Crooked Streets Ch. 02

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This is adult material, and as such, no person under the age of 21 has my permission to read it.

This is a continuation of the story of Ann’s discovery of her sexuality. This project started as a character study, but the characters told me who they are and really told the story themselves.

* * * * *

“It’s your neighbors from down the street. The ones you can see. You’d better let us in before we decide to do it right here on your front door step,” her voice was deep and airy, but giggling over the intercom. Ann heard the fun and the outright sex in the tones of her voice.

“I’ll be right down. Please give me a few minutes?” she hadn’t moved as fast in a month. Ann tied her robe, put on her eye patch and painfully managed the stairs. Ann opened the door, but she hid her scarred half behind the door, showing only her right side.

“Hi,” her neighbor said, smiling and breathy and almost drawling the monosyllable into three, a verbal caress. The neighbor’s arm was draped caressingly over the blonde’s shoulder.

“Hello,” said the blonde, telegraphing energy and warmth.

“I’m Suzie Robertson. This is Jen Kramer. Can we come in?” Suzie said already moving forward. Ann found herself already stepping back, opening her front door to she wondered, who? Intimate strangers? Unnamed, dear old friends?

“I’m Ann Dean,” she smiled, still hiding her left side behind the half opened door. She held out her hand for shaking and first Jen then Suzie shook it.

Then Ann closed the door and turned around.

“This is me,” Ann said as she turned and faced them. She trembled. Her unthinking response had carried her along this far. She hadn’t even considered closing the door, or not answering it. Thinking would lead back to her shell, so she let herself react without thinking.

“So where can you see my bedroom from?” asked Suzie.

“Do you have a telephoto lens of some kind?” asked Jen.

“From my bedroom upstairs. Yes but the buildings are much closer in the back then they are in the front. It’s because of the crooked street,” Ann replied, and smiled. She was relaxing. Suzie and Jen. Jen and Suzie. Her first houseguests. They hadn’t reacted when she had faced them. She had half expected a Phantom of the Opera scream.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll show you,” Ann walked to the stairs, hung her cane over her left arm, used her right to pull herself up each step, one step at a time, up the long flight to the top floor, to her world. “This always takes me a few minutes, but my doctor says that it’s the best therapy. Better than a Stairmaster,” huffed Ann. Suzie and Jen followed. They walked in tandem, ascending at Ann’s slow pace, thigh to thigh with stately three-legged grace, each with her arm around the small of the other’s back. Again Ann huffed, “What kind of wine did you bring?”

“Glen-Ellen Chardonnay. It’s our favorite, and it’s not pricey. We got a liter and a half bottle,” Suzi informed. “That should hold us,” added Jen.

“How long have you been gay?” asked Suzie.

“I … well I don’t know. I don’t know that I am gay,” Ann puffed out this answer while still on the stairs, finished the climb in silence and continued to her sling chair by the window. The telescope was in place aimed at the window below, with the video camera on the tripod nest to it. Ann had not bothered to conceal them.

“Maybe I am gay,” Ann said after catching her breath, and demurely arranging her robe. Suzie and Jen had followed, Jen sat on the waterbed, Suzie still stood pouring wine and handing the glasses round. “I just don’t know anymore. I’ve only ever had relationships with men. I wasn’t in one, or even dating, when my accident happened. Too busy trying to be an ace CPA. And I,” she gestured with her right hand to her left side, “haven’t had a date since. All I know is that you two have made me feel more alive than anyone or anything else has in over two years. And I’m so grateful for that I’d do anything that I could to keep feeling more alive than dead.”

“Do you like to masturbate?” Jen asked smiling.

“Yes, of course. Before this all happened, I did occasionally. After the accident, it was about the only thing that still worked well. I did it at least once a day, to go to sleep with. Sometimes, … sometimes a lot, I cried myself to sleep from the pain and loss, and masturbated. I did it to feel something.”

“Do you think of women when you do?” Jen asked still smiling.

“Since canlı bahis I first saw Suzie, I’ve not been able to think of anyone else but her and now you too. And it seems lately I’ve been doing it every five minutes or so. I’ve never been so driven by sex,” Ann drank the wine and it warmed her. She smiled. She liked these two. Jen seemed so pleasantly energetic. Suzie seemed only a little quieter, but with maturity and class. “You two are my first houseguests. That may tell you more about me than anything else.”

Suzie looked at Jen and each nodded and smiled. “We certainly think you’re gay,” said Suzie as she walked over to Ann, and held out her hand. Ann took it and was surprised at how easily Suzie pulled her out of the sling chair. Suzie looked at Ann for a second, gently took Ann’s face in her hands and kissed her, first just full lips, then with her tongue seeking Ann’s. Ann felt her face go hot from blushing against Suzi’s touch, but Ann let herself be held and kissed and opened her mouth to Suzie’s gentle probing. Ann hugged Suzie close, feeling her full breasts against her own small chest. Ann felt Suzie’s body heat penetrating first her tee shirt then her own robe. At this sensation, Ann realized how aroused she was becoming, how pleasantly wet her sex was. Ann let her hands slip down Suzie’s sides to the top of her hips. Suzie’s hands fell down Ann’s neck, down her robe to Ann’s sides, with the thumbs brushing Ann’s nipples through the robe. Suddenly Suzie broke the embrace, leaving Ann kissing the air off balance, and turned to Jen.

“Yeah, I’ll say,” said Suzie, with breathy emphasis to Jen. Turning back to Ann, Suzie said slowly, “You’re gay all right,” Suzie half sighed, “Jen, would you like to make sure?”

“Oh all right,” said Jen with mock sarcasm, and a crooked little half smile, as she sashayed over to Ann and Suzie. Jen stroked Suzie’s back on her arrival and took Ann in her arms from Ann’s left side. “We are all damaged in a way, you know Ann. I loved your tape. I want to help you heal. And I want you,” Jen slid her hand into Ann’s robe and cupped her breast. Ann was ringing from the touch, aching for Jen to hold her tighter, to squeeze her other breast. Ann leaned forward and kissed Jen’s cheek and then her mouth, with her already open mouth, letting Jen know she was hungry.

Jen suddenly broke this embrace, stepped back and pulled off her tee shirt over her head in one well-practiced motion. Suzie strolled over with the hip sway of a woman heavy with lust and kissed Jen’s neck from behind, her hands gliding lightly over Jen’s breasts, crinkling her already stiff nipples. Ann then realized that Suzie had taken off her pants. They both turned to Ann.

“Is this O.K.?” Suzie sighed, untying Ann’s robe.

“Yes. Oh please yes,” whispered Ann as her robe slid to the floor. At first Ann looked at the floor, then she looked up. Jen and Suzie were looking at her and smiling.

“You see, we’ve already seen you naked,” said Suzie. “You forgot to erase the part of the tape where you get out of bed after that wonderful orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with you that some TLC can’t cure. And you really have a nice slim body, nice little tits, just like I like. And they’re not scarred. And your legs are so long. I want them wrapped around my face,” Suzie said as she gently lifted off Ann’s eye patch.

Ann’s face registered her shock then her delight with learning that she was being accepted “as is”, and changed over to a subtle smile, but with heat, as Suzie’s fingers glided over her curly bush and down her belly, easing Ann open. Ann reached for Suzie’s crotch, but felt something hard, then realized Jen must already have put her hand there. The fingers retreated and Ann’s fingers rubbed Suzie’s slick wet groove. Ann felt nothing but delight at fingering, for the first time, another woman’s excited clitoris. Suddenly there were arms everywhere and Ann realized she was being carried to the bed.

Jen and Suzie plunked Ann down on her back on the waterbed. Jen peeled off her jeans and then her panties. Suzie swept her tee shirt off. They hugged and reached for each other’s mounds while rubbing their breasts together in a slow dance, gyrating to find a mutual rhythm, kissing and nearly swallowing each other’s tongues. Their fingers went faster, their hips bumped each other’s wet hands and first Suzie then Jen gave groans of deep pleasure.

Ann felt her own bush, now damp with excitement, felt her own fingers giving bahis siteleri herself pleasure, her half dead left hand squeezing her own right breast as hard as she could. “They want me,” Ann thought. “They want me, they don’t pity me. They saw me and they didn’t turn away. At least not yet. They seem so normal. But they’re lesbians. Well, so am I, I guess. And I want them. Both of them. To watch and to have and to hold. And to fuck. I want Suzie on top of me. I want to fuck them and never stop,” Ann watched as the other women continued to stand.

Suzie held Jen’s bushy lips apart and slipped her smooth thigh in against Jen’s clitoris, rotating her hips back and forth like a bitch humping her owner’s leg, grinding her own clit against Jen’s smooth thigh. Both women had one foot flat on the floor and the other on tiptoe, tilting their thighs for each other’s pleasure. Jen grabbed Suzie’s butt and pulled her hips into her, controlling the tempo of Suzie’s hips, letting the waves of pleasure wash up from her clit and opened lips. Breasts against breasts, now sweaty with love and heat and sex, letting all the waves wash over her again and again, sucking Suzie’s lips and cheeks, ears and neck in her passion and ascension. Suzie leaned back and pressed her weight down on Jen’s thigh, sliding down hard. Suzie’s hips suddenly began pumping Jen’s thigh very quickly, and she moaned once, pumped down hard, her head rolled down to kiss Jen’s small nipple. Suzie had just licked it when she came, moaning from her very center, using the moan to carry the pleasure throughout her body, moaning again just to feel it all. Sliding down Jen’s now slick thigh to squeeze out all the fun, all the last juice of the orgasm before letting it go. Jen squeaked out her pleasure in little giggles, then grabbed Suzie’s hand and stuck it in her crotch so that Suzie could finger fuck her. Suzie’s arm pumped no more than twenty times before Jen snorted, then oh-oh-ohed her way through her own climax.

Ann watched and gave herself pleasure, fell in love with watching, fell into the trance of watching. Bringing herself near to orgasm, on the edge, but not falling over, wanting to sustain the moment, moaning her own harmony of moans with the moans of the others, into a timeless, limitless pleasure.

Both women still stood there, trembling holding, hugging, fondling, kissing as their pleasures subsided. They kissed again and got onto the bed with Ann. Jen got right back up and brought over the wine, and got up again and fetched all the glasses topping off the first round. Ann half sat and half curled to create enough room for three. Suzie swallowed her wine in one go and held out her glass out for more. Ann smelled sex from both of them, then sniffed her wine to be sure she wasn’t hallucinating. Ann took a big swallow herself smiling outwardly at her great gifts, smiling inwardly at her discoveries about herself. Jen stroked Ann’s right flank with her fingers.

“I was so moved by your tape,” Jen looked deep into Ann’s eye and continued, “I just wanted to give you as much fun as you could stand. Everyone should come out with a big bang. It took me years to admit it to myself, that I wanted women. I love men, but I love women more. Coming out was the hardest thing ever for me. I didn’t even have much fun at first,”

“And she wasn’t much fun either, too neurotic. She thinks too much,” chimed in Suzie.

“I want to love you, and Suzie and lots of others. I’m kind of rambling, but I thought that you were so brave in sending us that tape that you’ve completely won us over, without even knowing you. You should have seen what a frenzy your tape sent us into. I nearly went blind from orgasms. And that’s what I want to do for you. But I want to know you too.” All this time she had been stroking Ann’s thigh and hip, and Ann could feel the heat from her center.

“I’m easy to know. I’m the scrapings of a car wreck that killed everyone I loved. I live by myself on the settlement of the lawsuit from my injuries,” Ann put her wine glass on the headboard. “I have a phone that I only use to call for deliveries because I don’t go out. And when I saw Suzie and then you too, my life changed. I’m brand new, tabla rosa,” Ann sighed at the pleasure Jen’s hand was beginning to give her. “I want to fuck you, and love you, and know you Jen. Suzie, I already love you and I want to fuck you more than I can possibly say. And I want to know you. I’m just so happy,” Ann held Jen’s hand, and grabbed bahis şirketleri Suzie’s. “I’ve gone from nothing to someone twice over in just a few moments. I haven’t been thinking, barely feeling and not analyzing at all. I’m only interested in just letting it happen, whatever it is. I don’t know what will happen next, even through the rest of tonight. But I know I want you both so terribly much,” and Ann grabbed her glass, downed her wine, set the glass back on the headboard, and leaned forward for Suzie, holding her arms open.

Suzie crawled to her across the bed, and on top of Ann as she lay back and spread her legs. Ann was softly crying now as Suzie was kissing her mouth, tonguing her sobs, humping her mound. Jen lay on Ann’s left side and was kissing her cheek, stroking the ribs of both of her lovers, as silent tears wet the pillow beneath her. Suzie went up on her knees and spread her own legs as she guided Ann’s hand to her clit. Then Suzie giggled and put two fingers inside Ann, slowly twisting out the piston stroke of pleasure. Ann moaned and moaned again, feeling herself spread open more and lube Suzie’s fingers with her life’s juices. Ann slipped her fingers up and down Suzie’s groove as she started to rock with the fun that Ann was making for her. Then Ann slipped her own fingers into Suzie’s already wet vagina, extracting them and circling the exterior lips before plunging in again harder and faster. Suzie moaned and leaned off Ann so Jen could suck her right breast. With her free hand, Suzie put her other nipple in Ann’s open mouth. Jen moaned. Ann realized that Jen was as turned on by watching as she was. Ann used her left hand to clumsily grope Jen’s smooth tits and belly. Suddenly Ann felt a second hand lightly flicking her clit as Suzie continued to pump her with fingers. Ann moaned at the heat all the hands made on her, at all the heat she hoped her hands made and rocked and locked her legs around Suzie, still licking. Ann sucked air quickly as a small orgasm ambushed her, then moaned.

After a second or twenty, Suzie stopped. She smiled and licked her fingers off and turned around so that she and Ann could sixty-nine. Suzie’s wet bush was in Ann’s face before she knew it and Ann tasted another woman’s salt for the first time as she felt Suzie’s smooth face against her thighs, her tongue on her clit pressing.

“Jen, go get our friend, please,” Suzie half asked, half begged. Ann felt Jen roll off the bed and heard her rummaging where they had dumped their purses. Then Ann felt Jen’s return to the bed, then Jen’s finger in her quickly to open her, then an enormous rush of being full up as Jen pushed the cold but lubricated dildo in. Suzie kept licking Ann the whole time. Ann squealed her delight and came again, the orgasm coming unbidden and stronger than the last.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me,” sighed Ann to the thrusting and the licking. Then Jen turned on the vibrator and Ann bucked her hips up and down making Suzie chase her clit, making Jen ride with her as she came again. Ann remembered to lick Suzie’s pussy and Suzie moaned. Almost from the edge of her senses Ann heard Jen moan and she knew that Jen must be masturbating too.

“Gimmee” came Suzie’s muff-muffled voice and Ann felt the vibrator change hands. “You’re gonna come now Ann,” Suzie commanded, “but we’re not gonna stop. You’re gonna get fucked until dawn, until … ,” and Suzie moaned from Ann’s tongue and finger work and started licking Ann in time with the vibrator’s thrusts. Ann came spasming with hips jerking, moaning and clutching Suzie’s waist, her tongue stuck in Suzie’s pussy drinking then sucking Suzie’s clit, giving pleasure as she received it. Then Ann came again. Still Suzie fucked her and licked her, relentless in making Ann climb her own orgasms ever higher with more strength, with more dexterity, with more courage until Ann felt no more waves of pleasure, just come after come after come, as regular and as natural as breathing. Ann felt washed by waters of pleasure and sweat and her own juices and the sweat and juices and pleasure of Suzie. Suzie’s salt was in her eye and she came from that stinging.

Ann used her nose and her chin on Suzie’s pussy and Suzie came, howling from the pleasure and the exertion of working Ann so tirelessly. Ann concentrated and felt one orgasm rise from the start, rise from her clit and her heart, from her face in another woman’s pussy, from her thighs squeezing another woman’s sweet face, and then something snapped. Ann’s orgasm took her over the edge into the land where all pleasures are one pleasure and all life is that pleasure, where the difference between bodies ceased, where everything is an orgasm and a woman’s body.

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