveloping the head and sliding down the shaft.
I looked down through blurry tear filled eyes at Jenna and put my hand on her head as it bobbed up and down in the red head wig that I love so much. The mistake was easy to make and I had never noticed the resemblance between brother and sister before. As a tickle started deep down in my ball sack, I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm racing upon me. My cock had never felt this good before so hot and sensitive, and I swear it had grown an extra inch in both length and girth if at all possible.
“I’m gunna come” I managed to stammer, wanting to warn Jenna, but she simply forced my cock down into her throat and took the huge spurt of come that I produced. The aftershocks twanging down my legs as Jenna kept up the swallowing motion.
Eventually rising off my cock, and climbing up me from the floor between my legs Jenna now sat astride, facing me with my sagging cock touching her silky panties. “Well” she said, “was it worth the distraction?”
“Fucking hell Jim mate” I said and received an evil stare, and a raised voice, with a finger to the chest. “WHEN I am like this it’s JENNA, or this stops now. You understand!”
And to my amazement my cock twitched and hardened. “Yes Jenna. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. Calling you Ji… by the wrong name” I quickly corrected. “I certainly want this to happen again”
“So does this thing” she said reaching down to take my newly hardened cock in her hand and rubbing it against the silken gusset of Katey’s panties. Slowly and gently Jenna rubbed my cock backwards and forwards against the panties and as she rocked back and forth it rode up and down the crack of her ass.
She started to slide back and forth on me and it all got quite frantic with Jenna getting hot. She leaned over the back of the sofa and picked up a bottle of oil that she’d placed there when she came back in. Jenna moved from off me and positioned herself on the sofa, kneeling up facing over the back, she looked over her shoulder at me. “Try sliding your cock on this” she said and poured a little down the back of her panties. I stood up behind and the height was just perfect. My cock ran sweetly between her cheeks and the oil and silk was driving me mad as I rubbed my cock against her ass. I took a second to step back out of my jeans, but when I moved back Jenna pulled the panties aside and slid my cock inside of them against her skin. I started the same slippery action and soon Jenna was starting to breathe eratically. She said that she had to rub her cock, so I stopped as she took it out and started to rub herself as well, I was overcome with what was happening. As I came back to my senses Jenna put her finger on the top of my cock and gently pushed it against her tight rosebud. “Change your angle” she said all breathy, “push it in”. I lifted up on tip toes to straighten up and pushed gently back, my oiled cock looking way too large to even contemplate what we were trying to do. “Gently” she said and with a constant easy pressure the head opened her up and just disappeared inside. She lifted her hand out to the side and I stopped instinctively. I looked down at the mini skirt. The tight waist and hips, the rounded ass and the redhead wig and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I pushed forward and all of my cock slid inside. It didn’t matter if this was Jenna or Jimmy, my cock sunk in that ass and I felt our balls touch together. Jenna gave out a quiet groan and we stayed like that for a moment or two. I found it hard to pull out, and once I did I just slid back in, Jenna’s ass gripping me as I did, we soon found a rhythm and my cock burned with lust. I slapped against Jenna’s ass and it got erratic as my orgasm started to rise. “Oh fuck, don’t stop” muttered Jenna as I slammed in and out, “I’m going to come” she said, “So am I” I replied and I felt my seed empty into her ass. At the same time she spurted her come all over the sofa, in a hands free orgasm, which has stained the sofa to this day. We shuddered to a halt and I felt my come slide down our legs together before falling over into a spoon position and falling off to sleep.
Luckily we didn’t sleep long and the family didn’t come home to catch us. As we woke and stirred my cock slipped out of Jenna’s ass and we roused ourselves. Showers said Jenna and we jumped in together. But when we came out we found ourselves simply as me and Jimmy.
Until next time anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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